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IDENTIFYING OUR OWN BULLSHIT: Mercury in retrograde…don’t be scared.


Mercury is in retrograde from December 19th to January 8th. This mercurial retrograde occurs three times each year. The stigma of “Mercury in retrograde,” however, lasts way longer.

I find it hilarious that everybody is terrified of it, and this is the only thing from astrology that seems to have become part of our vernacular. There is really nothing to be feared. Funny enough, this year it is occurring during Christmas—perfect timing to do a reframe and think of it as a holiday gift.

What Does Mercury in Retrograde Mean?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “Mercury in retrograde” here we go: The planets are orbiting around each other at all times, and supposedly their movements affect us in different ways. Just so you know, all planets go retrograde, but Mercury’s journey in particular seems to impact people much more than any other. Why? Probably because Mercury rules the center pieces of being human:

  • Communication
  • Thinking
  • Writing / Reading / Math
  • Computers
  • Travel
  • Schedules of all kinds

So, when Mercury goes retrograde (which means that it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky, but of course it’s not, literally) all the things it rules goes backwards. Communications can start to get tangled up. Your computers and phones can have more incidents of craziness.

Mercury isn’t physically going backwards, it’s just hanging out by the sun, but from Earth it looks like it’s in “reverse.” It typically runs for a couple of weeks and this happens a few times every year. It’s normal. Don’t sweat it. Go with it.

What is the Good News about Mercury in Retrograde?

Debra Silverman Shares the Importance of Mercury in Retrograde

Debra Silverman Shares the Importance of Mercury in Retrograde

In reality folks, after the overwhelming year we’ve had in 2016, it’s the perfect gift, a chance to go backwards, take stock of 2016 and review. Lucky us, on a national level, we get to look back at the election year and ask ourselves “what could I have done differently?”

The good news just before it veered off from  its “normal” path, before it went retrograde: Standing Rock got to  sit down, Obama answered the call to close the pipeline route and now they can enjoy this retrograde. Yes, you can enjoy relaxing and reviewing, too.

What to do When Mercury is in Retrograde?

This Mercury retrograde is in Capricorn, which means its a great time for reflection about work and government, etc. This year it’s asking us to review our last few months’ decisions and be practical from December 19th to January 8th to adjust. As well, Mercury will be conjunct to Pluto. In other words these two planets are in the same constellation.

If you refer to the recent blog I wrote about Pluto affecting America, you’d see that the influence of Pluto relates to transformation and radical change—more recently in the spotlight is Capricorn—government.

It is time for us to look at our complacency, apathy, or strong opinions…whatever you were dwelling on last month. Time to review and look again. Some of the thoughts we all carry that need to be reviewed are:

  • The government should be different.
  • I should be different.
  • Everything should be different.

We are a complaining species. We complain inside our heads—this is exactly what Mercury asks us to identify. What are the internal thoughts? What are the repetitive thoughts?

I bet in recent months everybody has had a strong critic—blaming other people and possibly not taking responsibility for our own choices, actions, decisions and thought processes. Have we been complaining and not taking action? Time to shake that up!

Just to confuse you I am going to show you how Mercury in Retrograde effects the angular houses.

The four angles in astrology (houses 1, 4, 7, and 10) are all arenas in astrology that are the cornerstones of the zodiac. They affect us all. To make this personal you would have to know what house Mercury is traveling through during this retrograde (call an astrologer!! I happen to know a few).

If it is the 1st House = BODY = FIRE ELEMENT: Your body would be calling your name. Now is a great time to cleanse physically and emotionally. Decide that you care about your body and that you care more about your body than your emotions. (You would be Capricorn rising.)

If it is the 4th House = Family = WATER ELEMENT: If it is in your fourth house you would ask yourself, “How do I deal with my relationships with family?” Choose to make a more conscious connection or not. Could you get rid of emotionally dumpy, sticky and negative stories about your relatives? (You would be Libra rising.)

If it is the 7th House = Relationships = AIR ELEMENT: You would need to hear: There is “no divorce in heaven.” Have you been complaining about relationships? Would you say what you are gossiping about in front of your partner?  Try airing things out loud with a willingness to share what is in your heart while Mercury is in retrograde—this kind of conversation will work in your favor. (You would be Cancer rising.)

If it is the 10th House = Job/Work = EARTH ELEMENT: I would ask you: Do you like your job? In astrology, this is your highest calling, our work—this is why you’re here, people—to be of service! The purpose of this life is to serve. It’s your career and it has to do with nothing less than excellence. If Mercury is traveling through your 10th house you have to look again at your work ethic and partners. (You would be Aries rising.)

For all of us the timeline for Mercury in retrograde is: December 19th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017. You have to know your time of birth to figure out what house you have Mercury traveling through. Oh, and that means you might have to call an astrologer, I could help you with that.

Did you know I now have certified astrologers who have been trained by me and are half the price of me? If you want to know where Mercury is transiting this month, look at my web site and sign up for a reading.

It may be time for you to review your health, family, relationships and work. Mercury in Capricorns means we can’t stand bullshit, and while it is in retrograde that means the very thought of pretending is not possible—honest and real is what this retrograde is asking—without complaining too much.

Calling ourselves out on our bullshit—that’s what this period of Dec. 19th through Jan. 8th is going to be about, in the area of life that your chart is shouting.

Even if you don’t know what house Capricorn rules in your chart…I bet you know where in life you could afford a time of reflection and review. You tell me…


  • Csclaurie@aol.com' Laurie says:

    I have never been able to find out what time I was born, is there any possibility of someone doing an accurate chart on me? I paid a lot of money one time but the chart/reading wasn’t very accurate or enlightening.
    Thank you

  • elainehardy69@gmail.com' Elaine says:

    I am a Gemini with a Pisces moon and cancer rising, I am very emotional and lots of chatter within my mind trying very hard to figure out my journey

  • sunnygf11@verizon.net' Melissa says:

    Love this explanation Debra thanks! I got a book and did my own chart ions ago…recently dug it out. Pulled to do that after hearing you on Colette’s show and my Good God I am more fascinated than ever. Someday will like to work with a super pro like yourself to really dig in to my chart. Hugs!

  • Amandabeety@gmail.com' Amanda says:

    Thank you for your service Debra! I met you in Detroit at your book signing July 1 it was magical ☺. I am wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!
    Shine on beautiful Goddess!
    With Love,
    Amanda Beety

  • territaylor157@live.ca' Teresa says:

    Thankyou,Debra! I enjoy your insights every day,week,month.You are sharing great gifts.

  • Tmohr3@gmail.com' tracy says:

    I loved reading every part of this Debra . Looking forward to a grounding Mercury in retrograde through my 9th house .

  • I’m Libra rising, but I think I’ll have the transit in Third House. In which set of degrees will be Mercury? I could see by me, but unfortunately my Ipad died one month ago, and with smartphone is very difficult to calculate transits (I am an Italian not professional astrologer, and know exactly all my chart positions, both planets and houses).
    Thank you for your post, is very nice and interesting.

  • vjesta46@yahoo.com' Val says:

    Mercury is retrograde in my 12th house with Pluto and is in my sun sign of Capricorn – YEP, I am not the same person I was in 2008 that is for damn sure! Mercury is also in my 12th house in Capricorn on my natal chart and your right – I absolutely haaate bullshit and fake. 🙂
    Thank you Debra for all that you do and giving us tools to be who we are supposed to be – us! I have your book, plan to take your classes someday, and dream to meet you in person someday too. Have a lovely holiday season surrounded by peace.

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