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The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus. Yum yum.

This full moon is all about having an appetite for love, passion running through your veins, and wanting someone with all that you are. Remember that feeling of falling in love?

And then there is the opposite, when you are so mad and so hurt. The very person you once loved has betrayed you. These two opposite feelings come from Scorpio and Taurus.

Scorpio passion shows up this full moon…and then its opposite Taurus (the Sun and Moon are always opposite during a full moon) is saying: Slow down. be nice. Don’t get so angry. Can’t we hold it together?

People get scared when they hear the astrological name Scorpio. I don’t. I adore Scorpios. I see their passion, I feel their desire, I sense their intensity, I match it — and then some.

You have to do the same. There’s no namby pamby, no sorta-kinda for Scorpio…deep eye contact and direct action, coupled with the kind flavor of Taurus — and you have a winner. You have to address the dark and the light to find truth.

What part of us shies away from depth? What part of us denies our shadow? We pretend to be spiritual, even though we all know if I push the right button, you’ll react and reject.

I had the strangest experience with a Scorpio friend. We were sharing a room in a very rustic setting. I asked her if I she was done with her bubbling energy drink that we both had just made…she said yes. Before I poured it out, I decided to finish her drink. She reacted: How dare you?! I never said I was done. It’s not yours! You can imagine that I was taken aback. I had no intention of stealing her remaining fizzy drink, but for some reason it triggered her badly.

Anyone who knows a Scorpio knows their fuse is quick and hard. Before it escalated, my observer kicked on. I knew we were headed for a fight. I walked away. I decided to take the high road. So when I returned,  I quickly said: “I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I had no desire to upset you.”

She was on the defense, calling me out, and I was unsure of what was making her so upset. I wasn’t really getting any of what was happening, and I felt I was being judged and attacked. I did the unfamiliar. I came back at her again –with my soft belly. “I am so sorry for whatever this is…” I replied.

Just then, someone knocked on the door, providing us with the perfect exit: “Oh, look who’s here. I have to go. I’ll be right back.” Off I went for a visit.

When I returned, the fire had gone out.  It was quiet on the war front, though we never cleared it entirely. I relied on my Taurus energy (the opposite of Scorpio) to calm the situation down. To not get angry.

I am sure if you asked her, she would say: Debra too was all upset. She probably felt I matched her and argued, but that is because when you upset someone, they cannot see the forest through the trees. Honestly I did the Taurus thing: remained calm knowing that later we could talk about what actually happened.

This is this full moon’s request: to apply heavy doses of calm during the storm.

I applied my practice of choosing peace, kindness, and calm whenever there is an upset. I have learned this skill. Because of my chart, I know that If I have to match someone, you bet I will. I can fight with the best of them (said the moon in Aries), but I don’t want to. This is my contribution to peace on Earth: to abstain from reactions…so NOT easy.

This full moon begs the question: what matters more: peace and calm or being right and pissed off?

With every encounter — both good and bad — you have the means to be the healing agent. It may not work, and this full moon can get us all riled up. Let it be known that there is always a way to change the narrative when you learn about Scorpio and Taurus.

The energies are up. Can you calm them down? It’s a practice.

Comment below and let me know how you do during this full moon…I am so curious to hear.



  • jamee.cross@mchsi.com' Rhonda says:

    I am a scorpio birthday october 29. 1958 born 6:15 pml. I feel every full moon, quarter moon intensely sometimes horrible me, suggestions?

  • monika.dudezki@gmail.com' Monika says:

    Hurt and angry. Disappointed with my relationship with spouse and self. Being a Sag, i’m Highly reactive anyway. Will try take your advice to stay calm. But i’m A Sag for crying out loud!!!

