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Here we are with our monthly New Moon newsletter, but this one is different, even though it looks similar…

As usual, here comes double Aries: a giant energy. When we say double Aries, we mean that the Sun and Moon are hanging out together in the same sign. This brings double the amount of heat, since Aries is a fire sign.

Then there is this other crazy thing (obviously): a huge configuration happening on Capricorn’s clock—ever since December, the sky has reached up to six planets in Earth. This is so rare.

You would think it would be stabilizing with all that Earth…that we would be slowing down and feeling grounded. We are slowing down…

The planets are asking us to break down the old, letting those four significant planets in Capricorn have their way.

Nothing normal here. We are way beyond anything ‘normal’, but the deal breaker: Pluto and Jupiter are having a pissing match.

I kept wondering when their anger would show up. And this month, Mars came to light the fire, to get them going. One match was all it took, called coronavirusThe fire has begun.

A handful of troublemakers/hoodlums, dressed in suits and ties, were hanging together in the chambers of Capricorn when Mars—the anxious impatient warrior—walked into the chamber with one goal: let’s get this revolution started. Let’s go.

Most of these demigods are androgynous, but not Mars. Mars wears boots, carries a gun and means business. And so a feisty energy between the demigods is on its way: who has the most power in this showdown?

Saturn wants nothing more than for us to return to business as usual—just follow the rules, stay inside and contain the fear.

Pluto, on the other hand, will happily kick down the house of cards. Pluto likes when things go haywire.

And there stands Mars with a cigarette—the male energy ready to strike. ‘Come on,’ says Mars in Capricorn. ‘Don’t act dumb—we are being forced to change. Now move!’

The demigods are competing. They cannot remember they are on the same team, under the same sky: the UNITED planets. Sound familiar? They cannot unite. Why can’t they work together? As above, so below: there is disharmony in our wake. It’s like that in the heavens. No one on Earth or in the Heavens remembers who they work for…

The One Spirit.

The Mother.

But she has been forgotten and we are so confused.

Especially down here on Earth, the polarization goes on at every level. Who even made up a split party system: Republicans vs. Democrats? Why stretch us in two so we cannot stand each other? This is not specific to any one country—no one in the power seats of most governments around the world can get along. They cannot even speak to each other.

Well, not until perhaps now. The enemy of greed wasn’t big enough grab our attention. The climate change not loud enough to warrant or demand results. No, too many of us just pretended it would eventually be addressed.

But this tricky seeming cold (it is so much more)—now that’s got us…because it could be fatal. This is the huge crisis we needed for the individual universal ego to get out of the way.

Can you imagine sitting at a table on the other side with a team of elders asking how can we get the WHOLE Earth’s attention—crossing borders and politics? What would stop those earthlings in their tracks?

I have an idea—how about a virus that is crazy contagious, and deadly to the elders and those with compromised immune systems? The rest will have to heed the call to stillness/aloneness/being quarantined and with their families?

This virus cannot be healed without our unified field of community and helpers. We have to find our united hearts in order to get us out of here alive. ‘Not sure we can do it,’ said Capricorn.

The sterile, cold-hearted, truth-telling Capricorn doesn’t really care to work with anyone, except for the guys at the top.

This double Aries sky says: “I will fight for us.” It has us set up to be defended and helped. I will fight for the underdog and everyone else too. Aries likes a good fight.

We have to operate as a team. Our healing the collective—to bring us back to equanimity—requires a team.

What a novel idea to work as a unified team. It seems even the demigods can’t get along!

We humans don’t have a great track record of doing so. Or at least not for a very long time…

Think of the end of World War II—imagine the celebration waves that went across the world when Hitler was dead and the war ended. We unified.

Or, the landing on the Moon that brought Americans and the world together across politics. When both Russia and America crossed timelines into space. A spaceship—a masterful giant—got our collective attention alright.

Good news—we have another opportunity. We have a giant monster stalking us.

I am hearing good news and bad news. Have you read about all the folks offering their time and help to those that need it?

Good news: we now we have to stay home and be with our kids, with nowhere to go and no one to distract us with. That’s a good thing.

We at the end of an era—in walks 2020. We are now being forced to watch the end of our familiar society as we knew it—if only for a month or so. ‘Business as usual,’ is a dated phrase now. No more business as usual. Stay indoors—what an order.

We will make it through here, I promise. Just keep your heart open and your mind clear. I have been mediating even more than usual, and I encourage you to do that same.

Let the demigods find their way to peace. Earth needs the healing now more than ever. And finally it’s quiet, it’s still, it’s time to be humbled. Success! It’s working even if it’s so uncomfortable.

What Aries/Capricorn gives a shit about comfort? We are all being pushed to the limit. This double Aries energy is helping get the job done.

Sending love during this dark sky, and comfort as you stay at home (please tell me you are at home) and faith that we financially will get through this together.


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