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For this full moon with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius—tell me what you are good at.

Your soul longs for you to know how to experience your strength and confidence without being self conscious—that is no easy task.

I know that if I asked you what you were really good at—most of you would have to wrestle down your ego to get the right answer. Who knows how to quickly answer —what are you good at? Pretty much no one. Try it now…

If you are organized (Earth), you probably think ‘that’s no big deal.’

If you are a really good cook, you would say, ‘aww, it’s so easy to throw some food together.’

Or if you are like me, and you can talk or write without much effort, some part of you may think, ‘so what? This is so natural—it’s no big thing!’

‘Don’t be impressed with what I do so easily,’ says every sign; however, if you have Leo in your chart, that would be the wrong answer.

Truth is: we all deserve to be seen clearly, to be acknowledged for our gifts. Feel the power in acknowledging your natural abilities.

The theme of this full moon in Leo comes with the invitation to stand up inside yourself, with your head held high, and state something that may seem easy to you, but is something that only you are so naturally good at.

Leave me a comment below and tell me what you do effortlessly, while disregarding the voice that says: ‘You are not special…’ because it’s not true—seen through the eyes of your Leo self.

The solar cycle we are in this month (Leo) invites us to take a good look in the mirror.

My best friend can clean up a room in an instant almost like Mr. Clean. My son can use his hands to fix just about anything. You know I can talk (said the Gemini). None of us really want to be called out in areas that comes so easily. It’s a bad case of the ego.

Leo says ‘say it’; Aquarius Moon says, ‘nah, you are not so good.’

If it’s cleaning, singing, drawing, parenting, or just sitting—everyone has an instinctive skill set that if allowed to be valued could take you home to your true self/soul.

This full moon is about truth. It’s so easy to study Astrology or read endless books on the New Age and all things spiritual, but who can actually find their power and rest there? Who can speak to the unspeakable and say: my life is an example of flair in this life—I am living in technicolor? Spoken like a true Leo.

Truth is: Spirit is in love with you and your chart. The Sun and the Moon are in love with each other as they chase each other across the sky. Truth is: I am in love with turning you onto the stars. (Did you know that the Applied Astrology school launch—which only happens twice a year—is opening again this month?)

Truth is: this full moon in Aquarius is inviting all of us to consider the importance of studying Astrology so you can celebrate your gifts. How would the world be different?

I can say this now, though it took years: I am a good astrologer. I have to walk past my ego to my soul. I know that my soul had the assignment to study the stars, translate their meaning into practical English, and share it with as many of you as would listen. That one I can own.

Honestly, it’s hard for me to say: I am a good writer. Or I am a good mom. My silly ego tramples me and I have to wrestle it down.

Can I challenge you on this full moon to acknowledge something you do that do so well? Write me, tell me, tell your friend, and ask them what they are good at. This will fulfill the Aquarian energy, the full moon flavor this month—do it to empower your healthy ego and let your confidence grow.

We need everyone to start owning their power (said Leo) and letting your freak flag fly with confidence and glory.

Try it, it’s a good exercise—allowing the ego to serve your soul. You deserve to be feeling good about who you are. You are alive, healthy (hopefully), and longing to be part of our world empowered. So, tell me—what you are good at?

Stand firm in that and pretend your ego is alive and kicking. How does that feel? Can’t wait to hear.



  •' Susan Greer says:

    I agree with you; you ARE a good writer! I enjoy your postings very much. I too, am a good writer. In earlier times in my life, I won every writing competition I was entered in, my friends and family ask me to write important papers/letters for them so that’s enough to convince this old double Aquarian with a Sagittarius rising that I have some talent with words! Also, I’m a great cook.

  •' Denise Eicher says:

    I am a Leo (8/3), I am an empath, and a WONDERFUL listener (strangers bare their soul to me all the time!). I am a GREAT singer, and LOVE music (it heals me!!). I am also FANTASTIC with animals and small children (I’ve been told I am VERY trustworthy!!!).

  •' Alison says:

    Leo is my North node. I’ve stayed behind the scenes way too long. Need to find my voice and stop being so damn small.

  •' Janell Cox says:

    As a Leo Sun/Leo Rising born on a full bright moon in Aquarius in 1975, I love this time of the year. I will stand up and say that I think I am real good at listening to people from my heart, and affirming them. It feels so good to do this. I think I am also a pretty good singer! Happy full moon everyone. May whatever is dark and heavy in your hearts be filled in with light and bathed in forgiveness and love.