    • juleve112@gmail.com' Julia says:

      I’m a Sag too Monika. We’re all about honesty and (speaking) the truth..just stay true to yourself, always ❤️
      Julia ♐️♈️♋️

  • B.spratt22@gmail.com' Brandon says:

    Ohhh goodness. Feeling the feelz. Thank you for this. Doing my best to not allow my emotions to cause too much commotion. I’m a Pisces, Leo moon Leo rising and dating a Scorpio, cancer moon & all my neediness is trying to take over me. Wanting love. Longing to belong. Wanting comfort and security while the person I’m dating went into Scorpio seclusion (haha!) and I have to honor the process for myself and understand where he’s at too. But I am excited for the balance to come back. Plus having to teach yoga and hosting workshops, holing space for others while I really desire someone to hold some space for me is proving to be challenging but also making me so so strong, emotionally. Still showing up. Thanks for your wisdom Debra ♥️

  • BgMacleod@hotmail.com' Bette says:

    That is so not me, a Scorpio. I would never pick a fight and usually let things go so that there is no fight. You give a bad name to Scorpio.

    • bckobannon@gmail.com' Alice says:

      I have to agree … as a double scorpio … I would probably offer the rest of the drink 🤷🏽‍♀️💞… something as innocent and harmless doesn’t bring up my shadow or passion.

    • ginger41558@outlook.com' Ginger says:

      To Bette, maybe your rising sign or moon sign helps you to stay calm in situations and helps your personality to avoid starting fights. I grew up with a Scorpio Sister, she was born with a personality that loves to pick fights, I was often the object of her fury, and I’m an Aries. fire vs fire. Her stings were often painful, like Debra’s story I spent a lot of time avoiding my Scorpio Sister, still do, sad I know.
      Ginger, the Arian

  • jr134711@gmail.com' Junior Angelino says:

    Terribly…i brok up my relationship, i have tree dogs that i cant sustain because my country is passing to a finacial crises and there isno job avaliable. its been tought.

  • normahp@ilgide.net' Norma Joyce says:

    Appointment canceled.. so now I find what I was really meant to do on this Full Moon.. mine being a Taurus.. ah yes.. IF ONLY it meant that my business would grow and grow.. see what I can do to make that happen.. if its meant to be it is up to me

  • theresaalfieri@bellsouth.net' Theresa says:

    Thank you , yesterday I saw my ex for the first time in 7 mths and he didn’t give me the time of day , couldn’t even look at me my intuition was that someone was with him and he didn’t want me to see or have me see him with her , I walked away and dealt with the pain

  • sharynsinger@gmail.com' Sharyn says:

    This email came at the perfect time. Feeling my Scorpio South Node rising for a fight had just texted a friend (Taurus) to ask for some Taurian wisdom to help negotiate the situation. As I texted her back to tell her about this email it was 1:11!

  • jacqueliner@me.com' Jacque says:

    what’s a good tool for non reaction? I myself am a Scorpio and my boyfriend is a libra. I am too easily triggered by his sensitivity and easily anger at how misunderstood I am. I just can’t stop the boiling point… and when it’s over we are both hurt and sad… and then we make up but I’d prefer not to get it there.

    • management@rpmsofks.com' Steph says:

      I have a Scorpio moon Cancer Ascending & sun sign Leo – my hippy is a Cancer Sun so also very sensitive. Normally all is well – this is until I lose my mind which is explosive & hard for many to recover from. My hubby & I discussed a “safe” word for my scorpion moments – it’s a random non conversational word that when he says it make me laugh – I then know that he is overwhelmed with my emotional outburst or have a perception of the situation that isn’t true to the intention or a simple miscommunication. I can def get wrapped up in the choice of words used rather than the intention of the message. The safe word method has worked great!! We/I haven’t had a blow up since.

  • elizabplus3@gmail.com' Elizabeth (Liza) Kocik says:

    This is so interesting, and explains a lot about myself, to me! I am a Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio rising.
    I get both sides, as a Libra…I see and relish the passion and the depth within my Scorpio self, and I fully honor and appreciate how very important my Taurus influence is, in my daily life in so many ways. I just celebrated my birthday on the 20th, and I have considered a new reading as a gift to myself; it’s been awhile.
    It will be very interesting to see how this full moon unfolds! I am feeling it big-time today.
    Thanks very much.

