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Dark. It is always dark when the Sun and Moon in the same spot (also known as a new moon). The Moon can’t be seen as the sky hides its radiance. This week’s Scorpio New Moon brings a deeper conversation about darkness.

We can call a Double Scorpio sky broody, emotional and a time for honesty. Are you following me here? It’s a hard conversation.

Topics that follow this theme: depression and emotionality. Depression is embarrassing. Who wants to talk about it? It’s like having a defect that would be better served by avoiding it, pretending it’s not there.

I recently did a webinar on this very topic (depression), and I got some great feedback. A listener wrote me, thanking me, saying she was a therapist and was so grateful I acknowledged the embarrassing part of this condition. She was treating depression with her clients, yet she herself had a hard time dealing with it.  It was unnatural for her to be social or get out of her house. I so get it.

You can’t tell by looking but I too have known the dark feeling of sadness. It’s heavy. Do I really like being alive? I used to wonder if anyone else wondered that?

I felt like gravity didn’t like me. As if I was carrying an extra load in my backpack, while everyone else was floating through their day, oblivious to gravity at all. I decided way back then that there are two kinds of people: 1- those who have walked through the door called: sad, heavy, lethargic, and 2- those who don’t know what all the fuss is about—life is great!

If you are in the second category, during this new moon, be open minded. Look around at your friends/family and wonder, even ask them: Do you suffer from life being sad? Do you find it hard to get out of the house to socialize? The funny part is this personality trait (Scorpio) often hangs out alone harboring secrets and silence.

When this conversation is opened, it’s very healing—for both parties. Because those that are introverts long for deep conversation and those that are not are missing out on the intimacy that life has when we take down our armor and show up with our humanness.

I have come to love life as it is. It took me so long. It may have to do with the fact I have changed from being a progressed Cancer for the last 29 years and a progressed Scorpio rising for just as long, to a Leo/Sag rising. I am playing for the other team now. I am one of those that has more positive energy available to me than ever before.

This may well be Astrological, in addition to all the work I have done with my own psyche in therapy and reading. Whatever the case, I understand Scorpio. I love double Scorpio and can track the pain. The first step to getting out of it is to share, to ask for help and to know that this too shall pass—slowly or not, it will pass.


To learn more about the Scorpio Traits click here to read Debra’s complete guide


  • blairmoney@gmail.com' Debra Watson says:

    Just beautiful Debra Silverman! As are you! As a Cancer, with a Capricorn rising who was born to a Capricorn Mother I have so very enjoyed my journey with your astrology videos. Your work is very healing for me and I so appreciate you!

  • evans_cindy18@yahoo.com' Cindy Evans says:

    I so much can feel this at this time. I was, just a few days ago feeling very much alive and energetic and then all of a sudden, after being around two of the most negative people I know, I became this most saddest, depressed person I know, ME!
    I don’t like it at all. I am working so hard to shake this feeling and get back to my own Aquarius(Sun sign) and Pisces (ascendant) self!
    I so enjoy your help with your natal chart I have recently found and I wish I could afford your meetings on how to become a astrologer.
    I have been reading astrology every since I was 12 and couldn’t put it down since. I am 53 now and I can resite every family member and actor or actress’s sun sign. It has also helped me with working beside my fellow co-workers and understanding their personalities. I love this stuff.

    Cindy, phsycic (wanna be)

  • Spot on! Thank you for this message!

  • Melinda.s.ellis@gmail.com' Mindy says:

    Thank you for addressing this issue. We never know who is grey behind their shiny, public face. It’s challenging to keep up positive vibes when you feel the darkness.

