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How exciting is this: we are gearing up to a grand trine in Air AND a full moon in Aries/Libra. I’m excited just thinking about it!

If you don’t feel this full moon egging you on to step into your bold, fiery willful self, you aren’t being inspired by the cosmic invitation. There is an energy screaming: ‘Stand up!!’ Plus the grand trine in Air is inviting you to talk, share, and open up.

Some people just come with energy. A baby born with this configuration would be one of those. Just look at the full moon — it’s a feast to the eyes, because Jupiter (that bright shiny planet) is nearby.

Shiny. A word that fits with Moon in Aries.

It was recently reflected to me that my energy was unusual. I knew that, but this is the gift of friendship: to be seen and to have reflection from someone who is real. (Her Moon is in Aries too.)

It came from the voice of one of my Applied Astrology Mentors/past employees/someone like a daughter to me, who I have known for so long. She said to me: ‘Your energy runs so high that for most of us, we can only maintain it for so long.’

It’s not easy. On one level, I am so proud of my energetic personality. On another level, I am self-conscious. Hello Libra and Aries (both of which are strong in my chart).

This full moon represents the part in all of us who is on one hand willing to stand out and stand up (Aries), and the other side who is watching for the response — ‘Did someone frown or ignore my one liner?’ (Libra). This duality is the push/pull of wanting to be ourselves — all of us — and then scanning the room for who accepts us and who denies our joy.

This full moon is begging you to turn on your observer, which is the essence of all my work. Simply notice if you are comfortable being the one in the room saying loudly: ‘LET’S GO!’ Or if you are the one lagging behind, not wanting to be pushed or move too fast.

There is no right or wrong in this movie; there is merely awareness which you get when it comes time to read newsletters about the full moon.

Are you able to reduce the judgments when you are around a firecracker?

Can you celebrate the quiet one who is holding down the fort, staying so steady and willing to be the foundation for the Fire/Air character to stand next to?

I bet you know what’s true of your energy. If you have been studying Astrology, you ought to know which energy is yours: Fire and Air / Earth and Water… or a combo therein. The gift of Astrology is you can speak it, but nothing is better than when someone else becomes your mirror and blesses you with the wisdom of the seer.

That’s why getting your chart done is so important. It allows you to see through the eyes of love from another.

I have always been self-conscious at how much energy I have. I had always wanted to be ‘normal’ until I fell in love with who I am. I so want that for everyone.

Which part of your character are you self-conscious of? Tell me in the comments below. And tell me if Astrology has helped soothe those parts.

I’m not sure it ever really gets to the point where you feel so comfortable in your skin, but for some it does. I am finally accepting my quirks.

I have this full moon energy smack dab in my chart, and honestly, while I love the ping-pong game I play with this duality, it’s not easy. But then who said this life was going to be easy?



  •' Brooke says:

    Interesting that you mention a baby with this configuration as my 17 month old daughter is Aries libra rising. She sure is a firecracker she still has no set bed time and I gave up trying to make that happen, she has tons of energy ( even more than me Aries Scorpio rising) and needs to get it out there’s no way around it.

  •' Heather Carroll says:

    I am a Libra rising..always confident when I’m doing or saying something but right after I wait for the “good girl” affirmation from others. Lol

  •' lisa says:

    I’m self-conscious about my intensity, depth and directness

  •' Donna says:

    I’m not sure if I’m putting this in the right spot. I have a moon in Aries & usually always feel it’s energy. I’m also a dbl Virgo. I did your level I astrology class. Right now I’m a mess, I live in Florida where I’ve just been through Ian, I’m alive, my home is fine with the exception of no electric. So I came to Orlando to stay w my kids who of course want me to move back here. I’ve been doing a lot of self healing, journaling, tarot cards every day, up to the hurricane. Got a lot of major arcana cards, inside work, the Death card came up often. I feel like I’m at a cross road in my life & don’t know which road to follow. Mars in Pisces. I feel like I should get my chart read again to get some clarity on my situation, I don’t want to wallow, which I can do. I’m just full of the unknown, my cards are at home right now, they kinda give me comfort. I was born 9/21/1956 at 5:35 am Freeport, NY. Any kind of guidance would be appreciated.

    •' Team DSA says:

      So sorry to hear you’re having a rough time.
      If you’re looking for guidance, I would be happy to recommend an astrologer based off your chart. You can go to my website under Work With Me and fill out the form on the Certified Astrologer page.
      OR keep studying astrology with your chart by heading on to Level 2!
      Sending hugs to you ❤️

  •' Martha Brouwer says:

    As someone with an Aries sun sign and a Sag rising sign, I totally get your high energy. I not only overwhelm other people, sometimes I overwhelm myself! That said, my Moon is in Pisces and I have Mercury and Venus in Taurus so there is a reprieve with the balance of water and earth. I have only begun to appreciate the latter qualities with age. I finally love being me!

