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The 12 Steps of Astrology Addiction

Do you have an astrology addiction? Answer these questions to discover the status of your addiction:

  • When you read the newspaper, do you look for the horoscopes?
  • When your friend talks about issues with her husband, do you ask what sign he is?
  • Do you check the planets’ positions and try to figure out what to do with the eclipses and retrogrades and squares?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have the beginnings of an astrology addiction. Astrologer Debra Silverman is here to help enable your addiction.

Admitting You Have an Astrology Problem

Maybe you’ve told yourself that it’s just a phase or even laughed along with your friends when they mock astrology as that new-age mumbo-jumbo or woo-woo. Or maybe you have been dreaming for a long time how to find the time to delve deeply into the study of the stars but you just haven’t found the right teacher to do so. Well, you’re in luck because Debra Silverman is here to help.

Debra teaches astrology and she prides herself in saying: “I feel like a drug dealer.” Because of her classes you may really seriously have an astrology addiction. She’ll foster your learning about the 12 signs, then the four elements and finally the 10 planets. She will supply you with the fun kind of information that will have you begging for more. For the first time Astrology will be easy…and practical. You will study YOU in level one—because the most important step is to learn about yourself first. And then, of course, all the other people in your orbit. Soon enough you will have to admit to someone you love that yes, you have an astrology addiction.

Check in with yourself to discover your level of zodiac addiction:

  • Step 1: Your curiosity about astrology starts when you’re young: You just kept reading and reading about it when no one was looking.
  • Step 2: You find Linda Goodman at a young age and read all of her books. You had to hide her book under the latest New York Times bestseller because you were neither ready to admit you had a problem, nor ready to tell anyone just how woo-woo you were.
  • Step 3: You start asking everyone what their sign is, as you ask, you tell yourself you’re just curious and trying to be helpful.
  • Step 4: You whisper to you closest friends that you actually love astrology. You trust they really do love you and wouldn’t judge you.
  • Step 5: You start reading the newspapers and downloading horoscope apps even before you understand what they say.
  • Step 6: You get your chart done not knowing about the person who was reading it.
  • Step 7: You love getting your reading done so much, you do it again.
  • Step 8: You get your family’s chart done because everyone is so interesting, astrologically.
  • Step 9: You start watching Debra Silverman’s videos on the different Zodiac personalities—every single day.
  • Step 10: You hem and haw and consider taking an astrology course.
  • Step 11: You actually take the astrology course, and it flips your world and changes your life.
  • Step 12:  You retake the class, then move up levels and do your own readings. You even start your business and live a renewed life because astrology is all there is.

As you can clearly see, the progression from mere curiosity to full-blown astrology addiction can happen in 12 easy steps. Lucky for you, Debra Silverman is here to support you on your journey from astrology amateur to addict. The stars have aligned for you, dear friend of the zodiac, because Debra’s astrology school is open NOW! Check out her website and contact her today. You’ll thank your lucky stars you did. 

This is the best addiction you will ever have. This addiction will have you falling in love with who you are and what you’ve come to do.

To learn more about astrology contact us with any of your questions and to set up a free consultation via email.

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