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Here we are with our monthly New Moon newsletter, but this one is different, even though it looks similar…

As usual, here comes double Aries: a giant energy. When we say double Aries, we mean that the Sun and Moon are hanging out together in the same sign. This brings double the amount of heat, since Aries is a fire sign.

Then there is this other crazy thing (obviously): a huge configuration happening on Capricorn’s clock—ever since December, the sky has reached up to six planets in Earth. This is so rare.

You would think it would be stabilizing with all that Earth…that we would be slowing down and feeling grounded. We are slowing down…

The planets are asking us to break down the old, letting those four significant planets in Capricorn have their way.

Nothing normal here. We are way beyond anything ‘normal’, but the deal breaker: Pluto and Jupiter are having a pissing match.

I kept wondering when their anger would show up. And this month, Mars came to light the fire, to get them going. One match was all it took, called coronavirusThe fire has begun.

A handful of troublemakers/hoodlums, dressed in suits and ties, were hanging together in the chambers of Capricorn when Mars—the anxious impatient warrior—walked into the chamber with one goal: let’s get this revolution started. Let’s go.

Most of these demigods are androgynous, but not Mars. Mars wears boots, carries a gun and means business. And so a feisty energy between the demigods is on its way: who has the most power in this showdown?

Saturn wants nothing more than for us to return to business as usual—just follow the rules, stay inside and contain the fear.

Pluto, on the other hand, will happily kick down the house of cards. Pluto likes when things go haywire.

And there stands Mars with a cigarette—the male energy ready to strike. ‘Come on,’ says Mars in Capricorn. ‘Don’t act dumb—we are being forced to change. Now move!’

The demigods are competing. They cannot remember they are on the same team, under the same sky: the UNITED planets. Sound familiar? They cannot unite. Why can’t they work together? As above, so below: there is disharmony in our wake. It’s like that in the heavens. No one on Earth or in the Heavens remembers who they work for…

The One Spirit.

The Mother.

But she has been forgotten and we are so confused.

Especially down here on Earth, the polarization goes on at every level. Who even made up a split party system: Republicans vs. Democrats? Why stretch us in two so we cannot stand each other? This is not specific to any one country—no one in the power seats of most governments around the world can get along. They cannot even speak to each other.

Well, not until perhaps now. The enemy of greed wasn’t big enough grab our attention. The climate change not loud enough to warrant or demand results. No, too many of us just pretended it would eventually be addressed.

But this tricky seeming cold (it is so much more)—now that’s got us…because it could be fatal. This is the huge crisis we needed for the individual universal ego to get out of the way.

Can you imagine sitting at a table on the other side with a team of elders asking how can we get the WHOLE Earth’s attention—crossing borders and politics? What would stop those earthlings in their tracks?

I have an idea—how about a virus that is crazy contagious, and deadly to the elders and those with compromised immune systems? The rest will have to heed the call to stillness/aloneness/being quarantined and with their families?

This virus cannot be healed without our unified field of community and helpers. We have to find our united hearts in order to get us out of here alive. ‘Not sure we can do it,’ said Capricorn.

The sterile, cold-hearted, truth-telling Capricorn doesn’t really care to work with anyone, except for the guys at the top.

This double Aries sky says: “I will fight for us.” It has us set up to be defended and helped. I will fight for the underdog and everyone else too. Aries likes a good fight.

We have to operate as a team. Our healing the collective—to bring us back to equanimity—requires a team.

What a novel idea to work as a unified team. It seems even the demigods can’t get along!

We humans don’t have a great track record of doing so. Or at least not for a very long time…

Think of the end of World War II—imagine the celebration waves that went across the world when Hitler was dead and the war ended. We unified.

Or, the landing on the Moon that brought Americans and the world together across politics. When both Russia and America crossed timelines into space. A spaceship—a masterful giant—got our collective attention alright.

Good news—we have another opportunity. We have a giant monster stalking us.

I am hearing good news and bad news. Have you read about all the folks offering their time and help to those that need it?

Good news: we now we have to stay home and be with our kids, with nowhere to go and no one to distract us with. That’s a good thing.

