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Double Aries. This is one of my favorites (do I say that every time?). It’s the flavor of my son’s chart and several friends (who I adore), illustrating the positive traits of Fire.

Unless you’re new to my newsletters, you know when the sky is dark, and the Sun and Moon hold hands, it’s a time to stay inside.

Even though a lot of people mistakenly think all Fire signs—all Aries—are extroverts… it’s not true. This is how Astrology got beat up and left in the back alley—by making too many large generalizations that just aren’t true. Not all Fire people are loud and external, especially not during a sky like this one. When there are 3 planets in Water (in Pisces) like today, there is a subduing of the Fire.

We all know the feeling of having one foot on the gas and one on the break. This new moon asks us to go for it and walk over the feeling of pause, fear, and no, not now.

Here is my personal example for this week: for years I have wondered about learning how to do stand-up comedy using Astrology. I allowed myself to think of this in my dreams, for a long time—that maybe one day I could do it. I have been accused of being funny often, leaving me wondering: what is it about me that makes people laugh? It surprises me because I think of my personality type (8th house Sun) to be more serious and focused, than silly and frivolous. But the older I get, the more youthful I feel.

Believe it or not, when I was young I was heavy and serious. I had the Saturn effect operating: I was old when I was young, and now getting younger as I get older. I was a born with Saturn opposite my Sun.

So when this opportunity arrived to take a week-long class practicing stand-up comedy and finding your voice with Ann Randolph, I hesitantly said yes.

Here is this deal: one part of me, (my Fire) says go for it. Just do it. The other part of me (my Water) says ‘no, way Jose!!‘ When I realized the class was during a double Aries sky: I said yes!! Sure, I could feel the voice in my head who is timid. I can still feel the part of me that is filled with fear and says: Why walk into that discomfort? That is my Water.

However, the part of me that is bold, attracted to fear and standing in discomfort won. I might add my partner’s encouragement pushed me over the edge—always good to have good counsel. So in honor a double fire sky—I choose fear and discomfort in the name of cultivating my gifts.

The prayer for this double Aries moon: Let me walk past fear. Show me the part of me that is courageous and willing to be the fool. This is truly the double Aries energy. Nothing stops these folks—even if they are shy (which you would never believe) on the inside, they do it. I really think so many of us suffer from being less than, wishing we were different, or feeling fake. All of us suffer from the negative gremlin who sides with fear.

Let this new moon push your fear aside. Pull up your big girl/boy pants and say yes! I can honestly say to you that my fear has become my friend—such a Aries trait. As an adult I pretend I am a kid and just say YES!!

I deliberately now walk into challenges, like a class on stand-up comedy. Oh my Goddess, what am I thinking? I know, in no uncertain terms, that walking into fear, challenges and negativity with confidence (even if you have to fake it)—creates growth and evolution. I am an evolution junkie.

I imagine that if you are interested in Astrology and reading this newsletter, you too have a yearning, hunger, appetite for growth and evolution.

All I want to do in the name of this double Aries Moon, in honor of my son and those amazing Aries I know, is to always try, say yes, give it my best. You can always walk away if it does work.

I see Aries strength time and time again. It’s just one more lesson to be learned. How can I learn from Aries?

I sure hope I can live up to what I just wrote. I already paid for the class, opened my schedule and told all of you I am going: walking straight through the Water (fear) to the Fire and prepared for some fun.

Do your prayers. The prayer for this double Aries moon:

Let me walk past fear.

Show me the part of me that is courageous and willing to be the fool.

I love growth and evolution more than fear and negativity any day

Today is the day to open up your courage doorway and do something unfamiliar. Tell me how it goes?



  • lararosewood369@gmail.com' Lara Wood says:

    I am appreciating you more and more! I love how you work with astrology! Your style and perspective really resonates with me. I am Sagittarian sun, Scorpio moon and rising Capricorn.

    I am so glad you are you!

    Great warmth, Lara

  • Magillian1@live.com' Michelle says:

    I love this validation! I’m triple fire, Aries sun, Sag moon and Leo rising. And I am quiet. I hover between intro and extroversion, but I enjoy being quiet. So many people tell me how loud and obnoxious. And inconsiderate Aries are, but I am not that stereotype. Thank you!