  • scastille@yahoo.com' Sandra says:

    The energies are up. Yes I know. Can I calm them down? No, I can’t seem to be able to. Everything, and I do mean everything, is getting under my skin, even I am getting under my own skin. I’m becoming angry and mean spirited (this just isn’t who I am, and it’s not who I want to be). I’m a Reiki practitioner and can’t even practice on myself because the energy is so wanly). The very thought of a romantic relationship makes me ill. The thought of not ever having it again doesn’t make me sad, so then I beat myself up because… well I don’t know why. I feel all of these energies inside of me, all around me and I can’t seem to reign it in. It’s literally making me brain crazy and physically ill. I’m unable to work like this. I have a home cleansing coming up on my schedule and I need to be cleared of all of this. What can I do to help myself?

  • cbcb4840@yahoo.com' Sadie says:

    So timely. I am a Taurus Sun. During the new moon this year, I met a Scorpio Man (libra moon, 4 planets including Sun in Scorpio). We had sex on the first date (something I’ve never done in my whole life). I can’t stop thinking of him. He says he wants to see me again, but the days are dragging. I am not going to text him today. No reason to just yet since I am not able to see him til the weekend anyway. I Just trust that he meant what he said and wants to see me. But then there is that nagging fear that that’s all he wanted out of me. This was a timely reminder to stay calm and trust the process of it all.

  • SARIDAWN@GMAIL.COM' Sari Dawn says:

    This kind of energy begs for me to practice the ‘everything someone says is about them’. So then I’m fee to not take it on. Being a Capricorn/Cancer with Scorpio rising, it’s taken awhile to get that. I also do the ‘everything from 18″ inward through my body is about me & I’m am 100% responsible for my experience.’ This helps a lot when I get triggered by someone’s energy. These situations are when I say blessed be for my Venus in Aquarious. Makes taking the high road an option for my 7 fixed planet’s…lol

  • kristin.carbone33@gmail.com' Kristin says:

    Great story! I huat learned I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart. I’ve been a bit on the defensive going into this Full Moon and now that it has arrived I’m emotional Fun stuff but thank you for the reminder to “take the high road”. Blessings for a good Full Moon for all.

  • sarchjudith@icloud.com' Judith Fine-Sarchielli says:

    Right on!

  • Carolparkersten@gmail.com' Carol says:

    Interesting… my Scorpio brother who has schizophrenia is in great need of a psych evaluation for meds. He needs to go to the hospital Tomorrow. I am his medical POA. He can get very angry and agitated. I am scared.

  • lingg14@gmail.com' Linda says:

    Sorry, Debra, but I feel you’re giving us Scorpions a bad rap. Yes, we’re intense, but we do come back.
    I guess for me it’s a more sensitive issue. My husband’s a Taurus, and though kind and gentle, he’s got a fierce side that tends to show up every now and then. I think my strength as a Scorpion helps me withstand his ferocity, and I’m grateful for that. But I’m also grateful for the gifts I can give to him and vice versa. We seem to compliment each other’s missing areas somehow.
    I was surprised at your story about the encounter with your Scorpion friend. Her actions don’t seem very Scorpio-like to me at all. Yes, our fuse is hard, but I disagree that it’s quick. For myself, I can strike hard, but it takes me a long time to get there. Like my husband, I generally take a lot in before I explode.
    I feel we are misjudged as Scorpions. I have many friends of this sign, and maybe it’s because I understand them and can relate. In my mind, there can be no better person to rely on than a Scorpio…well, my Taurus hubby is the one person I can always depend on, so they’re pretty great, too.

  • lpq3@verizon.net' Linda says:

    Not too good had a falling out with my best friend who is a fiery Aries and I’m a watery cancer.
    When I asked to put this behind us she said don’t call her anymore.
    How’s that one!

  • Clarence.spencer@hotmail.co.uk' Clarence says:

    Hi Debra,
    I am Clarence from the UK near Derby, after an intense yoga teacher training course ,I know teach this discipline and find it fascinating.I alsoI feel that astrology adds some interesting elements to a yoga practice.
    Thank you for your intelligent and interesting videos I always enjoy watching them, and its so obvious that you are a vibrant Gemini!

