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It’s been said that eclipses are days to be remembered.

It’s no coincidence that Einstein developed the theory of relativity on an eclipse. He changed science forevermore.

1919: a total solar eclipse, Sir Arthur Eddington performs the first experimental test of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The findings made Einstein a celebrity overnight, and precipitated the eventual triumph of general relativity over classical Newtonian physics. A day to be remembered.

Eclipses happen in a series. Up to three eclipses may occur during an eclipse season, a two-month period happening twice a year.

We are having a significant eclipse on July 4, 2020: the United States of America’s birthday (for the rest of this article, I will refer to the U.S. as a woman: ‘America’.) Eclipses, however, are only as significant as we make them.

People always ask me: What does an eclipse mean? You decide. We decide. We get to determine what America’s birthday looks like. An eclipse just means a potential day when we need to have an intention.

This last of the series takes place during the sign of Cancer. I cannot think of the constellation Cancer and not think of emotions, feelings, and tenderheartedness. The sweet embrace of the mother at her best—Cancerians are so warm.

Let me digress: I was deeply touched yesterday when my neighbor called to say his mother, Barbara (who coincidentally is a Cancer), instructed her husband to call hospice. He made the call and so began the softening of all our hearts. You cannot say the word ‘hospice’ and not stop and feel.

I am speaking about Barbara because she is the quintessential Cancer. All the kids in the neighborhood went to her house, at all hours, for years. Her fridge was always full, her door always open, and the scent of homemade food always drifting softly out of her windows.

I came to understand why the kids hung out there during one of my personal vulnerable times. I’m not sure how she noticed, as she pulled me aside, with a cup of tea in tow as went into her messy kitchen and held hands.

Barbara is like our America—the one whose flag we pray too, the land our home is on. Regardless of politics, she is still the same Mom for all of us. I am speaking of the land—not the government, not the politics—the land that has welcomed us all.

Every time I arrive back in America,  from anywhere in the world, I get that warm feeling: I am so glad I live here! It always strikes me—even with her faults and illusions how much I love it here.

She has had her doors available to us for well over 200 years. She willingly let all of us in who wanted to come to her house, sit at her table, share our stories—she welcomed one and all.

I know I am not alone when I say that all my grandparents, who arrived here a boat from Russia, in their time of need, asked America: “Will you be our adopted mom?” She said yes. Of course, she said yes.

America is born with Jupiter (the largest planet of all, indicating expansion) on her Sun, suggesting huge generosity—coupled with Sagittarius rising, echoing yet again her openheartedness. And a Moon in Aquarius, she includes all. There has been no limit to America and her willingness to say yes to all of us kids.

She’s getting tired. She is not well. She is being challenged at every front.

This year, America’s birthday is showing up with an eclipse. You do not have to be Einstein to know that America is suffering. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know Barbara’s days are numbered.

Mercury is retrograde right now, along with four other planets. The stars are screaming STOP!

We are all being asked to slow down. We know Barbara is going to leave us. Her legacy is left in her family. May her memory be a blessing. We know Einstein left behind his brilliance. What we don’t know yet is which way America’s legacy will go. It’s a vulnerable time.

May I ask you during this eclipse, on her birthday…to stop and remember the essence of what she is.

America the beautiful. Flawed? You bet. A sordid past? Yes!

Can we just remember for this moment that she needs us at this time? To be soft. To be forgiving. To hold her. To listen to her. And then to take some steps. We all know exactly what we need to do.

Let’s remember on this eclipse to hold an intention to be reverent, grateful, and loving. There is so much to be angry, sad, and confused about.

Life is short. 2020 seems so long; will we ever get out of this troublesome time?

Mark July 4th with softness.

Happy birthday Mom (America).
We love you.
Let this year be filled with wisdom and love.

From your astrological daughter who adores you,
And wanted our whole family to stop
and sing you a song
of gratitude,


  • Such a beautiful tribute to Barbara, and to our beloved America who needs our love and goodwill more than ever. Peace & Blessings.

  •' Cami Arrow says:

    Lovely! Great perspective! Holding Barbara and America in my heart!

  •' marcia arreola says:

    Wow,that made me cry,what a beautiful statement!Thank you for opening our eyes! Yes sadness is all around us,but we will be fine I can feel it.

  •' Sharon Fithian says:

    This is so beautifully written. Thank you.

  •' Maria says:

    Oh my goodness!! You’ve said it all – I LV my America also and feel sad at times. We are at a pivotal moment and worry history will repeat itself – but Hope is a key word in my thoughts that u have mentioned – America does accept the good – the bad & the ugly! We old timers who know why we fought in World War ll must teach and pray for America!
    Thank you for bringing Light Truth LV to the world and your readers! And thx for honoring Barbara 🙂

  •' Joyce McLaughlin says:

    Brilliant and very moving…..

