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Here comes a new moon on February 4, 2019. Every new moon, when the sun holds hands with the moon, we stop, listen, and acknowledge one of the oldest rituals in history: to be quiet and pray.

What would the prayer be during this dark moon? Allow me to serve. This is the broken record that has followed me around like the dark does the night—like the Moon does the Sun. Allow me to serve that which has created me to dance inside the movie we call life.

Along with this new moon, Venus enters Capricorn on February 4, which sets the stage for us to feel okay about getting serious. Venus describes what we love. Capricorn speaks to all things grounded and useful. Our prayer (feel free to say it out loud): Help me to be useful in my service—these words are supported by Capricorn’s influence.

Aquarius—double Aquarius no less—speaks to rebellion and resistance. This is the part in all of us that tries to be normal and then revolts and throws practicality to the wind. This is the part of us that just wants to scream: let me out of here!

Thank you Venus for the support. If you are going to be real (said the Aquarius), let it be with a conscious reaction. Do it in good timing. Let me express myself on my terms, allow me to resist the agreements set in place by consensus reality that are stale and hold me back from my true self. I want to do it MY WAY.

We are all servants to some kind of mysterious influence that moves the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is 93 million miles from Earth (an Aquarian fact): the perfect distance to allow plants, herbs, trees, and flowers to grow into abundance. The perfect distance to melt the snow and shine its light on the water without harming any of us. It’s perfectly ordered.

There is an order—said the Astrologer. If you can, align with it, even with your mistakes and failures.

You can argue with your fate.  You can pretend you are having fun. You can even play the unique one, who doesn’t follow (welcome A queer is us—Aquarius)…just know you are doing it. All spiritual people feel different. Just stand apart with your heart open.

I have long known that I was not what I appeared. I am not the typical business women who runs a company as I ‘should’. I have an Aquarian company that worships the progressed moons of my employees. As it changes cycles, so do their job descriptions, to bring out their best.

I produced a school insisting that my students do a reading right after level 2. I insist you must walk through your fear. You will realize your potential. That’s not a usual style for a spiritual school.

I own an online Astrology school: you can imagine the looks I get when I tell ‘normal’ people what I do. You do what? I let my freak flag fly.

The prayer I have used for years and years—brought to us under the influence of Aquarius—has been and continues to be: Use me. Allow my life to be an example of a new way of being: kind, generous, loving, awake, real, in my body, conscious and wildly alive. This is not usual. I have gone far past usual.

How did that happen? I have consistently prayed to be used. Use this new moon to do the same—under the guise of service, spiritual evolution for our species, and to be authentic beings, ask for this: Use this new moon to dig into my spiritual crazy self and resist all things dated to start again. Use me, spirit, for all things of light and service. There is a new world trying to be born.

Our company’s mandate: let us pour compassion for the human condition all over this planet and let it start with me/you/us/our school/company. Will you join us in this prayer?

Let my life be of service to this planet. Use me. I surrender my resistance and accept my individuality and promise to come in center stage in my reality.

This is why we invite you to our school, our free online classes, to read my book, The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition…all for one reason:

To allow the future to arrive in the now because I am here. You can say the same.

Soon, Venus will enter Capricorn. Let’s be serious with this newsletter and do it.

Feel free to write me a comment below. What prevents you from doing what you know your soul has come to do? If it’s confused, go get a reading from one of our certified astrologers. That will get you on the right street. Pray for support—that always works. Promise!

Sending love during this dark sky. Let your freak flag fly this new moon, double Aquarius is asking that of all of us.



  •' Louise says:

    Beautiful writing about this.

  •' Samantha says:

    Is this why I have to come to the realization that I need to leave this draining and spiritually dangerous 8-5 job? I certainly think the planets are aligning for me now. Thank u! I needed this affirmation “let your freak flag fly”. Loud and proud. Here I go again (read this at at 11:11 no less). ?

  •' Anne says:

    Thank you Debra
    My bday is 2/11/50
    I reunited with my x 8/20/45.within the last 8mos.
    It seems his real goal is to blow life up and devastate my heart and soul. Fire energy .
    Not EXACTLY sure if I’m coming or going in this house. I’m writing and intentending to publish ebooks this year.
    I have always loved astrology…was distracted by religion for years unfortunately ….
    If I sign up now I might not be in a position to focus
    and then there may be financial issues maybe needing to relocate .
    I love your style and knowledge…
    No one but you could see and know so sincerely and deeply to animate the sun signs as you have demonstrated so beautifully and clearly.
    Y prayer is that one day soon, my work will stabilize my energies and allow me to be positioned to clearly focus on your classes.
    Keep up the vibrant SPIRIT OF SOUL KNOWING!!!
    Anne White Garden

