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Let’s start with the duality of this full moon: Libra is the sweet pleaser—the artist whose only desire in this life is to create. Both on the outer reflection of physical art and on the inner reflection within the dance of relationship. Libra is life’s refined means to show us beauty and grace.

Aries on the other hand is not so concerned with maintaining order and harmony, but would rather be fully expressing their strong opinion even if at odds with the other— destroying what is not real by telling the truth at all costs. Aries are warriors.

Aries like to push into life, while Libras dance softly with what is, creating an easygoing, charming personality.

Can you feel the difference? Libra, is easy and fun (after all, Libra is an Air sign), while the other (Aries, a Fire sign) is a wild child who creates through breaking boundaries and stretching into undiscovered territory. One is all smiles and fun, while the other is a warrior: real and raw.

A Libra will fight for peace — they stand up for injustice with the loudest voice in the room because they are willing to stand out/ up in the name of peace. This is the part in all of us who just wants “everyone to get along.”

This full moon begs the question: 

Are you someone who likes to go with the flow, dance with the other, avoid conflict at all costs in order to maintain harmony? 

Or do you push and edge your way into change, needing to introduce a new way to doing things? Do you have the courage to destroy in order to be “real?”

I have both in my chart. I seek balance and I love to push — at some point, someone is bound to get mad at me because my Aries pushes. It is who I am. Too often I create a wake in my way because I do both — sweet harmony and then not.

I have lost friends as a result of my Fire energy. It hurts when someone leaves, or judges you as they go because of your fire. But ask any fire sign: it happens.

This conversation is part of this full moon’s polarity.

How do we accept all the colors we show up with? It can happen as we learn how to reconsider the ABC’s. Our childhood urges must be examined.

Can you admit that you engage in the ABC’s?

*Accuse, *Blame and *Criticize

This is the combination that kills every relationship. We have all done this. I know l have in every relationship of mine that has ended. I accuse, I blame and I criticize.

After a long study, including my 40 years of being a therapist I have learned that there are always two sides to every topic. If only we all had the patience to really hear the other person.

I see this same dynamic in all of politics, in friendships, at the end of a marriage— we all do that ABC thing: accuse, blame, and criticize, especially when something is ending. This is why I love to watch both sides of an election. I watch both sides of the news stations to stay aware of that hard truth: duality rules this universe.

Let’s agree to disagree and send love to the person who has shown you this duality.

This past week there was a Jewish holiday called Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is where you go the person who has hurt you or you have hurt and you say: please, let’s forgive each other.

It doesn’t require two to forgive or to heal—you can do it inside yourself.

ANNOUNCEMENT: this full moon has a T-square: Sun opposite Moon with Saturn and Pluto creating a capital T. It all releases in Cancer (that is for the advanced astrology student).

The message : we all need to feel.

We are all human.

I love those that judge me because I know they are me.

There is only one of us here (that’s a truth).

This full moon says we are all in this together.

Sometimes I imagine my funeral with those people there who I have loved and lost. I can see the tears in their eyes, and in mine, for the love we had and lost—even with the duality and pain, thank goddess I can feel the love.

Sending healing and forgiveness to all of you during this full moon. May you find balance in your world.




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