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This New Moon in Aries comes right when the Sun enters Aries.

What a huge amount of energy that has been running in my world. How about you? Shifts seem to be present for so many.

Fill in the blank:
I am ready to change_______.
I want to start________.
Let’s get the spring cleaning started early this year!
I want to travel to_______.
I am going to stop_______.

It’s like a new year, this Spring Equinox, where we mark a new beginning. Aries season begins as the Winter ends. Change is in the air. It’s affecting all of us. Or is it? There is a wave of people who are feeling it and acting upon the urge, and then there are those of us who resist. Which are you?

I have designed my life so that it keeps growing. I am a student of this life with all that I am. And, I have noticed lately that I am in a flow. Just today it really showed up with the latest podcast I did, talking with Dr. Zach Bush, where I cried twice during the interview – I was different when we finished.

What a gift of truth he laid on me. The future, said his (Aquarius Rising) wisdom is looking very bright. But not without us walking through the halls of a hospice center where we will have to learn how to deal with letting go. To let change have her way with us.

Some will resist. This life is demanding an ending. We are, as he said, at the sixth extinction. However, it is not bad news. It is as it should be. Change is here.

This life now is all about NOT being attached – this is what he talked about. Zach has a Scorpio Sun with a Moon in Capricorn – meaning he has power and focus. A doctor, a builder, a specialist in cancer and healing. His Mars in Aries at 29 degrees revealed the energy that is upon us right now.

Strong male energy. The invitation to stand right up to whatever you believe in with conviction. This man has energy. I thought to myself: does my male energy have conviction? Yes, it does. Do I feel compelled to serve this planet with all I have? Yes I do.

And now back to you: do you know that while you may judge how much you are doing, your very presence has an impact? Your integrity. The way you eat. The way you work. The way you take care of your kids. The way you pray.

Never underestimate the power of the energy you are running. There is no need to compare to him or her; you are carrying Spring energy longing for a chance to jump in. Change. Let go.

Whatever you are sitting with under this New Moon is exactly your job. You have the influence of a double Aries sky to jump in with all you’ve got. Or do you? What can I do to assist you to find your way back to Mom? All Zach kept repeating was: our relationship with nature is everything. Really? That’s my favorite answer.

Spring is trying to get here. Get outside. Smell the flowers. Kiss the Sun. Write a poem to the Moon. Nature is the answer to every question. So says Dr. Bush and your favorite Astrologer. I love Spring. I love Aries. I love you. Can you feel my enthusiasm? It’s in this newsletter.

Here is a prayer for this New Moon:

May I find my love again.
Remind me to celebrate the Sun.
Give me back to my enthusiasm.
Melt the walls I have put in place.
Show me why there are reasons to giggle again.

I am available sweet soul to have you come close. I am here.
Show me how to love again.


  • I am a Virgo and I like to live in the nature to the brim.

  • Thank you this resonates deeply

  • usmile2@hotmail.com' Nancy says:

    I am Aries with double Libra, living through years of Libra, now Aries is leading. I love your post, my writings have been pure nature, I love deeply all of nature, especially trees. Too much to share here, but suffice to say, letting go accepting change has been present continuously 💗 I love following your posts, thank you 💗 Nancy in Florida 💗

  • rmmjm@aol.com' Mary Anne T Reposa says:

    Once again, thanks Deb said the Scorpio Sun, Moon in Capricorn Aquarius Rising. Listened for years, learned a lot, appreciate it all!

  • anitaliefie@icloud.com' Anita DU PLESSIS says:

    This sounds very exciting.
    Just wondering, what about us living in south-africa? We have just entered our autumn season. What does this double aries look like?

    As a newbie astrology enthusiast i am also excited for my birthday coming up 26 March. New beginning here with awareness of astrology!

    Much love,

  • moonmuse21@gmail.com' Loree says:

    Letting go is hard, but I am ready. Ready for new beginnings….

  • betsysantos60@gmail.com' Betsy says:

    I absolutely adore you Debra! You bring so much truth to this world and delight to our longing souls! Thank you for all that you are and all that you offer of yourself and your wisdom. I love you! 💕🌷🙏🌟
    Betsy Angel Milligan

  • sjscott1210@gmail.com' sharon scott says:

    You are a huge uplift for me everytime i see you or read your posts. Thank you for adding joy

  • GrannyGoo8@AOL.com' Patricia says:

    I wish I felt as if I had a lot of future ahead of me but I don’t. I will be 87 this week and my health has taken a great downturn – my heart is only functioning at 20%. My energy is extremely low and I am barely able to live alone even with some help. I had always been active, writing and publishing 5 books after 75, gardening and keeping my house up, involved in writers’ groups and meeting friends. I don’t know how to reconcile to this being alone, barely able to go out and about. What can I do, besides sit around, waiting to go on to the other side where I can rejoin my sons and my husband?

    • lsburris@msn.com' LB says:

      Write a new book, by recording it with your voice. You still have wisdom to share. Your future is huge in this plane and the next
      ….. Ps you’re never alone, reach out – reach within.
      You’ve got 87 years of a 100% success rate.
      Look in the mirror and you’ll see a champion.

  • hakomitr@aol.com' Laurie Adato says:

    Yes. I’m ready for a big change… Pluto is still sitting on my sun at 29 degrees Capricorn. It will be there all year (or within one degree). Seeking what is the big shift and the direction… and hope to have more clarity now with the Aries energy! I have Mars in Aries and Aquarius rising. So I want to DO, work, contribute & do humanitarian work. But can I sit still enough to feel the change inside that wants to happen spiritually?

  • mizankirby@gmail.com' Mi says:

    Thank you.

  • seanjustg@gmail.com' Timothy "Sean" Gehlhausen says:

    Yes yes yes…I feel the byoutiful change with all my senses. Thank you for sharing young lady. When the time is right I want to study astrology more in depth so glad I get your emails. I am ♈ ☀️, ♈ 🌙, and ♋ ascending and ♈ placement in both ♀️♂️…I know not enough to completely understand, but I know I dig Astrology and your seeming passion for what you do. Thanks again💓🙏🏼💫…Sean

  • pmlockyer@bigpond.com' Pauline says:

    Thank you Debra, Attackem while the spark is starting.

  • jcmagick@yahoo.com' Jacki Shaw says:

    Thank you, as always for being a brilliant inspiration.
    My north node in conjunction Saturn in Aries… and in the house of Scorpio no less! I wish to help save our planet, to save all forms of life and to not only repair what we’ve harmed, but to make sure that the future generations have a healthy place to thrive. 🙏💜🌎
    Thoughts on where to spend my energy?

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