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Full Moon in Cancer:

I have a particular fondness of this sky; probably because my dad was born with this Full Moon. I love the combination of Capricorn and Cancer.

As always, because the Sun and Moon are opposite – it’s a contrasting energy. One flavor: Capricorn represents the stark cold (hello, the depth of winter in North America), the other flavor is the warmest cuddle bug, reflecting the height of summer. You can see how in both cases they are extreme- hot and cold.

One sign demands results standing apart from the emotional content (Cap) while its opposite is all about emotions (Cancer). It’s so like Astrology to speak to the contrasting qualities of our human condition — the oppositions juxtaposed by the complimentary energy available. This Full Moon invites a movement, for us to change.

As well, I want to add that this upcoming spring is going to shift our energy around in a dramatic way that will affect all of us. But for now this Full Moon is asking us to be serious about our consideration of the heavens. If there was ever a time to study Astrology, now is the time. If you want to understand change, and to move with it.

This is how I use Astrology—I sincerely pay attention to the Moon’s daily movements and then act accordingly. I invite you to do the same with my daily videos sprinkled around social media. They will inform you of what the daily energy is.

One of the biggest shifts for the collective this year that will last for the next 20 years: Pluto is about to change signs. This is rare. You may know that Pluto is the furthest planet in our heavens, the slowest moving planet, and it speaks to profound topics of death and birth. It stays in one sign for 15-20 years and only moves 3-5 degrees in one year. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. Pluto calls forward change.

Radical change happens slowly but surely for us humans. Pluto in Capricorn these last 15+ years has invoked great upheaval in the areas of government—having us face our inability to distribute and share our wealth, or deal with climate change and refugee issues. There is no more confusion about the truth —that we do not have the leadership to coordinate the best interests of our planet.

Job well done Pluto, you made your point. We need to reform our notions of government. 

Next stop will be Aquarius. Here we are asked to update our notions of individuality and self sufficiency. We will be introduced even more to technology and surely we are all walking to the doors of AI — and the struggle to have a stronger relationship as humanitarians so that we don’t lose our hearts, our connection to the tangible old world.

Or are we as a species dated? I think about this a lot. Back to the Full Moon: Capricorns by nature have the constitution to handle adversity and trauma. Change is not so hard on them with this Full Moon because of Cancer’s authenticity and genuineness.

I am going to ask you: do you feel strong enough to deal with the changes? What about the survival of the species? Do you think we are dated? What would you use this powerful Full Moon to change in your world, in yourself if you could?

Change is on its way. We are the ones we have been waiting for. If we can take a stand on what matters most we will have a chance to create beauty. This Full Moon is asking you to step up. To identify the changes you would like to make. I would love to hear what you are thinking about.

Please share.  


P.S. I bet you are bombarded with options to start this new year… I want to simplify that. Just stay with me for one month. Let’s identify what is bugging you (your gremlins) and we will work together to reframe them. Then let me inspire you to find the way out.

Astrology is the magnifying glass to help you identify what is under the system holding you from peace. During our last Immersion, I watched people’s lives change from sharing, hearing, and watching the stars. I encourage you to see YOU through the lens of the stars- you are such a beautiful and unique you.

Come join us…It is my greatest pleasure to assist you to a higher point of view. Come walk up the ladder with me and we can see from the angle of love who you are and how I can inspire you to find peace and kindness from you, to you.


  • carleehawk55@gmail.com' carlee says:

    i have a very special mission here on earth and i do need someone to teach me the ropes of my magic

  • chiquitahunter@gmail.com' Teresa says:

    Hi Debra,
    I am so intrigued by astrology but feel incapable of truly grasping it. I give up too easily mainly because of things in my life needing attention. How can I learn and experience without feeling lost?

    • heather@debrasilvermanastrology.com' Team DSA says:

      You are not alone in feeling that way! I teach in bite-sized bits to make learning the language of Astrology easy, practical, applicable, and transformational. You can join me now in my FREE Astrological Immersion! You can sign up today and start the process of easily embodying the knowledge and gifts that Astrology has to offer 🤲🏽 http://astrologicalimmersion.com

  • bellanuncia@gmail.com' Nancy Castiglione says:

    This full moon is exact on my mid heaven, conjunct natal Venus, square my Libra ASC and natal Neptune. That’s a lot. I will be moving soon…packing up the house now, don’t have a new place yet. Change gonna come…my key words for 2023 are Flex and Flow. Thank you for your clear, direct interpretation of these complex energies.

