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The Magic of Magic - Debra Silverman Astrology

In uncertain times, people long for a compass to guide them. An increasing number of people look to magic—everything from astrology, to Reiki healings, to past life regressions—to make sense of the world around them.

This collective focus on spirituality is evident simply based on the number of Americans who believe in angels; which is a whopping 72 percent. (According to the same Gallup poll from 2016, 79 percent of Americans also believe in God.) In fact, the interest in spiritual mediums, psychics and past life regressions (just a few forms of modern magic), is on the rise.  

Magic has been used since Ancient Egypt, while now the current New Age movement is exploding, and our individual spirituality is providing a much-needed anchor giving us comfort and calm. It is often called mindfulness.

Do You Believe in Magic?

The time is ripe for a magical revolution. With Neptune in Pisces, we should all be exploring magic and the Inner World. This will help us better understand and contribute to our world. The voice of magic is so needed—even if you feel you are outside the norm…go for it…speak about magic! 

You can pray, or practice yoga or engage in meditation as your spiritual path, providing a way to connect to magic. This focus on spirituality is a Piscean value: Pisces people often reject traditional religion, although, they’re very spiritual beings. They need to be spiritual to be individualized and not just “following the crow” like it used to be in religion. Read more about this Water sign.

Some of the Many Forms of Modern Magic

  • A Medium is someone who acts as a conduit, receiving information from a Divine source as a way to communicate with a dead person.
  • Psychics, during a reading, use tools of perception (hearing, seeing, sensing, feeling and knowing) to share information they receive from your spirit.
  • Past Life Regression usually uses hypnosis to recover memories from your past lives, either as a form of therapy or as a spiritual pursuit.
  • Tarot + Oracle Cards these types of modern magic include card readings which are decks of 78 cards that use animals, trees, angels, gods or goddesses. (We’re excited to announce an upcoming class called Stars & Cards with Colette Baron-Reid May 4-6, 2018 in Boulder, Colorado.)
  • Astrology studies the art and science of planets and stars to divine information and inform empowered living.
  • Numerology is the belief in a mystical relationship between numbers and coinciding events which is piquing people’s interest and increasing in popularity.
  • Reiki is an ancient art—a healing technique that a therapist uses to channel energy into a patient’s body.
  • Chakras are seven energetic focal points in the body for people to connect with during therapy and healing.

In addition to all these forms of magic, tribal practices are increasing in popularity, too. Doing ayahuasca or sweat lodges. Indigenous people are at the root of this country, and their practices have made their way into the mainstream, including the cleansing rituals of burning sage and carrying sacred pipes. Native peoples focused on spirituality and embraced ceremonies to make a real difference in a crisis.

Considering we’re in a New Age of magic, it’s no wonder we’re looking back to move forward. Pick one of these forms of modern magic that draws you in and I promise you, you are making a difference. Contact Debra Silverman today to learn more about making magic.

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