We at the end of an era—in walks 2020. We are now being forced to watch the end of our familiar society as we knew it—if only for a month or so. ‘Business as usual,’ is a dated phrase now. No more business as usual. Stay indoors—what an order.

We will make it through here, I promise. Just keep your heart open and your mind clear. I have been mediating even more than usual, and I encourage you to do that same.

Let the demigods find their way to peace. Earth needs the healing now more than ever. And finally it’s quiet, it’s still, it’s time to be humbled. Success! It’s working even if it’s so uncomfortable.

What Aries/Capricorn gives a shit about comfort? We are all being pushed to the limit. This double Aries energy is helping get the job done.

Sending love during this dark sky, and comfort as you stay at home (please tell me you are at home) and faith that we financially will get through this together.



  •' Ines says:

    Dear Debra,
    Thank you so much for your explanation,it is so accurate and interesting. The Air cycle is started and we are going in new sort of being and working.Saturn in Aquarius force us to take distance and to be alone to be able to become a new version of ourselves.
    My Pluto is only 1 grade orb distance from my ascendent in Capricorn,so I am transform myself in many way.
    Unfortunately,I can not stay at home.I am a nurse, so I am a part of many others who are direct on the front with the virus.

  •' palmer gaget says:

    Thank you Debra.
    You have expressed what we are all feeling and why- whether we know it or not…
    Be safe and please keep your insightful messages coming!
    My best,

  •' Cindy says:

    I’m still at work! In the hospital serving and feeding the front line. I live with my 81 year old mom so I pray she stays well! Also praying for the entire world to heal!
    Do stay home! I would if I wasn’t at the hospital. This virus is scary!

  •' Deb Costa says:

    Thank you for your words and insight

  • This is a fantastic article. Written in a way we can all understand.
    Please keep safe,we need you,

  •' Annemie Vertongen says:

    Waw Debra, what a great way to explain the things going on now. This is so you. Thank you for this creativity! We all love you! Annemie from Belgium

  • We will get through this, and the faster people realise that it is exactly this…about us, but all of us, the earth ,nature, the animals , big people, small people , old people, young people…we are all in this together ..there is no me not and you yes…because even if you dont get the virus , or are not with a weak immunesustem , you can really hurt someone else.
    It is about teamwork (aquarius), compassion( piscis) and love in the greater sense …and a lot of people have to wake up and will wake uo, because suddenly the emptiness inside will show, when you have to stay alone at home. I have never seen so many people starting, yoga, meditation, painting, …so much good is alraey coming out!

  •' Katrina says:

    My natal chart has Saturn retrograde in Aries, opposing the Sun. Mars is in Sagittarius, opposite the moon. So my energy is all pretty volatile and I think the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in sixth house Virgo has a lot to do, opposite Chiron, who sits at the point of a YOD, with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Libra at the other two corners, releasing at the Sun, also sixth house, but just in Libra. My fight to help the healthcare system by ensuring greater accountability (whereby healthcare professionals populate a database to record misdiagnoses, so that researchers can be guided in their investigations to reduce the number of inappropriate prescriptions) was met by a drive for piecemeal profiteering and I am scared; scared that opportunistic politicians could disregard the people they represent, citing the danger of polling stations as an excuse to prevent equitable elections. Online voting would be possible, if everybody was provided with the means to access personal power. Venus and Mars could work together; they might have to. I wonder if Mars would like a dad’s responsibility. He’s in the eighth house for me, along with Neptune in Scorpio. I try not to catastrophise. The Sun offers support, but balance knows, some power’s got to.

  •' Sharon Fithian says:

    Wonderful analysis. Wonderful writing and exactly what I have been interpreting. But, I could not say it as well as you have. “pissing match” between Pluto and Jupiter was the best interpretation of their energies at this time. Thank you.

  •' Tess says:

    Beautiful and true….. we’re not in Kansas anymore…..

  •' Lotte Prins - de Waard says:

    Wow, beautiful article! Lots of love from home here in the Netherlands, Lotte

  •' carol says:

    Thank you. This was very helpful. Wishing you Peace, Love, and Health!

  • Love all your insights and translations of astrology. It always resonates with me. Thank you for all your information and good mojo !??♥️?