  • The thing that stops me is the fear of not being able to excell in something. I learn better on my own and I find it hard to focus and be my higher self when others are around. I noticed when nobody’s watching me, I do my best. But in reality, as I met my higher self, I see myself being the leader and voice because I surprise myself with things I come up with and advice I know I can give. Another thing that stops me is self image. I worry too much about beauty which makes sense because my talents involve the beauty field and I always feel the need to compete and thats something I don’t want to be. I try so hard to find ways to love myself. I know I’m beautiful on the inside and smart and everything I want to be on the inside, I just wish I could find the same feeling of beauty on the outside.

  •' Angela says:

    I have moon in Aquarius, definitely a freak! I am an Astrologer.i like to make Astrology jokes, especially ones that have Uranus, in them. I am a freak!
    My moon is a balsamic moon. Which adds a flavor of Pisces to my moon, making me a mystic. Jupiter is conjunct to my moon. Thus, my prophet moon has a Sagittarius quality, which makes me a shaman. I am a prophet/shaman/mystic. I fly my flag high!

  •' Lisa Francis says:

    Dear Debra,
    Every word you wrote touched me as I read it.
    I have become much more aware of my natal chart because of my sessions with you, your book and all the blogs and videos I have read or watched you do.
    I thank you for all the freebie advice/knowledge that pours out of you.
    I would come to your school in a heartbeat, at this moment money might be my first stumbling block but then there is the issue of time and getting my own thing going.
    So I have listened to your videos and I know this is an important time for me. The whole year probably is. So the fall school will probably also be good timing for me.
    My Aquaruis sun, my Leo moon, my Capricorn Saturn, Venus, Mars >> all seem to be peaking >> and I think I am experiencing a Jupiter and Saturn return !
    So in my best plan, I will launch my own thing, make some money and be able to join the school the next time around.
    Your videos are great for me. They give me extra understanding.
    I am so grateful that I can see them and learn from you.
    Big Love to you,
    Lisa Francis
    Lisa By Grace Go i
    Lisa Starr Francis

  •' Sophia says:

    O deb! Thank you for everything you are! I took ur level 1 and it was the best ive done for myself ever thia far. Im in my saturn return (29 on sunday), and o just KNOW im here to be of service somehow buy not HOW that is. Im so not patient……..haha. nn and sun in aquarius just wanna start my own collectove and tribe of women and live off grid and grow our own food and heal wounds and…. haha. I have young kids and need to just work like everybody elsw for food on our table and roof over our head. Such a hard thing for me as I just dream for something more meaningfuk everyday.

  • I love astrology & reading Colette’s Oracle cards. That’s me; this is where my skin fits. Those around me, family & friends tolerate me, make fun of me & still love me. It does make the path difficult & it shuts me down. I want to scream out but I don’t know what to scream out, so I am quiet & it’s really an obstacle in my mind I must get around. No one put it there but me. So what’s stopping me? After 66 yrs on this planet I finally have gone back to Nature & now what? I have always served as a hands on healer but I no longer do that type of healing. Now is the time to teach & help others get their lives on. I love your prayer: Let my life be of service to this planet. Use me. I surrender my resistance and accept my individuality and promise to come to center stage in my reality. Thanks Debra! Really great blog today.

  •' Daniel Marlowe says:

    Greetings Debra,
    One of my questions about your course is about whether one has to be a Facebook user. That is, if one is not a Facebook user will that make it problematic in some ways to take full advantage of the course work and connections?
    Gratitude and thanks in advance for your replay to my query.
    you make me laugh and wonder and revel the day all the time with your readings on! I always look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

    Daniel Marlowe

  •' Cathy says:

    You are the best
    Thank you! ?

  •' Staci Carey says:

    Thank you for shining your light. These prayers are resonating strongly with me…and are much needed.

