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Pluto in Capricorn: The End of Government and a Demand for Change

Pluto in Capricorn and the end of government

by Debra Silverman

Election 2016 was predicted to be the biggest election turnout in decades. But 117 million eligible voters never showed up. What’s the reason for the shakedown? Pluto is in Capricorn and it’s the end of trusting the government, as we have previously known it.

The times they are a changin’.

I know, it’s scary—I feel and empathize with all of the complaining. But it’s time to manage all that doomsday negative thinking because we are in the midst of a transformation. Transformation is a spiritual word that will now have concrete meaning to us as the next four years unfold.

We will get through this period of metamorphosis, this uncomfortable shedding of our skins, and come out the other side better, stronger. It’s already planned out for us in the stars. This is the essence of Pluto; it’s all about death and rebirth. What happens during a death? There is sadness, fear and an ultimatum: Let go, you have no choice. Government as we knew it is changing–that is why Trump spoke to so many. He answered the demand for a change.

It’s in The Stars: Pluto = Power

Never underestimate what you can’t see.

Pluto was found in 1930. Pluto is the planet of transformation, representing the cycle of death and rebirth. The planet Pluto is responsible for breaking down the old structures to make room for the new. It is the slowest, smallest and furthest planet away from the sun—YET it has the most power!

Astronomers wanted to demote it about ten years ago to a status of a dwarf planet…but it didn’t work. Why would we want to rid ourselves of the planet representing Shadow and Power? How funny is it that 100 Astronomers were trying to destroy Pluto’s position?

Try as we might to deny death and the process of “letting go”–we will not win.

Death and change are at the center of this reality. They are immovable facts. The good news, from my point of view, is that light will always win. Light follows death, “I promise,” says the well-seasoned astrologer.

The Progression Of Pluto

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will remain there until 2023. By now you know that Pluto means change and Capricorn rules government, which means there will be a change in government.

Pluto has had it’s way with us throughout history! Let’s take a journey along with Pluto as it helped to dismantle several arenas:


Pluto went through Libra, destroying the old notions of marriage. We waved bye-bye to our grandparent’s belief that no one must ever get divorced. That ideal moved into the Pluto folder, marked “Mission Accomplished,” and now divorce is not a dirty word.


Pluto landed in Scorpio and we re-wrote our relationship with sex.

We actually had to address the taboo topics of sex, gay sex, free love and talk about a horrific disease: AIDS. Aids demanded compassion. It went all the way from Africa to NYC as we cultivated compassion and a new idea of safe sex. We did that! Good job Pluto, you moved sex into the folder marked “Mission Accomplished.”

NEXT STOP: THE 1990’s.

At this point Pluto was in Sagittarius and helped us to change our point of view on religion. We found out the secrets of the religious order and that they were not worthy of our trust. The false images that priests and clergymen and even the Vatican carried were destroyed. Religion changed. Pluto’s mission was accomplished once more.


Pluto is now in Capricorn, which represents government. We are saying bye-bye to the notions of government being the answer to all of our questions and assuming we could trust and blindly follow. Gone from our collective belief system is the assumption that democracy and our voting system is trustworthy. There is change afoot! Pluto is demanding that we take the power back!

It’s interesting, even The Tarot agrees that there is a new government appearing. The Judgment card, which symbolizes Pluto, is the last card of the tarot. It calls for a period of reflection and re-evaluation and suggests that we will all have to face a day of reckoning.

Want the good news and bad news?

The good news is: We are in the process of change!

The bad news is: We hate change.

Change Is Here–Let’s Connect With Source

“We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion-year-old carbon,

And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

-Joni Mitchell

Everything here on earth—everything—is made of Stardust. Let’s get connected with our stardust, which is our source.

Now you know that transformation is happening, so try not to worry about these changes! Change is here and it’s message is loud and clear: Get on board with change. DO something. Take action and find out what you can do to support what is inevitable…


Join my team of those that love the magic of stars and do your part. This is what astrology is all about: giving us the power to befriend Pluto, know his name, get on the “Agents Of Change” team so we are not blown away about what is next.