  •' Marmie says:

    Well said Debra. Your words have given me some comfort. Thanks for all you do, and we will get through this!

  •' Mark says:

    You are part of my everyday. Stay well.

  •' MARY VALLARIO says:

    Thank you

  •' Kristin Clickett says:

    Awesome post! Love you Debra! I’m currently using this time to Reinvent myself and launch an online coaching business with Destinee! We were just talking about you yesterday. I’m starting out fresh just like you did. Thanks for paving the way! ❤️?

  •' Janice Lesieur says:

    ??♥️✨♥️??Much love to you, Debra. I sincerely appreciate your wisdom , humor, compassion and clarity. I’m deeply grateful for all of the countless resources of help and support available at this time. The simplest, and so profound, realizing our connection to everyone & everything. May humility, civility and compassion blossom with the radiance of light, love and truth. Blessings to you and to all, may all feel the comforting cloak of the wisdom of the ages, surrounding humanity & all being during this dark before the dawn?

  • Thank you, Debra… your optimism is SO inspiring! and necessary right now. Those planets in Capricorn are all opposite my 21 degree Cancer midheaven and right beside my 26 degree sun, so I’m truly in the middle of it… Stay well, stay committed, stay curious, look after your family… stay HOME ♥️

  •' Christina Koesters says:

    Thank you, Debra. Stay safe and keep well.

  •' Beatrice says:

    Thanks, Debra!

  •' Sandra says:

    Debra, I have come to rely on your daily astrological insights and so wanted to become your ‘student.
    The situation o find myself in at this time has precluded me spending money on anything but survival.
    Things became very treacherous for me in May of 2018. Courts!,Family treachery, Death of both parents in September. I’m still on such a struggle… Anyhow I meant to just thank you for serving humanity as you do.
    Be well.☮️?☯️

  •' Marilyn says:

    There’s no place like home.

  •' James P Allison says:

    “Amen brother Ben” as the saying goes.

  •' Robin Biles says:

    Hi Debra. Just sharing my thoughts with you & others about the U.S. Pluto Return…in the 2nd house (money/values) of the Sibly Chart. Disease, death, economy/recession, social security, etc. in the business & elderly sign of Capricorn. Lessons I’ve learned in my own life with Pluto (my 24 CAP Moon – we’ve had 4 family deaths in 5 months). You can’t go back to things being the same. You have to transform to the changes & begin anew. This “working & schooling from home” may become the new norm. Of course, we would still have our factories & farms (though maybe a little different ), but this would totally change life as we know it! And maybe for the better (healthwise too). Even if only 1/4 of the world were to work/school from home, that would cut way down on gas usage/pollution, businesses would save by not needing office space, repairs, utilities, etc. Maybe empty office space could be used to grow hydroponic food? Saturn & eventually Pluto into Aquarius could mean business & teachers thru the airwaves. The New Age of Aquarius could include all of humanity!

    Just thinking out loud!

  •' LINDA BAUSER says:

    Hello Debra , I work in a nursing home , we are doing our part to keep everyone safe. Even at home . The elderly are mostly in there rooms an some don’t understand why. They are getting anxious . It’s very sad watching all of this go down.

  •' Cindy Goodhue says:

    Debra, you are a amazing woman. Thanks for all your insight and knowledge.
    Your article was right on the money. I have said for years we are becoming less and less family centered. That is why we have such violence with our children. They are screaming ” Look at me”.
    And the adults aren’t any better. What happen to Sunday dinners with the whole family sitting at the same table having fellowship?
    Again thanks for your message.
    I love you and ask God to give you an extra measure of grace.

    Keep up your fantastic work
    Your distant friend and follower

  •' Bill says:

    Ive listened to you and read your work for years Deb, you are amazing and inspiring. Thank you

  •' Linda-Joy Clarkson says:

    Thank you Debra for this articulate understanding transcending the illusion of fear into truth. As many more awake, turning inward to the light and join those who serve for the highest good, this will surely be a joyful divine celebration as we reach critical mass. Calling Chariklo and Chiron to conjunct. Joyful Blessings! ?

