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This full moon in Capricorn/Cancer was the exact same sky one of my greatest teachers of this lifetime was born under — my dad.

Some of his best advice:
Keep your word.
Mean what you say and do it.
Walk through the place like you own it – no need to make eye contact.
Confidence comes with your last name. Own it.
If you can count your friends on one hand – that’s enough; all you need is one really good friend.
You know you can’t pick family, but you sure can pick friends. Friendship is holy.
Discipline is easy if you are the director of your mind.

One day when my dad came home for work, he went to the liquor cabinet, reached for his favorite cognac, and realized he had a habit. He called himself out and stopped. He told me this story to explain why he didn’t drink.

For years, he smoked unfiltered Camels (think 1967) pack after pack, ashes spewed in his den. One day I challenged him (I wasn’t even 10) – “Dad, you can’t quit.” He looked at me. And quit. I remember him pacing the floors late at night, grumpy and so moody. He never smoked again.

Hello Capricorn. Backbone strong. Integrity upright.

He was labeled ‘bad’ having gone to prison three times in his life. Yes, he had a very hard life. Nothing about Capricorn is easy until they learn their lessons.

We are walking into the season of ‘it’s not easy.’ The Sun is in Capricorn; however, this moon has the opposite song, seeking comfort with our family and the familiar.

‘NO!’ screams December 2020. ‘You will NOT find comfort. You cannot hang onto those family members who are distant.’

This is hard. I want you to know that the backbone of Capricorn is what this time demands. That we mean what we say. That we walk through this world like we own it. We assume the position (as every Cap does) that we are responsible.

That big fat full moon in Cancer is pleading for us to be kind. Winter in North America/summer in the southern hemisphere we all share the same sky.

Be kind. Do it with all you have. Turn the other cheek. Say the nice thing to yourself in this new year. I promise you, my dad while “bad” was the kindest man to those he loved. He loved me and then I get to love you.

That’s the right use of this full moon: LOVE fiercely. Mean it.

Hold down the fort of being grounded and solid, so one day your kid will write a newsletter about YOU and how you taught them hard and soft, love and backbones.

I miss my dad. It feels SO good to share my love of him with you during this full moon in his signs.

Hi Milt. Missing you.
Your daughter,


  • Bethlevey@gmail.com' Beth says:

    Aw thank you for sharing about Milt, your Dad. Iron-willed is how my Cap friends & brother are. My Mars is in Cap and it must be why I can paint all day, so single-minded. I’ve always loved astrology. Now my 2 daughters are into it and I know one follows you. Just bought her your book. She’s also Gemini w Libra rising! Cancer moon.
    Your father was handsome, love that he loved you! And love that you had a good relationship, the best!
    Sun: Taurus Moon:Libra Rising: Sagittarius

    • granderson45@gmail.com' GRETCHEN TREFZ says:

      Debra, thank you for sharing about your Capricorn dad. I am a double Cap and my will is my currency, it’s how I know I can trust myself. The line “Hello Capricorn. Backbone strong. Integrity upright.” made me cry. I sometimes feel isolated as my backbone/integrity feels different from most people. Thank you for giving me tools to love and respect myself and others! Happy 2021!!

  • pmlockyer@bigpond.com' Pauline says:

    Thanks Debra, for sharing your reflection and lover of your Father’s gifts and legacy.

  • Kjk1129@sbcglobal.net' Kathleen kramer says:

    A gift is a gift. To have had a Dad is a precious gift. Lost my Dad when I was four and a half. I think of him constantly, wishing I had known him. Happy birthday Milt. You have an incredible daughter. She is special. Good job! Kathleen

  • autumnbose@gmail.com' Autumn says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Made me acknowledge the love of my father. Because he loved me, I can love others. Thank you.