  • energymovermaria@yahoo.com' maria pomeroy says:

    Great Job, Debbie Deb!! Thanks for inspiring us all to face our fears!!!

  • polsi33@yahoo.com' Marianne Stanley says:

    Wonderful! Your story (and YES!….DO it!! : ) couldn’t have come at a better time for me. THANK you, Debra! (and you’re gonna NAIL your stand-up routine and wow your audiences…..you’re a natural!!!

  • dohabe@mac.com' Dorita Fransham says:

    Thank you so much for this advice. I am attempting a new work path instructing painting classes and part of the job is being center stage… telling jokes if the class gets too intense (I have a dry off beat sense of humor that I share with family only) and having to paint and create in a totally unfamiliar style had my fear compass spinning wildly. I am an introvert Aries but I can be very social and fun in the right settings. You have encouraged me to push past this fear and go for it! Good luck with your comedy class, I know you can push past the fear as well! Knowledge always helps me overcome adversity!

  • groovychick57@gmail.com' Jackie Felix says:

    STFU! I have heard/felt a similar calling! I am being guided to tell my story from that comedic space. I have also been seeing Hawaii on my horizon for the past few years! Man oh man…I would love to take this class from her! Perhaps this is in my future! Definitely sitting with My Council on this one!
    p.s. Currently in your Level 2 AA class and am loving it! Maybe Level 3 AND this comedy class are on my horizon! Now…if I can just be patient! :0
    p.p.s. I noticed your website is not secure – might want to have your tech people look into fixing that one. 😉

  • lynnfaulkner24@gmail.com' Lynn faulkner says:

    I think your exuberant curiosity will walk you through any discomfort.

  • Pizanluv4u@gmail.com' Frances says:

    Hi Debra!! First of all, I looove you!! Been following you for a few years now. Ok so, I’m taking a chance here cause I didn’t know who else to ask. I recently found out I have a very similar chart to someone, we have the same ascending, same sun, same moon, and all but 3 or 4 planets were not the same on the chart. Does this mean anything?

  • Tinalee59@yahoo.com' Tina Lee Johnson says:

    This is such a HUGE challenging time for me. I am a triple Pisces. I’ve had a very hard life. My mother abandoned me when I was 12(actually made to leave by my father in a divorce). I never saw her again, then she died in 1991. I had an abusive stepmother. So, I never had that feminine nurturing. I got married/divorced young with two small sons and no support. We wound up on Welfare. After they grew up I was homeless. I’ve had ill health(probably due to the stress and working 12 hour days, 6 days a week plus going to school at night at one point). I had to stop working before I turned 50 because of health issues. I have lived in poverty at least half of my adult life. I have no car so I’m stuck at home all the time. I’ve tried to make money online to no avail. Now, I’ve found out I may have uterine cancer and it put me in a very deep dark place. Dying would be the easy part. Having to function alone if I need surgery and/or radiation will be very hard. I will need mental health help in that case. Actually when I found out, I couldn’t function and went into a very deep depression. It brought up all the PTSD from childhood. I also wanted to move out of my area by the end of March(got delayed) because last July my city had bad fires and I was evacuated. My b/f at the time was coming to get me but he lives an hour away. I didn’t have an hour. Since I have no car, I had to call a cab. And as ashes were falling on my porch, I didn’t know if I would burn to death waiting for that cab. That brought up my PTSD. So now, having to stay in this area(probably into the Summer), plus the health issue, I am not coping well at all. I have no girlfriends. I have had to be the role model for everyone in my family(sons, younger siblings), yet I have no role model. I have no one to turn to. I wrote my family emails telling them of this news and no one has replied. Recently my younger sister did saying she won’t be able to help me if I have to have surgery. I feel so alone.

  • westernraven9@yahoo.com' westernraven says:

    so excited for you! i had an experience yesterday where i stood up to a situation that i feared for years. i felt relieved. and my voice didnt quake as badly as i had imagined. 7H scorpio son and 9H sag moon.