  • Revdocmt@gmail.com' Myrna says:

    Thanks Debra!
    I got the “riled” up energy today…I’m a Scorpio and have most all of what you described…set out a quick email when disappointed and had to go back and write a calmer one…learning still…thank you, Myrna

  • juliegundlach@livingchange.com.au' Julie Gundlach says:

    I’ve just learned through Level 1 that my North Node is in Scorpio and so my South Node is in Taurus and I’ve really been feeling the pull during the past 2 days. I woke up yesterday and again this morning feeling very dark and shadowy with a heavy sense of dread which I rarely feel, so I’m just being with it. Its ancestral time and I’m really feeling that energy too.

  • Vivianwborsani@hotmail.com' Vivian says:

    I have my moon in scorpio and my ascendant is taurus and what you are describing there is totally my way of being , i am always into emotions, discipline highs and deep lows anf then trying to get the balance and calm down and just enjoy not trying to find out if it is right or wrong …
    Thank you ..funnily i feel very calm and balanced tonight !

  • k.goldberg@me.com' Kristin says:

    My sun sign is Taurus and my Ascendant is Scorpio. I can so relate to those opposing forces as I feel them every day! So NOT easy indeed!!

  • jenwill.believetoachieve@gmail.com' Jen says:

    Wow I am glad i read this i learned a little soemthing

  • mamisvixen69@gmail.com' Jocelyn Barratt says:

    So my former fiance’ is a Taurus n the Scorpio he went behind my back n signed the lease to the apt we were supposed to livin together with our daughter and he took her three days ago coaxed her into livin with him instead of mommy but everywhere I go I am gettin told that it’s his loss n it’s like our playlist is playin everywhere I go but he’s goin against the UNIVERSE idfk how to or even what to do!!

  • Khenschell@gmail.com' Kaila says:

    This one resonates with me so deeply on so many levels. I did blow up at a sensitive situation yesterday and am kind of regretting my short fuse today. Didn’t even realize this was happening. My sun sign is a Scorpio so I am all to familiar with this. Working on mending the issue today and will be much more conscious of this in the coming days and future. Thank you, Debra!

  • cml115@tds.net' Cheryl says:

    So far, so good! I’ve learned a lot from your webinars and book. I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart and Taurus is my Rising. I can really relate to the fuse being quick and hard. I work hard to suppress it, but the person it then ends coming out on from doing that is my husband because I feel safe with him. I was raised to be the good little girl, and I’ve carried a lot of guilt when I’m being less than nice. How do I love and accept that part of me when I end up hurting the very person I love the most in the world. (Sun in Sag).

  • energymovermaria@yahoo.com' maria pomeroy says:

    I have a Taurus sun, cancer raising with a Cap moon. I never want to fight. However, I was born into a large and very, emotionally charged family. I would meet others anger (eventually) because I wanted to survive. Since understanding the astrology, I know realize that I was born into my family to heal my sun opposed neptune. Now i give myself the permission to reach for my steady and kind nature, when conflict comes to me. I turn and walk away. How empowering it is to know my astrology and how to work it best. Thanks, Deb.

  • sbrooke2324@gmail.com' Sandra Brooke says:

    Oh my goodness! My moon is in Aries as well, so I can totally relate to what you wrote, lol! After reading this I looked back on how annoyed and rilled up I was getting towards this kid in my class today. What you wrote really put into perspective how when those type of situations come up the best thing to do for yourself, the situation, and others, is to be the calm in the storm.. exactly like you said. I love these full moon news letters, I can always resonate with what you’re writing. Thank you Debra! Blessings.

  • Julie96@hotmail.com' Julie says:

    I thought I’d suffered enough already today with my chronic digestive upset and going to the hearing aid center for a test to find
    Out the status of my hearing. I found out I have moderate hearing loss. This just a week after the eye dr told me my cataracts are getting worse and might want the surgery to replace the lenses. And after reading that those who’ve had cataract sugrgery and have hearing aids actually are
    Less likely to get Alzheimer’s, or cognitive disorder later on. Jupiter has just gone past my Scorpio Venus. Then tonight my son got upset with me for wanting an astrology reading about our finances, not wanting anyone else to know about them. (He’s supporting me so I try to respect his wishes. ) I have MC and Mercury also in Scorpio and the intensity can be physically painful for me. Plus I just am finishing up with Pluto squaring my Libra Sun, 12* and then my Aries Moon/Mars conjunction 17-18*. After the past 8 years, I no longer like my Scorpio energy😒😒😒😒😒😒

  • chefpeg48@gmail.com' Peg Schaefer says:

    Hi Debra, this spoke to me deeply today. For I am a Taurean with a Scorpio Moon… Thank you for the wisdom and kindness within this post.

