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Announcement: There are two eclipses this month—one is partial and one is full. So we need to stop to pay attention July 12.

Eclipse: to block out light. If we are talking in terms of a lunar eclipse—it only happens during a full moon…and that’s coming later this month. Solar eclipses happen when there is a new moon, which we are headed for this week: July 12 (a partial eclipse, but meaningful just the same).

What are the flavors of the events this week, you ask? SUN and MOON in Cancer.

Think about your familysaid the mushy Cancer—who have loved you since you were little, since you were born (or have they?).

And now think of your family you have created—the child/children you have birthed, or raised since they were little, or those you have lived with as an adult. Feel the difference.

The family you came from may or may not have continued to feed your heart; the family you created, hopefully you get to feed.

Now notice the power of now—that you have chosen your family of choice and can create a whole new breed—a new culture from what you were raised in.

I just had the chance of going home to see family during our Cancer Sun and realized once again, that my little girl looked around when I was young and said: “No way am I going to continue family values as portrayed here.” They were not reflections of my beliefs, of my communication style or how I wanted to raise my children. I stepped away from their influence at a very young age—and I’m glad I did.

My chosen friends have became my deep trustworthy ‘family’. I was judged by those I left behind. And while my Cancerian feelings were hurt, and at times it was lonely (no one to celebrate on Mother’s Day, or to go home to on holidays), over time my Saturnian mindset came to see how valuable it was to the power to create my own version of family.

This is the Aquarian age symptom: we no longer have to stay in the village that was put in place for us at birth. In times of old, if you left your village, you were cast out as a foreigner not to be welcomed back ever again, nor allowed to be at the center of your village. You lived as an outsider—you were left out. This was a horrible burden to carry.

Times have changed. Now you can be whatever you want: this is the Aquarian age in blazing colors…NOW you are free to be exactly as you choose.

During this new moon and this partial eclipse, ask yourself: Who is my family? Who is there for me? Who can I trust? Did I take my power back to choose my values and style of communicating and being?

If you are not happy with ‘family,’ then chose again. This eclipse is here to be a marker that you can remember.

In July of 2018, I decided to take my power back from the concept that we are stuck with family. No you are not. You can choose exactly who and how you want your relations.

This is the power of Astrology: to remember your power of choice. Are you with the right peeps/family members? Take a look and share with me your realizations.

Do the prayer you need during this new moon:

Let me love those that I call family without the chains of the past demanding anything else. I choose my family, I choose my life and I celebrate my freedom!!


P.S. By the end of the month Mr. Mercury starts walking backwards, when Mercury goes retrograde July 25…I’ll share more about that in my next newsletter, but wanted to give you the heads up.

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