  • elaine@athruhealth.com' miss eb mcquade says:

    That’s beautiful and such a lovely testimonial to your dad and to the fact that we can turn our lives around . Thanks for sharing x

  • Namajik68@yahoo.ca' Nancy says:

    Very nice! Just what I needed to hear
    Thank you for sharing, Debra.

  • Lizpalmerhome@gmail.com' Liz+Palmer says:

    My Cancerian mother “Kitty” thought me the expression “God gave you your family but thank God you can pick your friends!” Love that your father knew the same! Blessings and Happy New Year.
    Cancer Sun and Moon. North node Capricorn.

  • kristy1015@comcast.net' Kristy says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post about your Dad Milt, Debra. I lost my Dad on July 4th of this year and my Mother on Veteran’s Day, nearly four months and one week to the hour. It is has been a brutal year – for all of us – and your words sustain me. My Dad was a smoker of unfiltered Camels just like your Dad and he would drink a beer after work. Many years later, he quit both. The sage wisdom of your Dad sounds so much like what my Dad used to tell me, too. My moon is in Capricorn and I can relate so very much to what you’re saying.

    What a beautiful relationship between a father and daughter you had. Keep treasuring that.

    Keep being you and spreading your light into the world. I love listening to you and learning from you.
    Sun: Libra / Moon: Capricorn / Rising: Aries

  • thank you so much. this inspired me today and I really appreciate you. Angela, Sun: Taurus, Moon: Aquarius Rising: good ole Virgo 🙂

  • donnafargnoli@yahoo.com' Donna Fargnoli says:

    I would have loved your Dad….A backbone, “balls” and a loving heart. ?❤️?
    Thank you Milt, for giving us Debra…the female version of you. ???

  • siana.siggers@gmail.com' Siana Siggers says:

    I love this! As I learn more about astrology I love my natal chart and thus myself more and more. I used to feel so beat down by life but now I’m learning all the lessons I need to thrive. I was born under a Cap sun with a Cancer moon! Cap rising, too. And I love it!

  • zawacki.jon@gmail.com' Jonathan Zawacki says:

    Thank you for sharing, I am recently a new dad. My daughter, Twyla, was born only 6 weeks ago, I couldn’t get through reading your message to my wife without tears running down my face. Life has been asking me also to leave things behind lately. And what you said helps so much and let’s me know I am on my path.
    Thanks for sharing

  • joandreyer48@hotmail.com' Joan Dreyer says:

    Thank you for sharing your Dads journey, at least the major influences and his determination, sheer grit. Your wisdom comes from your life challenges. That is why your Astrology/ psychology blend works so well. I have Capricorn in 2nd house, Chiron influenced. Not sure yet how that reads, but my own journey is one of great challenges, sheer will, and stubborn determination to rise above. My ex was a gaslighting narcissist. I walked away 20 years ago, and have picked up my cross daily. Striving to overcome the damage he created, I realized I didnt need to own his tainting. Honesty, integrity, and honor toward others keeps me on track. Is this ethic the root of determination?
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

    • gormanjeanne@gmail.com' Jeanne says:

      Hi Joan,
      Gaslighting narcissists are usually in a great deal of pain themselves and feel the need to pass it on to those who least deserve it but they feel will somehow handle it for them. The most difficult part is forgiving yourself for being reeled in and believing in them more than they believed in themselves. Check out Melanie Tonia Evans’ website and books if you haven’t already – lots of good there. It’s essential to drop the cross and move on – otherwise you’re continuing his/her abuse in their absence. Hope that you fully heal this year! Been there and painfully done that, Jeanne

  • littlekath1@hotmail.co.uk' Kath says:

    Thank you for sharing your memories of your Dad Debra, I lost my Dad through suicide due to an evil mother. Being a cancerian sun and moon it left me in an emotional mess. Thankfully I also have a Leo ascendant which gave me strength to get through it will the help of some good family and great friends too. I miss him so much too, but my memories keep him close. He was a Taurus who loved home and family, but sadly never had a happy home life after losing his Mam at 17yrs. Xx