  • dr.angelica@gracecenterhealing.co' Dr Angelica Wagner says:

    Hi Debra:
    I’m a trauma doctor. I am a Taurus.
    I love being calm in the storm I use my patience and kindness in every storm.
    In Every angry upset is a reachable moment.as well as a former trauma.

    Dr A

  • qi4all@aol.com' Kathryn says:

    HA! My husband is on the cusp of Scorpio/ Libra. Just today he was arguing about how this was the way we walked to a destination. I have a pretty graphic mind when it comes to directions & using landmarks to know how we got someplace & how to get back. Unfortunately his “oh really? Hate to tell you!” banter came out (that really presses my buttons) & I matched him describing in detail everything we did, where he stopped to read something, etc., while he kept up his banter. Then when he agreed with me it he turned it around & said I didn’t have to get so angry (scream silently inside). I guess I could have turned on some Taurus traits & babied him but really baby him? We are so opposite I wonder how we ever got this far! I guess next time I can stop, breath & calmly explain. But I know him & that won’t help either, maybe it will help me!

  • kriskidd1967@gmail.com' Kris says:

    Oh… I am angry .. in a way I NEVER AM!!! Yikes!
    Great article! ❤️

  • mrgtmca@comcast.net' Margaret McAndrew says:

    HI Debra,
    I am Scorpio. Being from a big family finding my voice was the time of my 20’s. I still hesitate as my siblings express opinions.
    I truly loved a Taurus & he me,He got sick and ran from from me.I after him…..

    Now I am still looking for the true love shared with him to return (with a new man).
    I hope this is the year for Scorpio to find true love.
    Thanks for listening

  • Sussn.day00@gmail.com' Susan Day says:

    With my Taurus Moon, I’d do what you did….I’d try really hard not to defend my case, as I know defense is an egoist function!
    Thanks for the sage advise, I so appreciate you
    Xo Susan Day

  • daniwhite66@gmail.com' Danielle says:

    Wow, last night, I totally did this with my mom, who lives with me (she’s Gemini, I’m Leo)!! She threw a tantrum (after a couple glasses of wine) over having to have a total shoulder replacement, lamenting over all the negatives that it means, etc. She also spontaneously dropped & killed her Ninja blender pitcher (which I immediately went online on my phone and ordered a replacement during her rant). I told her she’s being too negative, and she actually called herself a Pollyanna [she is SO NOT]. I remained totally calm and disengaged, and instead of storming off to her rooms, she stayed and calmed down. It was amazing and very transformative! I’ve rarely ever done this before (or been able to)!
    Everything is falling apart right now, my upstairs bathroom flooded down into my home office below, 2 cats passed in the last couple of months, finances are soooooooo thin, and my work laptop blue screens twice this week (and today they reimaged it fresh)… today I felt like I should be falling apart, and I’m not, I’m just shrugging it all off with “eh, whatever, I’ll deal with it.” Very earthy! Crazy I tell you, but at the same time life-changing and amazing! 🙂
    Tomorrow is another day, opportunities have presented, I just need to step through the doorway and weigh my choices. The calmness lets me sleep at night. What an absolutely amazing experience this is! Thank you for sharing your story, that I so well relate to!

  • vsmonkeywrench73@gmail.com' Vivian says:

    I dont know lol when someone is lying to me and I find another womans dirty pants and underwear beside the bed, how should i react….its really not an easy situation…so I responded by making the bed and placing the items underneath his pillow.

    And then sending him a message stating I would have appreciated honesty and I didn’t want to see him for a long time,, what do you think?

  • amandamay36@gmail.com' Amanda May says:

    With the amount of “fires” I put out at work today , I could have walked out of work and said “What an awful day” but there was some type of energy in me today that kept me calm and collected through out each “fire” and by the end of the day every problem and been solved, I got a great amount of work done, and I had countless positive interactions with clients. I was connecting with these people and assuring them I cared for them and for the job they were trusting me with. I was told 2 times today that I made someone’s day and gave them peace of mind. I walked out of my job today grateful as ever and told my best friend “Today was GREAT!” Reading your blog in bed right now was the perfect way for me to connect all the beautiful things around me to the universe. Thank you for the work you do!