  • I am great at a few things actually although just because I have six children doesn’t mean that I’m an amazing mom. I am an amazing writer although I don’t write- I usually just write down my tarot card readings. I am an amazing intuitive Tarot card reader & it aka the esoteric world happens to just run in my family so I’ve been reading Tarot for over 36 years. I am the best with animals- I feel although I’ve never worked with them although at one time my family and I had over 75 dogs and 50 cats- my x loves to just bring home any stray so ive had to get used to it and you know they actually listen to me. I love animals and they listen way better than my children. Talking to dead people is also an amazing gift given to me probably because I’m a Scorpio. Thanks for this, you are an amazing Woman!

  •' Breann says:

    I am really good at being present and enjoying the childlike wonder of this Earth! I just sat and talked to a stick bug for a while and my heart is giddy. That’s my favorite thing about me! Thank you for sharing this and encouraging us to love ourselves ego and all! Thank you soooo much for giving us the freedom to let our freak flags fly!

  •' Maddyson Eastman says:

    Singing and recieving messages from spirit

  •' Gauri says:

    It’s so true what you have written. I am kind of good at a few things (many things?) but reading this article what’s coming up for me is that what am good at is being beautiful, for I have always been good at understanding beauty, very different from its usability reflected appreciation. I am good at being my feminine identity ! (Huge one for me to find and say this).
    Scorpio Sun (Ve conj Ur, Me -all in interception, 6th cusp Libra), Aquarius moon, Gemini rising.

    Thank you and Love to you Debra.

  • With four planets (Mars, Saturn, Moon and Pluto) in Leo, you’d think I could “own my power and let my freak flag fly with confidence and glory,” but Saturn, it seems, has the loudest voice of all and insists that I remain humble and grounded.

  •' Eve says:

    I’m good at my job

  •' Sara Freitas says:

    I’m good at helping people see theirs options or other perspectives in their dark moments.

  •' Lisa M Klesch says:

    Hi Deb,
    My sign is Aquarius – 2/12/1964. I am good at being creative/artistic, working with children and learning quickly. I love astrology and have been learning it on my own for the past year. I would love to take your classes at some point in time. Thank you for all of your emails and videos. They are extremely informative. You are a very genuine and fun person to watch. – Lisa Klesch

  •' bianka says:

    I am good at taking care of childrens and I am a talented embroidery artist. Also I’m a double Leo haha!

  •' Hailey says:

    Everything about this screams YES!!! My soul is celebrating ?

  •' Giselle Duval says:


    What a great question to ask . What are you good at?
    So many things come to mind. I call it a gift.

    I connect people that should know each other. More intuitive than anything else. Maybe it is why I had such fun with your recent summit. You were connecting people.
    Ever grateful for that few days you gave us.

    Being a Capricorn I am good at just about anything I dream up.

    Super happy I found you.

    Love and light,


  •' Deb Janosz says:

    I am Leo Sun nd Aquarius Moon
    Makes for interesting dialog!!

  •' Trois Montana says:

    I am a good mother, teacher and healer ❤ (that felt wonderful to put into words! Thank you ?)

  •' Marie Fortune says:

    I am good at talking good at training and supervising others, love people and seeing their potential and their good, can see both sides of a topic or situation…. guess there is no need to mention that I am a double G

  •' Kathleen says:

    I am a good, insightful writer!

  •' Michelle Price says:

    Hi Debra! I love this question, so thank you! I know darn well that i am good at emotional intelligence even from a young age. I am considered wise beyond my years, I am grateful to that skill. I also am very capable of making strangers feel heard and seen as well as my close peers to feel like they are somebody! At times i can even be a natural peot, my mother who is a great writer even co siders me one so ill take that too. Appreciate you highlighting the love we need to have for ourselves and reverence for our undenialble gifts unique to each operator. Love, light, and the stars! Xo~ Michelle

  •' Gigi Dement says:

    I am a good creative producer. I dare say, I’m actually pretty great at it.