  • Thank you Debra for sharing your story of your Dad.It brought tears to my eyes. As a 9 degree Capricorn, I can relate to your Dad & my hope is that one day my daughter can feel the same way about me. It’s not easy being a Cap at times,but I am ever so grateful to be a Cap. Grateful for the unending strength. Grand trine in Earth helps greatly!! And broad shoulders help too!! Fierce Love is all I know! Your classes changed my life!! I Fierce Love you!!
    Sun: Cap
    Moon/Asc/Merc/Venus: Sag
    Mars: Virgo
    Saturn: Pisces ?
    Been working hard on those lessons,which your classes helped me see.
    So the second half of my life can be less hard.xoxo
    Corey D.

  • Thank you for sharing! My dad said the same things, especially about friends.
    Happy and Healthy New Year Debra!

  • Getherdone011360@hotmail.com' Wendy says:

    That’s a great summation of me. Never been characterized like that.

  • goldnava888@gmail.com' Catherine says:


    How do you deal with loss with someone you love.

    Years have passed since your father passed and the lovely snippet you wrote about your father is bold, beautiful and strong. Thank you for sharing.

    In your article you wrote, “You cannot hang onto those family members who are distant”? Are you talking about your family members who have made their transition? Or family members who are emotionally distant, but live in the same house like a (son or daughter who stays in their room)? Or, family members who are in another state than you live in? Can you explain further?

    Thank you for all your help, and God Bless You with Light and Love
    Cathy from Michigan
    Sun sign: Gemini
    Ascendant: Aries

  • ajdoran013@gmail.com' amy doran says:

    i LOVE This Story. Thank You for sharing it. Wishing You an Incredible New Year Debra?

  • j.gould2007@btinternet.com' Jill Kelly says:

    Debra, how humbling to read your words about your dad. Your love, respect and affection oozes through in your words .
    I lost my Dad in June during the pandemic. My dad was 90 years old and a Virgo. I miss him every day but I know he is up there with the stars watching over me. Im 62 years old and his wisdom and strength particularly that he showed as he approached the rainbow bridge gives me a strength to live through anything.
    Oodles of Respect for your work.
    Jill Kelly.

  • sgesner11@gmail.com' Sherry says:

    ❤️thank you for sharing this. I’m missing my Dad, XO.
    Deep love,
    Sco Sun, Tau Asc, Cap Moon.

  • plmdff@gmail.com' Lauren says:

    Thank you for sharing your love of your dad. Your subject line stopped me in my tracks!
    Today would have been my Capricorn Dad’s 90th birthday and I’m his Cancer Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Capricorn rising daughter. It’s tough right now. It’s nice to know I’m not alone!

  • dotnyjets@aol.com' Barb says:

    Beautiful Debra, thank you for your commitment.

  • ssgringueberg@gmail.com' Sarah says:

    Aw, this story touches my heart in many ways! Love you Debra Silverman. Thank you for helping us celebrate Capricorns. I’ve worked under two Capricorns and they were both the hardest workers! I haven’t always been able to relate to Cap folks, but now have an appreciation for thier earthy ways! I am an Aries sun, Cancer moon and Leo rising.

  • SandraGravseth@yahoo.com' Sandra says:

    Thank you for all that you share with the world! I look forward to receiving your messages and forwarding them to my “peeps” as well.
    Happy New Year to you!

  • cathy.cecere@gmail.com' Cathy says:

    Debra you’re very blessed
    I know you know that!
    I feel blessed having you pass on your Dad’s wisdom
    And I’m greatful for you
    Thank You ?

  • cathy.cecere@gmail.com' Cathy says:

    PS: I can taste your Dad’s wisdom!!

  • zellacious@aol.com' Suzanne Mizelle says:

    Thanks for that. My dad was a CAP, too. So I get it. Don’t know about his rising and moon. But, I know behind his gruff exterior, he loved us deeply.