  • katarinparizek1@gmail.com' Katarin says:

    Everyone around me is stressed! I personally have been the outside observer, the calming force, the healing element around everyone. We’ve had a lot of deadlines to meet and I’ve been the one who has kept the focus and have been able to finish projects and keep deadlines.

    I helped to keep the peace and calm everyone as we have been going thru this stressful time. I am personally finding that I am holding onto all of the tension that others have been letting go of around me. They don’t see it but I am very aware of it, I am feeling it inside of me… This negative energy that is being thrust on me, is something that I need to learn how to let go of. I need to let it not stick to me. Still waters run deep and I am feeling the energy that is being projected my direction deep inside of me.

  • charlotte.mauve@gmail.com' Charlotte says:

    Hello Debra,

    I am very frustrated as I don’t sleep properly at all. My sleep is really agitated and I get only 4 hours of sleep when I usually get 7 or 8.
    I am angry at myself for things happening in my life and I am just hoping for the best.
    I rely on this full moon in Scorpio and Taurus to help me balance this anger with my constant usual calmness. I shouldn’t be angry at myself, but I shouldn’t be too calm either.

    Thanks for all the info and love you spread, it is really appreciated.

    Take care, X

  • rachmill911@gmail.com' Rachael says:

    Deborah I’m feeling so angry with a friend I adore,she is so frustrating to me she seems to take me for granted and no appreciation for the love and consideration I gave her through a painful time…but I know she can’t understand why I’m mad . So need this advice I need to be calm she’s Cancer I’m Libra. Love your advice you are so spot on !!!!

  • albanodanielle126@gmail.com' Danielle says:

    Omg rhis.so totally spoke to me it is so what I am experiencing and going thru right now starting today I will try my hardest but lately I am not as calm as I used to be so u have any suggestions tips on how to remain calm?

  • joliebarb@icloud.com' Joelene Barb says:

    darling thank you for this and your words of wisdom

  • katjort@yahoo.com' Kathryn says:

    Well, I think I did better than expected so far. I am a scorpio and I was able to remain calm twice with my son last evening who was screaming at me so loud, I ultimately couldn’t sleep all night. To be fair, he is very sensitive (as am I) and becomes overwhelmed and reactive easily and he for some reason the past two days he hasn’t isn’t been truthful about homework and what his teacher is or isn’t telling him. Anyway, though it’s hard to see him feel so out of control, I was able to maintain my calm both last night and this morning. For some reason, I felt supported though this so far which is interesting. Typically, I could hold that for a while being calm and then ultimately fall out be less understanding when the chaos goes on for too long. I was anticipating some form of a crisis because I try to be in touch with how things are unfolding astrologically.

  • KPlumb7979@aol.com' Katrina says:

    I have dark Lilith in Taurus, opposite Neptune. I have for a long time seen myself as a wild card. Anyhow, yesterday I went to a meeting of researchers and healthcare professionals assessing the effect of using electronic methods to communicate medical test results to patients. The theory is to improve cost effectiveness; but it concerns me that humanity is evolving into a new generation computer. I was calm during the meeting (the people weren’t listening anyhow; they were defending their beliefs) but ever since, I have been feeling I should have asked them what value it gives people when doctors spend more time ticking boxes than seeing patients. My fear is that they may insulate themselves from reality in Neptune’s imaginative realm and the sick will be left to suffer. [I could still email the organisers – and make use of the systems they advocate 😉 ] On the good side, the research is reviewing what people do; on the other hand, professionals are defensive and patients are expected to manage very personal health matters, so that more money is saved: probably to pay for pharmaceutical treatments nobody sees the need for human beings to monitor and pay doctors for ticking self-assessment boxes. Lilith flashes her eyes and smoulders.