  •' Linda+Dian+Laterowicz says:

    Oh, this is fun! I am good at working hard to make things work!! This includes turning lemons into lemonade! Knowing I am so much more than the roles society has conditioned me to expect to embrace as a female coming from a working class family. More than the expectation of spouse and motherhood!
    Through necessity, desire and determination I continue to enjoy life and the everyday miracles as I look back over the last 65 years knowing I did the best I could do with what I had, knowing my self-esteem is not dependent upon others opinions. I stand simply within my own truth, happy.

  •' Tara says:

    I am good at learning most things quickly. I usually only have to be shown once or twice and I can get the hang of it with little to no errors.

  •' Colib says:

    As Virgo sun, libra moon, Sagittarius rising and Leo in Saturn….

    I can do anything with metal, my engineering hand and diagnostic skills are second to non.

    I am a natural leader and i love to help people

  •' hazel says:

    Hi Deb,
    Your writing today brought me into an informing state of being. Your words…..allowing the ego to serve your soul. You deserve to be feeling good about who you are. You are alive, healthy (hopefully), and longing to be part of our world empowered. I have to walk past my ego to my soul. I know that my soul had the assignment to studying the stars, etc …..:
    And for me to finish your statement I came to ……I’ve been assigned to sit and listen, for I am inspired by the beauty of the world and all the beings that reside there and beyond. And assigned to allow this inspiration to guide me. I get hints of this everyday, especially when quiet and settled. I strive to see beneath the obvious. I am curious about the source of me and everyone’s uniqueness and how we all can work together as one for the benefit of the highest good. I love using my observant vision, subjective listening and trusting in the wisdom of loving kindness. And I know there is more to come in this process for me.,,,with positive intention and active follow through with guidance. .
    Thank you so much.

  •' Lea says:

    I am great at being there for friends, family and clients who need a truth reminder of their greatness and unlimited possibilities!

  •' Laurie Adato says:

    I’m really good at running organizations and blossom when I’m allowed to lead. But after 20 years my organization feels they can find a better leader so I’m ready to move on.
    I have Sun in Capricorn in the 12th house so I love to integrate intuition into organizational work. I write really well with Mercury & Venus conjunct in Capricorn – and they’re in the 11th house so it also makes me a deep and devoted friend. Thank you for helping me to take the time to look at my strengths. Mostly I just work, Mars in Aries gets it done but Virgo moon doesn’t take time to feel good about herself. So I appreciate this moment!

  • I extremely good at channeling energy, meditations, activations, messages and teachings. I go into an empty space and is like second nature. I dont have to think about it, it just happens. At uplifting people and say “Take your power back!” And my sun is in Leo!

  •' JRG says:

    I can craft my words or turn a phrase to welcome back a cherished time; open the vision of the mind’s eye to experience a memory long forgotten, yet deeply loved. Find the obscure, and connect it all to flow like a Gemini connectivity dream, but read like Virgo perfection. Use my powerful energy to heal, restore, calm, yet vitalize. Read through data sideways to explore the truth underneath – to me, numbers or words combine through art. They provide a vast glowing horizon with sights, sounds and sensations that both inspire and advise, then ground. 8th House: Pluto 24 Leo 21, Jupiter 26 Cancer 02, Uranus 24 Cancer 41. w/ Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury in Gemini, and Venus in Taurus. Sag rising, Neptune in Libra Mid-heaven. So, you can begin to guess that I’ve never shared this before – II Stellium or not. This FM, my Pluto in Leo combines with the unexpected. Very fascinating how this works.

  •' Jane says:

    I am good at being creative and at being organized!

  • Thanks for asking Debra. I excel at teaching others how to apply flowers essences in their daily lives to connect to their best self, to be less stressed and more resilient.

  •' collette oguin says:

    I am good at cleaning, decorating, dressing, making jewelry and talking(making connections).

  •' Heidi says:

    I am good at gardening.
    I am good at sales.
    I am good at making people feel comfortable.

  •' Beatrice Eberhard says:

    I committed myself to raise three children and I gave up a lot for that. They are amazing ! And i am do proud how well I raised them!
    With being a mother I became a excellent chef.

    But most of all I am a exile to artist! And I am very proud of that!

  •' Danielle White says:

    I am good at seeing the Big Picture, beyond the here-and-now (at work) – seeing cause and effect. When I put myself to it, I am really good at organizing things. And I’m great at assembling furniture, not only from Ikea, but other places as well. =)

  •' Rachel says:

    I am good at making others smile and feel good :)!

