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Announcement: There are two eclipses this month—one is partial and one is full. So we need to stop to pay attention July 12.

Eclipse: to block out light. If we are talking in terms of a lunar eclipse—it only happens during a full moon…and that’s coming later this month. Solar eclipses happen when there is a new moon, which we are headed for this week: July 12 (a partial eclipse, but meaningful just the same).

What are the flavors of the events this week, you ask? SUN and MOON in Cancer.

Think about your familysaid the mushy Cancer—who have loved you since you were little, since you were born (or have they?).

And now think of your family you have created—the child/children you have birthed, or raised since they were little, or those you have lived with as an adult. Feel the difference.

The family you came from may or may not have continued to feed your heart; the family you created, hopefully you get to feed.

Now notice the power of now—that you have chosen your family of choice and can create a whole new breed—a new culture from what you were raised in.

I just had the chance of going home to see family during our Cancer Sun and realized once again, that my little girl looked around when I was young and said: “No way am I going to continue family values as portrayed here.” They were not reflections of my beliefs, of my communication style or how I wanted to raise my children. I stepped away from their influence at a very young age—and I’m glad I did.

My chosen friends have became my deep trustworthy ‘family’. I was judged by those I left behind. And while my Cancerian feelings were hurt, and at times it was lonely (no one to celebrate on Mother’s Day, or to go home to on holidays), over time my Saturnian mindset came to see how valuable it was to the power to create my own version of family.

This is the Aquarian age symptom: we no longer have to stay in the village that was put in place for us at birth. In times of old, if you left your village, you were cast out as a foreigner not to be welcomed back ever again, nor allowed to be at the center of your village. You lived as an outsider—you were left out. This was a horrible burden to carry.

Times have changed. Now you can be whatever you want: this is the Aquarian age in blazing colors…NOW you are free to be exactly as you choose.

During this new moon and this partial eclipse, ask yourself: Who is my family? Who is there for me? Who can I trust? Did I take my power back to choose my values and style of communicating and being?

If you are not happy with ‘family,’ then chose again. This eclipse is here to be a marker that you can remember.

In July of 2018, I decided to take my power back from the concept that we are stuck with family. No you are not. You can choose exactly who and how you want your relations.

This is the power of Astrology: to remember your power of choice. Are you with the right peeps/family members? Take a look and share with me your realizations.

Do the prayer you need during this new moon:

Let me love those that I call family without the chains of the past demanding anything else. I choose my family, I choose my life and I celebrate my freedom!!


P.S. By the end of the month Mr. Mercury starts walking backwards, when Mercury goes retrograde July 25…I’ll share more about that in my next newsletter, but wanted to give you the heads up.


  •' Mara says:

    Your words have helped me realize that the abusive relationship I endured from childhood does not need to be perpetuated or repaired. Thank you!

  •' Donna Greeley says:

    Wow thank you for helping me emotionally & mentally, reminding me of the true power within us in choosing what we will accept and what we can change. Your words made me realize “wake up” and create your own family of Love, laughter, acceptance, guidance & positive thinking, learning to be a better kinder, forgiving person. You are a special lady Debra. Thank you for sharing & teaching.

  •' Talia says:

    Thank you so much for this. It’s exactly what I’ve needed to hear and will keep this post as a reminder…

  • I love this!!! Thank you so much Debra ♡♡♡♡♡

  •' Karen says:

    Thank you Debra, so approximate for my life/ family issues currently. I have learned slowly, I must add, how to emotionally disengage from the outcome of an adult child’s health issues after ten yrs and learning some valuable lessons along this journey .
    Now it is time for “me” to enjoy life, have fun, be selfish and care not a hoot about what family may think. I sacrificed years of my life trying to fix my daughter and lost many yrs doing such. From a cancer.
    Karen McQuade

  •' Lu says:

    Many thanks

  •' Kathleen Yvonne Westbrook says:

    Thx!!! Ok, submitted app to sell organic sweet potato patio planters at Fayetteville, AR farmers market. Your light is bright, beacon of hope! big love, sista Kat ps let’s heal that collective consciousness, we are never separated!!!

  •' Hilda Sitges says:

    Your message is always fowerful, true and welcome. Much love back,
    I have your book and treasure it ❤️

  •' Jeannine Roy says:

    I have a Cancer moon and its taken me years to learn to observe, listen store it BUT do NOT own it….EMOTIONALLY THAT IS.
    I am now 79 yrs and am finally free. Astrology has always been my gauge with the people I meet to engage or not to engage. I am an Aries.

