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I was about ten years old when I asked my father a question that changed my life. Curiosity has always been one of my timeless qualities; it follows me around like my name does.


Dad –


How did this all begin?


My father answered, “every question and every answer is hidden in the stars.”


Little did I know, as I matured I would learn the language of fate and the stars to begin to understand the karma I was born under.


At 14, my father passed away due to complications with alcohol. Because of harsh circumstances, I had to leave my hometown and live with relatives with whom I never felt at home with. So began my karma.  I felt alone and misunderstood, but the night sky always comforted me. Somehow my dad’s words never left me and I began my youthful study of the stars with books I found on Astrology.


I saw the twelve signs in everything I did. Watching the Olympics reminded me of Aries and big thunderstorms reminded me of some kind of brooding Scorpio. My Gemini showed up at school. I was referencing the signs as a way to understand what my family never taught me – the complexities of human impulse.


I studied alone for about seven years. Then, I came across Debra Silverman’s Astrology school, Applied Astrology. At first glance, it seemed too good to be true. She spoke the language in a simple, practical way that I could understand. I was only 21, but her approach was accessible for me. At first I was a bit reluctant, and didn’t believe that I could study with her to get to be an Astrologer. . . I couldn’t have been more wrong!


I enrolled in Debra’s Astrology school, Applied Astrology, where I learned about the four elements, my own birth chart, and how to turn on the observer. I could look over at the difficult karma of my childhood with compassion and kindness.


We were all learning this together. I clicked so well with the group of people in the school! The modules were perfectly crafted, and encouraged us to reflect and collaborate with the other classmates. I loved the group energy.


I know now that my dad is looking down, smiling that I’m finding my way. I know you can find your direction too.


Astrology helped me fall in love with my fate. I am forever grateful to Debra’s program.


If you have a calling to the stars, that’s your karma, your fate. Don’t hesitate to walk (or run!) towards these classes.
Take the dive today, your name is written in the stars.


Jeff R.


Debra Silverman combines her love of astrology with her clinical background in therapy to help her clients fall in love with their fate and understand what they signed up for in this lifetime. In her online course, Applied Astrology, she will teach you the language of astrology while also inviting you to go deep into the lessons your own birth chart has to offer. Learn more about the course and put your name on the list to be one of the first to hear when registration opens again by visiting:

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