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This Full Moon has arrived and this time, in keeping with Aquarius and always doing things differently, I have written you a story about how I found Astrology. Why? Because I want you to fall in love with Astrology and come take our classes. The doors are open NOW and we only have the school available twice a year. This is your opportunity to study with us.

In honor of this creative Full Moon in Leo, here is my story:

It’s 1967, I am 10-years-old and I’m skimming through the cartoon section of the Detroit News. My eyes fell upon an ad for an “Astrology” chart. Don’t ask me how, but I sent my information away to some company to get my chart done. I had no idea what I was signing up for, nor did I know what a chart was, but I did it.

I unconsciously, instantly, responded to my favorite word: Astrology. I ordered the chart, I asked my mom for a check, it arrived at my Oak Park Michigan address, and voila, my fascination began.

Next, I am 15, it’s 1972. I’m dropped off at the local bookstore where I make a beeline to the Astrology section. I see a book called Know Your Moon. The book included an index in the back so that you could look up the date and year you were born, revealing the position of the Moon for that day.

In true Gemini fashion, I moved in a large group of teenage friends. Immediately I looked up everyone’s Moon position. Of course, I knew all of their birth dates, that’s how my “operating system” worked. To this day I still have memorized so many of their placements. Isn’t it crazy that I can recite at least half a dozen of their names and their Moons by memory? My obsession began. The emergence of an Astrologer.

My Mercury is in Taurus, which describes someone who can easily remember numbers, details, and memories that will not go away, even when you want them to. Some facts come in – that definitely never go away. For example: Susie Shamie, my best friend at 13, was a double Gemini. See what I mean – why do I know that?

After my friends of course, I quickly looked up the Moon placements for my parents, my brothers and anyone else who was interested.

Next, I am 19-years-old, it’s 1976, and I meet my first professional Astrologer. I am in a New Age bookstore in Eugene, Oregon where I had come to visit a cousin. I distinctly remember the Nag Champa incense burning. The walls were stacked with endless books. The store was laced with crystals, and, of course, an endless array of books on my favorite topic: Astrology.

I was thrilled when I found out there was a real Astrologer on their staff and she was available for readings. And so, here we go: my first reading.

She wore large earrings, a hippy skirt, and smelled like patchouli. She was older, with wisdom to depart. She began by talking about me, about dancing, comparing my chart to Isadora Duncan. (I had no idea who Isadora Duncan was, apparently Isadora was a famous dancer that had died way too young.) A wild example of a woman who let her artist out with full abandon. You can imagine my shock when the Astrologer saw the dancer in me right at the start.

What she didn’t know was that I was about to go off to an Ivy League school, the University of Michigan, in mere months, to study as a dance major. This very powerful download from an entire stranger ignited my fascination even more. She added that my chart strongly suggested that I could be an Astrologer when I grew up—she was awfully good, because that’s exactly what happened!

We never know destiny’s intention, when she’s going to imprint a fascination into your brain that captures your attention and pushes you into a bookstore to meet a fated teacher. Divine impulses arrive, describing what you will do for the rest of your life. Destiny is discrete and not demanding. For some, destiny talks way too softly. This is where Astrology is most needed – for those who feel “lost” as if destiny never came to their house… never found their address.

You can bet destiny really liked me. Because here it is almost 50 years later, and destiny and I have become super close. Truth be told, I have never tired of looking up Astrology charts, continually studying the stars daily and remaining so curious about YOU. She got me alright.

There are more stars in our sky than anyone can count. Think about it all, those shiny objects above our heads screaming our names: Hey you, look up, we are here, our influence wants to romance you. Remind you of what you are doing on that blue ball.

Well, I heard that call, I fell in love with those tools of destiny and I want you to fall in love, too. There are truth tellers that have a language all of their own longing for your attention.

Destiny literally put my hands on that cartoon section, showed me that book as a teenager, and then directed me to go to that bookstore all before I knew anything about the career that was going to set me apart and make me an authority on the topic.

Once I fall in love, like I did with the stars, then I am super loyal, said my Mercury in Taurus—I stay the course. I am one of those personality types that must follow through no matter the obstacle.