  •' Lisa says:

    Wow. Thank you so much Debra for this inspiring message. I have been navigating a spiritual path ever since I read an abridged version of the Bhavagsd Gita at age 14 and went, AHA! My entire being resonated with the knowingness that I had found my spiritual path/home.
    I have recently delved back into the teachings of Ram Dass, whose book “Be Here Now” I read at age 18, and which also ushered in another AHA life-changing paradigm. I am now reading his book “Walking Each Other Home” and it has blessed me with the ability to walk my path with “loving awareness” as my dsily mindset. And Ram Dass just released a beautiful compilation of spiritual guideposts for our journey that is set to the music of Trevor Hall and David ?. I now understand the spiritual pull and peacefulness of Trevor Hall.
    I learned so much about mySelf by taking your Introduction to Astrology class. I was frustrated to have to drop out of Level 2 due to both my father and sister being terminally ill. Right now my focus is on “walking them both home with loving awareness.,”
    i will return to Level 2 when able, and I continue to practice what I have learned. I am so very thankful for the Star Community teachings and messages such as this one where you share your beautifully expressed wisdom and connections to opportunities like like the Path With Purpose Project.
    As a 40-year educational social worker serving at-risk youth and adults, I use all of the wisdom I have gleaned from my spiritual teachers (thank you) in service to humanity. As a Sun in Virgo, AC in Cap, Moon in Aties and MH in Scorpio (with Venus and Saturn squared in Scorpio, oiiii 🙂 my life has been very intense, but I am in it to serve with loving awareness.
    Thank you Debra for being my teacher and guide on this journey called life.
    Namaste. Lisa Adnet
    (Long message provided to you by my Mercury in Libra 🙂

  •' Emilie says:

    This really hit home. Especially because I’m an Aquarius. And also because I’m going through a rough time trying to figure out my true path. I know it’s in music, it’s writing and performing and delivering messages from my own stories and from other people and the deep of my soul. But I’m torn and searching for a new direction within that part of my life – I haven’t changed direction but I’m realizing what I truly can give to people and I’m struggling to find out the best way to do that.

    Also, as an Aquarius, I hate paperwork and having to “sell” myself as an brand, so trying to find my way as an artist is a fight within me! Gah!

    So this is going to be the time where I actually surrender and I’m here to serve.

  •' Tracey Rhodes says:

    Thank you Debra for your most powerful prayer! I have written it down and said it aloud with enthusiasm and joy! Perhaps it’s that “spark”, the fire element I feel I’ve been missing. Thanks again for all you do in helping us become conscious!

    Sincerest affection, Tracey

  •' Linda says:

    It is my purpose to teach and to heal and though I do have a rather conventional career as a Realtor I run my business with a spiritual edge. I allow the Universe to work through me and sometimes it doesn’t always have the preferred outcome but I take the lessons and the love, dust myself off and move on.

  •' hal says:

    hu Debra
    just wondering re a reading- what if you don t have your exact birth time?
    thanks hal (aquarian female!)

  •' Kate says:

    HI Debra — I only just recently began reading your writings and listening to your videos and they’ve affected me deeply. I also had a reading with one of your certified astrologers and it was profound. I’m heavily influenced by Neptune — it was sitting in my sun sign of Libra when I was born, and my rising sign is Pisces. I learned that my soul’s Piscean yearning to serve & create has been in conflict with unconscious beliefs ruled by a moon in Virgo that wants everything in order, fixed, and tidy. This was such great news! I’ve been on a path for some time now making friends with my fears as they arise; they have so many gifts for me. Matt Kahn writes that limiting beliefs & fears are just the “next in line to be loved.” I’ve begun reading your book on the elements and I can see you teach the same approach about fear; I’m enjoying it immensely. From not having known your name to suddenly feeling a great kinship, it is no surprise I’ve been led here. Thank you; I love your energy, enthusiasm, humor and insight. Glad to meet yet another teacher & student on this awesome path 🙂

  •' Melanie says:

    I don’t really now where to start. I feel I am destined to do or be something great, but feel so stuck! I don’t know what to do or where to turn. Just when I think I’m doing it right, it feels so wrong.

  •' Talia says:

    I had my natal chart first done when i was about 18years old. I’m 40 now, so it was when the first computer programmes came out to automatically complete the complex graph. I recall not being too impressed by it. Since watching Debra’s destiny summit, a passion for astrology was awoken in me. I completed my natal chart again & was confronted again with my little birds nest of a chart. It was enlightening to understand where I had gone wrong many times in my life, some of my darkest times. Understanding my chart would help a lot, figuring out ways where I have my interesting challenges would assist greatly. Half of my chart has no planets in it, they are all clustered together. I have a procrastinating Jupiter. One reading suggested I have antagonists/ oppositions who will challenge me, not allowing me to win with ease. My chart is not one of those pretty, well balanced charts. Understanding it I feel would help me go forward in leaps & bounds.

  •' Annika says:

    Do you have scholarships?

  •' sherry says:

    Loved this!!!