  • relogsdon@gmail.com' Renee Logsdon says:

    Thank you Debra! This newsletter is so inspiring. You are going to love the class with Ann Randolph. She is absolutely amazing, brilliant and hillarious! You are going to fit in perfectly and bring your gift of comedy to a whole new level. Can wait to hear what you create.
    Much love & blessing,

  • nancydrope@gmail.com' Nancy says:

    Thank you Debra for your bold vulnerability. My Mercury is in Aries , Moon in Cancer and Sun in Taurus . After an emotional freeze , I bolstered up my Aries courage to respond to an email from my first love 40 years ago. He was in town and messaged me. I broke down in sadnesses. Crazy how our bodies remember heart break. This New Moon truly has me going Inside. 🙏🏻

  • patti@butterhome.com' patt1 says:

    Smiling ear to ear. Thank you. You are boundless…lets do this! Love + peace + light + LAUGHTER!

  • cindyqdowell@gmail.com' Cindy says:

    I can so relate. I haven’t pushed myself like this in a long time, yet I know when I have before it was so worth it. Best of luck in your class…you’ve SO got this.

  • kkaycollins@yahoo.com' Karen says:

    Beautifully said!

  • How exciting! Go have fun. I’d be interested in knowing how you’re using astrology in your comedy. That would be interesting. 😊. I am also stopped by Saturn. My Saturn 6° is sitting on my Sun 11° in Sagittarius in the 11th house. I finally realized that that’s probably the reason that I don’t have many friends. I’m friendly and happy and extroverted, yet I spend most of the time entertaining myself. I enjoy being by myself – I’m an only child – but life is more fun when you have others to play with. 🙂 I realized from your article that even when I’m out in the world being my fully expressed Sun and 12th house Sage Moon/Mercury self, my Capricorn rising and Saturn step in to tell me to bring it down, you’re shining too much. When I have wonderful ideas of what I want to do with my life, im stopped by fear and the constraining comfort of playing it safe. I stay with what I know even though I realize that I’m playing small (Pisces Mars). All of my little girl dreams of being fabulously powerful and successful (Scorpio Venus) are momentarily squashed until another comes along (Sun/Moon/Mercury Sage). I like your prayer for the Aries new moon, and I’ll change ‘willing to be the fool’ to willing to be myself. Thank you. Michelle🌞
    Aries is intercepted in my 3rd house and Mars is in Pisces.

  • henriclaire@gmail.com' Claire says:

    Great post ! Stand up!! Wow …You’re gonna be a natural!… Enjoy

  • amberdurrell@gmail.com' Amber Durrell says:

    Yay for you! As an aries I love new things and am often a volunteer Guinea pig. Today is gorgeous warm and actually was my twin sister and my due date. We were overdue till the 8th. Winter is always rough and this one the hardest, but today has an amazing energy I desperately needed. My challenge today aside from my under the weather child, is to reconnect with my sweetheart and reassure him. We miss each other terribly. I’m great at improv but pretty clueless in reality. I wish us both luck today!

  • Becneltanya@gmail.com' Tanya Becnel says:

    Thank you, ALWAYS, Debra . . .
    With love & gratitude,
    Tanya Becnel
    New Orleans

  • tchela@sympatico.ca' Shelley Seguin says:

    Ohhh , Debra !
    How very exciting that you are taking a standup comedy course!! It sounds scary too, yes, however I feel that you’ll just have FUN!!
    I know for myself that when I feel best, when I am most aligned with Spirit, I tend to laugh and laugh. So I, for sure, vote more laughter for all!!
    Also- my dear son is an Aries, too, and I’ve seen him take on new challenges repeatedly- ones that would scare the living heck out of me.
    He is nervous about his decisions sometimes , but he always forges ahead. I am a home loving Cancerian, sometimes very baffled by how he has handled so much change in his life… and yet he continues to do so.
    Thanks for your lovely blog, and may you laugh and laugh!!

  • Good for you! So wonderful to have this tool to guide us. Thanks for befriending and walking with fear as an example for all of us. Bravo!!!

