Cancer Dates

If your birthday falls between June  22 – July 22,
your sun sign is Cancer.


Cancer Zodiac Sign

Welcome to the definitive guide to the Cancer Zodiac sign.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • what type of person is a Cancer.
  • What star sign Cancer is compatible with.
  • Who Cancer isn’t compatible with.
  • The personality tyoes of Caner males and females
  • And much much more.

So if you are ready to learn about the Cancer sign, jump right in.

What Type of Person is a Cancer? 


Ask a Cancerian about themselves and they’ll probably look at you with disbelief. You may get some sketchy details but not much else.

Firstly, Cancer is far more concerned with how you are feeling – and trust me, their instinctual and highly developed psychic powers mean they probably already know your emotional state. Secondly, Cancer can be very secretive about themselves. It’s not because they’re being underhand though.

They often keep their emotions in check as they feel vulnerable in a world where situations and people can hurt them so easily.

Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, Cancer is possibly the one that craves the most emotional contact with others, yet lacks the self-confidence to ask for what they really need. They have a real gift for being aware of what is usually invisible to the rest of us. They can interpret your mood simply by being with you and they have a deep desire to help you. Their gift of compassion often feels like it has a high price – they feel everything too much.

Cancerians are the nurturers. They are the Universal mother of everything and, as such, they want to care for you and heal you. In fact, at their very highest level they are healers. They’ll detect your pain as easily as other people see what the weather is like when they look out the window. Once they know you’re suffering, they’re there for you. A Cancerian is never happier than when they are caring for those around them. It’s such a shame that they often don’t give themselves the same priority. This can manifest as emotional self-neglect or they can seem cold and distant. When a Cancerian seems distant, they are protecting their vulnerable emotional body within their tough crabby shell. 

Just like their sign, the crab, they tend to ‘walk sideways’ towards the things they really want in life. For example, a Cancer in love may buy you an unexpected gift. What they may really be saying is, ‘I love you – I’d love it if you’d buy me a gift’. But, because they have to approach everything indirectly, they buy the gift for you to express their true needs. Being with a Cancer you love is often a case of learning how to interpret these signs. 

Cancerians of both sexes have great, physical bodies. They are exceptional athletes, strong and muscular and usually interested in the right things to eat to maintain their physical strength. 

Also, what surprises some people about Cancerians, due to their sensitivity, is their amazing sense of humor. They really are the comedians of the zodiac. An evening indoors with a Cancerian may well be one filled with laughter. They have a gift for imitation and can usually mimic people with startling accuracy. 

Cancer’s gift is compassion. Cancer can be considered as one of the highest signs. If you can master your own sensitivity and deal with the ‘human condition’ and not emotionally shut down, you truly are doing the highest thing on this Earth plane possible. The Dalai Lama is a double Cancerian. 

Who is Cancer Compatible With? 


Cancerians are highly sensitive people. As such, they like to spend time with other people who are on their wavelength. Cancer is usually compatible with other water signs and people who are deep thinkers. 

Remember, they also have a great sense of humor. Another great comedian of the zodiac is Sagittarius, so this is sometimes a good, if surprising, pairing. Cancer is also usually a good match with Capricorn. Both signs like structure, love getting things done and are very goal-orientated. 

Cancerians are tenacious and once you’ve won their heart, they’ll stick to you through thick and thin.

Who is Cancer Not Compatible With?


Cancer is a cardinal sign.

This is a little bit of a dilemma for some Cancerians.

They have an instinctive desire to lead, yet they often feel they are the ones being led. Whichever role Cancer assumes though, they don’t appreciate being ordered around by anyone. Due to this, they aren’t often compatible with fire signs or people who have loud, in-your-face personalities.

Cancerians usually like to do things the way they want to do them and won’t tolerate someone who constantly criticizes or demands things be done their way. 

What is the Personality of a Cancer Female? 


Cancerian females tend to want to mother the Universe. They make fantastic mothers and intuitively know the needs of their brood and partner. They love to cook and nourish. A Cancerian woman is happy when she has a house full of loved-ones she can feed and look after. 

Cancerian females can often fall into the trap of playing the victim. This is because they truly feel that no one cares as much as they do, no one loves as much as they do and it’s a tough world to face when your emotions are so very raw. Cancerians can feel that everyone takes advantage of their giving, caring nature. They may complain that they do everything for everyone around the house with little help. Although it can be easy to fall into this trap, Cancer is a cardinal sign. This means she is not easily pushed around. Once she stands up for herself, she’s tough and unmoveable. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and their element is water. This means that they can be very moody and as deep as the deepest ocean. Like the ocean, once they are fired up, they are an unstoppable force. But Cancer is usually more secretive, huffy and distant when she is angered. It will take something really monumentous to see her real wrath. If you’ve upset your Cancer lady, be ready for her to retreat inside her shell. You’re probably best off leaving her to heal her own emotions and not trying to coax her out before she feels ready. Soon enough though, she’ll be back to her usual self – there is no more resilient sign in the zodiac. 