  • daholskey@gmail.com' Deborah says:

    I am older. Used to be very intune with astrology but lost my way thru letting life happen instead of being proactive. I need help

  • waleswellness@gmail.com' Pamela Wales says:

    I am a cancer sun and a capricorn moon with Aries rising… I think I am about to be whammied!! 🙂

  • janeshapiro113@gmail.com' Jane Shapiro says:

    I would love to do that Debra. How do I find understanding of myself and peace through your knowledge of astrology? Please advise.

    • heather@debrasilvermanastrology.com' Team DSA says:

      The best place to start is my FREE Astrological Immersion! I’ll be there walking beside you each step of the way, and I have some amazing guests lending their expertise and experiences to help as well. You can sign up today and start moving towards more self-love and peace 🤲🏽 http://astrologicalimmersion.com

  • I am a psychic tarot card reader. Gemini sun,Cancer asendant, Taurus moon and mercury. Mars in Gemini. I am not going to make any more YouTube videos. Flyers are what I am going to put out! I feel the need to advertise! Someone actually said that yesterday to me, too! I love your forecasts! You are really good!

  • narusharma91@gmail.com' Neeru Sharma says:

    I am so ready for change. I can feel it deep down. I am looking forward to it. I am ready to embrace my soul. The layers are parting to show the true nature of my being. May it be so

  • mannmcherie@yahoo.com' c says:

    I dream humanity will remain human. Technology requires form and thus content suffers. I resist it therefore. Dealing with millions at one time makes the one a blur without meaning or content and so I am never content. I am lost in a blur (computer just interjected words and I forgot what I wanted to say) .. not the words I w(ant to say).
    ….lost thoughts (and feelings said this computer) Hate tech(nology) parentheses not my words…words of technology intervening my thoug(hts) ..

    I give up. A com(puter) is finishing my thoug(hts) not me. Like someone el(se said)se is finishing (my thoughts) no! someone else is finishing m(y thoughts) y poem. I cannot live this way. So I rarely part(icipate) …I forgot my own word. I begin to make no sense, even to myself. Thus I don’t play. I am not in syn(c with)….I forgot what I wanted to say. I am being contr(olled)…forget it

  • the_special_k@yahoo.com' Debs says:

    If I could change one thing in the world, it would be that people lead with their hearts instead of their heads. Since covid and the lockdown, I feel people have lost their social skills and do not act lovingly. Maybe it is out of fear. The world changed radically in an instant. We seem to have lost our control and power. I believe that leading with Love can change the world. The fighting over politics and the current wars, pending and past, is all a power struggle and the need to control and be right. I know this is probably an oversimplification, but we need to simplify.

    Personally, I would like to recenter and find my dreams again. I have had so much loss in the past few years. Being a caregiver and losing so many family members and friends has broken my heart and has my compass spinning out of control. I have lost the tribe which centered me most of my life. I desperately need to stop ruminating on the past loss and grief which has caused me to lose myself. I simply need to find my new path toward my next chapter

    • herbalangels@gmail.com' Trena Moss says:

      Those loses are there to propel you on to your next great thing. They are watching and cheering for you! Do not let them down, lick your wounds and rest. Then get up and get after it. Your lost loved ones will join their energy with you, and help you, if you will just ask them and let them. I’m thinking that the only thing that truely limits us, is our own thinking. Sending you strength and a big warm hug. My word for this year is ‘prepared.’

  • magna11@hotmail.dk' Beathe Wiik says:

    Yes thank you, I miss your daily moon readings videoes my dear , Happy new year . Sincerrly Beathe

  • psears1@hotmail.com' Patti says:

    Thank you Debra for your exquisite words and your constant guidance. I have to agree, we could be dated species. There is no turning back and that’s a good thing. Life has been so chaotic, mean sometimes and dated. I welcome the changes that are coming into my life even if I have no idea what they are.