  •' Ruth Battles says:

    Your wish for America has lifted my I can go into this season with intent. Rather than feel heartsick for my America, there is hope that others who haven’t yet found purpose. Thanks for putting into words the clarity of my reality.

  •' Katherine Morris says:

    Thank you Debra, I love your warm and touching words! Happy 4th of July❣??

  •' Whitni Schmidt says:

    Thank you, Debra- so beautifully delivered ?

  •' Mary B says:

    This is so beautiful and touching. Thank you for this insight and inspiration.

  •' Beth says:

    These are very beautiful words. I will be praying for her.

  •' Kathryn A Havemeyer says:

    Thank you❤️??

  • Great Anology and beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this with us.♡

  •' Sharon Morrow says:

    I have always thought of America as a place where all who are citizens or seek to become citizens lawfully, were given an opportunity to join and become a part of a community that would allow everyone to express unique ideas, creativity, and explore that same wonderful gift offered by others. This has really not been the case for years, for our rights and our freedoms where highjacked slowly and insidiously by the very people we have given the privilege/power to run the world, by electing them, working for them, and surrendering our allegiance and trust to them. We somehow forgot that a great republic is run by “We the People” and not by government, wealthy men and women, corporations, religious institutions, politicians or the military. We allowed ourselves to be divided against the very principles this country was founded on instead of uniting to come together and respectfully listen to each other and allow the wisest and most knowledgeable among us to help us come up with solutions to the many problems we face in all areas of life, including the Earth and all species who coexist with us. I hope that people will take the “red pill” and begin to wake up before we kill each other and Mother Earth.

  •' Patty+Brough says:

    This is really touching and heartfelt thank you ?
    Blessings to America and your neighbor may the journey be filled with welcoming arms of compassion and love ?

  • Yes the other person comes 1st.

  • May you all enjoy your special day with love from Down Under

  •' Monika Goodman says:

    I adore the way you teach and open my heart and mind. I am from Germany and arrived to this welcoming Country when I was a tender 21 years old and fell in love with my first breath on a sunshiny day in December . One thing I wish on this eclipse is that people begin to believe in the stars constellation and their power and effects on us. I am a Psychotherapist and would like to learn more how to combine my art with Astrology

  •' LaRhonda J Clore says:

    Barbara may be leaving this world but I TRULY BELIEVE that another Barbara will pick up the teapot and carry on ? every neighborhood has a Barbara to look after everyone especially the children. This country is full of AMAZING WOMEN, just gotta look for them ??
    Prayers and Blessings

  •' Dorothy says:

    Well said Debra, I am a Sagittarius and generally have a sunny outlook. Sometimes it’s hard to see the sun but we still know the sun is there.

  •' Phyllis Wight says:

    That was beautiful. As a Cancer native myself I was touched not only by your words, but by the emotions and feelings that welled up inside me.
    Thank you for that, Debra.

  • I am completely overjoyed in how Debra chose to shed true dimensional understandings of the universe. I definitely enjoy the way in which she compartmentalized the dynamics of both entities by computing all the simuliarities in their natural demeanors, dispositions, and revealed moral actions. Giving a a platform that sheds light on the main message of our worldly realities in a beautiful analogy. Ironically, both perceptual depictions mirroring each own. Which makes since why all of its plantery positioning, a undeniably accuracte characteristics of each sign currently. Very overwhelming, left. Feeling flooded by words trying to register how serendipitous , relevent, and truly on point Debra’s article is to my journeys path.
    Why? Chart readings i had done years back align the same. Worldly my G-Rainey (neighbor Raine Z.) is the sister of Barbara’s character depicted…. And I being the moons moved-in Aquarian. Xoxo

  • Beautifully said! Thank you! Happy Independence Day to us All! Hang in there! This too shall pass! Stay Safe, Take Care and Be Well!? Aloha??♥️

  •' OneLove says:

    Beautifully written and well said ✨??????✨

  •' Ana Coelho says:


  •' Marie Poland says:

    What a beautiful blessing and reminder to create intentional wishes to this great Mama (America). May we-with kindness and care, support freedom, reparations, reconciliation, dignity and union for all people here on her land. May her land be respected and in turn all humans from Mama America respect all people, beings and land in every place on earth and beyond.

  •' Rita cousins says:

    I love this story of love and acceptance.
    I am a Canadian and feel the same love for my country that opened its doors to my grandfather from Ireland and other families from all parts of the world.
    We are all one race , spiritual beings living this temporary experience to learn and grow our souls together.
    I love our world and appreciate the changes going on to mature to our higher selves, healing old thoughts, ways of being, balancing our mind and heart ❤️ peace to everyone as we go through the labour pains of birthing a new world .Love and Light Debrah ?❤️?
    Thank you for your wisdom and heart ?

  •' Connie says:

    Amazing made my heart soul cry & deeply feel my connection to Mother America & universe. As my best Earth Angel’s goes through letting go of her husband “End of life ” choice. Me with my Dad years ago.
    Sure was a blessing to read & feel.

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