  •' Carlotta says:

    This hits home. My husband has Sun in Aries. I’m a Capricorn with moon in Libra and rising in Leo. I am the foundation in every organization I have ever been in. I want to shine but am often insecure or overly critical. We are leaving today for a trip to play music with people. It’s an opportunity for me to shine and yet I am still feeling timid about it.

  •' Diane says:

    I can relate in so many kevels. You described ME ❤️
    You are amazing !! Love and light

  •' Cecilia says:

    This was beautiful and spoke straight to my heart. ??? thank you so much for shining your beautiful light and teaching us your gifts!

  •' Karla says:

    Oh boy do I resonate with everything you said… yes absolutely do

  •' Derrylleigh says:

    I am an earth/sun sign (tauras) and a moon / water sign( pieces) I feel no energy at all and this is when I need it the very most !! Please send your prayers with me as I feel so sluggish and need to embrace a new journey and way of living ! Thank u

  •' Ann says:

    Hello Debra,
    I am double fire, air. Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Leo rising.
    I wish I understood my energy. It is a roller coaster. Sometimes very low for weeks and sometimes fired up and ready to go. I respond a lot to the energy near me. I love having a Capricorn or an Aires there jumping up and starting the fun. I am ready to join in. But I also love my watery friends, we go deep together, talking, doing self/exploration, or just being with the energy around us in nature. My chart has been very illuminating and mostly seconds what I have been learning about myself over the years.
    But I am uncomfortable with my slumps in energy. It frustrates me not to be able to accomplish what I have planned during those low times. I woke today feeling the energy burst. As I start paying attention to the planetary influences, I start to see that they are really affecting me, or so it seems.
    I am in your 1st Level Course. Thanks for all you do. Your energy is contagious!

  • Learning to observe and then love my grand trine in fire ? has been an emotional roller coaster. Applied Astrology has played a key role in my new found acceptance of this energy and Self. At 64 I have a profoundly new deep relationship with myself that is a roll model for Women.
    I am grateful for the opportunity to share this gift of nature ??.
    Said, Libra Rising , Mercury in Aries ♈️
    Happy Full Moon and
    Canadian ??Thanksgiving ??? ?

  •' Sue Whitney says:

    Wow, you are always amazing. I have been a fan for some time. It was brought to my attention by a childhood friend, that I always had abundant energy. We were in our 40’s then. I’m in my 60’s now, and this energy has been a blessing/ curse , as your daughter, friend, explained people can only take it so long. It is hard to contain, and shows itself not always in a positive way. I learned alot. Blessings, and thank you❤️

  •' Mrs. Del Rio says:

    My energy , his energy , your energy. . *sigh with joy of this reading . I’m Libra & he’s Aries . #KeepsGettingStronger #Alighnment

  • The wave is an anticipation in all of us, the challenge is that surfboard.

  •' Melissa Glass says:

    I’m a Gemini sun with an Aries moon, so needless to say I can have A LOT of personality… a lot of fire and boldness to me with my friends and family. A few weeks back I had a breakdown with my boyfriend about how self-conscious I actually am about how energetic I can be sometimes. Why? Because there’s no one to keep up with me. It leaves me feeling alone. My boyfriend is a Capricorn so grounds me, and he’s just as energetic as I am with his Leo fire moon sign. But with the rest of my social circle, I always feel like I’m leading the pack. Sometimes it bites me in my ass. Sometimes it just leaves me feeling alone. Sometimes I love being the one able to lead everything. I’d never heard someone else talk about being self-conscious of their energy, so felt compared to share. Thank you for sharing!

  •' David F. says:

    Being a harmony seeking Libra with a Taurus moon, I often lead with my Sagittarius rising but sometimes regret upsetting others.

  •' Bonnie Barker says:

    My energy is at times off the charts…frenetic, fun and people either love it or they have an expression on their face like I’m a loon-a-tic!
    I like my weird energy…Virgo/mid-heaven, Sag rising, Aires moon, Mercury Libre & 3 planets in Gemini. My shadow side is a small s instead of a big S. .I need a good trusting friend one to help me through my withdrawn lack of self worth. Mahalo Debra…always for your truth/honesty. ? woof.

  •' Sharon says:

    Libra sun, Aries moon, Virgo rising. It is good to know what impact these energies have. Aries moon explained a lot to me with my fiery energy. It was a “oh, no wonder!” Thanks to you, Debra for your guidance ?
    I also just found out I was born under a full moon. That explained a lot too ?