  • mlinney@bresnan.net' Marietta says:

    Well… I wish I would have read this before an intense interaction yesterday. I didn’t completely go off, but was definitely fired up and intent on getting my point across to someone who has no boundaries. I understand the need for peace and calm but at the same time there are situations that require us to connect with that anger energy and draw the line and say “NO MORE”. Often times, my kind, passive people pleasing approach creates a dynamic in which I am “eating the difference”. Yesterday, I had had enough and my Aries Moon let it rip. No wonder this issue came to the surface… it was time.

  • Countryroadswv@gmail.com' Carol says:

    Dear Debra, this is so accurate … last few days felt like there was some angst brewing with family member, of course I felt responsible 😜 Libra rising, Scorpio in 29’ 28nd Taurus moon. He also has Taurus moon with Aries sun. I read about the full moon listened to you, and decided to wait until moon was in Taurus . Fireworks are always a potential between us, so I chose the high road spoke calmly, made space and. things have calmed down. Both of us have split from spouses & have felt betrayed and very emo. Hoping for some relief in the near future from this narc nightmare.

  • beasbox2@yahoo.com' Beatrice says:

    I started to run an epsom salts bath, with lavender, last evening, but was called away. By the time I was able to return to the bath, it was cold and bedtime, so I drained the tub. I”ll try again tonight. Bath with EpsomSalts is very grounding to me as I’m triple air: Aquarius sun, Libra Moon, Gemini Rising. I have your book, loved finding out about the triple air thingy and how I can modulate my head by walking barefoot and sitting in water! It helps a bunch! Stress in my life right now is making me want to medicate with alcohol and sit in a corner. Instead, I’m going through the motions, eating well, going to work and taking time to ground when I get home. But, I’m crying every day, too, so I know I’m still off balance…

  • s.toussaint@verizon.net' Linda Toussaint says:

    I am a Gemini, Libra moon, Sag rising and this Full Moon has been a dousy. The transiting moon is squaring my north node in the 8th house in Aquarius and three planets in Leo – Jupiter, Pluto, Mars all conjunct. I am sort of beside myself and feeling kinda’ crazy. I just keep thinking this too shall pass. I cannot remember a Full moon triggering such emotion and I am ready for it to be over.

  • yogaformindbodyspirit@gmail.com' Stacey says:

    Exactly this!!!!! “We pretend to be spiritual, even though we all know if I push the right button, you’ll react and reject.” This theme has come up over and over and over and over b/c I still need to learn the lesson: RESPOND instead of react. Tough for a Scorp moon with North Node/Saturn in Aries -oh the push pull! but I am open SO open. LOVE THIS THANK YOU!!

  • ginger41558@outlook.com' Ginger says:

    Hi Debra, thank you for all of your wonderful astrology tid-bits, I love your humor, laughter, wisdom, and personality, can I take you home. I need a friend like you, do you have a twin that lives close by, lol. Your experience with a Scorpio hit close to home to me and I can really relate to it. You see I grew up with a Scorpio Sister, Theresa, she was always looking for a fight, she had that passionate angry personality, and I was often her victim of it. It was so bad that on several occasions she would actually haul off and sucker punch me for reason I never knew. One such occasion happened when we were teenagers during a sleep over with girl friends from our church. I had been chatting with one of my closet friend at that time when out of nowhere I am knock in the head and thrown across the room. When I recovered my senses I went into defensive mode, I am an Aries, this was Fire vs Water, trust me it got real steamy, I wasn’t gonna take this lying down, I rebounded with a strength and veracity I didn’t know I had, I regretted to this day. Our Gemini Dad tried to break us up, and our Gemini Mother thought she would fix this once and for all by forcing us to share a bedroom, you can imagine it did not work out well at all. To this day (she’s 59 her birthday was Oct 24th and I’m 60 April 15th) we do not share our lives with each other, we live 2000 miles away form each other, and I avoid her like a plague, she is still the angry fighter, secretive manipulator, self center woman that she’s always been. She’s never changed and doesn’t want to, she thinks she’s always right, it’s a shame. It’s sad but I fear her, and I tend to avoid others who are Scorpios too.
    It’s true about those of us who are Aries, if someone hurts us or treats us wrong, we tend to write them out of our lives, not a good thing but it happens.
    Ginger, the Arian

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