One thing we know for certain: Change is here.


  • mdorbeck@sbcglobal.net' Michele says:

    Excellent! We need change!
    Thank you for explaining!

  • calipawz@roadrunner.com' cheryl says:

    Thank you Debra. Much good food for thought here. Change is constant but it’s a beach! Hold on tight its going to be a bumpy ride. Much love and light

  • powerful, clear, and insightful information to forge ahead NOW!!!!!!

  • Aw8sus@gmIl.com' Joni says:

    Thank you so much for another perspective and hope

  • danrich68@hotmail.com' Dan R. says:

    I was wondering when you were going to comment on the election. Well said Debra.

  • Magickmassage@gmail.com' Lauren Erickson says:

    Thanks so much for this. I know it’s my life’s work to be in the astrology world and this helps reassure my current position

  • barbara99au@bigpond.com' Barbara says:

    Not happy with this at all, but hey gotta go with it no choice really. Love all that you do Debra.

  • Seekingtheshift@aol.com' Mimi says:

    Wonderful post, Debra. Thank you. This may well be the most challenging change in our life time(s) and a change that is deeply needed. Yes, we are stardust and/or star seeds. It is time to plant the seeds of truth, hope and… change… for the betterment of humankind and our planet.

  • Redpengi@yahoo.com' Vera says:

    Awesome, I love all your insight, we needed the kicknin the arse, it is tine to be accountable, we have to work together, you are putting the work in, & now we nust as well. Incredible uplifting guidance, thanks , Debra, for telling us how it really is!

  • tinaarapkiles@Mac.com' Tina says:

    Thank you Debra. (Once correction, Joni Mitchell wrote the song Woodstock, not CSNY.)

  • mcsweetyoga@gmail.com' MC Sweet says:

    Debra, your book, your words, your light, gives me hope. When the fear blinders lock in, I can always count on you to broaden my view and develop a new way of understanding. One of my favorite things about your teachings is that it always feels honest without a sugary top coat. Thank you for doing your work, it helps me do mine so much better. Love you! mc

  • I would love to join your team, count me in!

  • betsysahsands@gmail.com' Betsy Shands says:

    Great Post, Debra. Goes along with my thinking.

  • lynlong@hawaii.rr.com' Lyn Long says:

    I am a little more hopeful after reading this. Thank you for that. It seems we have to ride the wave of destiny and not resist the changes. Thank you for
    the encouragement.
    also…yes CSN sang “we are stardust, we are golden…” but they did not write the song. The lyrics are by the lovely Joni Mitchell… please pray for her,
    she is not doing well.

  • rjsmilesalot@gmail.com' Randy Benham says:

    Interesting that 2016 is a number 9 year; cycles ending. My own experience this year has been one ending after another, and if I begin something it ends before it gets started almost. And now the Election happened. From my perspective I’ve been fighting in the spiritual realm for years and now the intensity of the fight looks to be turn up to Full On! So my plan is to work together with like minded folks to see myself and others through this difficult process. And yes Debra ” Self Care” , I so get that! `


  • Daynasnowleopard@gmail.com' Dayna says:

    Gratitude for this?✨⭐️
    I dearly look forward to the day that I am humbled to meet you and listen in person.
    Words of hope, courage and spirit- well done ✨?

  • Mauilibby@gmail.com' Libby P. says:

