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Taurus Personality Traits – Debra Silverman Astrology

Welcome to the definitive guide to the Taurus Personality traits.

On this page, we are about to take you on an adventure through the heart and soul of a Taurean.

You will learn everything you need to know about those born a Taurus.

From the dates relevant to the Taurus sign to celebrities who also are fellow Taureans.

And of course, we will cover what makes those who fall under the sign of Taurus such special and unique beings.

Taurus is one of the most recognisable signs of the zodiac. The imagery of the Bull stirs up a variety of feelings to others.

Stong, aggressive and a force be reckoned with is often the views of many of the Taurean sign.

However, in our ultimate guide to Taurus personality traits, we are going to teach you the truth about Taureans.

From their personality to compatibility, we leave no stone unturned in our epic guide.

So please sit back and enjoy our journey through the stars.

What Month Is Taurus?

Taurus is one of the most easily recognizable signs of the zodiac.

Born between April 20th and May 20th, the sign of Taurus is represented by the bull.

The sign falls into the element of Earth.

The heart and soul of a Taurean is a beautiful place to spend some time, so let’s investigate this complex and powerful sign.

We’ll look at how to pick out a Taurean in a crowd.

We’ll discover what makes this sign tick and what really drives the bull mad about people and situations!

What Type Of Person Is Taurus?

Taurus is the most grounded and stable of all the signs in the zodiac.

Taureans are people who radiate a feeling that they won’t let you down, that you can depend on them and rely on them to do what they say they will do. They have immense durability, sustainability, and endurance.

They value family and friends and have a close tribe around them who they’ll protect at all costs.

In a Taurean home, you can be sure that housekeeping routines will be adhered to.

The dishes will be done and the groceries ordered. You won’t find a typical Taurus simply forgetting to pay bills or attend important meetings. Their sense of duty and routine means that they are usually highly organized. You won’t find a Taurean persistently keeping people waiting by being late either – this is a trait that infuriates them, both in themselves and other people.

A Taurean isn’t going to go shopping and blow the monthly budget on a new pair of shoes. The idea is unthinkable to them. In fact, they’re more likely to recycle an old pair. They don’t crave new, shiny things. They’d rather give something old a new lease of life and save the money.

They make sure that their debts are paid, the family looked after and, very importantly, there’s good food on the table for everyone in their tribe. Good food appeals to them, not only because they want to ensure everyone is well-nourished and looked after, but because they have a highly sensual nature. Fine foods and tastes comfort them, as do many sensual experiences. Comfort is a key word when it comes to understanding the Taurean nature.

An ideal night for a Taurean could well be spent in the home eating a home-cooked meal with a loved-one and enjoying some familiar, well-loved music. A word of warning, Taurus does have a tendency towards laziness. They don’t just love staying at home, it’s also the easiest option, which is something they can get too used to. They can also find themselves overindulging. They love good food, good wine and the finer things in life, so they sometimes may need to be told to slow down on their intake!

In fact, familiarity is a big thing for Taureans. They love the feeling of security that familiar things provide.

They’ll find something they enjoy and do it over and over again. That might be listening to a particular band, eating the same meal or watching the same film. Once something’s hit Taurus’s sweet spot, Taurus is a life-long fan. Conversely, if something stresses a Taurean or causes their legendary temper to flare, it’s unlikely it will get another chance. Just like their sign, the bull, Taureans are legendarily stubborn and will stick to their decisions.

Spend time with a Taurus and you will probably find yourself remembering times spent with a favourite grandma or grandad – you’d go to their house, sit in the same seat, eat the same meal and watch the same old films on TV. It feels safe and gives you a fuzzy, warm feeling of contentment inside.

That feeling is exactly what Taurus strives to achieve and what they love to give their family and friends.

If you visit a Taurean home, don’t be late or suggest any last minute changes to your plans. Also, remember if anything is bothering you, Taurus is one of the best signs to talk to about your problems. Their generous nature means that they’ll be happy to spend time talking about your life rather than their own as they very rarely have an over-inflated ego. They also give valuable, balanced advice and won’t betray your confidence.

Who Is Taurus Compatible With?

Taureans feel comfortable with people who are like them. They value personality traits that are dependable and reliable. They don’t like indecisiveness or people that change their values or viewpoints like the wind. If you’re going to propose a change of plan to a Taurean, make sure you have a good reason why that you can explain! And don’t expect your Taurus to always go along with your changes, stubborn Taurus won’t be pushed around. They like a schedule and they prefer to stick to it, unless there is a very good reason not to.

They enjoy spending time with other people who are grounded and practical – this would usually be the Earth signs – Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. These signs have grounded qualities that Taurus finds easy to relate to.

Taurus is also compatible with the Water signs – Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer – particularly Scorpio. Emotionally intelligent Taurus finds the intensity and drive of Scorpio magnetic. They are also both very sensual and tactile signs, which means they can spend hours investigating sensual pleasures with each other and forget that the rest of the world even exists.