  •' Kim Hansen says:

    Thank You Debra! This was Awesome! You are the Master of spicy, straight-shooting, compassionate astro-wisdom and I so appreciate the depth and humor in your teachings. Love, Light and Blessings xo

  •' Judy Mettke says:

    Woah, love this insight Deborah! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, again and again…

  •' Carlotta says:

    AMEN! We are at home. Only going out for groceries and walks. What a joy to walk our neighborhood; wave to our neighbors (from a distance). Connect with friends and family through the internet, Duo, Skype etc. To stand at the window with my cat watching and listening to the birds and the rest of nature come alive this Spring.
    Blessings to you.

  •' Franie says:

    Thank you Debra I am at home and living with the recent loss of I my life companion having been 42 years together and coming back home in an empty house and stuck in here in a big empty house. I have to remain positive and I hope people will finally open their hearts and mind and soul to the reasons behind what is happening at this time precisely. When they begin to get the picture the world will be a better place to live in.

  •' Betsy Santos says:

    Thank you Debra! This is a beautiful and phenomenal description of our current adventure here on earth!
    I adore you and appreciate you❤

  •' Kathryn says:

    Love the as above so below. So true. I’m staying home & I seem to have so many wonderful things I want to do. It’s not easy slowing down as I have discovered since I went into a progressed moon Taurus. That took a big adjustment but I suppose it got me ready for this day. I feel for those who are high energy now. I pray for everyone on our planet & our planet too. Be blessed and kind.

  •' Naomi Santoro says:

    Wonderful! Current news: the last gasp of the Suits: The financial cost is too high. Everyone out and back to work! They cannot be let to win. Your blog is a good read for everyone, even those who know no astrology. They can read it as metaphor. Thank you, Debra, from NYC.

  •' Barbara says:

    Thank you for this reading. I have often felt this that the shift was eminent, to get our attention. Meditating and praying that compassion and empathy will win the day.

  •' Sam says:

    I am at home, from IRAN ?

  •' Nancy says:

    Thanks for the great post. As an Aries Moon, I totally envision myself as the Warrior – putting on my big boots and kicking the crap out of the virus!

  •' Lesli says:

    I’m home and have been for over 2 weeks…thank God I have loads of water and love to hunker own in my little crab shell and play in the mud of my mind for the love of my soul. I too am meditating more and I’ve actually started a Puja table and am incorporating aarti into my practice with twice daily chalisas…..the shift inside has been amazing to say the least and I’m encouraged by this and what will come with another month of deep internal work. I thank the demigods for all this connection and channeled info I receive….
    Thank you Debra for caring about us and all the work you do to help us understand the roadmaps of our internal and collective landscapes.
    Namaste y’all! ???

  •' Shelley says:

    Very accurate description of this current time. I so agree with you Deborah, that it is time to buckle down and meditate- to join with the heart of love and to remember who we are.

  •' Kathryn ort says:

    As always you go straight to the heart of things with no sugar coating. I love how you do this. As soon as I can afford it, I’m taking your course. This is truly your calling Debra!!

  • I love this Debra you are an Angel of Light and Inspiration! Being forced to be with your children what a beautiful idea, yet we see people on the news thanking teachers wondering when schools are going back in session. For those sorry not at this time! Yet, I know that there are millions of families out there loving this time to regroup, to see each others faces every day and just play. At least I know the kids must love it, maybe not the teenagers but yes our young. What a gift to get that was lost for most.
    I’ve been feeling it and sharing for the last few years” WE ARE TO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH”. And speaking about how so many in the world have no idea how pissed off Mother Nature is. Our Gaia, earth, Our Universe, sky above with all its left over trash made by man. The human race is special but only if we treat everything else just as special as we are. Being to greedy rears its ugly head in mysterious ways. It pains me to not be able to see my mother in assisted living but in my heart I know she is being taken care of and with much love. BUT I MISS HER as I know many others do theirs. PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY to everyone.

  •' amy doran says:

    but doesn’t Capricorn also tell us to Lean In and “Make Things Work…?”

