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Debra Silverman Astrology Shop

Astrology Reading with Debra

Getting a reading from Debra is where the tires hit the road. You’ll go from theory straight into reality. You can read about Astrology, you can get multiple readings from psychics… but when you have a session with Debra, your life can change.

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Mini Certified Astrologer Reading

Discover YOUR unique Astrology journey… There are certain indicators in your birth chart that support your astrological education path. We want to help you discover your unique sweet spots to shine your fullest in the world of Astrology.

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Full Certified Astrologer Reading

Get an Astrology reading with the signature Silverman honest approach, by scheduling a FULL Astrology Reading with one of my trained Certified Astrologers. Make no mistake — this list is filled with well-trained, insightful seers who are here to give you the gift of yourself.

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  • El elemento perdido: Inspirar compasión por la condición humana (Missing Element Spanish Edition)

  • The Missing Element – Signed Limited Edition

  • Meditation Bundle: Single, Trust, Faith

  • Meditation Bundle: Grounding, Joy, Trust

  • Meditation Bundle: Trust, Mothering, Forgiveness

  • Meditation Bundle: Couples, Joy, Forgiveness

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    FREE Guided Meditation: Grounding

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