    Dear Debra…
    I have been following you for over a year, bought and read your book, and long for the day I can have an appointment with you. Among other gifts of wisdom you have given us, You helped all of us, your followers, through this deeply painful and disturbing election. As a Sun in Scorpio, also a semi-retired psychologist, now moved to Maui …not my first choice…I have been experiencing this strong cosmic Transition increasingly over the past six years. I have studied Astrology to some extent over the years, but your teachings have helped me to understand that a lot of the feelings I have been having, …and have always had…are not just my own. I was miraculously reunited with my True Soul Mate two years ago. Two dreamy and passionate Water signs! He is a Cancer, and our charts and numbers all line up to an astonishing extent. We knew each other many years ago, parted company too soon, ironically because I couldn’t stand the painful separation as we went to different schools. Today we are each married to different people, good people, and live far apart. We have synchronicity that is astonishing, in our frequent communications, and a depth of love that has been unknown til now. Accepting our fate has been difficult, exacerbated by the heartbreaking news that he now may have cancer…and I cannot go to him in person. I keep wondering how did the cosmos line up This fate for us? I bounce from euphoria to despair, yet still keep on going. Through it all, your articles, your wisdom, your humor and your “here I am Truth” have helped me. In this blog you shared the Joni Mitchell words…and I nearly fell out of my chair. In a conversation just the other day ( on line) with my Dear One, those words…”… we are stardust…we are golden…” came to me out of nowhere and I shared them with him. i knew it was from a song, but I couldnt remember who sang it. Today I must have synced up with you as you gave me the answer.
    Your words continue to resonate with me, on many topics. You have helped me so much in my Journey.. I appreciate your actions to help our neighbor, Kauai with an urgently needed recycling program. A year ago I teamed up with a local group to reinstate a recycling program badly needed on Maui’s touristy West Side. It has been met with vast acceptance and approval. I am also involved with efforts to educate the public about and to protect our highly endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals as well as provide lectures about our marvelous winter visitors, the Humpback Whales. It is These endeavors on this tiny island that have helped me to feel alive and purposeful. Whether Trump believes in environmental concerns or global warming or not, I do. And perhaps one of the reasons I was called upon to come to this remote dot in the Pacific was to contribute positively to the preservation of our planet in these small small ways. Through it all, Debra, I so appreciate you, and want you to know how you have helped me to learn and grow, beyond my own personal joys and sorrow, to have a larger outlook because it is Not all about me…and I know that.
    Thank you, Debra, For your truth, your courage, your wisdom through your own experiences…and for sharing your talents and gifts with the rest of us.
    Enjoy this amazing Super Moon.

    Mahalo nui loa.

    Libby P

    ( it may not surprise you to know, I have shared my poignant secret with no one but you. I am certain neither you…nor your staff…will share it with anyone else.)

  • srprice60@att.net' Rhonda says:

    Embrace change that will lead to new doors answers and experences in this thing we call life

  • linda.w.hanratty@gmail.com' Linda Hanratty says:

    I’m thinking Judy Collins “Bring in the clowns”
    I’ve buried 2 husbands & this is what it felt like. Does a super moon mean super tides, super emotions? It feels that way.
    Ob, my gosh! It’s just dusk here in KC, MO and that big gold moon is just rising over the tops of my neighbor’s trees! Biv, fat and sassy! It helps!

  • gstevenson3101@gmail.com' Gordon Stevenson says:

    The feeling of grief, disbelief and blind to what others believed is the appropriate way forward has stunned me. I’m flying my 13 star Colonial flag upsidedown at half staff and will wear a black armband for one month. During this time I will meditate, improve my compassion and plant trees, flowering shrubs and ground cover. I promise to be as truthful to myself and others as I can with no self pity or otherwise. This truthing is going to be hard and I will pull my weight.

  • Thank you Deborah! Yay!!!! This is very helpful.

  • rossanan2@yahoo.com' Debby says:

    Thanks for the article about Pluto and how it’s effecting our current U.S. (and even worldwide) situation. I’ve recently been learning more about Pluto, and I find it very intriguing. It’ll be interesting to see what it does when it reaches Aquarius. BTW, I’ve also been enjoying The Missing Element–which I bought when it first came out–plus some of your webinars. I’ve dabbled in astrology/numerology, etc., for nearly 5 decades, but I have gotten much more deeply into it recently. (I’m not ready to dive into your full course, though–at least not yet.)