  •' Donna says:

    Big energy, that’s me! Aries Sun, moon, mercury, Venus! I know what you mean about being self conscious about it. Most people can’t handle my energy and I have learned that it’s their problem not mine. I can’t imagine how it would feel to be lethargic all the time. I would really hate that!

  •' Dawn M. says:

    Sag sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio rising. I would like more energy. Today has been ok as far as having energy but for the past several months my energy has been depleted. I have some good energy days but they seem few and far between in these past months. I’ve also noticed the essential tremors have been somewhat uncontrollable these past weeks – maybe months. I’m wondering if it’s the planets placements or maybe the moon. I’m in level 1 right now enjoying all the information and a bit overwhelmed realizing I have so many questions with all I still don’t understand.

    •' Team DSA says:

      So sorry to hear about what you have been experiencing. I hope for more ease and comfort for you soon.
      I am so happy you’re enjoying Level 1! It is totally natural to feel a bit overwhelmed and to have many questions- the door to the rabbit hole of Astrology is opening to you! There is so much to learn, which is wonderful news for your Sag Sun.
      Keep studying your flash cards and working on stabilizing your foundation of the basics. Level 2 enrollment is open! That’s a wonderful next step! ❤️

  •' Christina says:

    I have earth/water dominant chart and what makes me self conscious, is what seems to be my lack of energy. I fine I’m attracted to the opposite of me, high energy masculine or a mix of intro/extrovert but the earth/water element in me doesn’t keep them interested long term. I account it for the need for control and balance fighting with my want for freedoms, non judgments.

    I wish I had more air! Less devoted to my emotional-scape because I’m unsure of how to navigate my emotions and communicate, use them for good rather than suffering, pity, and so on.

  •' Colleen O'Connor says:

    Taurus Sun (self doubt), Aries Moon (over confident energy bunny ?), Scorpio AC (default suspicion).
    Studying in your school has brought awareness to my “low road” thoughts, which equate to “low road” self talk. I now recognize it and have a giggle . . . then say “welcome back” and turn the thoughts around 180°.
    Grateful for all you do Debra ?

  •' Codie Brazeal says:

    Hi, My name is Codie and I am an Aries with my moon in Libra. It was actually a Full moon at the time of my birth. And to say that I’m feeling that is a HUGE understatement! I FEEL INCREDIBLE!

  •' janet says:

    Im an Aries Sun born Mar 22 1967, Leo moon, Sagittarius rising!!! I learned a lot from your Danica Patrick interview as I ALWAYS wanted to be a race car driver…and when i found she was 2 Fires …to my 3…I now understood why!?! But I too am self conscious of my energy. I’ve always been too much for a lot of people…especially for my Capricorn mom!! It was always ok as the leader of the cheer squad in high school …but too much for the judgey eyes of adulthood. Again fine as a women trying to keep up with 3 athletic boys in the park…but not ‘fine’ again in adult situations of calming…dissipating…dousing…my Vibe!! Thanks for he help on learning how to accept myself!!

  •' Jacki Shaw says:

    I’m always blown away by your honesty and ability to share such raw emotions, thank you. For me, it’s the Aries North Node that I’m doing my best to honor… having Leo Rising helps… I love a stage… but my Taurus dun says “are you being a bit loud?” so I look to see if they approve of my boisterous behavior. Fortunately, I have a Scorpio Moon who goes back and forth with that bull reminding me it’s best to dig deeper into the person with the disapproving expression. Sometimes they run away… sometimes there’s a marvelous conversation to be had!

  •' Anabel says:

    I am ♒️♐️moon I do have 3 locations on that day of the fullmoon in ♈️ so… I am the awareness type as well perfectionist, I know this aspect holds me back, I have notice yes, I cloud do it all but within it screams team is needed, support is needed, that one person that makes it yummy factor of me to desire to do that drive that feels good to be naked because you got at least 1 besides me than im learning to accept the soul as that 1 and how to put the mess of self to its seat without regret been there too many times it feels like you just got killed so is painful as F so a lot of meditation, focus on the priorities without giving up , I want to bloom to perfection some what balanced on the attack of opinions of others it affects the whole mission to deal with other forces besides I ?my mind speaks a lot !!!

  •' Laura says:

    My Sun sign is Aries and growing up I did not want to stand out and would be quite and hide. I felt so different than others but wanted to fit in with all the other people. As I got older I have accepted who I am and even love how different I am. This has been a long road and even a few tears have been shed along the way. Astrology helped me but it has also help me understand other people and to accept them for who they are to.

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