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There has been so much more attention for the themes of Aquarius these days.

1. The sun just entered Aquarius, which lightens us all up. We left earthy Capricorn behind and here we are in an Air sign—feels so good to me.

2. There are several articles that have been written in major publications (like this one) stating that Astrology is making a return to the millennials. It’s true—it’s their new religion. Makes me so happy!!

Announcement: The doors of my online school, Applied Astrology, are open! This only happens twice a year; we open in January and then again in September. You can imagine my delight in seeing who signs up. Will you join us in 2020?

To be perfectly honest, I never imagined that I would be responsible for having created an online school that would bring Astrology back to so many. This is so Aquarian: they create something out of ‘air’ that becomes a trend–a new way of seeing the world and opening for people to move into the future. They are gifted at being ahead of their time.

What’s so crazy about Aquarians is that they are time travelers. They can move forward and back in time with just a thought. In olden days, kings and warriors consulted Astrology for all big decisions; nowadays, peasants and urban dwellers seek Astrology for insights into their hearts and souls (that would be us).

We have come a long way, baby. This new moon—double Aquarius—asks us to look into the future.

Can you see a time when every teacher will be considered royalty (that’s a new world)? They will have been trained in Astrology, so their job will include educating their suitors and apprentices with cosmic information about their unique souls signature so they can go out in the world and be their true selves.

A dream like this did occur for me. Years ago, I had the chance to work in a school. I taught the school Astrology in exchange for my son being allowed to go to this very prestigious private school in Vancouver.

Every teacher was informed with data about their students. I answered the questions: Who was gifted as a writer? Who was the class clown in the group? Who was slow but sure? Who would be in the advanced reading group, encouraged to think for themselves? With this knowledge, the teacher served the student’s soul, not just their mind.

The future is arriving. Astrology is coming back. But we need YOU. If everyone who had a hint of interest in the stars took a deep dive into it, we could get to the future a lot faster.

This is one way to help the future: to be awakened to your gifts. To share them with others. To be a student.

I love to hear how some of our astrologers work specifically with parents and their kids. This is one of the BEST uses of Astrology: to let our kids be allowed to be their unique selves.

Think of how different you would have been if your parents knew your astrological signature and allowed you to be you.

I left behind my writer until life demanded I do it. I left behind my dancer because I just never had time for it.

If we lived in an astrological society, those gifts of mine would have been known and celebrated.

What part of you did you leave behind? Wanna go back and remember your true gifts?

Our school does just that…brings you back to who you really are. The doors are open. Come join the movement of changing the stale story and remembering who you are.

The prayer for double Aquarius:

Allow me to remember the parts of me that are longing for release. I am open and yielded to my true self: come find me and reactivate my love for this life as my true self.

A women,

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  •' Andrea Vance says:

    Thank you so much for this…that last part brought tears to my eyes. I’m not even sure who or what I left behind. I would love to attend your school for my upcoming birthday, but I don’t have the money for it. I will save up and be ready in September, I promise. I am ordering your signed book and my natal chart now in preparation, and have already joined The Eleventh House on Facebook. Peace be with you, from a devoted Aquarius-cusp-Pisces sun, Virgo rising, Scorpio moon future astrologer!
    Best Regards,

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