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Air Signs – The Complete Guide

air signs


Astrological signs are divided into four elements: air, fire, earth, and water. The four elements share behaviors and personality traits. The air signs are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. Let’s have a look at what kind of people air signs are, what their behaviors may be and how they interact with the world around them. 

Air Sign Positive Personality Traits 

The massive upside of air signs is that they are the most versatile and adaptable element. In fact, they positively thrive on changes and disruptions to their normal routines. You can’t keep them contained. Think about air itself, you can’t put it in a box and expect it to stay where it is, it will always find a way out. Just like the air around us, air people can’t be kept contained. They operate ‘outside of the box’ at all times, unless forced to do otherwise, and that change is not going to last for long! 

Air signs are spontaneous at their core, they have their own ideas and opinions, even though these may change. In fact, change is a big thing with these people, they change like the wind. 

Air signs can be very social, they have their own rhythms and will do things by instinct, the way it feels best to do them. They are individualist and constantly have ideas about new things are new directions to take. Some of the greatest inventors of our times have air influences in their birth charts. They think about new ways of doing everything and come up with ideas that they seem to pull right out of the air around them. 

Problem solving is not a big issue to an air sign. They constantly assess the world around them, take in everyone’s point of view and look for things to do. They research things for fun and are likely to prefer watching documentaries and reading non-fiction for entertainment. In fact, they love books. Whilst they always travel light – material possessions don’t provide them with any feeling of security – their case is most likely to be weighed down by books. 

You’re unlikely to ever feel bored around this sign. They are constantly on the move and doing new things. They will thrill you with adventures, startle you with their knowledge of abstract theories and delight you with their conversation. Air people have one foot in the present and one foot in the future. Give them the opportunity and they’ll happily tell you what that future will be. 

They are best at multi-tasking rather than focussing on one thing at a time. If they have to work on a single project, it’s best for them to work on it in bite-size chunks, interspersed with other activities. 

At their highest level, air signs are charming and charismatic. Some of our greatest leaders and orators have been influenced by this element. An air sign functioning at a high level is hypnotic to listen to. Their choice of words and articulation is so precise you feel compelled to listen to what they have to say. Their dramas can sound intoxicating and their sense of humor is highly developed. 

If you want to get an air sign excited, tell them you’ve booked a holiday. Not a package deal though, oh no! You’ve booked a flight into Germany at one side of the country and out of Germany from the other side three weeks later. There are no plans for your journey across the country and you’re both going to make it up as you go along. What might have some of us anxious and worried about the potential for disaster will appeal to air’s innate sense of adventure and freedom. 

Air Sign Negative Personality Traits 

The flip side of all this spontaneity can be complete unreliability. Air signs become bored very easily and boredom to them is one of life’s more unbearable emotions. They can need constant changes and stimulation in order to feel that they are truly happy with the people and situations around them. Their attention span can be incredibly short and their focus intense but fleeting. 

What to some of us feels comfortable and familiar, to an air sign may just feel like repetition and routine – both unpleasant and unnecessary. Stability isn’t something they strive for and they will run a mile if they feel ‘tied down’. 

Air signs also tend to have a problem with indecisiveness. They may spend so much time looking at all the different options and varying ways of doing something that they can’t decide which to choose so end up ‘stuck’ between choices. 

They aren’t very grounded and practical. Settling down may not appeal to them in any way whatsoever. Air signs are predictably unpredictable. So, if you need someone you can always rely on, you may need to look elsewhere! Ask an air sign where their receipts are kept, if they’ve filed their taxes, or what their household budget is spent on and they’re likely to glaze over or leave the room. 

Most people born with air signs tend to be exceptional communicators. They are quick-witted and their minds move much faster than those of others. However, some air sign people seem to talk simply to entertain themselves and the listener is left wondering if what they are saying is really fact or just some imagined fiction. The truth is, it’s probably a mixture of both. Air signs have a tendency to exaggerate things, to embellish stories or downright make things up. They even deceive themselves into believing their own tales. They’ll spin you a yarn and then turn around and nail down the hard facts and statistics that back their story up. Maybe they’re just covering up their own fiction with facts they’ve picked up from the Discovery Channel? 

In fact, air sign’s changes may be unsettling. One day they’ll want to talk to you, the next they will blank you. The explanation may well be that they wake up feeling like a different person with a whole new set of likes and dislikes every day! 

Although great at talking, your air sign friend may not be listening much. At worst, air signs can be superficial, pretentious and emotionally cut-off. They simply don’t have the depth of emotion that some other signs possess. They can also be quite difficult to talk to, despite their gift for communication. This is because their minds move so quickly. They may change from subject to subject, constantly digressing or offering opinions. You might not get much of a chance to join in with the conversation and, when you do, your air sign friend may seem bored! 

