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We are offering you, our online audience, a limited edition copy of “The Missing Element” that comes with your birth chart* from Debra and is exclusively signed by Debra Silverman herself!

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The Missing Element was written for all of us who have ever felt that something was “wrong” with us, that we are odd and outside the norm. Drawing on her profound spiritual knowledge and sensitivity, Debra Silverman seeks to help you see beyond your perceived flaws – to find your ‘true’ self, your gifts and your place in this world.

Fusing psychology and spirituality, Debra Silverman offers ways to embrace and make peace with ourselves so that we can become more powerful and effective human beings. Her teaching comes from the wisdom of the elders. Using personality types that are based on the four elements, she reveals that whatever pain you experience is specific to your personality and that your issues will repeat themselves again and again until you see yourself and others from the compassionate vantage point that unites all of us.

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4 reviews for The Missing Element – Signed Limited Edition

  1. joshuaocock

    Can’t wait to read this!


    Hokulani Beale

    Without knowing it, I’ve been looking for a witness, an observer. I’ve been seeking a non-critical partner who sees what I see without judgment, who validates the facts, and therefore helps to validate me. “Yes, I see that too, and look at that over there” says my witness. This is the “observer” waiting to be discovered in Debra Silverman’s new book “The Missing Element.” Turning on your “observer” is Debra’s cornerstone philosophy, her tried and true path to inspiring compassion for the human condition. “Get out of the voice of judgment, out of your ego, and into the role of the observer, into the seat of your soul, your wisdom.” This is the role and function of “the observer” who lives in each and every one of us, to see each other, the world, and our selves exactly as we are, without judgment; to accept our selves and our nature as manifestations of the four basic elements that by which all of life is created and sustained: Water, air, earth, and fire. Through the eyes of the observer and the practice of mediation, each of us is able to see our selves and others as a balance (or imbalance) of the four Elements, and can use Debra’s teachings to bring ourselves back into alignment. Each element serves a purpose to life, and each element is essential, and therefore it is imperative that we too embrace our own divine creation, and discover and accept the purpose of our elemental natures. “The Missing Element” encourages us to accept permission to be ourselves and borrow qualities of the element(s) we may be lacking, to bring ourselves into balance. The observer promotes awareness and compassion and allows us to stop hiding and stop fighting who we really are. Don’t be mad at the sun for shining… or be mad, but what a waste of time. It’s the sun! It’s purpose is to shine (said the fire woman)!



    Thank you, Debra Silverman! The five stars are for you personally upon receiving your email and giving me the opportunity to enjoy your writing. Thankfully, and this is discerning and I am thinking, knowing, with judgment, it was a blessing to be lead to you through the internet and hearing such a kind, inspiring and truly hysterical message that spoke to my heart. And how lucky this world is to have your light. Thank you, and I will be back with a book review. My Best


    Esin pirkul

    Look forward to reading this book. Thank you!!!!

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