  • ljtoberman@gmail.com' Jennifer says:

    I want to change the way I react. I’m a Aries sun, moon and Leo rising. I’m not proud of my reactions and I’ve been working on them. They come out as anger and frustration. I need to find more patience and understanding. Normally after the third negative thing comes my way I break, crumple and fall back to anger. But I’m human! Any tips or tricks to help?

    • heather@debrasilvermanastrology.com' Team DSA says:

      I appreciate the honesty in your answer! With that triple Fire, it’s important to remember to incorporate some type of daily movement that fits well into your life.

      Are you signed up for my FREE Astrological Immersion? It’s happening NOW through February 6th and you’ll gain even more insights into how to overcome this potent reactivity that has been plaguing you. Sign up here! http://astrologicalimmersion.com

  • carter1rk@q.com' Kathleen Carter says:

    I so enjoy you Debra!! Thank you for making Astrology easier to understand. I have been following you for a few years now.
    Trying to figure out me LOL.
    I’m a Sagittarius, 11.22.1948. I lost my husband of 40 years in 2020, and it was NOT COVID.
    You have helped me get through these past years.
    Thank you so much, Kathleen

  • jeanjung@hotmail.com' Jean Jung says:

    So appreciate your accessible, cogent and helpful information, Debra. I am a Cancer Sun, Venus and Mars. Aries North Node, Saturn and Chiron. Human Design 6/3 off the roof at 54. I am stepping up in my business as a Transformational Coach. I use EFT and North Node astrology, and my intuitive wisdom from my own deep healing journey as a black sheep Korean American who went to Yale, did solo dance performance, lived in Seoul for seven years and travelled extensively, plus all the emotional and spiritual work. It’s time to step up and express all my gifts and prosper, as well. Thank you for shining your light, and modeling the lightworker’s path!

  • gailramsey5150@gmail.com' Gail Ramsey says:

    Change has been my m.o. as long as i can remember. Something happened when I turned 70. Being a student of the ancient wisdom and just recently taking up Astrology.
    Clarity and action have seemed to be out of my grasp. I feel like I am off my game. When I plan for something another situation comes up and prevents me from moving. The limitations of Saturn is the feeling. So, I wait. Technically not my nature! Then I wonder, what do I do for a woman at my age? Geez. I need help to get unstuck. Your comment Debra on Stepping Up regarding the Cancer full moon is motivating me to find that step. Hoping I can get guidance to do that.

  • jerigreene1@gmail.com' Jeri Greene says:

    The world has become scarier than ever: the threat of nuclear war, the war on mother nature, and pandemics thinning out the herd. Connectivity is breaking down as more technical ways to connect are invented, removing us from each other. Love, love, and more love is the answer. It’s always the answer.
    Cancer sun, Leo moon, Taurus rising.

  • gypsy.majjik@gmail.com' Alice Christina says:

    Thank you for the timely update.
    Fear is an illusion and so is the conditioning we live with. I believe we, together, can change it. It only takes speaking up from our hearts desire to do and bring good here ❤️

  • crai688@yahoo.com' Candice says:

    I know that I need help… I’ve been procrastinating for years, and I have not pushed myself. I let myself surcom to my surroundings, and I am lost. Help me please. This Pandemic has brought so much damage ….

    • heather@debrasilvermanastrology.com' Team DSA says:

      I am sorry to learn that you have been feeling that way. The good news is that change is only one thought away. I would love for you start learning about your elements and how to balance them. That alone will help you immensely to find alignment. You can get my book “The Missing Element” to get started or you can watch the videos I have created about the elements in my Youtube channel (here is a link for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHvlOpLS13A&list=PL7MENU08hUPSVm-Yc9PnRF430JPPkrhCi)

      Last but not least, are you signed up for my FREE Astrological Immersion? It’s happening NOW through February 6th and you’ll gain there even more insights and guidelines to find your inner peace. Sign up here! http://astrologicalimmersion.com 

  • Mcdunn13@att.net' Maria says:

    Good riddance from Capricorn, Mr/Ms Jupiter, hello Aquarius, and may every person in my family heed the call to change, is all I can say. The line forms here.

