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‘Why does Aries get a bad rap?!’ My client asked rhetorically. ‘Because they stampede right over you! Like babies, they need undivided attention!’

‘It’s what they want — it’s what they need! They like to have noise, so turn on the TV, the music, and just assume they are in charge of what channel you are on. It’s got to be their way or the highway – for goodness sake, they live by the words: I AM!’

I listened to her. I smiled. I understood. Her ex-husband was an Aries. I saw how she shuddered when she spoke of him.

I wanted to argue. My son is a double Aries and he is not like that at all. But I didn’t want to start a fight.

Is it because my son is born under a dark sky — like this new moon we’re approaching this weekend — so he is not a traditional Aries, and he is softer? (Every new moon baby is typically introverted.) Or is it because he has a grand trine in Water so his Aries Fire has been doused?

You must know by now that not ALL Aries are like her ex was. Not all of your ex’s signs get taken off the list of signs we like. That’s not fair! We have to remain open and look again.

For example, my son is not self-centered. He is not loud. He does not suck the energy out of the room. Not at all — quite the opposite, in fact. He is the first one up to do the dishes, to help, and to ask how I am.

‘Let’s not get stuck in the past,’ said every Aries. ‘Everything changes.’

‘And it’s spring — change is here. Keep moving.’

May we all go through this weekend’s Aries new moon with the willingness to start anew.

Let go of the memory of old Whatshisname and open up to a new start.

There are four planets in Aries during this new moon sky. It’s energized, and boy, how the heavens have shifted! There is Fire in the sky. I feel it. Do you?

We are starting a new program I am thrilled about called CS: Continual Stars. I am going to teach again.

See? There is change in the air. I haven’t taught beginners in a long time. I am in love with this new energy and our new program.

Aries reminds me of the child in all of us — so maybe my client was right. There is a baby-like quality that is worthy of our attention.

I live in wonder. To be able to show the world the value of the stars makes me so excited.

My dream is that many will look up and realize we are being guided. We are being watched. Our world can start again. There is never an end to the ‘new’.

What will it take for you to start again? Every day is an opportunity to ask ‘what’s new?’ However, it’s not as easy as just thinking about it; this double-Aries sky demands action.

A proclamation would be useful. Whichever sign bugs you the most, I invite you to say out loud, ‘I’m going to learn to love _____ (fill in the blank).’

When the past holds us hostage to the present, there is no chance of a new beginning.

Under this double-Aries sky, I wish you beautiful, positive, spring energy.

Tell me what you’re starting anew; I would love to hear!


P.S. I hope to see you in CS in June!


  •' Norma Jean says:

    Awesome! It’s a new moon, new day and a brand new world… if we want it to be so! Happy Astrological New Year!

  •' Aria says:

    I am all Aries and as I just had a birthday, I’ve been feeling the intention setting, proclamation shouting and energy shifting! I’ve been channeling all this energy into cultivating new life from the soil, investing in my health and well being and leading with my heart!

  • Thank you for your service.

  •' MaryLou Forester says:

    Hi!! My birthday was April 9th, I arrived in the wee hours Easter Sunday (in 1944 Easter fell on Apri 9) not a true Aries, also introverted. In my career I would have grand ideas give them to a co-worker. I always stayed in the background! I’m emotional, have empathy, would try and stay away from arguments, rather have peace. However I also knew what was important in a career so I would “fight” for any position I wanted…..and would get. Had to show I was as smart as anyone else, I’m the only one in my family that does not have a college degree. My career was with Bon Secours Heath Systems, not really a job because I love what I was doing but also getting paid for it!! “Got paid for having fun” Spring has always been my favorite season…..everything is new. Looking more forward this year as my health issues have taken a turn…….for the better. Going back to Aries, yes I have an equal water and air but definitely more air. Could be because I lived with LOTS of Air. My husband and both girls are Aquarius. So for 28 years did that put out some of my fire? Looking forward to checking out this new June class as I so enjoyed Inner View. Wishing us all a great New Moon Spring and putting away all negative feelings!! MaryLou

  •' Susan Niedzielski says:

    My new message was to leave it all behind and hold hands with Mother Nature and the cosmos. …… so I just may take your class!!