    It’s a totally different topic, but in a recent webinar you started to answer a question someone asked about having the north node on a “cusp,” but then you went off on a side-tangent and didn’t get back to it. I was curious, because I DO have it on 0 degrees. I wondered if that means I have 2 current missions + 2 past life fall back positions to consider. (NN at 0 degrees Pisces, along with Sun at 5, plus Moon & Mercury at 8 in the 12th house–plus there was a total Solar Eclipse that day, which I only recently found out.) One of these days I guess I really should take your course to figure out what it all means. Or, at least get a student to check out my chart for practice. (I have had a couple of professional readings in my lifetime, but my knowledge was more limited then.)

    Anyway, thanks for all you do to share your accumulated knowledge and wisdom, and especially for doing it with such humor.

    Take care.

  • Weibeth@gmail.com' be says:

    Thank you Debra. The Pluto perspective makes total sense.
    In the U.S. Birth chart Pluto will oppose the the natal sun, so it sounds like a wake-up-shake-up time. (Sigh! It’s been a tough week for me.)
    I’d like to ask you about the generarational effect of Pluto with regards to the Pluto in Libra generation. Those are the beautiful flower children and many (the ones I know) seem to be surpringly ult-conservative in their political ideaologies. Can you one day speak to the “generational Pluto DNA”?
    I love your Astrology and your book, “The Missing Element.”

  • Leslie@leslielanes.com' Leslie Lanes says:

    Love this, Debra. Thank you.

  • Lynn@LynnWarren.com' Lynn says:

    Thank you Debra. I loved this blog. It is refreshing to have a reasonable (astrology is reasonable to me) explanation. I am concerned about all this rioting and am looking forward to acceptance and peace.

  • janstrong@rogers.com' Jan Strong says:

    Thank you for being a guiding light through these tumultuous times. I admire your guts for telling us about your dream and not ignoring what your intuition was telling you about who was going to win the election. Hillary is a powerful female with her double Scorpio and always wears the pantsuits, and the sun was transiting Scorpio which would lead us all to think so was favoured to win, she got Trumped. Keep seeing and speaking the truth as you are being divinely guided help us accept and work through the necessary changes ahead. I’m on board your Agents of Change Train and shouting out.

  • tx2js@yahoo.com' Terri says:

    Thank you Debra for this insightful and relevant information. I believe we chose to be alive on planet Earth at this time because we can facilitate some of the changes humanity and The Earth need to go through to fulfill our purpose for being here. What will it mean when Pluto moves into Pisces? Thanks for your help.

  • drbokirk@sympatico.ca' Diana says:

    Always love to read your information and watch your videos. Thank you for this explanation and it really does make sense.
    There are so many people that are afraid of change and I think explaining Pluto’s affects during the 70’s,80, etc really helps to give one an interesting viewpoint into what has been happening. Hopefully this will help others face the changes coming.

  • rosesimone@aol.com' Rose says:

    Debra: Thank you so much for this perspective. It helps to look at history. Everything must change. Yes, I don’t like it and it’s uncomfortable but I can feel people coming together in a different way, like never before. It’s going to be amazing.

  • Love this…great explanation. I am so happy you are guiding all of us with all you know in such a positive way. Keep it up…so important to not be mad or afraid ….but to step in and be a part of it. Totally agree!


  • jolananovotna@seznam.cz' Jolana Novotná says:

    Greetings from the Czech Republic in Europe and thanks for your insights, they apply internationally.

  • amaurireese@yahoo.com' Ever Reese says:

    One of the Best Pluto in Capricorn blogs around. Thanks for sharing. Peace 361

  • ehdunn11@yahoo.com' Eric Dunn says:

    Thank you for this excellent post and the great perspective you have shared. Here we go…..

  • chartmates@wowway.com' Nancy Bahlman, Astrologer says:

    Thank you for part of the story. Meanwhile, during Trump’s administration, and as Pluto approaches it’s return in the USA chart, many thousands of people are going to be hurt by what he is doing currently and what
    he will be doing to the Country and world. I hope that people understand this means that we are fighting the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and WWII all over again; because he is going against all of the progress which was made during these times.
    Nancy Bahlman, Astrologer

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