  • prisey13@gmail.com' Michelle Price says:

    What a gem, Debra! Thank you for sharing. Bringing fond memories of what my dad taught me, and stood for. We are BLESSED. Love n Light- Michelle

  • Originalinsightstarot@gmail.com' Katrina says:

    Wow. How cool! And nice you remember your dad in this way. Nice post!

  • Petrovchanka@gmail.com' Aida says:

    How! Beautiful! I love this tribute to your dad, Milt. Thank you for sharing a little bit of Milt’s personality and perseverance. He lived by a code that we should all be so lucky to live by should we so choose. Bless this cancer moon in Capricorn and bless you and your entire community, Debra.♥️

  • beachhouselulu@aol.com' Lowella Abikoff says:

    Thank you!! Brought to mind my Dad,Milt!!
    Similar wonderful advise and Oh I miss him Dearly

  • Emjohnson2008@gmail.com' Elizabeth says:

    What a moving newsletter, and so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your memories of Milt and his determination and loving strength. It was just the inspiration I needed today.

  • This was just beautiful and so inspiring. Your Dad would be so proud of you. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, dorothy in new zealand

  • cambellbonnie@gmail.com' Bonnie Jane Campbell says:

    Thank you for the beautiful story of your dad made me very emotional I’m on 16 th jan I’m a cappy who loves hard out trying to look after people till my lessons learnt you hit it on the head I’m trying to help people lost to the drugs because most have children who I try my hardest to let them know they have choice I’m already a member of yours but just wanted to let you know very thankful for what you said I just try and help anyone and it’s a very thankless job alot of the time hurtful but one real happy smile true smile and I just cant stop got to keep going solder on thank you lovely lady needed that wee kick start to feel ok again thank you xox

  • Thanks for sharing ! You look like your Dad!
    It’s my birthday today 12/29/63
    Sun, mars, merc, south node Capricorn
    Rising, Venus, Saturn Aquarius
    Gemini moon

    It’s been a hard life. But I understand what you mean when you say that Cap learns hard and then gets it.
    And we know how to love!

    Be well and thanks for all you do

    Om & Peace –

  • Mazk444@yahoo.com' Michele says:

    So wonderful sharing about your dad. My dad was also a Capricorn as well as a boss I had for many years – they both had/have the same birthday in fact. Certainly they both we meant to be in my life!!!! Both men were/are kind and lead/lead amazing lives. Capricorn’s have certainly blessed my life.

    Thanks for all you do Debra!

    Virgo Son, Pisces Moon and Libra Rising.

  • Debra,
    Thank you for sharing a bit about your dad ??

  • triciacolin@yahoo.com' Tricia Fuentes says:

    This made my day. Beautifully written right from the heart. Thank you for sharing your dad’s wisdom.

  • asgrell@teamfishel.com' Anne says:

    I love your story Debra…..I think you are amazing also! My son has 4 planets in Capricorn and he is a very strong willed person. I have Mars and north node in Capricorn which
    has helped me be strong raising my son alone. I just wish I could get him to believe in Astrology….he wants nothing to do with it….doesn’t believe. He does have a Taurus moon….could that be why he is so stubborn?
    Love you,

  • lalotty@gmail.com' Lotty says:

    Thank you for sharing your beloved father’s memories.
    I’m a fierce Cap, in my youth I was all “black or white”, no grays allowed. With aging (now 57 yrs old) my backbone is still stiff, hardened by life’s challenges, but my eyes have learnt to see shades, and my journey towards my south node in Cancer is teaching me lessons about forgiving and deep love, everyday. Instead of “erasing” people from my life everytime I find them unworthy, now I try to understand their reasons. It’s such a good feeling of completeness and sharing the Universal love. Capricorns are awesome, and when they are touched by cosmic wisdom they become extraordinary! … and really humble… ; ) This cancer full moon really is taking me into the deep. Yesterday I cried all day. Feeding birds and feral cats in my garden, feeling need to love and to be loved.
    I wish you all the best.
    Lotty, from Italy
    (Sun Cap, rising Sag, moon Scorpio)

