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April 30th – May 2nd


  • Nanfsu@gmail.com' Nan says:

    Thank you

  • cczendragon@gmail.com' Leann McE says:

    I am a fire sign Aries and I find myself trying to stay grounded but the fire kicks in. Then I try not to blow what I am trying to accomplish. I was born April 3, 1964 and I have a lot of planets in a couple of houses. If you can give me some suggestions that would be wonderful…

  • maribeldasilva2078@gmail.com' Maribel da silva says:

    I am lost where I am. Not sure what I’m doing.

  • sarkgs@hotmail.com' Gail Sarkany says:

    Thank you Debra for describing me. I’m Taurus Sun, moon in Capricorn with Cancer rising. I had a really wonderful weekend doing so many tasks including cooking and cleaning and my taxes were done on time! Lol. I’m a teacher by trade and very proud to be organized and not realizing that these characteristics are a gift for which I’ve merely taken for granted.

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