  •' Suzanne Gagnon says:

    Hi Debra,
    In a few day I’ll be 60 ….On July 24th.
    For a certain time I choose my family….my mother died 6 years ago…and she was the center of my life….because my father wast’ present at all and they had divorce
    when i had 6 years old.
    I have 2 brothers older than me…so I had that privilege to keep a relation with my mom( I still missed her) very close like a daughter but also a friend ….
    Who i can count anytimes of my life….so when she passed away ….a part of myself was totaly in the dark…..
    She also had Alzeihmer for the last 7 years of her life…..

    But now my family his my 2 brothers and friends and relation close to my job….I’m a Sales Representative in Chemical Industry.
    I’ll be retire in December 2020.
    Be sure to stay in contact with you….you are an energy woman and very kindness too!
    You make me laugh so often….

    Thank you to be part of my life!
    I’m for Trois-Rivières, Québec, canada



  •' Kathy Parman says:

    Thank you Debra for the insight

  •' Tracy Leggett says:

    I thank god for the choices I made to stop the cycle of my birth family. I have raised my 3 sons very differently and I see the great things I created through my sons. Now the generation continues with my Grand daughter. I have no regrets, I just used the lessons to choose differently and make a happy family. The struggle was hard but oh so worth the changes and the ever lasting happiness. Thank you for bringing this to light. I am so truly grateful for my chosen family I am surrounded with.

  •' Jeannine Roy says:

    I have a Cancer moon and through the years learned to listen and observe but do not own THEIR issues. Astrology has served me well and taught me how to cope with life. I am Aries with a Cancer moon..survived so far 79 yrs. Thanks Debra

  • This is helpful. I’m pretty sure I need to take this advice, as my biological “family” is not my family of choice by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Oh boy this hit home for me today. I released my family about 7 yrs ago and it was a huge weight off of me. Now this year I released a 30yr friendship that was like family but I had to come to terms it was time to find a new tribe. I have been evolving spiritually and some friends have not been able to adjust to the fact that I will not go to their dark place of anger and resentment with them, I no longer want to live in fear as they do. It was scary and hurt but it was a huge weight lifted , that’s when I knew I made the right choice. I love your perspective and truth! Thank you for sharing you!
    Much love, light and laughter

  •' Tara says:

    ??‍♀️?thank you Debra

  •' Michele Valimont says:

    Yes, spot on for me as I am and have been struggling with identifying ‘family’ . Thank you Debra for sharing once again.

  •' Elnor Rollins says:

    Thank you so much for the update

  •' Sara says:

    This is so powerful to read. As our family members age and die, at times I feel guilt for not mourning their passing as a horrible loss.
    Because of circumstances (damn you Katrina) we were fated to care of aging parents. As difficult and challenging as it has been it helped me make peace with the reality I concluded at a young age, that I had nothing in common nor wanted to follow the teachings of those that birthed me. At times I feel shaken and confused when I see or hear others in our age group lament and grieve the loss of their parents or siblings, maybe even a bit jealous.
    I am grateful to mine for showing me how NOT TO BE and their behavior forcing me to break patterns of negativity and abuse for the next generation. Their roles as parents fullfilled, showing me a better life but sadly not in the loving way you would excpect parents to guide you.
    Thank you for your honesty and transparency. Love your work!!! HAPPY ECLIPSE!!

  • Hello Debra.

    My mother recently passed and I contacted her through an intuitive a few weeks ago. The intuitive spoke of “soul families,” the same idea you are talking about here with our chosen families. I have long called them my friend families. I knew from an early age hat my biological family did not feel like my family, and it has been painful trying to fit in with them. With the passing of my mother, I am letting that struggle go and embracing the family I have created in my life. Thanks for the post! Kristin

  • Thanks for the reminder to focus on family at this new moon partial eclipse time. My current challenge it feels like is a family member by marriage—. Each person shifts energy patterns—-and ultimately the choice is in my heart and between my ears.
    Blessed new moon,

  •' Margaret says:

    Follow you everyday love your words of wisdom!!! Always on the positive side.
    Keep up great job!

  •' Doe says:

    I am a cancer born on July 6th, your advice or deep insight is spot on. Much appreciated

  •' Joan Merritt Kraus says:

    How amazingly timely and right on. Thanks, Debra for the insight and “permission “ to make my choices in regards to family… I ha e so many “shoulds” floating around about what are my responsibilities re my family (I am oldest of 6-and last year moved out of the state the remainder of my siblings live-parents both gone)—-lots of letting go for sure . This period of time over the past week with your various videos have softened my view on family…thank you!! Looking forward to next few months being that I am Leo sun with Virgo Moon and ascending…good times☀️?? thank you-?

