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The new cycle arrives with Sun AND Moon in Gemini this week. Double Gemini: what a gift.

Gemini asks this question: What did you do with your kid? Not the one you birthed or the one your raised — but the one who stands by your heart, waiting for attention. The part of you who is innocent and longs for love. Every kid just wants to be held, loved and cuddled.

I recently had this thought: what if you suggested to your primary relationship (your spouse/partner) that you are willing to take care of their inner child — if they will take care of yours. What if you could identify what your inner child needs? We are all kids at heart — and we get our feelings hurt every time someone close to us echoes or triggers an old wound.

I have a client who never got heard as a child, so when her partner forgets what she says or ignores her, she moves straight to anger.

I have a male client who learned his value was from excelling. He is a Harvard grad and identified himself as the ‘smart one,’ until his wife recently told him that his adult has no emotional intelligence whatsoever and she wanted a divorce. Voila — his inner child appeared in full swing as he resorted to anger, a stressful divorce and some serious therapy after everything broke.

We all have an inner child. Once triggered, it reverts to childhood behavior that will either pretend to be happy (which is what a double Gemini does: laughs in the face of pain), or simply goes to the pretense that nothing is wrong…until the relationship breaks and they come to see me.

What if you could speak straight up with your inner child’s needs during this new moon in Gemini? You could tell your partner: I hurt myself whenever you don’t shower me in love (a neglected child is endlessly needy). Or he could say: I go independent when I really want to reach out, but I never had anyone there for me so I set you up to fulfill my childhood memory.

What imprint did you have as a child that has you stuck in time, and even worse, shut down, because you are scared to never have a happy childhood?

I love that saying: it is never too late to have a happy childhood. But first you have to identify what wound you are carrying that keeps you safe and as far as from your healthy kid as you can get.

This new moon is a chance to share and talk about the truth of your innards, knowing that communication is the answer to all issues in relationship and only when there is an open heart and innocent desire to be ‘real’ and vulnerable, will your child be soothed and healed.



  • Dear Debra Silverman, you are my infinity and have been for a long time, I am obsessed with your philosophy and command of the terrestrial advancement of the Future Stars and Planets.. most of your research does apply to me and has come true. Do you feel a connection to me ??

    Regards, Allan A Hooper.

  • mckay.fran@gmail.com' Fran Mckay says:

    Wow- so much good food for thought, and action…
    Thank you !!🙏

  • donna@pccomputertraining.com' Donna says:

    This is great stuff. Reminds me of Joseph Campbell back in the 70’s and 80’s. I went to some of his workshops and things got really clear about what I needed. Seems like a lifetime ago!

  • Ssaaaaaah@icloud.com' Nancy rivers says:

    Saying it being a child of my higher power how many ways can test true love I resort to my child innocent adventurous asking a comes to me naturally knowing feelings wish to express.. thank you Debra for this insight a true pleasure

  • tracystrause871107@gmail.com' Tracy says:

    Love this. Love your inner child! ❤️😘

  • Therealqueenb8@gmail.com' Bonnita Bourassa says:

    Yes yes yes!! So many present day relationship issues affected by our so hard to break inner tapes.. why is it so hard to break these patterns even though we are aware of themmmm?? Grrrrrrr….lol

  • natvhernandez@gmail.com' Natalie says:

    I loved this so much!!! Everything you say always makes so much sense. Simply asking ourselves and our loved ones these questions can make a huge difference! Printing this out and showing my boyfriend!!!

  • lvg11460@gmail.com' Lu says:

    Thank you, this is amazing & of course perfect in every way

  • patty_n1@yahoo.com' Patty says:

    I really like that part where it says: it is never too late to have a happy childhood. Have never heard this saying but I totally believe it is true.
    Thank you for having written this thought-provoking piece. I am very grateful.

  • jeanettebona49@gmail.com' jeanette bona says:


  • a.c.pusch@gmail.com' Alexander says:

    Thank you Debra!
    Beautifully written and oozing truth.

  • kayefrey@gmail.com' Kaye Frey says:

    Thank you Debra for your knowledge and insight. Can this wound be discerned within our natal chart? I would love to know what mine is.
    Yesterday I got to enjoy a reading from one of your students, Katarin…what a delightful spirit!

  • j_tambo@outlook.com' Jeanine says:

    My sweet sensitive child shattered and despite trying all my life to salvage the pieces have been unsuccessful. I walk alone ok by myself in my own dream world but long to realize a true connection with someone that I can share my private special safe place . I feel instead I am but a stepping stone for those that I have opened up with what’s left of my emotional being . All I do is get older and more apprehensive as to ever finding my comfort nest where I can share and support with love in “real time”. I have often equated myself to a sponge that absorbs the pain of others especially emotional grief . I try to maintain boundaries but it seeps in through the cracks of my heart especially if I allow myself to get emotionally connected . In the end I find myself struggling with the inner pain of rejection and insignificantcy. The alternative is to avoid human connection which is less painful but leaves me drifting alone unseen . I know my heart has the capacity to love so deeply protect and never abandon . This is what I want and need for my inner child and myself now today.

  • Cindycapodice@comcast.net' Cindy Capodice says:

    U got this scenario perfectly!!
    Hooray…someone really understands me

  • zapanta.john@gmail.com' John Zapanta says:

    Thank you Debra! Thank you for all your work and inspiration!

  • robinyvette@yahoo.com' Robin Ware says:

    Love this so much!!!🧡

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