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This full moon has us standing on a precipice–we can jump, let go of the familiar and walk toward the unknown, or just hang out at the edge and find an RV. Just camp out where you are, call it home, and know opportunity was knocking–but you were tired.

When the Sun is under the constellation of Libra, it puts the full moon in Aries. Aries always says jump, risk, be bold; Libra says: peace at all costs, stay comfortable and do not rock the boat. Which will it be?

I am watching my life change. The winds of change arrived and I am beginning the writing process again. I had to when a publishing company called me and asked me to do so. For all of us, the seasons are shifting.

For me personally, I am noticing my hair is finally showing up with some gray. Unlike so many friends my age who think it’s necessary to hide it–to cover up their gray–I am in love with mine. I know how they got there: by jumping off cliffs, letting my ego sit to the side as my soul took me down scary pathways. No worries, my own color has remained strong, representing the part of me that just will not age. I am perpetually young because every day I use my own personal moon in Aries (which is what is happening today) to keep my kid happy and engaged. I play every day.

We always have two sides. The one that says: go for it (Aries). You have only one life and who cares what happens? Age is just a number. Then Libra says: wait, why take an impulsive jump into the abyss when I can find comfort right here in the familiar?

You do not need to jump far. Just in the playground of your relationships—a true Libra assignment.

Can you speak up? Can you take the risk to say out loud or in a love note: I am so in love with you. I need no excuse to say it. The Sun in Libra has inspired my heart to speak. Or how about saying: I am not feeling our connection anymore and I just can’t pretend. Let’s talk.

It’s one of two choices: to take the plunge into wet land, where you encounter strong emotions, or to stay up there on dry land, play with business as usual and hold down the fort. The Stars are asking for action.

There are two planets exactly opposite (always occurs during a full moon). What is unusual is that Saturn is in Capricorn and in perfect geometric design to the Sun and Moon. Saturn is the third planet to make 90 degrees to the others—literally looking like a capital T in the sky. Two planets opposite, and the third 90 degrees to them both. During this sky, that large T-square asks us to be proactive and it propels us to ACT.

I challenge all of you to reach out to your most important person: it could be your mom, your kid, or your coworker–and just say to them: I understand the stars have set us up for a powerful conversation about ______ (whatever has been on your mind).

Either you are so grateful to them: what a great time to scream it out (Moon in Aries), or you need to spill the beans: and start with…this full moon is all about relationships and ours is either so good, or so needs attention–I thought I’d use the power of the stars to have a deep, intimate conversation (Libra).

Then write to us and tell us how that goes. I love to hear these stories of our heart and how we do the work to change relationships. We take full responsibility for bringing the story/drama/fear into our lives. No one else is doing anything to you. Promise. You take the lead.

If ever there were a full moon asking us to ACT–it’s now. How can you bring somebody closer to you by speaking to the unspeakable?



  •' Lisa says:

    Thank you. You have opened up a whole new world of thought. I love your energy.

  •' Laura Johnston-Burnett says:

    Thank you. I stumbled upon this as a few interesting events heloped me to realize that communication is key to my relationship.

  •' Christie says:

    I started a letter today to my folks. Haven’t spoken in a year. Then I read this,? thanks for the confirmation?

  •' Rachel says:

    Oh my god. I said those words out loud multiple times whilst reading this. I am so scared yet fired up to take you up on that challenge. This speaks 100% so loudly- & I literally was embraced with this shift over the last couple of days. WOW. I wish it was affordable for me to get some guidance from you about this. This shift is very intense and scary and amazing and disorienting at the same time. Feeling very fiery & electric right now- as if I could lift right off the planet with my energy right now being faced with this epicly lie changing choice.

  •' Dayna says:

    You always, always send the exact messages that this Living Libra heart so needs to acknowledge.

    I’ve been feeling this for months, and am doing my best to go through what was once named Warrior Spirit Leap of Faith, now Ignite.

    I do hope to meet you and wish you would come out SEA and go through the last class in Nov.

    Jeff Alexander and our Warrior Spirit Family have been supporting those willing to take the leap for decades.

    Personally, I am Snow Leopard. I wonder what your spirit animal would be.

    Gratitude for what you share, teach and give.❤️?✨


    PS the moon was brilliant last night here over Puget Sound- tonight will be more spectacular?✨

  •' Renee says:

    Oh, this is beautiful. Thank you for this.
    Much love,

  •' Lisa Adnet says:

    Oh Deb, Moon in Aries sister, I love this posting. I am also loving the classes so, so, so much. But what I have already learned is that my Moon in Aries has been the antagonist of my life thus far. My impulsive nature has cost me a lot in my life, and I am working on getting my Mercury in Libra to seat itself and take the reins.