  •' Karen says:

    Right on sister! My Aquarian moon hears you loud and clear! First time I thought of it like this. Thank you!

  •' Carolyn says:

    Love this! Thank you for sharing your story and knowledge of this New Moon and Solar Eclipse! I will be holding space for a New Moon Circle tomorrow and will be referencing somethings you mentioned here. Appreciate you! 😀

  •' Janet redman says:

    Hi—have had a very interesting week—stuff out of the ordinary but doable. DOB 7/11/1939– i may be older but have a lot of good left.

  •' Teresa Taylor says:

    Thankyou,Debra.There have been a lot of changes in my family….some sad….some painful….some happy,some full of strength.I appreciate your wisdom.

  • I LOVE YOU!!!! You are the only person to help ME understand why I am as moody and family driven and loyalty-family-motivated as I am given that all I used to formerly know about myself was that I’m an Aquarian with a Leo Moon. The truths and archetypes about those two signs are very true in me, but I am also so wounded by the deep betrayals of my childhood and other “family” situations that I never could get my brain around why “family” and “tribe loyalty” would mean so much to me!! But YOUR class, workshops helped me understand this vital truth about myself so that not only was I able to accept the fundamental truths about my self for real, but also have even MORE faith in the power of astrology.

    So thank you, so, so, so much from this Sun Aquarius, Moon Leo, Sun in 4th House, Saturn conjunct Jupiter in 4th House – woman is head over heels in love with learning about and respecting the power of astrology.

  •' Ninni says:

    I’m Aquarius!
    The last 2 weeks I spontaneously contacted My family membrers from birthday, formgiven them and telling them who I have become now!
    I also been texting My dauther How much I love her a little extra this week, I’ve been helping different Friends with there family problems and have received so many loving comments about How much we mean to esch other
    My new family has given me so much this 2 weeks
    And today when I read this, IT GIVES ME GOOSE bumps!!!
    Where can I find Out more about me and My birthday and birthtime and How it effekcts me as a person??
    Thank you!!

  •' Maria says:

    Thank u for the choice one can make about raising children – I actually did that – I’m the older person and can say they are so independent – family is great but we have found that family thinks because there is snow on your head u also lose brain power – if they only knew!!
    LV you’r thoughts and laughter!!
    U make me smile and think!

  •' Kathleen Anset says:

    Thanks for that, tried more than once to keep in contact with a sibling, but goes her own way, she tells you what to to do but you can’t give her any
    Advice, so it’s been 2 years now since spoken, been 4 years for my other sister, she not spoken to her.
    Just accept I quest ? she is a aquaris, I’m a Taurus, sister is a Capricorn.

    Blessings Kathy ❤️

  •' Val says:

    I stepped away too, and had same feelings as you, and like you I am glad I did. Thank you for putting it into words and validating my experience by sharing yours.
    Much love to you, Debra!

  • With an Aquarius Moon in my natal chart, I can affirm and validate this truth, Debra. I have lived it my whole 62 years.
    Appreciate your insight and ability to name it.

  •' Shannon Means Courtney says:

    Thank you so much for this letter. It hit Home in so many ways. I am moving forward in life, a bit of a late bloomer Capricorn/Libra ascending. To put it simply, my own biological and original family has shifted many times, but I have found some true peace in my work and myself. Losing family –or holding on to a family that does not reflect the values we choose —is more painful than simply realizing we are okay and fully ourselves as Creator/ the Univetde intended. Blessings and love sent!

  •' Marcy says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank you Debra. I am riddled with guilt for not wanting to be a part of my blood family. There are many reasons that I am not. This blog is a big sigh of relief <3 Seriously, Thank you! Marcy

  •' Christine says:

    I love you. I am always humbled by the timing of the things you say and the longer I read about you and what you share the more I realize that we come from a similar upbringing. I left my family as soon as I could (18 years old) but I didn’t extract them from my life as I needed to until about 5 years ago (I’m 49) by setting up some very clear boundaries and disconnecting my heart from their severe dysfunction. And in the last 6 months seeing an excellent therapist that is really helping me get to the next level. I also physically relocated to the other side of the country (my children followed) and have found a tribe here that I chose. It is liberating and beautiful when we can create our family and surround ourselves with like minded healthy folks. Thank you for what you do and share.