The Cancer woman is great at making a home. They love the things around them to look and feel wonderful. They are natural designers and decorators. Their homes are color co-ordinated and perfectly arranged – once they learn to let go of their natural instinct to hoard and hold onto things beyond their usefulness. 

What is the Personality of a Cancer Male


Being born under the sign of Cancer can make life feel tricky for a man. Society, wrongly or rightly, seems to expect men to be emotionally tougher. Cancer man’s emotions are deeper and stronger than most. Hiding how much things truly hurt him can sometimes be very hard for this gentle soul. In fact, some Cancerian men can seem frozen, emotionally cut-off and out of touch with their emotions. This couldn’t actually be further from the truth. Cancerians who have been hurt learn to play their cards close to their chests because they are deeply aware of their own fragile emotions and vulnerability. 

If a Cancerian man’s family role is as the provider, they take this very seriously. They are super-responsible. You don’t find a Cancerian man sitting around and letting the world float by whilst his family goes without, he’ll be up and looking for just the right opportunity to fix things for everyone he loves. He’s a great parent and will use his highly developed empathy to help his children through tough times. 

Cancerian man loves his home. He may seem anti-social as going out really isn’t what floats his boat. Nothing makes him happier than being in his beautiful home surrounded by those he loves. But be prepared for periods when he seems silent or deep in thought. Cancerian man can be secretive about his feelings. When something affects him strongly, his natural instinct is to retreat inside his shell and process what has occurred. Let him heal before you ask him to share his feelings. 

Good Careers for a Cancer


Professions that demand compassion appeal to Cancerians. They make excellent teachers, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and healers. Both sexes are great business owners as they bring compassion to whatever organization they lead. 

They also love food and make great cooks. Remember, they are the nurturers of the Universe, what is more nurturing than providing a good meal? Cooking also appeals to their artistic nature and their food presentation will be impressive. 

As they are natural athletes, their physicality, teamed with their caring skills, can mean they excel in coaching and training sports. It’s not that they are natural competitors, but they are goal-driven perfectionists. 

They are great at working with children, animals, and people with disabilities. Their nature is to nurture. They can also sense, non-verbally, when their help and support is needed. This means that they can easily provide care for those who may not be able to express their needs directly. 

They are also super-creative and make great photographers and artists. Their sensitivity enables them to see the world through different eyes to many of us. They can often interpret the world around us onto paper and really capture the emotion of a scene. 

Taking a Cancerean on Holiday


Firstly, it’s probably not a great idea to spring a surprise holiday on someone born under the sign of Cancer. They do like a certain amount of predictability in their lives. They don’t like places where the music is too loud, the smells are too strong, and people are all talking at once – it’s just too much for their senses. 

Their favorite holidays are all about comfort. They’ll want to take their own pillow and will feel the sheets on the bed when you walk into your hotel bedroom for the first time. They like to have their special lotions, face creams and other home comforts around them. They will love to explore a new location as long as they have a safe, comfortable room to return to at the end of each day. 

Cancerians really enjoy spending time in nature and find the great outdoors very healing. As the crab, they also have a great love of the ocean and other bodies of water. Although, they are naturally cautious, so a boat ride may sound like a better option than scuba diving to many of them. 

The Cancer Child


Cancerian children are incredibly sensitive. They don’t really enjoy parties and prefer to spend time with their families. They have a particularly strong bond with their mother and father. They love their stuffed toys and are at their happiest in their bedrooms. Having said that, don’t expect their bedroom to be clutter-free. They have a desire to play cooking, cleaning and ‘play house’ games yet love to hold onto their belongings and have them scattered around them. 

Sometimes the world outside can be a scary place. In fact, little Cancer will probably sleep with the light on for longer than children born under other signs of the zodiac. The night time is dark and scary. 

The Cancer child will make a few close friends, perhaps even one best friend, and stick to them like glue. They are loyal and instinctively know how to help and heal those around them, even from a very young age. Cancerians are rarely party animals but their sense of humor draws people to them as they are fun to be with, as well as caring companions. 

Remember that your Cancer child can feel your emotions. Arguing in the house will make them feel physically ill, as will simmering discontent. To be at their happiest, Cancerian children need to know that everything is happy in their home and there are no hidden agendas. This is because they are naturally psychic. If they are being told one thing, yet feel another, they can begin to retreat inside the safety of their own shell. 



So there you have it, the defenitive guide to the Cancer sign.

Do you know a Cancer? Or are you one? If so feel free to share this article so that other may learn more about this incredible sign.

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