  • ko.peacelovenature@gmail.com' Kalah Dandelion Landgraf says:

    Thank you Debra, I appreciate the work you do. I feel I am in a similar space of using my pain as pleasure to help others. A lot of the time it takes someone asking if you’re okie dokie and them feeling your open vibration and are then comfortable enough to let go of the thing they are “afraid” of or “question”. I feel I am learning as I go and am not usually wrong with my words. Forever learning 💗 And forever learning and sharing all of the abundance 🙏 Thank you Debra ~

  • rojasbloch@gmail.com' alejandra rojas says:

    thank you so much. Your words touch me deeply. Love to whatch and to listen to you. I am from Santiago de Chile. Send you all my love

  • lisametzler60@gmail.com' Lisa says:

    This year for me as I am transitioning thur my second Saturn return has been the most revealing and painful experience I’ve walked through in many years.
    Everything from breast cancer to help our son stay on his disability due to health and mental conditions,to finding my voice to saying what is authentic for me.
    Almost, ending a 39 year marriage. Even after all of these events I am still learning to ask for support in this journey. Often for what ever reason it isn’t available.
    I have embraced that I am deeply emotional by nature and feel others pain as if it were my own. Learning to figure out if it is mine or others? Very BIG year.
    Progress seems slow however who wants it all at once as if it could be absorbed!
    This road appears to me to go it alone and hope like hell it works for the greatest good.

  • pasztor_i@hotmail.com' Melinda says:

    My son”s Ascendent and his Sun are also in Scorpio. He is always very negative and sad. Does not want to talk about it. Wehave tried therapy, but he could not open. He will be 27 on the 18th, and I ve never seen him happy in my life. I am a very positive person,( Aquarious Sun, Ascendent in Gemini) but it makes me really sad, I suffer a great deal….I wonder when this will end…

  • anne8425@att.net' Anne says:

    Thank you for being so honest about your own depression. I’m a Pisces, moon sign is Aquarius. I I’ve battled depression on and off my whole life. I’m trying. It’s just an uphill battle and none of it makes sense.

  • hahnamc@aol.com' Ann-Marie says:

    Thank you for sharing! It is helpful to hear depression is part of the journey for some of us.
    This too shall pass.

  • amys@verizon.net' AJ says:

    Hi Debra. With 3 planets in Scorpio (Venus, Mars and Neptune), I have walked through door 1 and can totally relate to this. Fortunately I’m very close to exiting that door! Thanks for sharing your insight!

  • Lea.mckibben@gmail.com' Lea McKibben says:

    Wow- Thank You!!
    The past couple days I have felt so depressed and only felt comfort by retreating inward. I was grateful it was on my days off so that I could do good self care! My cat also added some additional love!

    I have found as an empath that following your amazing work has helped me navigate through the changes planetarily and personally! It’s also beneficial in my work as a lightworker.

    In great gratitude!!!

  • Thank you Debra for making yourself available to us and giving us this time “sensitive” important message on dealing with changes that are coming our way. I am a Cancer 7/01/66 and was born at about 9:10 p.m. so I am not sure what other signs I could be part of but…….. I have suffered from depression I am definitely a true Cancer to the definition and an empath to boot so depression at times for us is a given.. I had a “routine” surgery total hysterectomy 15 years ago and the entire thing got botched there wasn’t anything that went right from the start anesthesia didn’t work as it should and I was able to feel the doctor performing the surgery fortunately I was able to tell him and was promptly knocked out. Because of the botched surgery I suffered from chronic pain and I was put on heavy opioid pain medication for over 13 years. Because of the chronic pain I was not able to due normal everyday things.my life changed drastically my former self was now a ghost. The things I enjoyed doing I was not able to do I was a very active and independent person so over the years this put me into a real tale spin with depression. This past July what I thought of at the time as horrifying turned out to be a blessing in disguise, due to the opioid crisis my insurance company was no longer permitted by the laws put into place by the federal government to get my regularly prescribed dosage that I was currently taking and putting me in the position of going through withdrawals. After getting very emotional over these changes by our government and insurance company I made the decision to get off of these prescribed drugs on my own (I was supposed to be admitted into a rehab facility to safely get off of these “poison” drugs but I did it on my own at home and NO it was not easy it was total hell and torture but “I did it”!!!!!!! You are probably wondering why I am giving you my life’s history? well its in tune with your post about darkness and wondering if I really felt like being alive and the webinar you did on depression (which was awesome by the way) . I dealt with depression on a great scale to the point of not wanting to be with others or even being alive I couldn’t contribute to helping around my house and at one point was discussing about leaving my job that I had been at for almost 27 years because life was just too much I couldn’t function well because of the pain but also because of the pain medicine. There were times that I was very emotional and didn’t handle things well. I spent countless hours driving around to try and snap out of it I didn’t want my issues to effect others around me so I became an introvert. I avoided participating in get togethers or holidays I lost so much important and precious time with my young granddaughters. I do have a great relationship with my SUV she has heard many of my thoughts and the seat has soaked up many tears. The good news I am on the other side of all this craziness now that I am not on all those prescribed pain medicines I see life differently and for the most part am a positive & happy person the only thing I try to be careful of is the Empath in me I can walk into a room and know immediately if the room is toxic from the bad juju of others.I feel it
    like its a natural part of my life (am I psychic?) it’s a blessing and a curse but now that I can think much more clearly I am able to defuse, for the most part ,what could be a bad situation. I have turned to astrology, numerology, music, crystals, incense & candles to make me feel better (I know to some that sounds strange/weird but it works for me). Thanks again Debra for your kindness and concern of others to help us through tough times. By the way I do have your book The Missing Element and I am looking forward to reading it and applying it to my life and learning. Many Blessings to you !!!!!!