  • So needed this wise council today. Thanks , you’re the best,
    Always evolving, and sometimes in the real Saturn world, this is very very scary.
    Yet, the soul speaks.
    Dr. Angelica

  • mckay.fran@gmail.com' Fran McKay says:

    Thank you for this post 💖🙏

  • My son is an Aries & I love his fire, energy, full of life & yes shyness. He was always so shy. Now as a grown man he is more confident in himself but always gentle. I am the water, cancer with lots of fire in my chart. Never know how I will dance that day. I still struggle to find my voice in telling people I want to help people using astrology & oracle cards. They uncovered so much in my life & spent years teaching awareness & self-help. Loved the new moon prayer for this double Aries moon! Thank you!

  • ELLIEMADGE@GMAIL.COM' Elizabeth Doerflinger says:

    Wonder~full newsletter girl. I am rooting for you to go for it. Most likely because I am an Aries girl and also know of taking courage when others run the other way. I am the one raising my hand, saying me. Pick me, I’ll do it. Impulsive to the max. These things feel like an adventure just for me. Inside the practical me, I have felt.. WHY???
    I can’t seem to walk away from a challenge even with the anxiety of wondering if it’s good for me.
    Anyway, just giving you a shout out to say yayyy for you and make it incredibly fun.
    PS ~ maybe I should have you read my chart. I’ve never done that before. Hey, is that my challenge voice speaking to me. Lol
    PPS ~ You can use that in your comedy bit if you want.

  • Lunazul13_13@yahoo.com' Luna Azul says:

    Yes!!wit Venus .& progressed sun ? In Aries.. .I now renamed d feelin of fear eXcitment!!!seems 2 work..renaming…pushing thru comfort zone to new territory/evolution.▪also took my aries,addictd adrenaline nature into service of exploring nu dimensions of self.( rather than try to change it or squelch it) & did radio shows, belly dance & this year an improv performance!
    !yr rite on wit this 1☆good one☆ enjoy your work and learn from you big thanks and blessings on you double Aries day♡ going to hold my first Women’s Seasonal ceremony in new country☆ today..phew☆
    2/12/48☆ Luna

  • onalaer@gmail.com' María says:

    Thank you so much! I really needed somebody to tell me this kind of stuff today. I am Aquarius wth Scorpion & Cancer. And good luck with your Stand up classes, you definetively are a Comedy talent 🌷

  • Loving you and the way you express yourself. Have got to live that Aries influence

  • veganmaryc@gmail.com' Mary Collins says:


    Thank you so much. 4/4 was my 60th birthday, so I am walking past fear into the next part of my life that involves putting myself out there.

  • Ellen.richter@t-online.de' Ellen says:

    Dear Debra, great!!! This recalls: I did one evening of theater improvisation last year, thinking about afterwards what came out of me, I wasn’t ready yet! iThe truth is it was great fun doing it and playing and I expressed my souls mission bluntly. I think I am trying a new round!! Love and fun Ellen Richter

  • Ljyoung191@aol.com' Lori says:

    I have been feeling like it’s time to step out (even tho I’m an Aquarian- airy-eez.. lol). I’m 55 and have just signed up for a hip hop class, and a drumming class, am stepping out of the comfort zone and doing a silent retreat, and am beginning a “consciousness” book club. Where is all this coming from?! I’m a play-it-small, what will people think kind of person!! Whatever it is, I’m thrilled, and hope it keeps on coming! 😁 Thanks for sharing your beating the fear story, makes me know I’m not alone!

  • sherinapear@gmail.com' Sheri Napear says:

    Someday soon
    I will study
    And learn
    Until then
    I’m leaning in
    Moving forward
    Thank you Debra
    You already are
    An amazing comedian
    Enjoy !

  • julie.morandini@gmail.com' Julie says:

    Wow, this post has finally helped me understand the workings of my Aries ascendant (which I’ve long struggled to “see” in myself)! I too have Saturn opposing my 0 degree Aquarius Sun, and feel like I am growing more youthful and playful, the older I get. Thanks for the insights; and best of luck with your comedy caper!

  • jenwill.believetoachieve@gmail.com' Jen says:

    love your thoughts and in particular your story of your own courage
    Thank you

  • I’ll watch you and laugh at your jokes! I can see you being really good at this and so unique! 😍😍

  • Hazelsimin@gmail.com' Hazel says:

    Love this.! So magnetic! You’ll shine great. I know it,Miss Funny Pants. My Jupiter in Aries salutes you.
    Hazel (from Level 2)

  • frankief1950@yahoo.com' FrankieLynnMarie says:

    I truly enjoy learning and taking action and this has always been my mantra Go on and Walk through Your Fears and when I do I’m pleasantly surprised !!