  • aWVaRose56@gmail.com' Bobbi B says:

    One particular phrase has come to
    my mind after reading your words…”The meek shall inherit the Earth”. That about sums it up!❤️☮️🕊️

  • nature.scent@yahoo.com' Alaya Long says:

    If I could change One thing about this world it would the way we treat our Health as a Whole Person! It would be all inclusive, including understanding & use of Ancient Wisdom of all types, especially the Wisdom of Nature! That means clean air, clean food & clean water! It also includes Astrology & Numerology so we can understanding ourselves & others Early in life!
    We were actually Born with an instruction manual of how to work this thing called Spirit in a body, but nobody told me it was there or how to access it when I was born in 1958! Thank the Goddess for folks like Debra Silverman who are willing to show us, teach us, And make it FUN! 🐣 I love you Debra. Thank You! 🙏💞

  • t@saintly.com' t says:

    so much to look forward to

  • mysarahrebecca@gmail.com' Michele says:

    Hi Debra,
    I would love to participate in your immersion program. I did sign up and it synced to my calendar, but I don’t have any working links? I do have some online coursework I purchased a while back from another instructor (hadnt seen yours at that juncture, and unfortunately funds are tight atm). So I return back to it to brush up, but it came without any direct contact with an instructor 🙁 I do continue learn a lot on YouTube Astro land in between raising and homeschooling my 4 lil ones. I feel I have a decent grasp at this point, but I would love to hone in on aspects with greater depth to be more proficient at reading charts for others. My goal word this year is financial independence, and to be able to thrive instead of survive, in order to continue to raise my children. I also would love to have my chart read (I believe you said your students do this at one point, so I had followed the link, but once again not sure 🤔 if done correctly?) I do follow your sun and moon posts on YouTube, and I am so grateful for them because as a Cancer Rising, Moon and NN with Sun and Mercury in Gemini in the 12th, the moon and my emotions are a prominent part of my life, and ever changing along with my fun unconscious Gemini grabbing the wheel of my life and wanting to explore All my passions at once 🙂 My Venus in Aries on the 10th/11th cusp gets me entangled in silly battles with my Aries husband way too much so that marriage went up in flames, and I don’t get out enough in my new town to meet any new friends these days, so I really hope to meet some online:) My Chiron in Taurus in the 11th keeps me working on my value daily, with transiting Uranus and the NN. Yes, I am so ready for these nodes to change, as I feel I have finally accomplished some deep shadow work in that area. Lastly, thanks for giving us the space to share here, and I really love your Astrology Answers site and collabs with Colette and friends, they offer some much needed heartfelt laughter and joy. Here’s to 2023 being a much better One for US All 🙏🏼♥️🎁🍾🫶

    • heather@debrasilvermanastrology.com' Team DSA says:

      Dear Michele: Thank you for your interest in the Immersion and in a reading. I am so happy to know you have been following me for a while and that you enjoy my content! You will be receiving an email very soon with instructions to get into the Immersion. In the meantime, please visit this link to book a reading with me or one of my Certified Astrologers: https://debrasilvermanastrology.com/astrology-shop.

  • 7seas@bellsouth.net' Peggy says:

    Hi Debra
    Thank you so much for this. I have always been intrigued with astrology but couldn’t see how it came together. Your classes and videos have changed that for me. It all makes total sense now. Thank you again.

  • btrueself3233@gmail.com' Lacey says:

    I have been so emotional the last 3 or 4 days I am a Capricorn born on the 5th I so need change in my life I know this I’m hoping to find the direction I need to go in through studying with Deborah and her staff I am so ready

  • btrueself3233@gmail.com' Lacey says:

    I have been so emotional the last 3 or 4 days I am a Capricorn born on the 5th. I believe we are dated the more technology that mankind comes up with the more we lose ourselves and the world we live in connecting with nature people that we love I remember when when families used to go over to families and have dinner my word this year was shine get out of my little box and experience the world I live in connect with people and the Earth nature the water even though I’m afraid of the water before we totally technology ourselves out of existence I live in Oregon and it’s a beautiful state but I don’t know what’s outside my backyard and I’m 63 years old it’s time to look over the fence

  • byeargin22@sbcglobal.net' Barbara says:

    I am so energized by the changes ahead. When I was younger I would have been afraid, but now I know that I can deal with whatever arrives. I am saddened by all that I see in our world that demonstrates a need for change and I am willing to be part of the answer. I pray for Mother Earth and all of those who will work to bring about positive change and a newer better world.

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