  • kathrynles@gmail.com' Kathryn A. Lesneski says:

    Dear Debra,
    Here I am the quintessential Scorpio. November 1. Life has been hard from my perspective ( and my twin’s) who has passed. But he took a much different life choice route and probably had less depression and more moments of happiness. I pray that this is true. My Aries son distains my “brooding negativity and is always ready to lecture me about anything which brings me much sadness. Scorpio/Aries: not a surprise….
    Thank you for loving Scorpio and confirming we can change and that more positive energy can be available to me. At this age ( 68) I have serious doubts that it’s in the cards for me. But at least there are people out there who do love us and “ understand “.

  • nancydrope@gmail.com' Nancy says:

    Thank you for your candidness and gentle delivery of this touchy subject. It helps me to understand my path of breaking Ancestral patterns. Blessings and I hope to meet you one day to share some laughter.

  • carolhknoll@gmail.com' Carol Knoll says:

    I just discovered, doing my homework for level 2, that my progressed moon is in Scorpio – along with my progressed sun, venus, mars and mercury.! I am beginning to see myself more clearly and I have pasted out of the depression phase which started in 2014. I think it was in 2017 that I heard, “The time for sadness is over. Be happy now.” So I said, “Ok.” I still have ups and downs, I feel like a yo-yo sometimes – but I am ok. I think this phase with all that Scorpio is almost over and I am just figuring it out, but I am a Virgo so a bit slow, I analyze and I am dogged. I will figure it out, I will not take antidepressants, and I know the help and understanding is there, and I will get to it. My guides and angels are with me, and I recently realized I have a Unicorn too. Actually, more than one. When he appeared I was totally surprised, and he felt wonderful beyond words.
    I like life more now and I like me more now. I know there is more to come.)
    I am very interested in progressions now.

  • juleve112@gmail.com' Julia says:

    Thank you Debra..in the words of this Sadge (Mercury in Scorpio), ‘…and the truth shall set you free.,’ 🙏🏼💕🤸‍♀️

  • lisaadnet@comcast.net' Lisa Adnet says:

    Thank you – your insights always help make sense of it all. Lisa

  • I needed to see this today, thank you,

  • celticgrl11@gmail.com' Linda says:

    Thanks Debra. I have been in a horrible depressive state lately and am working hard to get through it. I know good things are coming my way. The reminder of “this too shall pass” was key and much appreciated. Thanks again.

  • lesliejoy44@icloud.com' LJ says:

    You tried to put me in touch with Bonnie during Level II class, over a year ago!
    I couldn’t find her…turns out she escaped the Trump Zone, lucky gal.

    Glad she’s on planet, and offering this course.
    Thanks for passing on the info!
    Leslie Joy

  • jennifyer@gmail.com' Jennifyerheart says:

    Here here Debora.! Thank you for always validating the experience. I have lived with both dark and light and astrology has been my language for soul growth. It is one thing to know things, intellectually. But it is only through the triplicity of physical and emotional experiece to really know a concept. (And live spiritual beliefs) i have been blessed with the sky rocketing uranus and mars transits (among others) this year to have finally for the first time to truely know and be tested by love. The freeing estaticism and the hopless pain of limitations and emobiment of love. There came into my life a person (unfortunately, and fortunately unavailble to freely explore with me) which i projected on through this process that i chose to consciously participate and express and share my process. It has been a roller coaster ride, and astrology has be key to getting me through. So kudos to you for your astrological perspectives and thank you for your flavorful communications!

