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In my imaginary world, if I were to have had a daughter, this is the full moon I would have wished she was born under. The Sun in Cancer with a blazing full moon in Capricorn: an elegant duo.

Joni Mitchell sings about her daughter in a song I just adore, Little Green, and says: ‘Born with the Moon in Cancer’. The energy of Cancer is the essence of gentleness.

Why is this full moon one of my favorites? Because this Moon carries the most profound loving energy (Cancer), supported by an equally strong male energy (Capricorn). This full moon is significant, because it arrives auspiciously during a lunar eclipse.

Did you know eclipses always come in twos, within weeks of each other, and this is the last eclipse for 2019? Let’s take note and use this energy to serve your growth.

Capricorn and Cancer: the pull between the male and female. The female being emotionally fluid (Cancer), allowing us access to deep feelings, making it acceptable to cry, to open our hearts and to melt into tenderness. The opposing energy (Capricorn) is equally influential but opposite, providing a strong capitalist—the industrial part in all of us that insists on excellence at all costs, too often precluding emotions.

Do you know the male side inside of you? The part of you that is goal oriented, the go-getter, list builder, financial planner who writes everything down, never allowing for mediocrity?

Do you know your female side? Do you allow your emotional realm to inspire intuition, follow your gut and care-give all those in your circle?

Can you see how the combo of your male and female sets up a marriage of completion?

This eclipse is an opportunity to first admit if need be: wow, my male side is lazy. Or you realize you have denied your emotional side, perhaps because it’s so distracting—or worse, embarrassing—how much you feel and care. Wrong answer—we need both sides equally. This is the doorway to mastery: to be fearless on either side.

Use this Mercury retrograde and eclipse energy to be attentive to which side of you needs tending.

Having spent too much of my previous life in my male influence (super goal oriented), I have spent the later part of my life trusting my ability to flow, organically create and be compassionate with my ambition so much so that I love (Cancer) to work (Capricorn), and do so conscious of balancing the two.

Every day I bike, hike, practice yoga, or swim. I always leave part of my day to daydream, float or just be—not at the expense of my business meetings, goals or work ethic, but quite the opposite… my dualistic approach balances the two out.

How are you at balance? Too often the male side is celebrated and the female side is left for when you have time. I always make time for BOTH.

Enjoy this full moon and ask yourself: Am I equally committed to both the work and the pleasure? Can this eclipse mark a time where I will shift that impulse to overly rely on my male? Is my female side being honored and respected?

Sure hope so.

Sending you love from both sides of me during our summer glorious time of fun,


  • This is the Full Moon I was born under. I am very self sufficient and a classic tomboy.

  •' SunnySunny says:

    Fantastic synchronicity! I was compelled to do a reading for myself using cards and a spread that looked at female and male sides and the challenges at this time. My male side needs a return to Humor and my female side needs Respect. Interesting since my rising is 25 Capricorn…we are serious folks eh?

  •' Kimberly Dante says:

    Thank You Debra I needed to hear this today as I have always honored my male side and not my female. Time to start building time to BE and not DO.

  • Wow Debra right now I have the good fortune to be enrolled in your stars and cards course which I came to through my love and connection to CBR’s oracle decks. I am so moved by your observations and writing today. Who knew something/someone else who speaks a language that I know and remember in some part of me. Thank you for the reminder that all parts of us are necessary and ‘freaking’ gorgeous.

  •' Connie says:

    That is me, sun in Cancer, moon in Capricorn. Thank you Debra for all you do ❤.

  •' Sally Ann Slight says:

    My birthday… Thank you…
    I’m very well balanced now too
    Peace be with you

  •' Michael McDermott says:

    Very good advice, as usual! Thanks Debra!

  •' Dani says:

    This was awesome and much appreciated ❤️??

  •' Audrey says:

    Thank you Debra for this wonderful information. July has been quite a month of ups & downs for me. I am an earth sign who lately finds herself carrying much fire inside me. Working on balance and acceptance. Deep breathe as I type those two words.
    –Audrey P.

  •' Linda says:

    Thank you! I will look into tending to both male & female side. I think female may need to let it rip and FEEL even if I have to cry a river.
    Much love, and thank you! ❤️

  •' Sueniva Gress says:

    Thank you ?? That was beautiful!?

  •' Dana DelGuerra says:

    Thanks Deb- your site is wonderful- love the info what a great resource!

  •' Nicole says:

    Wow! It’s as if I was meant to read this newsletter. 😉 I needed this reminder. Right now I am focusing too much on my goals and list making. Definitely burning myself out mentally. I’m going to balance it out with my feminine energy this evening. Thank you!

  •' Angela LaFever says:

    Beautiful interpretation of this eclipse.

  •' Sherry davila says:

    Love this Deb!!! I am a Taurus with Aries rising and Pisces moon. I have six planets in fire. One day I really want to study under you. I love the wat you teach and relate to all people. Thank you so much for all the work you do!

  •' Katie says:

    Awesome. Thank you Debra. I have natal moon in cancer opposing Capricorn sun- so was born on an eclipse. This energy I have been balancing my whole life, I am moving more into my cancer energy because it is also my NN conjunction with my moon, so it feels like I am meant to float and allow much more than I previously did. I am enjoying the energy of it as the day closes out.

  •' Amee says:

    I love this whole yin/yang balance…and its soooo hard to achieve for most of us. Consequently my youngest daughter ( 6) is Cancer sun and Capricorn moon. She has been super sweet and intense these last few days. She had her feet in the pool last night under the moonrise and just sat there talking to herself.. the water.. the moon..the faeries for an hour. But when she was done… she was DONE and everybody had to hear about it and we promptly came home. Lol
    Thank you for this update. ?

  •' Maria Rogers says:

    My 21 year old daughter is a Cancer sun with Capricorn moon….. she is awesome!?

  •' Cindy says:

    Hi Debra
    This July is an especially difficult time for me – as a Cancer with Scorpio rising.
    I am very glad to have come across your site during this time in my life.

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