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This week’s full moon in Capricorn/Cancer is asking us to open our hearts. It is not an ordinary full moon—it includes an eclipse, suggesting that this moon can bring about impactful moments that will be remembered long after the Sun comes up.

How can we make this cycle noteworthy? Let’s mark it with a conscious commitment. Not unlike your New Year’s word or resolution, let’s think of a way to make this moment stand out and be memorable.

The theme this month is to reflect on the opposing influences standing between work (Capricorn) and your love of family (Cancer).

I just finished a workshop where I was experimenting with a new class concept I’ve designed, called Tell Me a Story (coming soon to your neighborhood). It’s for people who love to write and realize that writing can be a major doorway to the healing of your inner child wounds and the de-thawing of your stuck places.

In the class, we wrote about the 4 Elements in a well-executed workshop structure, allowing each voice to be articulated and heard. There is something about telling our story and reading it out loud that allows wisdom to be found. Not unlike our Applied Astrology school, which has a very similar effect, but in this case without Astrology—it’s a writing course.

One of the participants from last week’s beta testing was addressing the very conversation that is being focused on during this full moon. She was born with her Moon in Cancer and her rising sign in Capricorn. This is our full moon dialogue. What matters more: work or family?

After the prompts in the class she was reminded of her consuming love for her ‘family’—which consists of her 3-year-old baby and her husband. They are a great family unit—in fact, both her and her husband share the Cap/Cancer opposition. It has to be said that while opposites attract, Jung found similarities in charts make for compatibility.

She and her husband were on the same page, as they are both excessively ambitious. Because her work and her ambition are so compelling (said every Capricorn who lives up to their astrological influence), and because her success was continually growing, her writing prompts brought her back to remembering her heart. Oh yeah—everything revolves around Love. It sounds corny but it is so true.

During the first day we were all moved as she spoke and wrote of her love for her family with tears in her eyes. She was missing them. Suddenly we all watched her drop into her heart. It took the excavation tools that can happen when journaling to feel safe enough to go deep. I teach students to do that in all my classes. I worship a soft heart and the feeling of LOVE.

Too often, we forget to stop and get back to basics. Too often ‘successful’ people keep climbing up the mountain…it is no surprise this is a topic at hand: Capricorn is a mountain climber. Up, UP they go and if not careful, they will forget what they left back home—especially when they are juggling family, business, health and spirituality.

This full moon, STOP. Ask yourself: what matters most? How can this full moon eclipse offer you a chance to re-evaluate and remember what is most important? It is a time for prioritizing.

I know my first love is to keep my heart open at all costs. Period, full stop. And then it’s you guys. To be with my students, those of you interested in reading my blogs. But let’s be clear, LOVE comes first.

Make a pact that you will focus on love, relationship, and family above all else. What, if anything comes before your love for love…you tell me?

This full moon is a time for celebrating LOVE. I learned a lot from watching the participant open her heart right in front of us. So sweet, so real, so human. We all need love.

Here take this—a wave of love coming at you,


  •' Isabel Mulvihill says:

    Thank you so much for your teachings . This brought me down to earth. I am struggling with family and their addictions and the devastation it causes. On one hand I dont want to enable them. I’m struggling to balance and watch my blunt approach and do it with love. Anything I say is taken as an admonishment from me to them where I know my heart breaks that I know they speak through their addictions. At this moment I am estranged from two daughters by their choice. They know I speak the truth and from what I can figure is they are keeping me away to not hear or deal with that truth. You have given me food for thought . Peace .

  •' Marty Thomas says:

    Love of family and partners , love of work and most of all love of self with that open heart…one does need to function without fear and also gratitude when love can be exchanged fully…

  •' Tracy says:

    Love is such a priority for me that career is where I need to focus! Ironically, my love/family priority, while inline with my astrology, (Sept 23, Virgo/Libra cusp) is my downfall from the work perspective. I let others’ control my professional choices until I got a divorce and came to terms with my narcissistic mother, but this happened when I was 49, and I needed to rediscover myself and what I wanted. It is similar to my 18 yr old desires, but better! I think I am on the right track finally! I look forward to any writing workshop you might decide to offer, it is a method of personal discovery that I utilize daily and find it a true source of freedom, self love, and awareness.

  •' Bonnie Luther says:

    Awesome message!
    Thank you

  •' Jacki C. Shaw says:


  •' Lisa Belser says:

    Hey Debra!
    Loved that! My sun and Venus in Cancer with my Saturn in Capricorn have me forever asking that question! Or perhaps the statement is: My life work is my family. ? hmm.
    Thanks for the blog. I’m journaling again after a break and it’s so useful to reflect…in fact your astrologist, Louise Bauer

  •' Lisa Belser says:

    …told me to start journaling again to look at how I talk to myself. It’s been very helpful!


  •' Ashley says:

    I cannot wait for this writing course!

  •' amy doran says:

    i Love this concept. it’s so important to take a break from technology and get back to pen and paper to get in touch with our Soul/Self. i can’t wait to see how this evolves.
    also, just a heads up, but i think this should be She instead of Her…:)
    —in fact, both her and her husband share the Cap/Cancer opposition.

  •' Cristina says:

    This full moon invited me to review my work life and take a step back. Only then my body that was giving me health issues clues, started to get better.
    So my theme for this full moon is self care and self love.

  •' MaryKate Brailsford says:

    I am a Cancer (June 25th) with Scorpio rising. This eclipse has been one of the most emotionally draining eclipses of them all. It was definitely a tug of war between work and family. The end of this eclipse however, has me admitting that “I feel” (says the Cancer) I am a complete failure at both. ( sigh )

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