    I have just settled down to a place of Being after four years of tremendous stress from jumping off of precipices and landing on my face. It is time for me to CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Especially when it comes to men. I had my first “date” in five years for my 64th birthday on 9/14/18, with a very compelling Cancer. No doubt due to my Venus /Saturn in Scorpio squared, he was so intense and moving so quickly that I ended it. Today I came home and there was one of my decorative garden objects right in the way of the front door where I would have walked in, and as an amputee, had I not seen it, it could have been a catastrophic fall. I have been stalked before, and it seems that every man that I go into a relationship with is so immediately so smitten with me that I have had some very intense outcomes (putting it mildly).

    So, the precipice I am going to jump into is buying a camera for my doorway, beefing up my personal security, and continuing on in your classes to further understand WTF is going on every time I connect with a man. I thought about contacting this man and confronting him (I saw him drive by my place twice the other day trying to figure out where I lived), but it feels to me like that is just taking the bait which would fuel his stuff. The lesson for me here is to, as I have been seeing in the work during the classes so far as well, work on figuring out the Moon in Aries, Mercury in Libra, Venus/Saturn in Scorpio connections and influences in my life and finally get control of my relationships with men. That is my gaping precipice that continues to both seduce and harm me, and I will not jump into that pattern again . . . period.

    Congratulations on your second book!!! I loved the Missing Element – even though all my elements were the same score except for fire being .5 less than all the others. So, I appear to be balanced . . . but this karmic Scorpio stuff has got to get under control. We have a lot in common, as I too was a counselor/educator for at-risk youth and adults for 35 years and now I am giving myself the gift of finally exploring the spiritual/sacred aspects of myself that was ignited when I read an abbreviate version of the Bhagavad Gita. I have to wonder if my favorite heroine, Mother Theresa, ever once thought, “Enough. Now it gets to be about ME!”

    I will continue on in my journey with you via the classes. It is so true that “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” And I am so grateful for you showing up as mine Debra.

    Namaste – Lisa Adnet

  •' Tanya Becnel says:

    Thank you . . . . Very pertinent for me at this time, this week. . . . . Thank you, again.

  •' Lina says:

    WOW! WOW!!!WOW!!!!
    From an Aries….that was beautiful!??

  • I have just been given notice to leave my home again with my two children. So have to find a new home again. How to find the strength?

  •' Diana says:

    Thank you…’Mille Grazie’… immeasurable Blessings…NMRK, NMRK, Nam Myo Range Kyo…for World Peace

  •' Diana says:

    Very sorry…spelling correction. …’Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’. .. Thanks again for your profound sincerity , care and compassion for us all on planet Earth .., in this Lifetime.

  •' rosie says:

    do you study Vedic astrology? it seems more precise. what is your take?

  •' Marijke says:

    I did use your idea to tell my husband I was not able to pretend any longer. He acknowledged me by apologizing and telling me it’s going to change for the better. I took a leap of faith and at 68 years old will not pretend any longer. Life is to be enjoyed daily and if that’s not happening stepping out of my comfort zone felt wonderful Thank you for your ideas that helped many of us I hope.

  •' Jada says:

    Debra! So I did this with a long-time friend – a best friend – and we basically won’t be friends anymore. I have been struggling with deep seated trust issues and very vocal about where I am in that struggle. This friend reached out a couple weeks ago to ask if I was taking intentional space from her and her family. I told her no, not intentionally, as I had been preoccupied with helping another friend work out some big stuff concerning her personal life and relationship. Finally, yesterday I was able to devote time to having a conversation about how I’ve been feeling about a couple things this friend had said to me, which triggered my trust issues. I told her that I felt like, through comments she had made, that our relationship was resting on my shoulders and I did not have the strength to carry it. Her response made me think she’d made her mind up already and she was waiting for a time to give me her thoughts and feelings on the situation, but not have a discussion. She told me that she can’t handle the pain it causes any time I question her motives and she’d rather not have a relationship if this is a struggle of mine. I’m glad we had the conversation because she got the chance to tell me off and it seemed like she needed it, and we no longer have to bear the weight of a relationship that’s been causing us pain. I just wish we mutually agreed to work it out instead of abandon.

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