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So much of the success of our business is because of this week’s sky — a double Aquarius new moon — with Aquarius ruling Astrology.

It’s a soft sky, offering healing, and Astrology is the sweet healing medicine that has you accepting your fate and your chart.

I’m going to talk to the part of you that is not comfortable or at home in your own family, and share how Astrology liberates us from feeling bound to the stories of old.

I asked my grandmother on her death bed: “Bubs, what does this life really mean?”

Her answer came quickly, and it was one word: family.

Family is everything. That was so true for her.

I was lucky enough to have a grandmother who showed me unconditional love. That’s the right description of family: the part of you that feels loved for your whole life. The sad part of that story for so many of us is that we didn’t have ‘family,’ or maybe we did and now it’s gone.

My blood family has changed. It happened when my parents died, my aunts died, my grandmothers died… Once they were gone, my ‘family’ fell apart. I don’t have a strong family (as in blood kind) anymore.

For some, they never had the elder to love them, or they never had healthy parents.

Aquarius is the part in all of us who felt they were dropped off at the wrong house. It’s the part of us who looks at ‘normal’ and thinks: well, I’m definitely not like that.

Maybe you never had a classical family. Whatever the story line is that robbed you of that label — ‘normal’ — you are not alone.

This is exactly how our astrological community got so big. We have become family. And we unconditionally love who you are, based on your chart. We hold the parts of you that are not lovable or the parts you find annoying. We all deserve to be loved.

I really see this double-Aquarius theme arrive straight up and personal as I teach my writing class, Tell Me A Story (which is open for 10 students again in March).

In class, I get to hear people write about their feelings of being left out, disconnected, separate from themselves and their families.

I hear sentences like…
I was not wanted.
My mother left us when I was a kid.
The death of my brother left a gaping hole in the soul of our family.
Their awful divorce drove a wedge into our family and I have never recovered.

Human nature by design shows up with so much pain, right in the middle of every single cycle that allows us to grow.

This sky asks us to look over, from the observer’s point of view (the detached part — hello double Aquarius), and ask the hard questions.

Why does this continually reoccur? The heartbreak. Illness. Financial strain. Tiredness. A lack of luster.

I promise — the stars, coupled with the elements, hold wisdom and answers. All of you who have studied with us know.

This new moon asks the question:
Are you ok with your own definition of family?
Can you find the peeps who have your back?
Do you know our community is here to hold you? Because we are.


P.S. Come join us in Tell Me A Story. We are only taking 10 people and we will take a dive into your heart.

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