  •' Barbara Lyons says:

    I am a good spouse and parent. Writer. Friend. Cookie baker. Information finder. Advocate. Smiler.

  •' Patricia Rabain says:

    I am good at helping others feel good about themselves. I am good at making quilts. I am good at writing poems about causes that fire me up.

  •' Annie says:

    I am really good at anything creative. Really, anything! I can write stories and songs and poetry, sing, dance, paint and draw, garden, throw ceramics. I am good at teaching and a great public speaker (I actually like it I’m so weird). I’m naturally bent toward understanding sciences and enjoy research. I was usually the perfect police and the idea person for group projects because it was gonna be my way or the highway. I’m athletic–can run, hike, do a little gymnastics with my dancer balance (right about now I hear that voice telling me to stop, that’s too much!). Even though I’m a naturally bad listener because I’d rather share my ideas (said the Aquarius), I understand people really easily and can see all sides of opposition. My understanding extends to animals, which means I am really good at training them. I even taught my cat to sit and shake!

    Thank you for this opportunity to show off. I do enjoy a little spotlight. Could it be my Leo Rising?
    All the best to you <3

  •' Kikki says:

    I am good at being myself!

  •' Donna says:

    I’m good at organizing…

  •' Lori Reynolds says:

    I am really good at figuring out the cause of a problem or challenge by listening to others describe it & suggesting possible creative solutions. I do this while reading astrology charts, rehabbing problem dogs and organizing spaces. I have the ability to see / feel things from many angles & perspectives all at once. Inspiring others with the medicine to heal their dilemma.

  •' Danielle says:

    Natural clear connection to my guides and other realms (Pisces Sun ) while also seeking balance in emotional bodies (Libra Moon) all while raising aware children (Cancer rising).

  •' Shannon says:

    I am very good at making stuff, says Leo, I can paint, sew, draw, sculpt, cook etc…and I love to do it all!
    Thanks Debra ?

  •' Lorraine Ortiz says:

    I’m really good at relating to people and making them feel comfortable.

  •' Lorraine Ortiz says:

    I can be very brave at times. Nervous, but will do it anyway.

  • Hi Debra,
    I am a very good pet nanny??
    Clare, 24/7 Pet Nanny

  • I’m definitely good at talking ( Gemini ) and I’m emotionally intelligent and empathetic ( Venus in Cancer ) . My Leo rising is letting me write this LoL ..

  •' Tonya says:

    I am good at analyzing data and organizing it into patterns.

  •' Jacki C. Shaw says:

    I’m good at connecting with people, their guides, helpers, etc… and translating that into sacred tools such as prayer fans, rattles, walking sticks or a staff for ritual. I’m a good friend. And I’m good at putting things into simple terms so that people understand things that they thought were overly complicated.

  •' Lau says:

    I’m really good taking care of cats and learning languages. Sun ♒️ Moon ♒️ Rising ♋️

  •' Gale says:

    Hi, I’m a Scorpio with 3 planets in Leo. I’ve always thought I was just average but through the help of astrology and my guardian angel I have discovered that I am a artist and that I love nature and water.
    Thank you for helping us to see how unique we are.


  •' Nancy says:

    I am really good at making people feel at ease and safe. I am a good cook, athlete and Mom. I am good at reading oracle cards sharing the wisdom and astrology charts for a beginner astrologer.

  •' Cathy says:

    I’m a Cancer, Leo rising, Capricorn Moore. I’m good at cooking but everyone says I have a way with words and I really do. Bookworm. Lol

  •' Livia Peterson says:

    I can take a space and turn chaos into order while still maintaining the essence of whoever’s space it is like they had done it themselves.

  •' Margret says:

    I am good at empowering people to be believe in themselves. I am a good mother and natural leader. I am good at creating art and comfortable home. I have great intuition and empathy for others

  •' Therese Jenee says:

    Hi I am a great support person and I am creating Beautiful Quilts Eyepillows and masks!! My grandmother taught me to sew my own clothes and I find it very relaxing and meditative. WARMLY THERESE JENEE’

  •' Susan Bransfield says:

    Aloha Debra,
    What I am good at effortlessly is taking photographs. It is like breathing, well really more like breathtaking.
    I see something and there is something about it, the shapes, the lighting, a beautiful moment, and tha beauty stops me and captures my full attention.
    Then I start photographing from many different angles or vantage points. Then I look at the photographs and choose the most magical shots, then delete the rest, usually ecstatic!