  • kerry_zbukvic@hotmail.com' Kerry Zbukvic says:

    Thank you Debra, a great tribute for your Dad to see in the New Year. This Capricorn time has me thinking about my resolve, confidence, strength and backbone. How to give my best to those I love and care for.
    I am looking forward to more Astrology, and many thanks for your teachings through the year.
    Best wishes from
    Sun Saggitarious, Moon Cancer, Venus Capricorn x

  • vintagekindred@gmail.com' Victoria says:

    Explains a lot about my ex – a Cap who had an iron will, real commitment to integrity, but also a mean streak. That’s why he’s my ex.

  • aspenchandelle@gmail.com' Aspen Knox says:

    Such fantastic words of wisdom. Both of my parents are Cap’s, and my boyfriend/partner is Capricorn as well! It helps bring me back down to earth as I have a lot of air in my chart.
    Sun: Gemini Moon/Rising: Aquarius

  • tigressa27@gmail.com' linda says:

    Swoon. So beautiful.

    And thanks to you, Debra, I’ve just found out that my mid-heaven is in … Cancer! So on-point. I’m in the midst of getting my hyper-local magazine, Haight Street Voice, thriving as I continue to focus on, love and support community, here in the Haight Ashbury and all over the world. “Be Kind” … ain’t that hard! LOVE.

  • marnieaflalo@hotmail.com' Marnie says:

    Aww this is beautiful, such a nice tribute and so nice that you had such a loving dad! Thankyou for all you bring us with humor and love ❤️ Debra wishing you the best!

  • andrea.lenore@gmail.com' Andrea Louis-Visser says:

    Debra, you touch my heart with this remembrance of your father. None of us is perfect. To me that makes each of us so very special. The love in your heart embraced him and then all of us. He was a gift. You are a gift. Thank you!!! All the best in 2021. ?

  • sbransfield33@gmail.com' Susan Bransfield says:

    Thank you Debra~
    What a beautiful way to honor Milt your father.
    I really like what Milt said about friendship.
    “ You know you can’t pick family l, but you sure can pick friends. Friendship is holy.”
    The ultimate friendship I have learned, is to go deep within my own heart, deeper than the mind and emotions. To be established in loving myself with all the foibles and imperfections, and that love is never depleted, there is an endless supply to spread to people and animals in this world.

  • Missy_webb15@hotmail.com' Missyness says:

    This was so touching. Especially for a girl who is also very close with her father. I find comfort in your words. They make me less worried about the day my father passes. Knowing that I will forever have the simple and special moments together to look back on. ? sun Sagittarius, moon libra, rising Sagittarius

  • kathystanger@msn.com' Kathryn says:

    Wow. My father is Capricorn/Cancer Full Moon as well!!!!!!!!! Still kickin’ at 89 years of age, after raising 5 good kids, he still doesn’t feel like he’s done enough and isn’t worthy of our love. More amazingly, we JUST had a conversation about how he quit smoking cold turkey when I was a kid. Thanks Debra, I get the message, I’ll love fiercely and mean it! Happy New Year!

  • granderson45@gmail.com' GRETCHEN TREFZ says:

    Debra, thank you for sharing about your Capricorn dad. I am a double Cap and my will is my currency, it’s how I know I can trust myself. The line “Hello Capricorn. Backbone strong. Integrity upright.” made me cry. I sometimes feel isolated as my backbone/integrity feels different from most people. Thank you for giving me tools to love and respect myself and others! Happy 2021!!

  • Breannacheri@yahoo.com' Breanna says:

    I’m crying tears of love and gratitude to your dad and you and my dad, also a Capricorn. Reading this letter about your dad stirred so many emotions about my deceased dad. Leaning into my Capricorn side feels really right after reading this. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

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