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If you are born between March 21 – April 20,
your sun sign is Aries.

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Aries Star Sign

Aries Traits & Characteristics

The Complete Guide To Aries

Welcome to the complete guide to Aries.

Aries is the warrior, the pioneer and the daredevil. Fittingly the first sign of the zodiac, magnetic Aries is a natural-born, energetic, and outspoken leader. This sign is enthusiastic, ambitious, and insatiably driven to accomplish goals and excel farther than anyone else around him/her.

People are attracted to fire-y Aries passion, loyalty, and strength. At the same time, though, it’s often Aries’ blunt, bossy-like honesty that may get him/her in trouble. Aries is so direct that sometimes he/she may come across as pushy and insensitive. So, Aries’ ability to work with others and forgive is a crucial life-long lesson – that and knowing when to stop (Aries has an innate propensity to “work ‘til they drop”).

What Is The Personality Of An Aries?

To a typical Aries, life is like one long, rampant Springtime: full of energy, the potential for huge growth, and the manifestation of goals. They are literally bursting with life and they’ll literally push and push until they find a way to expand, grow and progress.

They love to be in charge and make excellent leaders, although they’re not always as good at managing themselves. Their need to achieve and strong desire for challenge can leave them into some precarious situations. However, don’t tell an Aries to slow down or change track, or they’re likely to kick dust in your face and leave you behind.

Aries drive for perfection is unending. They are always trying to be the best at whatever they do and they rarely feel happy with achieving second place. To an Aries, you only enter a race to win. Anything else is a failure. Excellence in their chosen profession or in their chosen sport or hobby is of paramount importance. Attempt to hold them back and they’ll shake you off and try even harder to get what they want.

Aries can be bossy and overbearing but it’s not because they want to intimidate you or control you. They honestly want you to become the very best version of you that you can be.

They’ll support you completely and, as long as they can see that you’re committed to winning, they’ll help you as much as they can. Their true gift is that they really want you to get what you want – as much, or even more, than you want it yourself!

Love Compatibility

You love a good fight. It may sound odd, but if your partner can’t stand up to you, you lose respect for them! 

This is your little secret. If you are with someone who conforms, follows, and surrenders, eventually the resentment will add up to a break-up – and this is way too familiar to you. Over time, someone will either love how true you can be (because there is no greater partner then a devoted Aries) OR you will drop them as fast as you tried to kiss them.

This is a classic Aries tale. The search for your equals. Don’t waste your time pretending to like the sweet person who follows you…eventually you will break their heart. The one who captures you has to be as strong and independent. Remember this and you will find true love; otherwise you might have to deal with a long streak of beginnings and expensive lawyer bills.

What Sign is A Good Match For Aries?

Aries love of excellence and perfection make them compatible with people who have achieved a lot in their lives. They love to be with people who have put their heart and soul into their career, their family, hobby, or sport. Aries can smell your passion to succeed and it’s like a magnet to them.

They get on well with other Fire signs – Leo and Sagittarius They’ll also find an Air sign – Libra, Aquarius or Gemini – exciting and fun to be around. If you can stimulate an Aries’ mind, they’ll want to learn from you and they’ll respect you. With Aries, respect is of vital importance. For them to want to spend time with you, they need to respect you. Lose their respect and you’ll lose their company.

Aries are sometimes found with Capricorns. Even though Capricorn is an Earth sign, they have a high drive when it comes to achieving excellence and perfection. This draws Aries like a moth to a flame. Together, these two signs can achieve great things. Both have a need to be the best that they can, Capricorn will ground the energy of Aries and Aries will bring a spark into Capricorn’s life.

Aries also find the Changeable signs appealing. Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini can spark an Aries’ interest and keep them on their toes. Life combining a Changeable sign and an Aries will never be dull,l but there could be some frustrations and battles along the way.

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What Star Sign Does Aries Not Get Along With?

If you feel like you’re just here for the ride with life in general, steer clear of an Aries. As soon as they feel like you’re not interested in achieving and driving forward, they’ll become frustrated. It’s also likely that you’ll become tired of their continual need for you to be operating at 100% 24 hours a day. Inevitably, the difference will prove too much. Aries needs to be forging forward at all times and they don’t carry any baggage.

Earth signs, other than Capricorn, will be a challenge for typical Aries. Taurus is just too methodical and slow, whilst Virgo is likely to criticize Aries – something that will go down like a lead balloon!

Water signs can also be difficult for Aries to get along with. Water signs are likely to think things through deeply, act on their emotions and may be indecisive – all traits that impulsive Aries can’t get his/her hot head around.

What Are Aries Good At?

Generally, Aries will be good at whatever ignites their passion. Once they get the bit between their teeth, they strive for perfection and will do whatever it takes to achieve success. They love to compete and will often compete against their peers, even when the other people involved have no idea they’re involved in a competition!

Aries make exceptional athletes. Their determination to win leads them to chase perfection until they get where they want to be.

They also make brilliant leaders. This can include Government leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers.

Aries love to help people achieve. That’s why they make great trainers, coaches, and inspirational speakers. Aries can’t help by being thrilled if they think they are truly making a difference to someone’s life.

They also make good mediators and lawyers. This is because they not only love to fight for the result they want, they’re also very good at it and not afraid to stick their neck out. For anyone fighting an injustice, an Aries in their corner is a good sign. If there’s a way for them to win, Aries will make sure that they do. Your success feels as good to them as their own successes.

What Is The Personality Of An Aries Woman?

Aries woman can have quite a hard time coming to terms with her forthright personality. On one hand, the feminine is naturally the softer energy,. But she has this incredible drive to succeed, she wants to be in charge and she doesn’t shy away from telling anyone what to do and when to do it.

The Aries female can go through periods in her life when she may question why she can’t just settle down. She may wonder if those around her find her pushy, bossy or abrasive. Her life lesson is that she can express her natural Aries fire and energy without having to feel that she has to tone it down. If people can’t handle her, that is more their problem than hers. She’s not manipulative. She just knows what she wants and what she has to do to get it. If anyone stands in her way, she’ll ask them to move first but, if they don’t get out of the way, she has no qualms in giving them a firm push!

What Is The Personality Of An Aries Man?

Aries man is protective and fun to be around. He’ll keep you on your toes and will always plan something you weren’t expecting. He won’t settle for second best either so be prepared to visit the finest restaurants and holiday in destinations no one has even heard of yet.

He likes to be in charge but he needs to respect you too. You’ll never earn Aries man’s respect by simply going along with whatever he says. Although it can be hard to stand up to a determined Aries, stand up to him you must. If he’s wrong, tell him. If there’s a better way of doing something, explain it to him. He may blow some smoke at first, but he’ll see that you’re right. He’ll admire you for being strong-willed. He’ll also learn that you aren’t telling him he is wrong to score points, you’re doing it so he can improve what he’s doing. Aries is all about self-improvement, so that’s another way to impress him!

One thing Aries man must be careful of is learning to tone himself down when necessary. He must be careful not to intimidate people who don’t share the same energy. He must learn to recognize and honor the feminine traits in himself and others. It is only by doing this that his empathy will develop. He must learn that sometimes there is more to winning than being first in the race.

Career & Job Compatibility

The most compatible Aries jobs include:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Adventurer
  • Public Relations Executive

Understand Your Sun Sign

Famous Aries Men

There are famous people in every zodiac constellation. Male Aries celebrities include:

  • Alan Sugar
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Heath Ledger

Famous Aries Women

Aries women are powerful, energetic and fearless. Female Aries celebrities include:

  • Diana Ross
  • Lady Gaga
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Celine Dion
  • Kristen Stewart