  • jenifercrawley@gmail.com' Jennifer Crawley says:

    Thanks for this advice, Debra. Worthwhile and needed.
    You will rock it in that class. You have what it takes . You’re a natural. Lucky us who will benefit from even more light-hearted videos.
    Go, Girl , Go.

  • Kinersoninteriors@comcast.net' Lisa says:

    Wonderful inspiration! Tape some of your stand up please, I think you will be a natural. Enjoy the experience, that’s what it all about. Thank you for all you put out in your community.
    Thank you for your personal reading years ago.

  • Himmerriget@live.dk' TinaMariia Rosalina kofoed says:

    Love your letter from my ❤️Thanks

  • tincan@vianet.ca' lise cantin says:

    sign me up for your first stand up comedy act…..it will be nothing short of fabulous!!

  • mishhankins58@gmail.com' Michele says:

    Omgosh are you reading my mind…have a knot in the pit of my stomach as my inner voice keeps yelling yes do it! While my fear kept me procrastinating from doing the deed! Thank you and I was honestly waiting for the new moon to arrive fully before making this call I need to make. To a full Piscean himself!! So interesting! Thank you Sarah!

  • Rubylincoln@yahoo.com' Sharon says:

    You go girl!!I love Aries !!
    And yes,I find what little I know about you to be quiet witty😊

  • kate@songtogaia.com' Kate Culver says:

    Can’t wait to see you doing stand-up!
    Still thinking about what this looks like for me: acting the fool.
    (Isn’t that my default? No, it just feels that way)
    Here’s to facing the fear and walking through it!, says the Sun, Mars and Saturn in water…

  • tigressa27@gmail.com' linda says:

    i am an aries, sag moon, libra rising … wrote a book on the Grateful Dead, and am now following my vision and writing a children’s book … an idea that’s been floating around in my mind for years, and is now ready to be born! yay to aries strength and courage to embrace the now, and express who we really truly are.

    love you debra!

  • d333thompson@gmail.com' Dorothy Thompson says:

    Debra, what you just wrote is pretty much the same for us newbies studying Astrology! You have a well honed funny bone, fabulous out there personality, not at all afraid to do “silly” so you’ll be brilliant as a comic. One piece of advice though – ask for a tall bar stool to perch on because all that standing will only give you varicose veins! No, No, you don’t want those!!
    Have a ball.

  • tmackc25@sbcglobal.net' Tina Mackintosh says:

    Today I truly realize and accept that my fear of rejection due to my need for perfection (control) has always created “the doom n’ gloom” factor in circumstances not in my control. Makes it hard to breathe. 🙂 Not only do I take blame for myself , but for everyone else’s mistakes too. This has a mental and physical effect on me and I can, left to my own devices compulsively overthink it all.
    This month of April, especially this first 2 weeks with all its dynamic, raw energies is helping me address this head on. Not to procrastinate for perfections sake and let the others “own” their stuff! It’s time to take the reins in a productive, loving manner adding a lot more self care to my equation. I cannot change people, places and things. I can only be responsible for my attitude and actions. The only constant in life is change (I say it often). Helps me realize what we fear is temporary and most times only a feeling.

    Debra, you are wise and I could listen to you endlessly. You are a phenomenal teacher of life and how to maintain and understand its vicissitudes.

    Thanks for being you!


  • missmaureenpace@gmail.com' Maureen Pace says:

    Love your insights, and the love with which you do everything. Just a question, should break be brake?

  • reastwind@msn.com' Ramona EastWind Ferris says:

    Thank you for the share and the words of wisdom that speaks to me on many levels. Laughter helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down, in the most delightful way!! Sorry I keep hearing this as I type and I think oh so true, bring it on!! Hugs!!

  • mairamiceli@yahoo.com' Maira Miceli says:

    I’m going through a midlife crisis Aries born 3/23… I feel stuck in a rut !!

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