  •' Leisa Waters says:

    I am good at getting people to smile and or laugh at least once during an interaction. Plus I’m pretty good at cleaning and doing all the tiny detail stuff no one notices until it’s been cleaned. I’m good at lots of stuff, I just can’t think of too many at one time. Says the Leo Sun, Libra Rising, Scorpio Moon and Virgo Venus. 🙂

    It’s my 63rd birthday tomorrow, August the 3rd and full moon.

  •' Venissa says:

    So much harder than I thought … I am very good at reading a persons energy . One on one . I can feel their distress or pain . I use this to ask . Ask a coworker if they are ok . It often jars people but they always appreciate that they are seen .

  •' Cindy Hodgkinson says:

    I am very good at sensing/feeling what others are feeling, and have a strong desire to help everyone if I sense they need the attention. I frequently am being told i put into writing special words that seem to be exactly what someone needs to hear at the right moment. I make people feel at ease and people are drawn to me, and tell me things they have never told anyone, even complete strangers. I can be very silly and goofy and learning that’s what makes me fun to others and I like to always try to show a positive spin on things for those I care about. It’ can be overwhelming at times, and not easy sometimes to want to be around too many people, but over the years I have learned to be proud of myself and it feels amazing knowing I’m good at helping people. I guess that is what I’m good at. Thank you for this exercise to be open. You’re very special Debra, thank you.

  •' Sharon Oddan says:

    Hey beautiful. Debra I have to say I am good at helping aged seniors. I am good at helping them at feeling loved. Working with the elderly me feel blessed and in turn I help them feel loved. Also hey I’m. Good. At figuring things out. Multi tasker in a stressful moment I’m your girl. Have a wonderful day and thanks Debra.

  •' Rebecca says:

    I’m good at people! Meeting new people, making them feel at ease and quickly gaining their trust. Its helped me in my work life, I always find a job through referrals in my city, as I leave a positive impression with the people I’ve worked with/for.

  •' Eila Allen says:

    I am good at being creative, drawings and in 3 dimensions in so many ways.

  •' Kena Shah says:

    Hi, I am good at counselling people, helping people. I do tarot reading. But I am bit low in confidence that what if people start judging me in the wrong way. Also I like to write quotes and blogs. My writings and teachings are more on the emotional lines.

  •' Dorothy says:

    I’m great at organizing paper work and homes and being a Gemini, I am a communicator. Love your site. Dorothy or (Maika – given to me by my Hawaiian kumu or teacher.)

  •' Martina Zoebl says:

    Hi, I am good in motivating people and to do content reframing. I have a good intuition an pin point a problem within a short period of time where others need to discuss hours. I am a good networker and love to bring people together.

  • Speaking
    People, I’m good w people

  •' P says:

    I am an amazing reflexologist!!

  • I’m a good editor, so I should probably go ahead and submit that job app for the job working from home full time as an editor. I just hope the type of content they want proofread is interesting or at least isn’t a subject matter that conflicts with my values. (Leo Rising, only fire sign in my chart.)

  •' Kitty Toevs says:

    Hi Debra,
    Double Aquarius, it’s also my Mercury and North Node, then Sag moon. I have gotten messages that I am good at working with energy (I am allowing myself to believe it. My answer, had I not received those messages, would have been that I never meet a stranger! I strike up conversations with anyone and practically every time I leave the house, it amazes my friend. Hahahahaha.

    As a through and through Aquarius and Sag moon, my plan it to travel the States in an rv and offer Healing Touch and volunteering at animal sanctuaryies? after my house sellls!

    Thank you for the translation of this full moons energy and encouragement to accept what we’re good at❤️?❤️??❤️??

    Kitty Toevs

  •' Kaye says:

    I feel it’s that it’s easy for me to talk to strangers; I enjoy getting to know someone with my curiosity, asking questions about them, listening with eye contact and sincerity; I’ve been told that I’m easy to talk to. Libra sun, Sag rising, Cap Moon, Mercury in Scorpio, Jupiter in Gemini; no Leo or Aquarius. 🙂

  •' Sheri Foreman says:

    My energy transforms into fun, delight and all things sensual. I’m enjoying being guided to share and spread truth freedom and compassion says the Leo Cancer moon and rising Scorpio . Thank you Debra for sharing your talents ?

