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Too often people think: “I can’t learn Astrology.” It’s too big, too complicated and too cosmic. I’m here to tell you, you absolutely can learn – and you can do it in a matter of weeks.

That’s why I developed Applied Astrology School. So you can learn to speak the language of Astrology and get the tools you need to APPLY it to your life and others.

When you learn Astrology the right way, it can be easy, powerful and transformational. Why? Because it’s all about you FIRST!

In over 46+ years of doing this work, I’ve watched people:

Fall back in love with their partners… lose weight… start their own businesses… develop closer relationships with their kids… and everything in between.

Whatever that “missing ingredient” is for YOUR most fulfilling life, Applied Astrology School gives you the foundation to help you find it.

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Applied Astrology School is an online Astrology Language school, that includes a psychotherapeutic curriculum. It’s designed to help you quickly master Astrology and apply it to your life, relationships and career – without the confusion, headaches, or complicated ‘woo-woo’ lingo you’ll find in most books + courses.

The course consists of 3 online levels – each building on the last that can be taken over 6-12 weeks + a 3.5 day weekend. 

It includes comprehensive online video lessons, exercises, transcripts, meditations, downloadable handbooks, all taught by Debra Silverman.

PLUS Applied Astrology school is the only program that also includes LIVE intimate classes with a trained Mentor, that works directly with you to help you learn your chart and read charts for others.



It’s a DEEP jump in uncovering your soul… I feel blessed having been with this group.”


“I learned so much but most of all I learned about me… this is the best experience of my life “


“I feel like I have been led her by my guides and angels… I understand myself so much better!


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Applied Astrology is an interactive online program designed to help you quickly learn Astrology and apply it – without the confusion or the complicated lingo you’ll find in most books + courses. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Astrology – including the signs, the elements, and the planets and how to read your own natal chart. You’ll discover the nature of your personality, recurring themes, your soul’s purpose, and the timing of major changes about to come.

Applied Astrology has three levels:

Level 1: For The Deepest Self-Development Possible

Everyone begins here. Level 1 is all about personal transformation and falling in love with YOU.

In Level 1, you’ll take a deep dive into your own personal chart. You’ll learn the fundamentals of astrology – including the signs, the elements, and the planets – and how to read your own natal chart. You’ll discover the nature of your personality, recurring themes, your soul’s purpose, and the timing of major changes about to come.

Over the course of the six weeks you get access to an online course taught by Debra Silverman herself. Then in 4 LIVE classes, a trained Applied Astrology mentor will work with you and a small group of 10 students to walk you through your chart. Through our online platform “Come Study You” you will be able to participate in live time open discussions and connect with your fellow students to help you move through the coursework. 

Level 2: To Give Readings to Your Friends + Loved Ones

In Level 2, you’ll go beyond just reading your own chart, and discover how to give readings to your friends + loved ones.

With a similar 6 week structure of Level 1, you’ll learn the skills you need to do a reading – including listening attentively to your clients, and the entry point of a chart (which is something that isn’t covered in most Astrology courses!). Plus you’ll get Debra’s  Sacred Script for Readings, which she has spent decades perfecting. Then you’ll put it all into practice by doing a live reading for a volunteer (which we will get you) – and then getting feedback on it from your mentor.

Level 3: A Transformational Online Intensive Where The Entire Program Comes Together 

Level 3 is a 3.5 day, LIVE online intensive that integrates your entire Applied Astrology experience together. 

Throughout the weekend, not only will you do a reading and get personalized feedback, study your own chart, and get to know some remarkable Astrologers, you’ll also build your confidence. That’s what Level 3 does — we cultivate your confidence to jump into the next phase of your Astrological education.

There is no other Astrology intensive out there that includes such a well-rounded, experiential event that touches you on all levels.

If you’re mostly interested in learning to read your own chart and understand more about yourself, Level 1 is a great place to start.

If you’d like to dive deeper, and begin reading others’ charts, Level 2 would be a great fit. You can begin doing readings after level 2.

Those who want to take the journey all the way, get the diploma and pursue a career in Astrology, or add Astrology readings to your existing business, Level 3 is right for you.

It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed whenever diving into a new topic… but the short answer to this question is a big comforting NO!

The program was designed for a sixth-grade level – and we start from the very beginning. (If you compared it to learning Spanish, it’s as though we’d begin by teaching you “Hola!”) As the class continues, the material will get more advanced, but by that time you’ll have no problem keeping up.

No. It’s not too beginner. In fact, Level 1 of this course is required for ANYONE who wants to study with me and my trained mentors.

The self-awareness part of the course is necessary. In my opinion, this program is a great fit for beginners, intermediates, and even experts to Astrologers.

This is especially true if you’ve learned a lot of your current knowledge from various different sources. Applied Astrology will help make it easy to tie together everything you already know, plus fill in the holes on some fundamentals that you may have missed on your own. 

Lots of it! You’ll be assigned to a small group of no more than 10 students to 1 Applied Astrology Mentor for the duration of the course.

In addition to your Live Chart Review Calls, our Mentors are highly involved in the private online community – answering questions and providing additional support. Some even give out their cell phone numbers, in case you need to reach them between calls!

You also get Group Open House Review calls, a Live Q&A Call with Debra Silverman and a Group Student Support Call — these  are all additional great places to get your questions answered.

Plus, you can always email my team – we’re here to make sure you’re taken care of throughout the program.

I recommend carving out approximately 2-3 hours a week for Applied Astrology. This way you’ll have enough time to go through the content, make sense of it, and complete all the exercises.

Remember: the exercises and coursework really help solidify the content from the program. Also, the program on its own is similar to therapy. The more consistent you are with it, the more effective it will be.

You also get downloadable access to your all your LIVE calls and archive access to all the online coursework so you can continue to review and learn as you need to. 

We have different timing options for your Live Chart Lecture Calls with a Mentor – including nights and weekends – so you can select a group that fits your schedule and time zone. This is why its so important to be on the Priority List to get first dibs to choose your schedule. 

… And if you have to miss a call, you can always go back and watch the recording later. Your mentor will still review your chart on the call and it will be recorded for you to review it when your schedule permits.

We have a full Applied Astrology guide here for your ease to get all the details you need.

You can also email our support team at



“Thank you for bringing us along on our journeys and helping us to be our free authentic selves…


An absolutely transformational experience… Debra is a blessing on this earth!”


“The instructors/mentors are so well prepared to teaching you how to dive in to your chart!

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