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Horoscope: December 6th – 7th



  • boursaaj@plu.edu' Aimee says:

    This is me.
    Sun sag, moon pisces. I am often so conflicted! For so long i could never understand myself. So restless and wanting to be out and about adventuring and where the people are. But then I am also an introvert and I would get so depressed and then go into my shell for weeks at a time because I would over do it. So so HARD in my 20’s! I thought I was bipolar. As you have said Debra learning astrology has really helped me to understand that this is just my nature, and having a son that is pisces sun, pisces moon has REALLY helped me to understand and love the pisces side of myself. And being a pisces moon I really get him and that side of me is now helping me be such an understanding and loving momma for him. It is all beginning to come together šŸ˜€
    Love you and your vids. XO

  • tetrickk@hotmail.com' Kristen says:

    Debra, you’re so cool, I just get you so much! I love to watch your videos and I enjoy learning about astrology again and want to take it to the next level! Thank you so much. By the way, today’s video , sun in Sag moon in Pisces, you said Geminis, Virgos, Sag and Pisces will all be affected. Well I’m a Gemini with Virgo rising, and Virgo Moon and three other planets in Virgo! Thanks again Debra! Sincerely, Kristen

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