So it should come as no surprise that whomever tried to deter me, couldn’t, starting with my dad, who thought I was kidding when I said I wanted to be an Astrologer. He laughed out loud. “No daughter of mine who went to graduate school is going to play with that crazy, charlatan word: Astrologer.” He was not unlike my professor in graduate school who desperately tried to discourage me when I said I wanted to research mental illness and the aspects of chronic patients and their charts. “And their what?” He said.

No amount of discouragement could get in the way of my intention. Destiny was driving me and backing me. There was an obsession operating in my head and heart. It’s no wonder I started a podcast last year called, The I Don’t Believe in Astrology Podcast. I cannot tell you how many people I have met in my life, friends, dates I was on, business wo/men who when I say I am an Astrologer they say, “well, I don’t believe In that stuff.”

I would often answer: I don’t believe in it either, it believes in us. You don’t have to believe in Astrology or G-d, for it to be real, useful, grounding and healing.

I have come to realize that my destiny line was not interested in what I wanted – it simply reminded me of what I had signed up for. My passion was burning all the way back there when I was 10-years-old. Just like the Sun burning for 4.6 billion years, it has no need for approval or agreement, it just burns. Those stars have a mind of their own.

We depend on that giant Sun, that shiny star. We can totally depend on the Sun’s arrival tomorrow. And I, I can totally depend on my love affair with all things Astrology today. That’s why you are reading this now. It has never stopped, never will. It is inspired by destiny, supported by my soul…I want to do the same for you. Remind you of your destiny, your soul’s promise and watch you get to that which will set your heart on fire.

And in the end, I trust when I meet the council on the other side they will tell me, “Job well done.” Maybe in my next life I can come back as a doula, for the times of birth and death.

I have already signed up for my next assignment, to learn on Earth how to walk between worlds. To get so closely acquainted with death and its many doors, that I am fearless. To understand the miracle of birth and be the midwife for that moment.

With birth or death, that’s where you will find me next. But not yet…we still have stars to talk about. In the depth of the night, with your hand on your heart, let me remind you of what you signed up for. It is that time on Earth, for all of us – as it comes to the end of a cycle that we must learn to face. It’s simple, just look up and trust. It’s all a divine plan. Birth, death and the stars will remain across all time.




  • kimshew11@gmail.com' Kim says:

    Beautifully written and so it is. Thank you!

  • Allanaann@aol.com' Allana Williamson says:

    I f*cking love you.

  • BRILIN56@GMAIL.COM' Terry says:

    Wow just wow!!! Thanks so much for sharing your journey and your continued passion for what you share. I am truly grateful and blessed to have found your inspirations!

  • Dear Debra, Reading that made me feel alive. Thank you.

  • themysticdish@gmail.com' Sarah says:

    I love this 🫶🏼 Thank you for sharing and following the call. Changing lives one chart at a time 🕊️

  • mkelley323@gmail.com' Mary Lu Kelley says:

    Mahalo nui loa, Debra, for who you are and the way you share your path and your self.

  • Loved this read! *astrology* – such a gorgeous word and so grateful for it and everything around it.

  • donaldlshoupjr@gmail.com' Donald says:

    I’m going to be in this conversation about the Stars in this world for I’m going out of my mind to do that is not a feeling I know what you have in mind for us to share with the rest of my highest self care about the Stars in this life or human that I am to be honest with you and ask the questions that are in this conversation about the way I am going out on this limb to be so kind and ask you to please teach me the way I am to do that is the truth. To share with you and your guidance to me and ask you to please teach me how you feel like you know what is needed for that kind of joy. Thank you

  • gracegood1956@gmail.com' Deborah Evans says:

    It is strange to read this today. Some how in my heart I think I’m supposed to help people pass over or save their soul from some dark place and it was just another sign when I read your post that when doula was mentioned I started crying. I didn’t even know what that word was 6 months ago. And right now I’m working on stepping out but another thing that has put me closer to the edge of life. I’m not sure how I know but I do and every time this comes up I get goose bumps my hair stands on end and I cry. Oh my it is one scary outlook

    • heather@debrasilvermanastrology.com' Team DSA says:

      It is important that you follow that intuition or inner knowing. The Universe is constantly talking to us; through blog posts, goose bumps or words that make us cry… It seems to me you are remembering your true calling and nothing could be more exciting and beautiful than that.