  • Since I have 7 planets in leo with gemini rising, I am pretty creative. For years that was the only thing that kept me going or what I could admit to. Now if you asked me what I liked about myself that was all I could come up with for a long time but now I know there’s more to me than that. I’m humble, and helpful to others. I can be of service, oh and I do couch potato pretty good (ha ha no surprise there!). Also, I have a pretty good sense of humor and I like others who do too. I let others shine!

  •' Marisa Ziminski says:

    I’m a planner, an organizer, everything in its place kinda person, a leader, who is a great (compulsive at times) cleaner.

  •' ruth beck says:

    I am a great home improvement person.interior

  •' Joy says:

    Wow I didn’t think of it like that but yeah I guess cleaning so effortlessly like mr clean haha! I walk by things tidying and cleaning as I go along. Leaving things better looking than I found them makes me feel better..

  •' Helen Mallory says:

    Hi Debra, I just love your writings and especially your videos, you are great at communicating, Gemini! I am a Sagittarius through and through and I have a talent with energy healing, it’s been a passion of mine for decades now and I feel so good when I can help others benefit and heal! My toolbox includes Reiki, Bars and Theta and I couldn’t be happier to do this work! Thank you for all you do!! You rock!!❤️?

  •' Kelly says:

    I am a great writer of biographies! I instinctively “get” who people are even when they have difficulty expressing it themselves. When I write a biography, even if it’s short like for a website, I am able to present the subject in a way that makes them approachable and shows them in their best light. People are recognizing that talent and they are beginning to seek me out instead of me continually chasing jobs, which is a blessing since I’m a freelance writer. That’s how I know that I am fulfilling part of my purpose because it’s becoming effortless and because I get great joy from helping people discover qualities about themselves that they weren’t previously aware of. I love what I do!

  •' Joanne says:

    Hmm.I love nature.Im good at gardening organization ..being supportive and helping people. ( I love to play)…l love make up.cosmetics .hairstyles….the beach.. everything !! Lol…guess what sign Iam ?!…….

  •' Yemira Rosario says:

    I’m good at cooking and being considerate of others.

  • As a Sag what I’m really good at is having fun.

  •' Janet says:

    I am good at taking iPhone photos with an artistic eye, capturing the emotion, and sharing. Thanks, Debra!!!

  •' Tiffany Soulbird says:

    I appreciate your interpretation, Debra. It makes sense as this question has been rattling around in my spirit for the past few days. I have ADHD so my attention is usually diffused to many different things. At the same time, I have a very rich inner creative world that I do long to express. I discovered you because of your video with Nahko. I have felt inexplicably drawn to him lately, as he is a reflection of so much that I wish to create in my life (creativity, community, love of the earth…I even have symbols for these tattooed on me). I’m also drawn to him lately, I believe, so that I can hold space for him during his difficult time. Full moons tend to make me highly emotional…my sun, Mars, Mercury, and vertex are in Leo, so I guess the effect is being elevated. I really long to sing…I long to make music. I long to write poetry and stories and essays like I used to without feeling stifled in any way. I long to dance and feel the power of my body…I long to paint and bring the images in my mind to life. I’m good at these things or else they wouldn’t set my soul on fire. My attempts at these have been halting, but I won’t stop trying. I’m hoping if I can tame the ADHD then I can find the focus I need. Thanks so much for your beautiful words. You are an excellent communicator! The video you made with Nahko was fun and inspiring. It was fun to imagine that you both went to high school together.

  •' Kate says:

    listening deeply….within and without

  •' Maria says:

    I am good at teaching. I am good at organizing, sorting, ordering. I am good at playing the violin and understanding music.
    Love, Maria

  •' Carly Mitchell says:

    I am good at being kind and loving towards others, and connecting with Mama Earth ??

  • Happy Monday Debra!
    I absolutely love following you.
    I bought your book a few weeks ago and I’m enjoying it so much.
    Working on balancing my elements.
    I’m truly a mermaid and so much water that i sometimes WONDER am I really a human.
    I taught all ages but specialized in waterbabies for 49 years.
    I had a shoulder replacement from a rafting accident which put me into retirement of teaching from the water.
    I am applying for some grants to write children’s books.
    My business in The Dancing Dolphins Learn to swim program.
    My work name is Mermaid jody, don’t you just love that.
    I’m a novice at writing but I’m an expert on children and how to teach them to swim and ski.
    My lucky grandmuffins all we’re swimming before age 1 and skiing at 2 years old.
    The joy it brings me to watch them do their gifts is beautiful.
    Thank you for bringing so much love and joy to us all through astrology and just your essence of love and laughter.