  •' Monika Weiss says:

    Sincere Thanks for your guidance, compassion & resilient strength (which further indicates to me just how awesome astrology can further evolve our understanding of

  •' Kathleen Anset says:

    Hi Debra,
    My question is are male and female that have the same signs have they got the same traits ?
    Also my Sister is A Aquarian spiritual, has always done her own thing, she says she forgives but NEVER FORGETS, but has bought up the past
    My older sister which I am close too has become a johova witness, which I have no problem with, but. My Aquarian sister (SPIRITUAL) ?told her she was mad getting into Johova witness, and has not spoken to her now for 3 years live in the same town, now doesn’t speak to me.
    My sister is a Capricorn, I am a Taurus, I believe in Angels.

    Can you throw some light on this?

    Kind Regards Kathy

  •' Cindy Weir says:

    You are sooo amazing. Have studied astrology, psychology, and communications pathology….20 years, and you bring it together!! Your book is awesome, your approach is beautifully authentic, and you really seem to get where we are going. I am in.

  •' angela says:

    Ugh, fear, dear Debra, fear. I know deep down I’m a healer for others, but I’ve got this fear brain ruling over the intuition. Money concerns have always stopped me from leaping. It took me 13 years to leave a job I disliked because I feared not having enough. End of the day, your class is calling to me but that $1K causes a panic, fear brain says, that is a lot of money when you no longer earn much at all. Anyhoo, I realize these are 1st world problems and I have a lot of privilege to even consider a training in astrology. I’ll pray to the Universe and see what happens, but for love of Goddess, if anyone reads this and has insight, please drop me a line. Peace ~ angela

  •' Jann says:

    Right now, only money prevents me from doing what my soul has come to do. Money is only money, and someday I will have enough to enroll in Applied Astrology! I am a faithful follower to you as the Pied Piper of Astrology playing your beautiful golden pipe….I march behind you gleefully with my little piccolo – showing people how to get their charts and sharing all the tidbits I learn from absorbing every shred of info I can from you! Thank you for all you do! Tweet Tweet!?

  •' Maggie says:

    Morning fabulously conscious friends,
    I’m currently living in South Africa, if there is a country facing its shadow I’d say this is the place.
    One can’t be sure the outcome or the journey the people face, I can only say that midst this turmoil and heart break of seeing it’s people deteriorate we begin to understand the un awakened consciousness can cause such hate and misery. Unfortunately, those that are in the abyss can’t see.
    For the awakening being, we stay on the journey and believe that although we are a collective, a transformation is being thrust upon each one, an opportunity for insight into another and the realisation that hatered kills us all.
    Be Fabulous,
    Maggie Van Rensburg

  •' cheyenne borges says:

    I’m so lost on my sun sign it’s capricorn and I’m almost nothing like a capricorn I’m so much more my timing or ascendent Aquarius. I can’t find any info on this online iv been into astrology and studying my chart as well as friends and families for years I’m only 27 but I’m so passionate about astrology it’s a calling I feel on such a deep level yet I’m so lost on my own chart

  •' Diane Derenzis says:

    Hi Debra I Love all your writings and videos. You are so real . You inspire me so much ! Keep doing what you Liove ! I hope to follow, learn and spread light. I’m learning it’s ok to be different and not to cobform. Thank you , Thank yoy , Thank you. I will get my freak on this week.

  •' Darlene says:

    Hi Debra,
    What prevents me from doing what my soul has come to do is my husband. I love him dearly, but I have been growing spiritually and he doesn’t buy into my “voodoo”. He has asked me to not share my beliefs and rituals publicly because he says people won’t understand. I honestly don’t care about what others think, but it embarrasses him and I don’t want to do that so, I keep me to me.
    This isn’t what he signed up for 30 years ago so I respect his wishes.
    I long to fly my freak flag. I wish I could have it both ways but I can’t see a way for that to happen.
    Thank you for listening.

  •' lyubov says:

    thank you Debra! I was walking long way to meet

  •' Rebecca Gilhula says:

    What a beautiful message! I am joining you for Level one this month and am very excited! Thank you for everything you give. xo

  •' Lorea Chilton says:

    Thanks for a wonderful newsletter message about Aquarius & this time frame . Really love it & can relate. Will be sharing with friends!
    I hope you are very well!
    Love & hugsLorea

  •' Sandra says:

    Lovely! Thank you very much! many blessings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  •' Dorothy Harris says:

    Beautifully written Debra with quite a message in that writing

  •' Pamela says:

    Thank you Debby, love the freak in you and all of us! The prayer is a solid one to help all of us to serve and make this earth a better place for all beings, species!! I like “a queer in us”, if I said it right! I get it!! I do feel the tuggings of revolt, “let me out of here” and I hear it from my peers and colleagues, people I work with! All we all want to do is serve but get confused by the world and all it’s trappings!

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