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A new moon in Cancer — what an influence. At best, we can pretend we are right up there with the Dalai Lama — he is a double Cancer.

At worst… remember that old auntie who collected things, let her body go, smelled funny, but was the best cook? Just after her husband died, she fell into a hole and stayed close to home?

The sign of Cancer is the part in all of us who just wants to let go of the expectations that society demands. It’s the part of us who suffers from good old fashioned fear, and has voices that sound like this: ‘I am tired.’ ‘I am losing interest.’ ‘I know I shouldn’t eat that — it’s just that bread/carbs make me happy.’ ‘I love Memory Lane and songs from the past.’ ‘I catch myself thinking about my first love.’ ‘If only…’

You know the voice. It’s tired, secretive, and a bit whiny. At their low level, they sink into the couch, overdo their pillows for comfort, and do not feel well most of the time. Food sensitivities cause them irritation.

The high road of this sign is amazing. Don’t be surprised when I tell you this is one of my very favorite signs of the zodiac. (I probably say that all the time, but this time I mean it.) In fact, in my next life, I am returning as a Cancer, to relish in the high road. Let me show you why…

They have emotional wisdom. Think of His Holiness the Dalai Lama; he was banished from his home that carried the relics of antiquity. Art, sacred objects and a vibration that had been in place inside a temple for 2500 years. Imagine the chanting, the incense, the history — and yet it was all destroyed and never to be seen again. This man has incarnated to the same location for 13 lifetimes and yet — he had to leave. (I just read he is dreaming of returning there before the end of his life. It’s so sad.)

Can you imagine your entire lineage being taken away, your childhood home, town, school, streets, country… never to be seen again, and yet you decide the only option you have is to pray for those who stole, raped and pillaged your culture? This is the high road of Cancer: to be the ultimate example of peace on Earth.

Double Cancer — when at peace with what is — remains disciplined and willing to serve, because they are energized by love — specifically the love of family.

One of my very dearest Cancerian friends has 8 children — all of whom adore her, and they have all remained close to each other and to her.

This is the truth of Cancer: to be bonded by Karma’s hand, destined to be raised as a tribe where you trust your brothers and sisters. So much so, you choose to stay as close as possible, and this then fuels your every breath.

They are all motivated to be in this world. They play tennis together. They are raising their kids close by. They share dinner on Sunday at their mom’s house. This clan is a perfect reflection of Cancerian energy (the mom is the glue) at her best. Simply put: they care about each other.

Remember this Cancerian dream. There is nothing lazy or painful about this — quite the opposite. This is why I love Cancer so.

According to Alice Bailey, to master being human is to be incarnated through this sign. Cancer as a sun sign can set you up for mastery, allowing you to be eligible for the end game: the completion of your karma. In other words: you only have to come back if you want to.

This is the sign that says: ‘I accept this world and play by its rules; therefore, I find peace and love no matter where I am — as long as my people, my community, and my family are nearby.’

‘A life without family is not a life at all,’ says Cancer. ‘And family has little to do with blood lines.’

Do you agree? I have had the distinct non-pleasure of having lost my family at a young age. First, my dad died when I was in my early 40s, then my mom not far behind, and my whole family structure broke into small pieces, never to be put back together again. It hurt. For a very long time — until I owned my Cancer energy, creating my own chosen family.

I have family. They know who they are. Without question, I know who has my back.

Under this double-Cancer sky, ask yourself: what are my feelings about family? Who has my back? Whose back do I have? Just consider for a moment that family is far more important than you may have imagined.

While the Dalai Lama lost his home in the outer sense (he is no longer in the Potala Palace in Lhasa), He has found home in India and with whomever he sits. He is the quintessential wise elder who smiles a lot, listens deeply and offers his blessings to those who have wronged him. Hello, double Cancer.

Be like the double Cancer: feel your feelings, stay the course to serve those you love — no matter what, stop complaining about this ‘hard’ world and instead meditate more, love more and feel free to cry from time to time.

This is the highest road in our Astrological family to master this human condition. How are you doing on this path? Could this be your last life?



  • holly@hollysegur.com' Holly says:

    I love this message and interpretation of Cancer energy! So timely in our human experience.

  • Kathrynbkj@aol.com' Kathryn James says:

    My sun sign is Cancer. My mother nurtured me, but other members of my family oppressed me. I had to achieve independence to save my life and my very soul. I replaced my ex-husband with a dog in 1982 and I have had dogs in my life ever since then. I have friends, but no human family. I don’t miss having family.

  • Maryems97@gmail.com' Mary Ebacher Estridge says:

    I truly understand this high road being a double cancer myself.