  • mateja.vodopivec@gmail.com' Mateja says:

    Hi Debra,

    Can I ask you something about this sentence… It may have to do with the fact I have changed from being a progressed Cancer for the last 29 years and a progressed Scorpio rising for just as long, to a Leo/Sag rising.

    I’m a cancer with scorpio rising (10.07.1982; 15:15) and I can fully understand this article. Without my yoga teaching I would kill someone by now. Can you help me to understand this transformation you’re speaking about.

  • dadonasandra@gmail.com' Sandra Dadona says:

    Thank you. I am a Leo/Sag rising and, yet, I’m always so sad on the inside. I feel like I am drowning in the problems of everyone connected to me and I can’t keep my head above water. I used to be so much fun…

  • Lyubow555@yahoo.com' LC Harris says:

    Isn’t it also the autumn time ? Giving us some sadness and knowing that end of the year is coming and there’s still unfinished business.
    I’ve been struggling to change— to become what I invisionate I ‘d like to be, but there’s little guidance on how to change. Though I am trusting God/Universe to lead my way, but I’d like to do some “action”:) also. I am thinking to have a reading with you Debra later. Thank you 🙏

  • tiisme@gmail.com' Ti says:

    I love Scorpio season and Scorpio new moons. This year feels especially powerful, like the Universe is putting a gentle, firm hand over our mouths and leading us into deep, deeper, deepest quiet.

  • jdog5million@gmail.com' Janell Cox says:

    Hi Debra great post. However, you lost me when you started talking about changing from a progressed cancer/Scorpio rising to progressed Leo/Sag rising. Can you explain what you mean by that? How do we progress? I mean I know metaphysically what you mean but not astrologically. Love and miss you! Janell

  • Joemccloskey2@gmail.com' Joseph says:

    I have been heavily influenced by your guidance over the years. I have Had interest in my horoscope since I was like say 10, throughout my life I have always been made aware through religious teaching that there is a side to this story being played in two places, one we can see and one that is unseen, but controls everything we see ha !:)~ fast forsward 40 years and I marry A double Pieces (03/17) with a Scorpio moon, who prints my natal chart from Astro.com in 2011, talk about enlightenment for me who has an ascending Leo, Sun Libra(10/21)with an Aquarius moon.
    Even being able to write what I have above I thank you Debra, and Terry my Astral parntner and wife(this time around) !:)~ Through allowing myself to be taught by the Divine Feminine once more, chunks of patriarchal cast iron has been falling away from my structured life smashing down before wisdom of the Devine Feminine without Whom I would not exist at all. The transference of reality back to equality is long over due and longed for.
    I take this opportunity of the new moon to let you know that although I yet have been able to afford your programs of instruction. Your wisdom and knowledge is reaching the masses/Me !:)~
    Thank you !:)~
    Peace !:)~
    Love !:)~
    Understanding !:)~
    Joseph !:)~

  • lbeauv2@gmail.com' Léa Beauvais says:

    Debra I’d love to understand more about what you mean when you say you are a progressed Cancer and Scorpio rising. Are you referring to a past life? How do you know this? Thanks!

  • phiakat@xmission.com' Sophia says:

    Debra, thank you for reminding me that ‘this too shall pass’. 🙂

  • s.toussaint@verizon.net' Linda Toussaint says:

    Thank you Debra for your invaluable insight and knowledge. The past few weeks I have suffered with the worst depression I have experienced in quite a long time. I kept waiting for it to lift and it is now in the “come and go” phase but it is finally lifting – thank goodness. Everything has seemed so heavy and the state of the world and the fires in our wonderful state have had me down. I do see it getting better, just in time for Mercury retro, review, reflection and all of that other stuff that goes along with Merc retro.
    Love and Light,
    Linda Toussaint

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