What if you could have your own personal Astrologer in your back pocket, guiding & navigating you through your growth at each level?

She would know you better than you do. The two of you together determined the timing and the cycles you are in, and goals were set for 2022.

January 2022 - September 2022

Your Mastermind Journey Begins in...


“Know Thyself”

Tap into The Wisdom Of The Stars

This is an exclusive immersion for high-achievers, leaders, and very busy people ready to consolidate their world into simplicity.

There is an art to true leadership. It’s learning how to do LESS, yet getting more results. This occurs when you understand your rhythm, your personality type, the cycles you’re in, and how to manage your energy.

Over the course of the 9 months together, we’ll identify the changes required and the lessons to be focused on.

You’ll be surrounded by a community of people who know how to hold space for you. A group that brings no jealousy, competition, or comparisonitis – just a safe space to encourage you with celebration, deep connection, and a resource of well worn wisdom; better known as the 4 elements and Astrology.

The thing about sales copy is it always sounds like they are selling you the moon — but I really am!

And all I’m asking in return is for you to…

Make a commitment to shift your mind, clear out the cobwebs in your psyche, and enter a period of growth.

The Sacred Circle Mastermind is a commitment requiring ALL of you. There will be a significant financial requirement and a significant soul fulfillment.

The application process will determine if this is the right time for you. I will look at your chart. I’m looking for people who are ready to upgrade their operating system. The goal is to have YOU (the high achiever) learn how to do less and achieve more.


Take a moment to ask yourself these important questions…


“Is this the year I invest in myself and allow myself to find my natural rhythms?”


“Am I committed and ready to upgrade my consciousness?”


“Am I ready to increase my confidence and therefore my contribution to this world?”

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions… you are in the right place. You’ve found your people. And you are meant to be here…

Why say yes to this invitation and go on this excursion?

You do not need to be an expert at Astrology, the elements, or business to participate. All you need is a willingness to understand yourself, a desire to unlock your observer, and a passion to tap into YOUR Astrology blueprint to reach the next level.

Why say yes to this invitation and go on this excursion?

You do not need to be an expert at Astrology, the elements, or business to participate. All you need is a willingness to understand yourself, a desire to unlock your observer, and a passion to tap into YOUR Astrology blueprint to reach the next level.

An Overview Of Your Months Ahead

MONTH 1 (January)

The Season of Capricorn

This month is about goal setting, activating your ambition/balancing it, and making a list/overview for how this mastermind will serve you.

Setting the foundation.

You’ll have your kickstart 1:1 with Debra as she reads your chart and custom designs your protocol for the next 9 months. She’ll use your Astrological chart as your guide. Addressing your health needs, your personal relationship dynamics, and the management of your energy. The dynamics with your children or your grandchildren will be addressed.

You’ll also learn about yourself through part 1 of the writing course, Tell Me a Story.

About Tell Me a Story:

TMAS is a therapeutic journaling class focused on hearing your story as the means to liberating you into the here and now. In other words, you and the group will get to know your history. Together, we’ll uncover and share your story as a transformational tool. There will be 4 unique classes with Debra as the teacher. This single process has the means to begin the shifting of your consciousness in a very healing way.


The Season of Aquarius

This month is understanding your uniqueness/individuality, permission to stand apart from your programming/conditioning, and learning more about Astrology in general.

Explore the island of Kauai during the month of love. February 3-6.

Begin to fall in love with the feminine beauty around you, and within you, in this beautiful tropical setting. Kauai is very healing and mother nature will help recharge both your body and soul.

This will set the stage for a new relationship with the management of your energy. No one leaves Kauai the same.


The Season of Pisces

This month will be about meditation, spiritual practices, and cultivating your intuition. You’ll learn the importance of meditation. You’ll also learn how to become the master of your thoughts. In other words, you’ll retrain your “monkey mind” brain to be the observer, the witness.

Experience the Spring Equinox.

Check-in with your guides, goals, and markers. Take time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished (review your progress).

Go through a tailored 3-day cleanse that’s specific to your health needs. Use this time to slow down and heal through giving your digestive system a rest.

Receive your personal mantra and begin to integrate it into your life. The centerpiece of Debra’s work is activating “the observer”. Your given mantra will do just that — activate your inner observer.


The Season of Aries

This month will be about activating your physical energy, seeing where you might have stuck spots in your field or lack of motivation to move/exercise, and igniting your fire.

Go inward and listen.

On April 16 & 17, gather with the group through the LIVE virtual Zoom retreat.

Experience energy and healing work with guest teacher, Scott, who is an outstanding energy worker that brings a “drug experience” without the drugs. In over 15 years, not one of Debra’s clients has left this virtual experience with Scott without saying, “That was a unique, one-of-a-kind experience!”.