  •' Marianne says:

    Thank you for bringing a complex configuration down to lamen’s terms so that we can understand (and with such wit!). You are a guide and bright light in the dark sky. Thank you for your wisdom and helping us understand a bigger picture.

    So much gratitude!

  •' Kathryn Wheelock says:

    thank you Debra for such an informative post. Really why can’t you send this every email, twitter, etc? Sadly enough…so many would not believe what you wrote. Praying for our wake up call to really help. God Bless you!! Kathryn

  •' Barbara Fortier says:

    I love the way you explained in astrological detail what has been and what is going on in our world.
    In my opinion you nailed it. So much hatred and devisive action as been bringing all of us to our knees.
    It has been evident for far too long that society needed a strong wake up call to get everything and everyone functioning again. The Coronavirus, unfortunately, is that nasty wake up call.
    Hopefully after restructuring takes place, humans will act more humanely with love and peace towards everyone!

  •' Myra Love says:

    Beautifully said!!
    Thank you for the reassuring words and understandings.
    Aloha ,
    Myra Love

  •' Gina Lambert says:

    I hate to sound prudish but is a “pissing” match and gives a “shit” wording that should be used by a professional? I was shocked and disappointed when I read those words in this newsletter.
    I have been contemplating taking your astrology course, which, I’m sure is very good but to use that kind of language professionally, it doesn’t sit well. Maybe if we were close friends having a cocktail. Maybe.
    Normally I wouldn’t say a thing, you know, to each his own, but I thought you might appreciate some constructive criticism. You might be turning some people off instead of on to your astrology practice.


  •' cathy says:

    Im at home

  •' Veronica Brooks says:

    That was STELLAR!!! I’d like to share on my timeline, is that ok?

    Veronica (

  •' Pamela says:

    The folks on our block meet at 6pm every night on the street with lots of space between us. We ask each other if we need anything, talk about the news, the weather and what strategies we cam use to keep healthy, and volunteer to get needed supplies and food. We also get out the guitars and ukuleles . We look forward to it every night. Oh, and we talk for about an hour, which has replaced the casual wave as we go into our homes after a long day at work because that world is not our experience for the time being.

  • Debra, I love hearing from you, and enjoy your videos immensely. I am so fascinated about what I learned watching you. Keep them coming.❤️❤️?

  •' Ilene says:

    So aptly stated..Thank You.

  •' Charly Mullan says:

    Wow! Right where my mind as been wandering today, and you have so outlined all those loose ends… Thank you!

  •' Angela Davis says:

    Imaginative and witty, knowledgeable and true. Thank you for the beautiful words in sharing a somber story.

  •' Renee B Messina says:

    Thank you! My world is imploding, almost everything has changed & none of it for good. Quiet meditation ends in waves of sobs. I feel broken & destitute. Hope & faith have become so elusive.
    I will continue to fight the good fight, to my last dollar, to my last breath… For my family & my furbabies.
    You are a light in the darkness. Please keep shining.

  •' Diane says:

    Thank you Debra! Beautiful! We will get through this, but we must unite. Humbeled. God Bless!

  •' Cheryl says:

    I think you are an amazing person. I am humbled just reading your newsletter. Your words have given me a way to reduce my anxiety, and I really appreciate that.

  •' Ruth O'Brien says:

    Good one Debra, one way to look at it….:) Looking at my chart over the last few weeks has been a surprise for me as I am usually in a very quiet space, and now all my planets are out there in the front line, what has happened to my chart….! All the planets are huddling together what a sight.

    With the fires here in Australia I tried to put my head in the sand but when it would not cease I called to the heavens and the clouds to come immediately, and, to my surprise, a voice in my mind spoke and said instantly “I’m on it, it will be messy”. I responded by saying I don’t care, we need to put the fires out.

    Within a day there they were, the clouds, racing across the skies, so full of gratitude for such a quick response. Raining all around Australia, even into the centre, coming from everywhere all at once, so clever……..can you believe it, just amazing.

    The Universe always surprises me! The virus is the same I believe. We will not shift in cleaning up our act so the Universe is making it happen.

    regards, stay safe it will be with us for awhile.