  •' Christine Rae Cover says:

    I am very interesting in learning more about my Cancer life with Leo rising, Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces and how to make the most of what is left. Where is my Soul Mate? Is it Steve, the perfect Leo or have I become more understanding of his tender and good aspects? My Soul Mate has been an Eternal quest for me. Why did I settle for less in the past? Did I really need to challenge myself as toughly as I did? What Karmic responsibilities do I have unfulfilled? Why did I have to explore the dark aspects of challenge and control along with the extreme light and purity of the world I love and the Angels in my life?

    Your devoted Observer,
    Christine Rae Cover

  •' Lisa says:

    I am learning how to speak clearly. Not to be pushed.
    For the first time in my life I have found a hobby that I love. I can start on my projects and before I realize it hours and hours have gone by.
    Started marital therapy to gain new skills.
    Married almost 42 years and I realize how much I really don’t know on effective communication.

  •' Branwen Edwards says:

    I LOVE learning from Debra! Really looking forward to Continual Stars – and my Level 3 in June!!

  •' James Melick says:

    Would like more info on class!

  •' James Melick says:


  •' Lana says:

    How exciting! Well let’s see , I’m a double Aries my moon and rising . Moon is in 1st house conjunct with mercury and rising sits in the 12th house yes I’m feeling the fire energy! My sun is in Taurus, I have a grand trine in the air signs and a missing element is water. I’m starting anew with making a conscious decision that no matter how bad I want to quit or stop and go to something else , I’m going to see things through. And I have made it one of my life’s purpose to learn the language of Libra, it’s the sign that confuses me the most.

  •' Kathleen Carr says:

    I love the positive energy about Aries. I love woman Aries. Men Aries????
    I am starting a new resume, I will start a new job in June and hopefully start a new life in St. Petersburg , FL.
    Thanks Debra
    I love your work!
    Kathleen Carr

  •' Mizan Kirby says:

    Rejuvenate Dear Come back kids.

  •' Sheri Napear says:


  •' Elizabeth Savage says:

    I am restarting my women’s fitness groups.. I have been dormant for almost two years (Transit Pluto on my natal moon ) so have been through a dark night of the soul so to speak, and am finally ready to take back my health and more responsibilities and move the energy in my body 🔥✨ I didn’t even realise until last night I set this all up under the influence of the double Aries new moon energy ☺️ Feeling blessed

  •' Colleen Delaney says:

    Thank you, this was a beautiful email🤗🤗❤❤

  •' Dianne says:

    I am interested

  •' Rebecca A Carper says:

    I’m very interested and wondering when in June as I have a travel commitment mid June and wouldn’t be able to follow through for 10 days…
    Still interested

  • How do I purchase one of you’re books?? Right now I was looking for The Missing Element but I am also interested in others. Thank you.
    With Kind Regards,
    Lisa Marie Bianco

  •' Rev. Maureen White, EdD,SPHR says:

    Much appreciation, Debra. You ROCK! I may not be on any of your programs, since
    I am starting a Clinical Chaplain program at Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento. I retired
    earlier last year to oversee my sister’s healthcare, then her hospice care, and now
    her trust, delegating to my siblings’ strengths. Yep, I am an Aries, however, I am
    a Servant Leader. Love leading and being on teams. Also, time alone to recharge.
    March 30, 1953
    1:52 AM
    Cleveland, OH

    Please take good care of yourselves!

  •' Sophia says:

    starting anew with fresh creativity and rebirthing a new sense of identity!

    Happy Aries energy! all the signs have their gloriousness and shadow parts ✨💜✨

  •' Marilyn Ayres says:

    Maybe it’s my time now to learn more. I have been following you for years but have never been able to do more because I have had so many responsibilities.

  •' Marcela says:

    Debra, you are the best

  •' zenobia toliver says:

    Hello and thanks for the invite i would love to learn astrology

  •' Susan Allen says:

    I paid for the lifetime to use your library, but I don’t know how to get in or use it.
    Otherwise, I’ve been searching for a purpose since my husband passed away & I retired from my job of 30 odd yrs. I became interested in Tarot cards & took class to learn to read several yrs ago at which time became interested in Astrology thru a friend who also took same class. She had been reading charts for yrs & I’ve been interested since then, but haven’t had time to pursue til now.
    I listen to your reading & have your book “The Missing Element”, which I’m reading currently. At this time I’m unfortunately not able to afford any of your classes.

  • free. free . free? count me in

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