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Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Leo

I know this is going to sound like I’m promoting Astrology but I’m not. The simple truth is that this Full Moon screams: I love Astrology!

It’s no coincidence our school doors are about to open, which only happens twice a year (September and January) and our Astrological Immersion is in full swing! This is the Full Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius rules the topic of Astrology …why? Because they are the most individualistic personality type and they seem to love the science of distinctions that divides our psyche into 12 flavors. This is the core of Astrology – to describe you in detail, with all your quirks.

We all long to know more about who we are – at the deepest level. I bet everyone reading this has something of a hungry ego, maybe even a starving need that longs to be understood. That’s the flavor of Leo. See me! Acknowledge me! Truth be told: we all have an ego (please admit this is true for you) that wants nothing more then to be special, loved and understood.

This Full Moon in Aquarius speaks straight to this essential need built into our operating system: we want to be seen.

In a perfect world it would be by your parents: mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather— best friend, someone really close. It’s a gift they give us: to love and see us for who we are.

This is not only your closest family’s job, but this is why we pay Astrologers to see into our soul. When the Astrologer pierces the veneer revealing your real self, there is a deep breath.

Leo is the very part in all of us that lives up front with the goal to be applauded, appreciated, loved. They give to those around them with full abandonment because they know how to love. Their longing is to be a really good person/mom/wife/husband/dad…to fit into society’s version of being fully acceptable and even celebrated. It’s an ego fulfillment – you get it, at some point everyone wants to be “special” for something.

I have this memory from years ago when I walked up to a front door, opened it and there were my dear friends Howard and Barbara. I had just cut my finger, and was holding a cloth to my hand when Barbara, who was my elder, asked, “How are you?” I quickly answered, “Fine.”

She screamed at me, “No, you’re not fine. You are so full of shit- didn’t you just cut your hand?” I realized right then, I was just on automatic and yes, I pretended I was always ‘fine.’ My hand was stinging but I didn’t know how to be real in the moment, without pretense at that time. However, that day changed me.

My Leo pleaser was called out and awakened. Why did I always pretend with those I wanted to impress, or play a role with? I had no idea. This is where maturing, coupled with a serious study of the stars, freed me. The medicine of Astrology, brought to you by a Full Moon in Aquarius. I realized I had to be a truth teller (Saturn in Sagittarius).

What if you were 100-years-old and connected to your honest, raw, self? You felt full on, from the inside, knowing your uniqueness was being fully expressed? That your soul had no need to hold in at all? And you just did you all the time, whatever that was?

My chart is a strange one. (Truly everyone could say this.) All I wanted in this life as a younger person was to be ‘normal.’ To fit in. Yes, I have some planets in Leo and a dose of Libra rising. To be loved by everyone? It is impossible.

These qualities of the pleaser always have a high road and a low road — it’s true for every impulse. All I needed was to take the high road of my Leo and Libra energies – and most important to remember my worth.

This is the Leo/Aquarius conversation happening right now. You study Astrology to know your deepest self, to remember who you are and allow your soul to remember, to fall in love with you. Such a tall order.

This Full Moon, with Venus going backwards: let’s review our love for our quirks. Let’s study them. Let’s find our way back to our authentic self.  That’s what we are doing throughout our Astrological Immersion experience that is happening now. Hope I see you there.


  • deesqi@msn.com' Deann says:

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  • Janflick@me.com' Judi says:

    Thank you Debra I always enjoy your interpretations

  • sarahmanzana@hotmail.com' Sarah Gruel says:

    I love this so much. My sun is in Aquarius, libra rising. Thank youuuuuuu 🥰

  • ruthanne13@gmail.com' RuthAnne Brown says:

    As usual, such a wealth of information and guide for the energies of this time.
    This Full Moon is conjunct my South Node 8 th House by 1°. Also in opposition to Pluto Lilith, Moon in Leo. Of course North Node.
    I am wondering what is being pulled up from pat life to be seen, learned from and resolved.
    Thank you. Love to you

    • reann@debrasilvermanastrology.com' reannadmin says:

      Hi RuthAnne,

      It sounds like this Full Moon is going illuminate something big for you. Pluto is the Power of Transformation and the North Node is your Destiny! I would suggest you look into getting a reading with one of my incredible Certified Astrologers. They can help you understand this transit in the context of your chart. Here is the link to book one: https://debrasilvermanastrology.com/certified-astrologers/.

  • astrologeorge@gmail.com' Seoirse says:

    Very recognisable. Thank you for sharing your stories with all of us.

  • eskie1962@gmail.com' Deborah says:

    Your wisdom is deeply appreciated by me!
    Thanks for showing me the way ❤️

  • MegaAdela@aol.com' Adela Kunasz says:

    Thank you Debra! I always learn something valuable when I read your posts or listen to you.

  • 1113gbw@gmail.com' Belva Wade says:

    I was once told my chart is extremely unique and interesting. Aren’t they all? Extremely unique and interesting? I would like to know what was meant by that, and to understand it the way she saw it. It’s a good time for a self love …..giggle. love me, love my quirks, right? Thank you for your way of expression. You are a great leader, and your love for what you do is invigorating.

    • reann@debrasilvermanastrology.com' reannadmin says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! While it’s true that everyone’s chart is unique and interesting, it sounds like there is something that stands out in a big way within your chart. Bring your chart and come join me for the live event of our Astrological Immersion… you may just get picked to work with me live during our volunteer Astrological Laser Sessions that we’ll have each day during the live event!

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