  •' Donna Calvanese says:

    I love your outtake on all this. It is so real and true. As a Catholic, I feel it might be a call to unity among us all and a slowing down. I also love reading your forecasts and astrological readings. I think you hit the nail on this one. Thank you.

    Lots of love,


  •' Jude Olive says:

    Fantastic! Thank you

  •' Wendy says:

    Sending prayers to you and the many you reach. Thank you for this. We will find our center with meditation.

  •' Wendy says:

    Sending prayers to you and the many you reach. Thank you for this. We will find our center with meditation.

  •' Jacki C. Shaw says:

    Beautifully said Debea…

  •' Sandra Dadona says:

    Thank you for this insightful message. I, too, agree we needed this to regroup. Get humble. Reconnect with family (even if you can’t hold your grandkids). Learn to be thankful for all God has given us. And pray we do not get sick and harm those around us.
    With love,

  •' Rita says:

    Thank you Debra for this excellent explanation.
    I had a dream that I was walking past a farmland and there was a huge bear, looked at first to be hugging people, he was killing them.
    I was scared and ran, next second I was in a home , not mine and I look in next room and the bear was there looking for me.
    I am known as the hugger so it must be fears of giving or getting virus from a hug .
    I have been looking for signs.
    Your description of the planets not getting along
    Made sense to me, when I watched one of your videos and it said we have all in our chart and it was our job to get them to work as one it made the same sense to me.
    Thank you for all you do, love and Light to you and your family ?❤️Namaste ? Rita
    Ps I don’t know which day I was born, Aug 2,3,4 ,1962 which frustrates me, I believe it has been made that way for a spiritual reason , so I don’t know who I am or purpose until a time that I need to know. My intuition tells me that I have hidden gifts that I don’t know about and are hidden by my higher self for now. What are your thoughts? I was told a Virgo would help me with this. I believe there is a grand purpose and this person will reveal it to me .
    Are you a virgo, I forget your sign. ?❤️

  •' Liz Gorman says:

    I am so in love with this interpretation. It especially speaks to me being Aries Sun,Scorpio rising and Cancer moon. I am without fear these days and loving the challenges folks are facing. Thank you for your remarkable clarity and fun vibration. The illustration I helps illuminate the significant changes we are facing…..

  • Thank you so much for this! I couldn’t access your class this afternoon, so I decided to use the time to read this. Scary times we’re living in but also exciting to see the changes people are making in their lives. Maybe not the folks at the highest levels but certainly the ones I come into contact with — my clients, friends, family.

  •' Jan Martino says:

    Gosh MS. Debbie your words are poignant. THANK you ?for fortifying writing and teaching . I said, “Amen sister!”

  •' ellie bliss says:

    what a wonderful analogy combining the planets with this pandemic! Truly amazing – I really got it! Let the fight begin – we will win this battle united together. Debra you’re the best! I so enjoy your videos, newsletters and You tube weeklies…. thank you !

  •' Renee Weathers says:

    I am home . I am a Master Barber of 40 yrs. l am home . I live one day at a time. Don’t know what tomorrow will bring .

  •' Teri Vanderpoel says:

    Very poetic & so on point! I was locking doors & closing windows last night when I went to bed and I noticed the quiet . The noise from the streets & neighborhood were still & eerily quiet, enough that I noticed in my nightly rounds through the house and it was only 8:30 PM. We have played a new game with the grandkids every night reminding me of my childhood, not video games but cards & dice games. They are now (after only a week) at the table for games by 6:00 pm without me even asking and their parents are joining in as well. I know I will catch flack for this but I am enjoying this time so much! I am a glass is half full kind of gal but cooking, cleaning, crafting and playing with my grandkids has been amazing for all of us!

  •' Kelli says:

    Thankyou Debra, I totally related to this. ❤️

  •' Tod Shannon Castle says:

    Dear Debra,
    Wonderful insight!
    I enjoy your spiritual perspective and your dramatic delivery and your characterization of the signs.
    Thank you.
    Tod Shannon Castle ?

  •' Mary says:

    Spot on! And it actually feels good. Our hearts have been crying out for love, peace and will-to-good to return. And healing Mother Earth is necessary to sustain life and love. Thank you!

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