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We all have an ego. This week’s full moon addresses this very truthful topic. Not only do we have one, but it must be tended to. Leos show us how.

During this full moon it is asking us to scream at the top of your lungs: I LOVE ME! This is what a full moon when the Sun is in Leo is all about, as we stretch to its high road for a healthy self-esteem.

While the Sun is in Leo, the moon stands opposite it in Aquarius. The flavor is opposing by nature, because Aquarius would never scream: I LOVE ME. For one, they would never take an instruction and do it as stated, nor would they want to say I love me.

In fact, they do not like to use the word I. They think of all of us. Every time I get a text from my dear Aquarian friend, he is always noting the theme of the day and speaking about humanity as if he is not one of us.

The Aquarius moon loves being oppositional and not following the rules. In fact, in their contrarian way, they would either say: Don’t tell me what to do, or I don’t really like me, or I am a work in progress and I am not there yet. Super honest yet real.

This full moon is all about our willingness to do self love in a big way.

Can you say: I AM SPECIAL. I am gifted. I have some traits that are admirable. If so, you have a healthy Leoian nature.

Or does your Aquarius show up with: Don’t tell me what to do. I hate this full moon and this exercise, and by the way: I am not ‘special’—we all are.

In Astrology, we pride our lost art on this very skill set. We identify what your super powers are, and how to employ them to adjust your life so you can be your ‘real’ self. That is the whole basis of Level 1 of my Applied Astrology school: to teach you astrology as a way to help you fall in love with yourself.

To an Aquarian that is either too much, or they are steeped in the new age—all things astrological. Oracle cards, tarot, reiki, and magic. In either case, wherever you fall on the spectrum of Leo and Aquarius, your job really is to have a healthy sense of self.

Tell me truly: what personality trait of yours would you change? Do you know that once you study Astrology you will realize that you are just as you should be? There is no need to resist your nature. And yes, Moon in Aquarius, it is okay to celebrate your own worth.

Try it: I am special. I am here to bring my gifts, and celebrate even the most natural skills I do — cleaning, cooking, organizing, talking, entertaining…whatever it is, you promised you would come here and be YOU.

This full moon is all about you owning your gifts. If you are shaking your head and do not know what they are: seriously, come study with us in Applied Astrology (which is open for registration now for a limited time). Astrology will give you back to you.


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