The Season of Taurus

This month is all about grounding your goals, slowing down, eating well/nourishing your body. We’ll talk about food, permission to trust that you’re where you need to be, and a chance to get outside. There will be an introduction to a chanting audio that will support your spiritual practices.

Begin preparing for the in-person retreat in Boulder.

Complete the second part of the therapeutic journaling class, Tell Me a Story, where you’ll continue to write your story. Get clearer on exactly what you want to create in your life — this is the halfway point, the place where you’ll check in with your goals that were set in the beginning.


The Season of Gemini

This month is our chance to be together in person. We’ll discover the personal connections we have with each other and have the option to explore the crazy land of Vegas.

Our next in-person retreat will be in Boulder. June 3-6. Plus, a personal, intimate optional opportunity to go backstage with Debra’s good friend Sting in Vegas at Caesars Palace.

Get a dose of the magical masculine mountains. Experience NLP. Be surrounded by the fresh elements of summer outdoors.

There will be connection to nature with outdoor excursions — bike rides and more. Daily healthy, delicious meals to nurture your body. Deep Energy work.


The Season of Cancer

This month we’ll focus on your emotional body, your family dynamics, look at your children’s charts (or people closest to you), and look at the Karma between you.

Take a moment to pause. To integrate everything you’ve learned. We’ll have just 1 meeting this month to allow time to process.

The rest of the month will be your opportunity to sit in silence with yourself, reflecting on the work you’ve done so far. Celebrating all that you’ve accomplished.


The Season of Leo

In this month we’ll turn up the volume! You’ll be challenged to get dressed, go out, and be outwardly expressive. It’s time for a party! It’s all about you, getting clearer and clearer with your chart.

Live virtual retreat on August 12 & 13.

Experience the potent full moon energy – identifying ways to harness its energy in ways unique to YOU.

You’ll set your goals for the upcoming year. Prepare yourself for a creative year ahead. Get into a conscious rhythm. Decide exactly what you want to manifest for 2023.


The Season of Virgo

This month we’ll get practical. We’ll focus on your diet, money/financial status (better known as taxes). We’ll address your self-care rituals, ways that you treat your body. You’ll be challenged to get massages.

Complete the process — close out the Sacred Circle Mastermind in a powerful way. Begin the process of integrating it all.

Your journey doesn’t end here. You’ll be given the tools to keep moving forward, allowing for your growth process to continue.

Meet Your Expert
Guest Facilitators


Cheryl is a world class therapist. She is both a psychic and a healer with a toolbox filled with magic. Her techniques support inner transformation in service of outer change.


Jozi has been trained in an esoteric framework that releases the knot in your unconscious. Be prepared for a shocking spiritual x-ray vision where she sees through you.


Bonnie is a trained medium with psychic abilities, who trains others to do the same. She’s one of the best mediumship teachers Debra’s ever met.


Scott is an energy master who knows how to open the doors to your psychedelic 3rd eye. He will explore the most important issues in your life. No one leaves his sessions the same.

"My good friend Debra has a remarkable talent, the ability to see the world the way you yourself see it, as if with your own eyes. The important thing is this:

She reminds you what fun it is to be you, the singular, freakish, awkward you.

... she also reminds you of your potential, of your gifts to the world and of your place in it.”

"[This experience] felt like undressing in front of elders and healers for some sort of initiation or healing. It was vulnerable and raw and supportive and beautiful...

Things are so uncertain right now but that room and that hour just felt like transcendence and pure love and support. It felt like 9 months of psychotherapy/peeling back the layers of the proverbial onion, but done with wisdom, care and love."

Debra Silverman is one of the most authentic, and wise astrologers around (not to mention her hilarious personality). Perhaps because she’s also a therapist with a deep understanding of the human psyche. Her knowledge and love of the stars is so effortlessly translated into a user-friendly style. She has a knack that makes difficult complex concepts easy to understand and apply.

“The Oracle”, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium

A truly profound experience--heartbreaking and heart-mending. I was skeptical at first since I didn't really know what I was getting into, but about halfway through I really began to appreciate the rhythm of each class and homework. Being so intentional about each element was wonderful. I loved the women in my group and gained so much from sharing my stories and hearing their stories.

The ESSENCE Of The 9-Month Mastermind

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included...

1:1 Astrology Reading with Debra

The purpose of this intimate reading is for Debra to set the foundation for your 9-month journey. She’ll use what’s written in the stars to create an Astrology roadmap for the year to come.

Two In-Person Retreats

Two in-person experiences in two extremely magical settings. Explore the gifts Boulder & Hawaii have to offer. Gather in-person, bond, laugh, eat, play and most importantly, grow.

One Personal Clairvoyance Session with Debra

An opportunity to experience a clairvoyant session with Debra. A gift she rarely shares.

business astrology reading witH sarah Nelson

An opportunity to work with Sarah Nelson a Certified Astrologer specializing in Entrepreneurs. 

monthly zoom calls with debra and the sacred circle

Each month there will be an hour-long Zoom call to connect and ask questions.

