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Look up—but wait, you can’t see anything. It’s a dark sky: where the Sun and Moon are holding hands in Cancer. This is one of my favorite flavors; brought to us in shiny order by the one and only Dalai Lama. Since I first heard of his noble cause, I have felt so connected to his mission.

He has had 13 incarnations in a row. They know this because whenever he leaves a lifetime, he knows who he will be on his way back in. What a thought: to consciously return lifetime after lifetime. Profoundly magical as this may sound—it’s real. (Watch the documentary called Unmistaken Child).

This lifetime, for the first time in 13 lifetimes, the Dalai Lama says he may be done returning. What?! I was shocked. That made no sense, because Buddhists take on the Bodhisattva Vow, which promises to stay here until all sentient beings are enlightened—which is obviously not nearly done! It is of the highest Buddhist promises to be steady and committed to staying here.

I was so curious if it was true when the information was handed to me firsthand. On a flight from Hawaii, I sat next to the man who had been documenting the Dalai Lama for the last 25 years. I asked, “Really, is the Dalai Lama not returning?”

“Yes, seems possible,” he said. What I gathered was that it may be a political move having to do with the Chinese. No matter the politics, what matters is that he is a double Cancer—just like the sky this week—and he has us all thinking deeply and with compassion.

A new moon in Cancer—what does it imply? Not to mention the eclipse arriving which makes room for the possibility of a huge shift of energy. We are at a threshold.

Esoteric Law says the sign of Cancer is the last constellation to incarnate into. If you can master the emotional body and celebrate the sticky land of human nature without victimization, or playing the ABC’s: Accusing, Blaming, and Criticizing—you win. You can go straight home. This is the highest expression of a human to fully accept this life and how it has been dealt. Home—that’s the essence of Cancer. Oh my, how they love family and the human experience of love.

Wait: you can go home? Isn’t Earth home? Not for everyone. For some who have a lot of Water in their chart or those who are Cancerian, this planet can be so very painful they would rather not call this home. For those with strong Earth: it’s far easier to be here and skip over the emotionally sticky land of human nature.

In either case: this Eclipse offers us a chance to challenge our relationship with ‘home.’ Where is home? Is it in your house? In your heart? In your bedroom? In the room with your children? Centered deeply in the middle of the word home are the letters: OM. It has been said that creation began with the sound Om.

Here is a wild idea: during this eclipse new moon, give yourself an opportunity to choose this place: Earth as home. Say yes to your fate, whatever it is right now… and then think about the Dalai Lama—that he has lost his home, he has no wife or kids, his role on our planet has stripped him of any and all chances of seeing his homeland as the place to return to, and yet he smiles, prays, and mediates daily for the peace of all people. What a soul. This is everyone’s goal: to fall in love with our fate.

Whatever your world looks like, when you’re ready, you can choose it and make this eclipse one to remember.



  •' Iris Hurtmann says:

    Thank you so much dear Debra for your wonderful, healing words,
    much love

  • Beautiful article. Thank you

  •' Gvantsa says:

    Debra your words almost made me cry <3 as a NN cancer in 10th house I was puzzled with the meaning of HOME , you just reframed it in front of my eyes. Thank you for the work you are doing , I appreciate each and every peace of it.

  •' Susan Burns says:

    Woof! That hit home. Thank you for this information about the Dalai Lama.
    One day….I hope to take one of your courses. I was so close to signing up for your most recent Stars and Cards, but still have too balls in the air. I hope you have a successful class and do it again soon.
    Many blessings back at you, Debra Silverman!

  •' Megan McGinley says:

    This is a heart felt message, that we all need to be reminded of!

  •' Su says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  •' Mindy Sultaire says:

    I am a Cancerian still looking for my real home. This article made me really think about what home means. It can be so many things… body , mind , spirit or physical space. I think now t that it is all of this .?
    Thank – You Debra.. Your words always inspire me to dig more deeply for what is true.
    Blessings and love,

  •' Joyce Nimon says:

    Absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for sharing. Helping me to better understand my life journey.

  •' Rodica says:

    So deep and loving…I am thankful for this message. Namaste

  •' Karen Wilson says:

    So true! As a cancer , I often feel like home is by the ocean or in yoga class instead of around my family. I have found my family so painful to be around because they can be so thoughtless or inconsiderate. Their humor is usually at the expense of someone else’s human dignity. I often become quite anxious as the holidays arrive. I especially dread the Fourth of July. Perhaps it’s because it’s in the sign of Cancer?!? I have been working on the serenity prayer for a while now and more and more I find that when I’m just at peace with how things are, I can be happy. Or focus on serving them, my pets or my students. When we serve with a pure heart it’s very healing.

  •' Kelly says:

    I have no Cancer in my chart. Mostly earth (TaurusVirgo). Why can’t I ever find my nurturing, lasting home anywhere? :o(
    I often wonder if everyone’s charts are as abnoxious as mine is. So many conflicts. This is my month to officially get a professional reading!

  •' Alette Ohnemus says:

    Thanks for the inspirational message and reminder of the greatness of the Dalai Lama!

  •' Stephanie says:

    Thank you, Debra! You inspire me every day! More and more I feel at home wherever I happen to be. On another note, I loved your video about relationships as a pathway to enlightenment. So much yo process! I would really like to watch it over and over again. Is that possible?

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