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I just re-watched the lunar forecast horoscope video from June 28th when there were so many planets in Water signs. I felt it so strongly… Here it comes again.

This new moon has four planets in Water — this time, two in Cancer (the Sun and the Moon), and two in Pisces (Jupiter and Neptune). That day in June, I woke up and felt the ‘feeling’ thing… like I was instantly in some kind of mood. Thank God I know about mediation.

During my once-a-year visit with a great tarot reader named Dante (I will share his contact information at the bottom of this post), he boldly had the nerve to tell me I was moody (he is a double Sag).

At first, I was resistant. ‘I’m not moody.’ Then I thought about it… ‘Yes, I am. Just admit it.’ This watery sky illicit moods.

If a child were born under a double-Cancer sky, they would be excessively sensitive. Some call it moody. What if being moody just means that suddenly an abstract feeling comes over us and we are quieted or affected?

The 14th Dalai Lama is a double Cancer (in his case, his Sun and Rising Sign are in Cancer). What does he represent for our collective? A legacy of a being who represents love and kindness.

Think about it: he lost his home, never married, has no kids, and cannot find the precious relics that lived in the Potala, the temple where he lived out his childhood, which was built in 1649. Within the last 30 years, that building has been raped and pillaged.

Everything you just read is an absolute Cancer nightmare. To have your family relics trashed, be banished from your homeland, never to return… Are you kidding me?!

Can you imagine if you were the figurehead of a Buddhist lineage, started 2500 years ago, robbed of all that represents your family and religion?  And yet —

You, a sensitive double Cancer, put aside the pain and the sadness, and instead literally pray for the wellbeing of those who destroyed your most beloved temple?

Can you imagine telling your human emotional reactions to just go away? If you had the power to command your internal dialogue with “Do not distract me with your sensitivity or moodiness. I practice living with my heart open.” And so begins a lifelong daily, hourly mediation practice to maintain that open heart that His Holiness is so famous for.

Welcome to this new moon.
May we all learn how to forgive —
how to turn the other cheek.
May we all learn how to go quiet,
to be still
and find forgiveness for EVERYONE.

This is my practice too. I practice this with all those I have been hurt by, or whom I have hurt.

Can you imagine having that kind of true love to depend on? Not the love of the ‘other,’ but the absolute of the ONE. To let Spirit heal your hurts and then walk you to the high road?

The Buddhists do not call it God; they don’t believe in God. They believe in meditation and kindness — that is their god. ‘Kindness is my religion,’ says the Dalai Lama.

It should come as no surprise that that man referred to as His Holiness — who has come down to Earth for 13 lifetimes in a row — is a profound teacher.

Wow — so here is the best, highest road of a double-Cancer example under this double-Cancer sky.  The example of how to love when all you want to do is shut down, judge or resent. I long to know of the One (God) with that much conviction.

How many of us were enraged when we heard that George Floyd’s murderer was sentenced to only 22.5 years? How many of us have not forgiven (whatever side of politics you stand on) the ones on the other side? Not the Dalai Lama…

This double-Water sky asks us if we can forgive. I am not saying I can… I am just fully inspired to deeply consider what it must be like for the Dalai Lama to release the pain, anger, and rage in exchange for forgiveness and kindness. What a tall order.

Just something to think about during this double-Cancer sky… Can I forgive?

You may know that I am currently immersed in studying the climate crisis… I am especially asking myself: “Will our kids forgive us if we do not act and do what is required to help this world survive?” That’s a whole other topic… for now, let’s say YES to kindness, forgiveness and the role modeling of the Dalai Lama… welcome to a new moon in double Cancer.

With that kind of love,
I write to you…

P.S. Here’s the email for Dante, the great tarot reader and healer I recommended, if you would like to contact him for a reading:

P.S.S. If you could actually forgive with one fell swoop of true love — who would you do it with? I’m challenging you to think about it.

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  •' Annette Kampans says:

    I am Cancer Scorpio I do hold resentment I just cross people off my list But the had to have lied to me or crossed me in some way i have so much empathy and forgiveness it does take a lot to get crossed off my list I have that intuiition and sensitivity i sense all thing people due its scary my questio i guess its bad for all cancers but i think the scorpio part makes me darker in resent mment

  •' Susan says:

    Your teachings always enlighten me. This read was more personal as this new moon July 9 will be my 60th birthday. Thank you beautiful lady

  •' Becky+Nemchock says:

    Does Dante have a website?

  •' Jane says:

    Some people should NEVER be forgiven. Have moved away from them.

  •' gordana says:

    the world needs to be trained in forgiveness and kindness, individually and globally, in order to save the Humanity, as we are trained to be competitive, taking over the control and to be impersonal over the centuries.

  •' Debbie Tate says:

    I am so happy to have discovered you, astrology is a little hard for me but I am so interested in your teaching regarding saving our beautiful mama earth, thank you for offering the opportunity to help ♥️
    You mention about whether our children will forgive us for not saving mama earth but unfortunately where I live I I spend a lot of my time picking up the rubbish the students leave all over the place, this saddens me immensely as they don’t appear to have any respect for mama earth either 😔

  •' vito says:

    I awoke in a somewhat ‘moody’ state myself this morning. Not a great nights rest either, then I recalled: ah it’s a water new moon. I’m feeling it. I did meditate, much better and yet there’s no surrender to those feelings and what they offer in the realm of self nurturing… This Leo has his sights set on the Muse who won’t give him the time of day night or otherwise. Take a breath, feel those heart beats and imagination running and then take another sip… the exhale has space. This could work… another, one breath at a time. What a beautiful challenge, opportunity, moment. HH Dalai Lama, inspiration that it’s possible to begin again, forgive, thrive, flourish and evolve into one’s Best Self, Buddha Nature call it as you will…. its all possible! Dalai Lama-La Tashi Delek! ( so nice how you’re using your astro star site to bring these universal principals together DS… Tashi Delek!)

  •' Lori+Reynolds says:

    You raise some profound thoughts and offer the true road to happiness in this blog. Debra. I have Mercury in Cancer so the description of the high road touches me deeply. Thank you again for your reminder of the emotional wisdom in all of us!

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