  • I enjoy learning from you, thanks

  • qi4all@aol.com' Kathryn says:

    Hi Debra! I am a Cancer and see all of what you wrote in me. Although I moved away from home, to Hawaii in fact, I felt like the black sheep of the family. I rebelled. But with my own family and as I came back to my family it has meant more to me than I sometimes want to admit. You really helped me see this aha moment in your blog. My daughter and son are close by and yes I have brought them up to be there for each other. I see that as they are growing up more and more (they are in their 30’s now). Even more I am getting back to my Cancerian ways as I go through my spiritual journey and finding my intuition again and my love for astrology, oracle cards, tarot cards and all things mystical. Really enjoyed your blog. Thank you!

  • vaannette703@hotmail.com' Annette Kampans says:

    Hello Deborah you are spot on with The High road Food sensitivities and everything i have read most of my female friends are Geminis and cancer a few Virgos they are very self centered I am A cancer Scorpio Moon And Libra ascend 07/04/1960 in my twenties Had A r astrologer do tarot reading he was amazing mr Pear man He told me everything came true I miss his advice cancers go through a lot of abuses’ I did alcoholic parents Mom Scorpio Dad Cancer Both Dead I am hoping I have the privilege To meet you in person I am always telling people to look you up on U tube I feel my intuition is not working so well any advice i am good and knowing things before they happen but its lagging now!! Thanks for your Posts and on line classes Annette Kampans

    • jpj9125@yahoo.com' Paula Johnson says:

      Annette Kampans, we are birthday twins! What time of day were you born? I was born
      3:30 p.m. Central time zone.

  • marshagreenfield@charter.net' Cheryl Greenfield says:

    Is it similar for moon in cancer? Sun in Leo

  • Imwellman12@gmail.com' Isabelle says:

    This meant a lot to read. Thank you for your own wisdom and valuable reminders- peace and love no matter the situation. Thank you Debra!

  • rhondanix34@gmail.com' Rhonda says:

    I would like to read virgo for that is my sign

  • sonyakarl@gmail.com' Sonya says:

    Wow you know how to write! This post was very touching. I love how you see the sign of Cancer. What a beautiful sign. I can see why it’s your favorite. 🙂

  • noelle@noellenadeaukhoo.ca' Noëlle says:

    I sure love the optimism in your posts Debra – and especially this post. My birthday is June 24, my moon is in libra and my rising sign is Leo. From being a young child, all I ever wanted was peace on Earth. As life has it sometimes, my home life was anything but peaceful and calm. I had three Dads by the time I was 11 and we moved a lot – each time starting a new life with a new last name. I had the luck to find meditation in my twenties and the blessing to see and hear the Dalai Lama in person. The question I had for him was how does one – in an actionable way – help create Peace On Earth? His answer has become my cornerstone, “First create peace within yourself, then your family, then your community, then the world.” It’s a lifelong practice and I hope and trust I’m getting somewhere with it. I love life on earth but a big part of me also hopes this will be my last lifetime here. That being said, as I heal and grow and learn, I love the beings and life here on this beautiful planet more and more. ♥️✨

  • lminnie8@gmail.com' Lauren says:

    I love this. My rising sign is in Cancer, & I feel it is my higher self speaking the truth to me.
    I want to uphold this kind of peaceful knowing, & daily meditation is so meaningful.

  • lisaj888@gmail.com' Lisa says:

    Hi Debra, I am a Cancer Sun but have never had children nor wanted to, grew up in a fractured family of disconnected adults. Have no siblings. Have been betrayed by those closest to me and now feel a lack of empathy and sympathy for humanity. Not very Cancerian eh? I don’t like to cook, prefer my own company, don’t socialise well but I do love all animals. So I’m not really sure what my life this time is all about. Perhaps the stork dropped me off at the wrong house lol. Thank you for the blog though xx

  • perinipamela3@gmail.com' Pam Perini says:

    This is right on point for me Debra, all of it. The more I wish we could get over the past in all of us and just.. “Be”. My Family is not a family who bonds with each other. We have separate lives and of course being me a Cancer try so hard to bond us all only to be shush, and brushed off. So many family members have passed over including my daughter and I finally realized that I can’t control other people feelings and I am not responsible for them. I’m so emotional that I was blaming myself for everything. But I’m not going to be that way any more. The Cancer in me is and always will be soft and loving and kind and grateful every day. Find joy little or big, but I’m not going to be nor manifest things unless it’s taking care of ourselves. I love me and don’t want to be the fixer. I’m letting go of the guilt and sorrow. I will absolutely continue to love always ❤ others and mainly for my self to help out when needed and to be healthy.

  • laurenrose.euphemia@gmail.com' LaurenRose WIECZOR says:

    Oh Debra! Excellent, excellent! Cancer energies are about home, family, peace, & Luv…oh, and don’t forget feeling & imagination!
    I have Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Cancer ♋️ and all in the 11th house. The term FAMILY has come to mean a very different group of people for me in the second half of life…it’s all about Soul Family. They are the ones who truly resonate with my soul.
    Ah, the Dalai Lama, he is an inspiration to us all. Bless him!
    Thank you! It is a beautiful reflection of what it is to be a Cancer the Crab…✨?✨

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