Air signs don’t deal with their feelings very well and, as such, can suffer from depression and low mood. They don’t want to examine themselves too closely in case they find something that doesn’t appeal to them, they’d rather just live with their head in the clouds and focus outside of themselves. 

As their minds move so fast, air signs can sometimes be forgetful and seem chaotic. If you know someone who puts their laundry on, lets it finishes, forgets it’s in there for days and has to re-wash it on a regular basis, chances are that’s the air element manifesting! 

Air signs tend to act up if they feel rules are being enforced on them. They don’t need rules. They like to think they operate outside of normal society’s structure. “Rules are outdated. We don’t need them, let’s move onto new ways of being and living.” 

The Modalities 

There are three ‘modalities’ in astrology: cardinal, fixed and mutable. Within each element, each of the signs has a modality. In air, Libra is cardinal, Aquarius is fixed and Gemini is mutable. In any relationship there are dynamics. You’ll usually find that cardinal signs will initiate a relationship, mutable signs bring change to a relationship and fixed signs introduce brand new concepts to the dynamic. 

Let’s have a look at how the modality affects each air sign: 

Cardinal – Libra 

The cardinal air sign is the initiator. They take the lead in relationships and make sure that everyone is where they need to be at that time. They motivate those around them to move forward and possess superbly strong leadership qualities. To read about Libra in-depth, click here. 

Fixed – Aquarius 

The fixed air sign is, as the label suggests, very unmoveable in their views and opinions. Aquarians often stick to their beliefs incredibly strongly and usually have an eccentric outlook on life and how it should be led. They create new ideas and new trends. To read about Aquarius in-depth, click here. 

Mutable – Gemini 

The mutable air sign is all about speed and change. They are communicators who like to be heard. They need to be constantly shaking things up and finding new ways of doing things. To read about Gemini in-depth, click here. 


In any human relationship, there are areas that work really well and areas that don’t seem to run as smoothly. A person’s element has a deep influence on who they are when it comes to dealing with and interacting with other people. Often, we see that certain elements have particular issues with other elements, both positive and negative. 

Air with Fire 

Think about what happens if you add air to a fire in a wood burner or open fire – the flames burn hotter and stronger. This is what happens when these elements mix. An air person and fire person together will entertain and delight each other. They are both kids and will create fun around them to entertain themselves and others. Humor will play a large part in their relationship dynamic, they’ll find each other hilarious, even when the rest of us are tired of their non-stop performance. To read more about air’s compatibility with fire, click here. 

Air with Water 

Air with water can be problematic. It can feel uncomfortable for air to be trapped in water, it wants to escape in a bubble. A water sign tends to live in their emotions and wants to be able to express how they feel too often for air’s liking. It’s much safer for air to skate over the frozen lake than plunge into the unknown depths beneath their feet. Air wants to drive things forward and water needs to swirl around and pool. To read more about air’s compatibility with water, click here. 

Air with Earth 

Air can have negative issues with earth signs due to the fact they are so different. Earth is the stability beneath your feet and air is the wind you can never catch. Earth signs are organized and practical and both of these are dirty words to the flighty air sign. Earth is so grounded and air is so high in the clouds that these two signs can feel that they aren’t able to understand each other. To read more about air’s compatibility with earth, click here. 

Air with Air 

Air signs together are a delight, to each other if not the rest of us. They both move at the speed of light and can stay up all night just enjoying the sound of their own voices. They have a brilliant sense of shared humor and will make each other laugh all day long. Being in a room with two air signs may feel like being locked up with two giggling children! To read more about air’s compatibility with air, click here. 

Element Combinations 

When someone is born, each planet is said to be in a different astrological sign. As we’ve discussed, each sign has its own element. Hence, an individual’s unique personality is not just created by their Sun sign (this is what someone is usually referring to when they say, “I’m a Libran.”) Rather, their individual set of ideas and behaviors is influenced by a combination of the four elements. 

This all works very well when someone has a balanced mix of the four elements within their birth chart. However, a lack of an element, or too much of it, can come with its own set of problems. Let’s look at how too much or too little air may affect someone. 

Too Much Air in the Birth Chart 

Someone with a lot of air in their birth chart will find it difficult to keep their mouth shut. They talk and talk and talk! Every single thing that comes into their mind will find it’s way out through their mouth, usually without the benefit of a filter. Whether you’re interested in what they have to say or not, they’re going to tell you all about it! 

Too Little Air in the Birth Chart 

Someone who lacks air in their birth chart may struggle with communication. They will provide you with cryptic clues as to what they need to say without actually using their physical voice to express themselves. They may expect you to understand what they are thinking about without telling you anything. 



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