What Zodiac Sigh Should A Taurus Marry?

On paper, the ideal zodiac sign for Taurus to marry would be a Scorpio.

The two signs are on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel and, as the saying goes, opposites do attract. This is certainly true between these two very strong and complex signs. However, controlling Scorpio had better not try and push stubborn Taurus around or there could be fireworks of epic proportions that would have most people running for cover.

However, Taurus is also very attracted to other Earth and other Water signs. Fiercely committed to their loved-ones, Taurus needs loyalty from their partner. They are unlikely to ever forget an infidelity or breach of trust, let alone forgive it. Successful marriages with Taureans involve plans which are stuck to and a predictable approach to the relationship. Taurus doesn’t enjoy change and will only dig their heels in if someone attempts to convince them that another way of doing things is better.

Both Adele and Barbara Streisand are born under the sign of Taurus. Their voices are highly sensual and speak deeply to the soul, but they’ve found what they like to sing about and they repeat the pattern. They’ve found the formula that works for them and they’re comfortable with it – why change something if it’s working?

What Is The Personality Of A Taurus Male

Taurus male is all about traditional values and making sure his family are well looked after and provided for. Like a bull is particularly aggressive when he has cows and calves to protect, go after a Taurean man’s family and you may regret it.

Taurus man is stubborn and steadfast to his beliefs. He has always done something a particular way so don’t expect him to change on a whim, or just because you think a change may be good. For Taurus man, a change is rarely good. Routine and repetitive methods that work are the way forward for this guy.

Taurus man may love to fix things up so that they can be re-used rather than thrown away. Practical by nature, he’s likely to have a fine collection of tools for fixing and making things of use. His tactile, sensual side – his sign is ruled by Venus – may also mean he is a keen gardener.

Of course, he’s got to find time for these activities. Taurus man’s need to provide for his family and his highly developed sense of duty may mean he has workaholic tendencies. There’s nothing he loves more than the security of seeing his bank balance climb and knowing that he is financially secure. This can lead to him taking on too much and spending too much time at work rather than in the home.

Taurus man can also be quite jealous and possessive in a relationship. He has to learn to give his partner space and to verbalize when issues bother him rather than letting them build up inside and then exploding at some point.

Taurean males don’t find talking easy, and talking about their feelings is possibly the most difficult thing for them. If you want Taurus man to talk over a relationship issue, cook him his favorite meal, put his favorite music on and buy a bottle of quality wine. Let him know you want to talk – Taurus hates surprises – but let him start the conversation when he feels comfortable to do so.

What Is The Personality Of A Taurus Female?

Taurus female is all about beauty – after all her sign is Venus. She is driven by a love of all things sensual. She loves to be around beauty, delicious smells, and fine tasting food. She enjoys music but rarely listens to anything she’s not familiar with.

Taurean female feels happiest when she is in the home surrounded by her family and friends. She will pour love into her surroundings, making everything look beautiful with her unbeatable attention to detail. She’ll probably like to bake and will have all the family around to eat on a regular basis.

She’s tactile and will want to hug you if you’re feeling down. Listen to her advice because she really is good at listening and advising. If you’re on her team, she’ll always have your back and want the best for you. People that cross Taurus female or hurt anyone she’s close to may as well disappear from her life as once you’re out of her circle of trust, you aren’t going to get back in.

Taurus woman finds talking easier than Taurus male does. Still, she’s never one to gossip and she’d far rather talk about you and your problems than discuss her own.

Both Taurus man and Taurus woman make excellent leaders and rarely buckle when others are relying on them. If you need someone strong to fight your corner, look no further than a Taurus.

Who Is Taurus Incompatible With?

Taurus doesn’t really enjoy being with shiny, fast people. The ones who have another project on the go every time you talk to them.

Or, those who want to brag about their next extreme sports holiday or latest sportscar. Although Taurus is materialistic to a certain degree, their materialism is within the parameters of providing security. It’s not about possessing things simply to impress people. In fact, this sort of behavior will turn a Taurus off quicker than a red rag will infuriate a bull!

Fire signs – Leo, Sagittarius, Aries – are usually too lively and loud for a Taurus. They aren’t going to be intimidated by these signs – have you tried to intimidate a bull? – but they won’t enjoy spending time with these people. And if Taurus doesn’t like something or someone, they’ll just extract themselves from that situation and there’s nothing you can do to convince them otherwise.

Air signs – Libra, Aquarius, Gemini – can also unsettle practical Taurus. They flighty nature and ‘head in the clouds’ outlook can infuriate a Taurus. They are also inclined to change their minds on a whim, cancel plans and decide on massive shake-ups in their personal life just to relieve stagnation. Taurus doesn’t see repetition as stagnation – they value it. This means that they rarely understand Air signs and can end up being frustrated by their actions and attitudes.


So, there you have it our complete look at the lovable Taurus personality.

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