  •' Charlene says:

    Thank you dear Debra. Yes, my birth family was a tough place for ittle Cancer Moon Sagg sun me. I felt too much, was blamed for being moody and temperamental and too sensitive. My siblings obviously experienced growing up through different lenses and disregarded and poo-pooed my explanations of mine. Distant, fiery father who took out his frustrations on me sometimes lead me to always choose emotionally unavailable men and my mother was tired and busy and unable to bond due to HER mother dying at a young age.The father of my two children was also an emotionally unavailable Scorpio, eventually after 16 years we called it quites and my firstborn chose to go and live with him! Broken hearted I was for long and our relationship has still not recovered – she treats me with disdain and is rude to me and still finding herself too much to seem to value me as her mother. Since I never truly valued my mother, it feels like a generational curse and no amount of family constellation therapy or meditaiton, prayer or horaries have changed this yet. My son and I shared the family home till he turned 23 and we are still regularly in touch. I would love to have my children at my table once a month for a lovely meal, but that is a fantasy . Feeling a bit desperate about it around this time, but also realising that everyone is undergoing their own process and am happy with crumbs of communication if they come. Moving along, earning about who I am, wondering if I am meant to be entirely solo for the rest of this life and enjoying a lot of the freedom and independence. All these elements, archetypes and images! Did’nt the rescue of the 12 boys from deep inside that dark cave perfectly symbolise this Pluto in Capricorn opposition Cancer Moon energy!
    much love.

    Thank you for your humour, your sharing and your wisdom!

  •' Gail Bonnett says:

    I adopted a son. I did my best to raise him alone as his adopted father chose drugs and basically abandoned him as well, after I worked to put him in law school! Anyway, my son chose drugs too (no surprise) and finally got clean after I finally said get help or you r out, it took me 3 yrs in Naranon to do that. He came home clean and has never left. Not good. He has worked off and on and now he is addicted to pot! He puts me through hell and I can’t tell him to leave. I moved and that forced him out a few years ago, but that was in vain and did nothing but cost me more money. He is my family. I have one sister living and she is the only person left that really makes me feel loved. I got agoraphobia when I adopted my son…fought like hell to come back and now 35 years later, it is here again. Stress !,

  •' Carol Knoll says:

    Thank you Debra. Though we have never met (in this life!) , I consider you part of my family. I look forward to hearing what you have to say. I look forward to reading what you have written. And I just like being in your positive, empowering vibe. I check what you are wearing on AA and sometimes it makes me chuckle. Sometimes I think wow, that is great. I will put together an outfit that looks like that. I admire you as a woman – smart, strong, steady, nurturing, attractive and yin. I like you by my side, like a sister.
    I am a Virgo with an Aquarius moon and Cancer rising.

  •' Erika says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience and insight…Your timing is impeccable.

  •' Lloyd Adkins says:

    Hay Debra, Thanks for the advice about family. This is Lloyd from Fort Mill, SC, 0 Agu, 5 Leo ASC, you know the 81 Young hair stylist. I am visiting my sister who turned 63 on the tenth. Cancer with Taurus ASC. Getting close to a mature age, I feel the need for family. We have matured in our lives separately and are considering moving in together. Ouch! That scares me. Sandie, I find is very bossy. I don’t know how that will work out. I want to near but can’t see us living together, perhaps neighbors. The family that I have had over the years have spread out, we still keep in contact but miss the connection we once shared.

  •' deborah says:

    I can relate to your article ref to cancer new moon. I have been walking a horrific walk of breast cancer since last October when diagnosed. Several procedures and finally DIEPFlap surgery in April. Found cells in nodes and now almost finished with radiation,1 more week. Grueling pain and burnt skin on a partially reconstructed breast from mastectomy. No calls from a very narcissitic father or ,support! time to move on…thanks for this confirmation.

  •' Karen says:

    I just requested to talk to an attorney about getting a divorce. I have such different values than my husband and can no longer pretend it’s ok. I really need a reading! I’m a cancer and have been struggling with this for years. What makes me fearful of getting a divorce? Thanks for your inspirational messages!

  •' Leslie says:

    Wow I could have written this blog – almost !!! I use to think even at the age of 12 – who are these people that thinking is so lame OMG. I had a calendar that I marked off the days until I turned 18 on June 20 1982. I graduated high school on May 25, 1982 so that was a a long time that 25 days haha. I am with you on being excited about creating my own family. That has changed several times now as well. I am happy to be here and enjoying life the best I possibly can. I know that the KEY to life is LOVE. Love is our super power ???????

  •' Marilyn Connors says:

    I have chosen my family also but it took a while.. Even though it still hurts, I am thankful for the freedom it has brought me.

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