    Swimmingly yours,
    Mermaid Jody

  • I am a good leader! There, I said it…FOLLOW MEEEEEE!

  •' Catherine (Kay) Burke says:

    I am good at listening …and reading…An Aquarius – always there for the family & yet guilty that I can’t be there enough!!

  •' Alejandra says:

    I’m a really good listener. I can hold space for someone, witness, be a mirror and reflect back to them so that they can better process their experience. 🙂
    Thanks for this invitation / challenge. It feels good!

  •' Kathy Hunter says:

    I’m good at inspiring other and listen to testimony of other people! Also I’m good at healing thy self and other.

  •' Wendy says:

    I am a Gemini on the cusp of Cancer with a Leo moon and Pisces rising. I am great with words, but my natural talent lies in organization. I love to find a place for everything and put everything in it’s place.

  •' Tabitha says:

    I’m really good at taking pictures. I’m not a professional photographer, but I’ve taken some really beautiful scenic pictures that look like they could be printed and hung on the wall. I really love capturing moments or just the beauty around me.

  •' Naomi says:

    I’m very creative, good at painting and dreaming and exploring big, deep questions of life

  •' Anne Marie Smith says:

    Working as an occupational therapy assistant, I am really good at therapeutic muscle massage and muscle energy work on my rehab patients.

  • I am really good at reading people, places and situations like a rock . I connect quickly with others to assist them in finding peace and closure with the loss of loved ones. I am a loyal, fun and steadfast friend who is in it for the long haul.

  • Hi Debra,

    I like what you do. What I do best is business and studying business. I love the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and I try to apply it to doing work with ATMs and other projects.

  •' Stephen says:

    I can distill other people’s thoughts, ideas and words into a few key principles. I am able to lo watch, listen and identify the concept(s) that are being hidden or disguised under too many words or nervous emotions.

  •' McKenzie says:

    I am good at organizing and decluttering. I’m a good reader and writer and have grown into my ability to acknowledge and express my feelings. Thank you for this practice of owning our natural gifts.

  •' Marina McKay says:

    Hi Debra! I am a Leo Sun, Gemini Moon, Virgo Rising. My Mars is also in Gemini, and with my budding knowledge of the stars, those two planets in Gemini seem to explain why so many different things are fascinating to me. I’ve desired to be many things in this life. I studied acting for a long time. I went back to school and got a Masters in Psychology. I’ve wanted to pursue comedy, writing, directing, editing, teaching, dancing- and have had trouble feeling settled into any of them. Deciding which career to pursue has been a challenge. But! During this Full Moon, I have settled into the thing that is most effortless. And that is my voice. As a baby, I was singing before I spoke. When I open my mouth and sing, not only does it feel like the sincerest expression of my soul, but people all around me perk up like prairie dogs. People near and far are always asking “When is your album coming out?” With nearly every other desire, I get caught up in what it has to look like. That grappling is simply not there with music. It’s not that I don’t care about being successful. Far from it, I welcome the opportunity! I simply know that whatever degree of success comes from pursuing music, whatever that looks like, is all well and good so long as I get to keep doing it. And that indicates to me that this passion is pure.

  •' Carrie says:

    My sun is in leo with Leo rising and my moon is in Aquarius. I have had this struggle going on inside of me every second of every day and I’ve never truly been able to deal with the constant push/pull and self doubt.

  •' Michelle says:

    I’m a good home maker, I’m good at making people feel at home whether it’s listening without judgement or crocheting, knitting, cooking, baking, decorating, organizing, painting and finding the right color to express a feeling, and I’m a Realtor. You’re right Debra! We know ourselves better than we think- we just don’t always realize it.

  •' MaryJo says:

    I loved your Summit series, thank you. I was wondering can you just take the first part of your Applied Astrology course? And would that get me to at least read my chart a little better. Your readings seem to be right on. I have your book of elements, thank you.

  •' PAULINE says:

    I would describe myself as a Free Spirit…..gardening, reading & cooking is my thing..I’m an Aquarius ♒ so you never know what I’m going to be doing!

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