What was your soul thinking when it took on the karma of this lifetime?

We are currently sold out, but please join our waitlist and we will reach out to you when a spot is open again.

What is an intensive?

A 1-1 Intensive is a gift you give yourself when you are ready to change your life. 

You and Debra will go into your history and your potential and possibilities from your soul’s point of view. An Intensive is a highly beneficial process for breakthroughs for those who are in transition or at an impasse in their life.

The Intensive begins with a full witnessing of and deep compassion for your life history.

Each detail – your lineage, your first love, your relationships with family, partners, and children– is expressed. You will see yourself in a way you have never seen yourself before. Using your Astrological chart and your story, Debra assists you in letting go of the pain and understanding the Divine purpose for the way your life has unfolded, allowing you to become your own healer.

Together, we come up with an action plan, and create a structure for actualization so that the work has marked results. This is usually a half-day process, and completes with a prayers list – affirmations, intentions, and prayers for whatever we established as the core issues and the behavior changes needing to take place.

The Intensive is a means to open your heart to yourself and claim the fullness of your life—as one client said, “Debra gives you back to yourself.”

 This is the best way to work with me directly and get intimate access to my unique blend of psychotherapy, Astrology, and Four Elements tool set. 

My gift and mission, is to allow you to see yourself anew—to become aware and appreciative of your idiosyncrasies and personality traits that just won’t go away. 

Through the intensive process, you receive the gift of “loving yourself,” which is essential to finding the harmony with your soul, your purpose, your family, and your intimate relationships — that is your birthright and it’s time to claim it fully now.

We are currently sold out, but please join our waitlist and we will reach out to you when a spot is open again.


Some people call an Intensive the end of therapy. I call it untying the knot. Getting a new perspective, seen through the eyes of Astrology, wrapped up with compassion, we get to the answer. What are you doing on this planet and why the trauma?


1.5 day 1:1 In-Person Intensive with Debra

Your character will reveal itself to me on the very first day in vivid color, as you tell me every detail of your life story. The second part of the Intensive is the 4E process. Here is where we rewrite your future.


In person in either Hawaii or Boulder

The Intensive session is about a 10 minute drive from downtown Boulder, or a 25 minute drive from the Lihue airport. You will get to choose your dates and location once you reserve your spot below.


Limited to 8 participants this year

Because the Intensive session is custom-designed just for you, I am only accepting eight participants this year.

We are currently sold out, but please join our waitlist and we will reach out to you when a spot is open again.

Why say yes to this invitation?

You do not need to be an expert at Astrology or the elements to participate. All you need is a willingness to understand yourself, a desire to unlock your Observer, and a passion to tap into YOUR destined blueprint to reach the next level.

We are currently sold out, but please join our waitlist and we will reach out to you when a spot is open again.

Debra Silverman is one of the most authentic, and wise astrologers around (not to mention her hilarious personality). Perhaps because she’s also a therapist with a deep understanding of the human psyche. Her knowledge and love of the stars is so effortlessly translated into a user-friendly style. She has a knack that makes difficult complex concepts easy to understand and apply.

“The Oracle”, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium

Working with Debra has changed the entirety of my life in a matter of four short weeks. Astrology has truly given me permission to be - and to allow others to be. It feels as if I couldn’t possibly have known myself or anyone else prior to this course. I’ve been given permission to step into my fire, to show up with my Leo energy, to run towards my off the beaten path Aquarian ideas, to tirelessly think and to educate with Gemini energy, to organize and find joy in my quest for Virgo perfection, and to relentlessly pursue Capricorn success. I am finally, finally me. For that, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and forever transformed.

I went through a very painful breakup that resurrected every insecurity I had ever known, and as a result, I was looking for help, relief, healing, and most importantly, an understanding of my own ways of being and feeling. Why did the ending of this relationship trigger the amount of pain and fear that it did? What did it say about me? What did it want to say TO me? What was my lesson? I couldn’t let this overwhelming pain be lived in vain. By studying with Debra, I found more than a new community of like-minded people and the career of my dreams. I found magic. I found my true self. I found a powerful and honest language of compassion that changed my entire life.

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