  • bfblondee@gmail.com' Bon says:

    I am new to your website etc. So interesting to read and I will be following.

  • And you’re a born storyteller too Debra! Loved reading about you finding your purpose…and so early on. 🥰

  • cjkobor@ymail.com' Cat Kobor says:

    So inspiring I envy your knowing. I too, hope to embrace and know my calling. Thank goodness you are here with us now.
    Love and Blessings to you Debra

    • lovefashion1737@gmail.com' Regina J Buonomo says:

      That is Wildly Cosmic & Beautifull ! I am so excited to recognize My Innate Abilites & with thee Magick I have been experiencing lately { Much Thanks to You & Your Crew } I Am feeling that I can finally be comfortable being My Space Chick Self { My 1st nickname when I began high school } & that it is Allright , Even Important for Me to Embrace !

  • I am totally confused regarding astrology. I was born on January 21, 1947 in Detroit Michigan. I’ve had my astrology chart done several times and the answer’s very. I would like to know what Breed I am. Some say I am Aquarius others say I am Capricorn also I’m a cusp baby born at the end of one sign and the beginning of the next. I’ve read that the Cap/Aquarius cusp is the most difficult and demanding life to be born to live. Great news, right? I’m 76 year’s old, still have have dreams and unwilling to quit.

    Any comments?

    Thank you,
    Edward Patton

    • heather@debrasilvermanastrology.com' Team DSA says:

      If you know your exact time of birth, an Astrologer will be able to tell what is your Sun sign. And if you don’t have an accurate time of birth we have an amazing Certified Astrologer (her name is Sharon Lair) who does Chart Rectification. This is a technique used to find out the timing of birth of someone who doesn’t have that information at hand. Our Astrologer will ask you a series of question that will help her narrow down your chart to a precise timing and an accurate birth chart. Chart Rectification can be one of the best investments in your life and a path to knowing & understanding who you really are.You can make an appointment with Sharon here:

  • trthorseranch@gmail.com' Colleen O'Connor says:


  • annievnoucek@googlemail.com' Annabel Vnoucek says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is so similar to mine, it is spooky! I, however, have never been a practising astrologer but I have done innumerable charts (free) for more people than I care to remember. I can’t even remember when I first discovered astrology, except that it was when I was a child, pretty much like you, Debra. It is, and has been, a part of most of my life.

  • alecap@me.com' Aleida Capdevila says:

    So beautiful and inspire by Love and Spirit! Thank you Debra

  • eskie1962@gmail.com' Deborah says:

    🙏💖✨ always grateful for your wisdom sharing Debra ❤️

  • Merumzie@outlook.com' Mary R says:

    I love your enthusiasm and commitment- so inspiring! And love your writing!! I have been hypnotized? Enthralled? Addicted? To your Immersion this week. I think I may love astrology too!💕

  • mdebra82@yahoo.com' Debbie Miller says:

    Great story…..
    Just WOW definitely your destiny at a very young age, and as I have always been drawn to the universe,, the stars, moon & planets. I also have been in the New age stores in the 70’s where I feel in love with anything mystical, readings, spiritualism and tarot cards..
    I was only a teenager, but of course most kids thought I was weird…LoL. Then Unfortunately I was distracted for many years raising 4 boys, and only had very little time for me… now I’m back on track😁

  • claudiakelly3@gmail.com' Claudia Kelly says:

    Thank you Debra for your juicy story of finding your path. My first connection that I recall was knowing that John Lennon was a Sun in Libra and I was too. So maybe we had some things in common. My mother was English/American so that was a start. She loved all things literary, poetry, plays, books, and Baha’i. I have the moon in Virgo at the same degree as her Sun incidentally. When I went to London, I started going to the Theosophical Society and met Ronald Davison who I asked to do my chart. I have the Sun in the Eleventh House and it’s conjunct Saturn in a T square…

  • Debra, thank you for being the genuine, beautiful soul that you are…. Keep on being true to your calling… and for being an inspiration to us here and now. Thank you for encouraging each of us on our individual quests for purpose. Blessings to you and yours💖💞💖💞

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