Two Online

Connect on-zoom to pause, breathe, listen and most importantly, discover you. 

Organic Meals

Organic, high quality food to support your mind and body throughout this process. 

High Level Healers & Teachers

Debra is bringing in the very best healers to work with. From energy workers to massages – you’ll have access to her top picks.

4 Very Different & Extraordinary Retreats


February 3 - 6

Three nights and four days at Debra’s Airbnb. Organic catered food. Activities in nature to recharge your body + soul.

water & air


APRIL 16 & 17

Learn how to sit still and go inward. Explore the power of meditation or prayer. Learn how being with yourself is the biggest gift of all.


june 3-6

A 3 night retreat into the masculine energy of the mountains. Focus on the physical, earth elements of Boulder during the fresh summertime. Enjoy catered food. Spend time outdoors experiencing physical activities.

earth & fire


August 12 & 13

Set your goals for the upcoming year. Prepare for creating a successful 2023. Decide exactly what it is you want to manifest, then make it happen.

Meet Your Astrologer/ Psychotherapist Guide

“I Cracked the Longevity Code”

Debra realized early in her 20’s the key to longevity. Once she discovered it, that was it.

She knew she had to dedicate every day to keeping her chi. She loves to share her insights about health with others.

Throughout the years, especially when she reached 30… her Saturn return, she experienced severe burnout while simultaneously running her company solo, and giving 8 astrology sessions a day. She thought in order to be successful, she had to run herself into the ground.

That was until she discovered a new way of living…

Now in her 60s, she’s thriving. She’s been nicknamed Benjamin Buttons. She’s applying her unique formula (the one she teaches you in this program) to her everyday life — allowing for a new pathway of self acceptance.

She’s dedicated to guiding you through her process so you find YOUR own path.

Are You Ready To Discover Your Superpowers & Become Who You Were Destined To Be?

You have an endless source of health. Boundless energy. True potential waiting to be tapped into at a greater level. You, my friend, are successful. Or you wouldn’t be reading this.

There’s a new version of you. One that’s ready to hang out with people who are your equals. You’re ready to be seen, to be supported.

This is your chance to have an intimate LIVE experience with Debra.

To do the work by going inward.

Becoming your DREAM self isn’t for everyone.

But it IS FOR YOU.

Revive your spirit.
Connect to nature.
Be brave.
Be bold enough to leave your “old self” behind.
Step into the highest possible level of YOU.
This is your opportunity to EMBODY the elements in real time. It’s one thing to talk and study, it’s another to embody and put it into practice.

Most successful people wait for their health to decline in order to put their attention on their body, for their finances to diminish, or a family crisis to occur before making the conscious decision to upgrade.

But not you.

You’re ready to listen to your body. You’re ready to give it exactly what it needs to thrive.

You’re ready to gain the necessary skills to wake up to your greatness.

Your higher self is speaking to you, are you listening?

*Only 10 – 12 applicants will be accepted for this sacred mastermind. Apply now to see if you qualify.

Working with Debra has changed the entirety of my life in a matter of four short weeks. Astrology has truly given me permission to be - and to allow others to be. It feels as if I couldn’t possibly have known myself or anyone else prior to this course. I’ve been given permission to step into my fire, to show up with my Leo energy, to run towards my off the beaten path Aquarian ideas, to tirelessly think and to educate with Gemini energy, to organize and find joy in my quest for Virgo perfection, and to relentlessly pursue Capricorn success. I am finally, finally me. For that, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and forever transformed.

I went through a very painful breakup that resurrected every in-security I had ever known, and as a result, I was looking for help, relief, healing, and most importantly, an understanding of my own ways of being and feeling. Why did the ending of this relationship trigger the amount of pain and fear that it did? What did it say about me? What did it want to say TO me? What was my lesson? I couldn’t let this overwhelming pain be lived in vain. By studying with Debra, I found more than a new community of like-minded people and the career of my dreams. I found magic. I found my true self. I found a powerful and honest language of compassion that changed my entire life.

A Note To You, From Debra:

My gift is assisting people in falling love with who they are and remembering their purpose.

I do two things:

1.  inspire you to be your real self – I’m all about authenticity.

2. Like a bulldozer, I encourage you to break down whatever is getting in the way of your doing so.

I wish I could have been invited into a circle like this when I was wondering how not to be so self-conscious.

How to clear out the negativity, robbing me of my internal acceptance of myself.

I am inviting you into such a circle.

Never before have I considered collecting a group of women and men, who are influencers and success stories.

I want to shift your mindset.

I want to reorient you to your natural rhythms.

Will you join me?

Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Natural Rhythm And Flow Through Your Life Effortlessly?

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