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website maker Full Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer

From Russia to Hawaii with love. In honor of my Ancestors, I wanted to share how I changed the story of my family’s lineage. This Full Moon under a Cancer sky has an invitation and a challenge that can change the patterns for all those standing behind you.

Think about your family (either of origin or chosen) and how much that thought can elicit two flavors: love (Cancer) and the burden therein (Capricorn) to be there for them and/or to carry their sadness, heartbreaks, and issues.

As with every Full Moon, opposites and polarity occur. Why? Because every Full Moon includes two planets: the Sun and the Moon being 180 degrees apart. Cancer is opposite Capricorn. Let me explain.

We are built to love, as well as to carry the karma from our family lineage. This is our responsibility as a human being: to take on the patterns in order to break the karma we inherit from our families – thereby fulfilling our job as a member of the evolutionary club. Everyone is included – it comes with being human, having a chart, and a bundle of karma.

Have you noticed that you are handed patterns at birth without being told this is both your karma and your dharma? In other words, you may have gotten the shittiest story from someone you grew up with, or all the women in your family were shut down, or a cultural imprint was handed to you from your religion. Now it’s up to you to change the story, update it, so that you are free from the bondage your whole family was handed. Do so for all those in your lineage.

 Welcome to Cancer-Capricorn! 

I have a friend born with Cancer-Capricorn polarity. Her mother suffered from mental illness; at different points in her childhood, her mom had to be institutionalized.  Mental illness was then handed on to her sister (who eventually took her own life). My friend is, at last, breaking the karma.

I was surprised the other day as she was circling around repetitive negative thoughts when I bluntly said, “You do have mental illness in your family, this is not your fault, and by the way, these thoughts are not true, nor are they helpful.” I thought she would be offended.

But she wasn’t. She was relieved and said, “Thank you for calling that out. You are so right.” She is obviously on the path of awakening and just loves the truth. This is why we are friends. I cherish those who can admit, call out, and work on the stuff handed to them that longs for healing instead of pretending and sweeping it under the carpet.

Are you willing to call out your karma? Whatever the story is – a family with mental illness, abuse, secrets – say it without pretending, denying, or stuffing this truth under the system. And then do something about it. My friend has had to spend a lifetime going to therapy. She values the job of self-healing. It’s not indulgent or privileged – it is a Cancer-Capricorn job. That’s what they are here to do.

Truth be told, we all carry issues from what came before. We absorb the pain of our ancestors, our family, to see if we can elevate the symptoms into teachings/healings/lessons to be transformed. So your children, and the next generation, will have a better version of the human experience.

After doing 23andMe, I found out I was 99% Ashkenazi Jew. No surprise. All in my family (Cancer) were refugees who came from Eastern Europe, mostly Russian and Ukrainian. They arrived on a long journey on a boat,  that carried great risk and terror. In fact, my great-grandfather died on that journey. My grandmother told me that story as she cried; he died in her arms. As the years went by, she had so much trauma in her life that, eventually, her tear ducts dried up. At the end of her life, she could not cry anymore.

One day in mediation, after moving to Hawaii, I realized I had lifted up the karma of those long, cold winters that were harbored in my DNA, in my bones. I felt through her heart the terror my grandmother carried from the journey on that boat.

 I changed the family karma.

While all of us carry something of our bloodline, not all of us know how to utilize that burden and turn it into a job description (Capricorn) that will elevate and evolve our world and our species. This is our unspoken job.

I have this joke: I am the president of the Jews for Joy club, of which I have few members. But it’s true. To take sadness, or abuse, or deep fear to the door called Transformation City,  in order to change the narrative of our children’s children, is not an easy path nor a well-worn one. I wish this job description was told to us at birth, when an Astrologer would have met with your parents and handed them a list of karmic issues that detailed your assignment. That’s my crazy dream – better for a different blog, this one is a Full Moon in Capricornback to reality.

This Full Moon addresses hard truths: if in your family the karma was hard, or in your last relationship it was crippling or so painful (Cancer) you shut down at the end and now live with that sad story… and if you have given up hope about relationships or family – I want you to know that at any moment – even right now, you can stop, observe, remember this was an assignment handed to you from your ambitious soul. And then rewrite the karma.

It’s not easy – but then this Full Moon is all about the strength of character and commitment that only such a Cardinal combo could elicit (Cardinal is an Astrological term that describes strong leadership). 

If you need help (which we all do) to rewrite your story, we have trained therapists that I can strongly endorse. I want you to know that in September I am teaching in person in Boulder. It’s a process that I created to assist the clearing of karma. It sounds like spiritual jargon to say that 4E can change your karma – but it’s true. If you are interested, let us know.

Find out more about the 4E Process here.

If you seek individual support, connect with one of our recommended experts here.

This is every human’s job. We all come in with a (heavy) backpack filled with issues that follow us around for a lifetime, hoping we will seek help and change the narrative. All you have to do is find good counsel, find real authentic healers who will get that pack lightened. I did it, so can you.

From Russia to Hawaii with love. In honor of my Ancestors.



  • aerovis@aol.com' Linda says:

    My relatives moved to Canada from Scotland, Ireland and the US. I had a happy childhood and no problems to resolve, though my parents might have (both were born in 1920). My Saturn is in Capricorn in my 2nd house and I have Venus and Mars in Cancer in my 8th house. I must admit that money has always been a problem for me, but due to my parents living through the depression and the war I was brought up to be very frugal and it has saved me more than once.

  • sammpanther@gmail.com' Sam says:

    Hey, my name is Sam yand your post really resonated with me, especially because I have a Cancer rising and Capricorn sun. I’ve dealt with so much inner confliction + previous familial trauma such as drug abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse.

    It reminds me of how my grandmother had severe bipolar disorder that was not controlled and how she always wanted to do more with her life, yet couldn’t figure out how. Here I am in my life and I’ve been desperately searching for my purpose and a career for the past 14 years. When I was 21 I developed health issues and it totally prevented me from working.

    Now I am in college for a Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Health so that I can both continue to heal myself and help others do the same for themselves. I will not give up until that career is mine.

    I am also here to break these generational issues. It’s a heavy bag, but life is so much better for it.

    One of the best blog posts EVER

    • maritaann3300@gmail.com' Marita a. Gardocki says:

      I feel like we are caring thr same luggage. Cancer rising, cap sun. Saturn. Abuse. Nice to connect to other survivors. Mag

      Deb, by DNA I am from the same tribe.

  • kristinludwig1949@gmail.com' Kristin says:

    Howdy from Oregon. I have the pesky 4th house Venus in Virgo dilemma. The past is hard to shake. My work is to leave the past back there!

    • cgirard@gci.net' Cathy says:

      I have this placement also. We’re mighy providers! We might not be the softest, motherly types but we are observant and consistent givers to the max.

  • findkpl@hotmail.com' Kirsten Paige Krauthamer says:

    Love this. Thank you

  • christinamfitch@gmail.com' Christina Fitch says:

    Thank you 🙏🏻♥️

  • onespark70@gmail.com' Paul Cobb says:

    Fascinating, intriguing; Thanks for sharing!

  • jferwerd@gmail.com' Julie Ferwerda says:

    Wow. Today is the anniversary of the death of my mom. She was a Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon, Cancer rising (I only got her chart info a couple weeks ago). I have a big stellium in the 4th house with Saturn, Sun, Chiron, and Mercury, so there is a lot of difficult karma here. I am a newbie to astrology but the insight into why my life path has been as difficult as it has been as well as what I’m here to do have been very transformational and healing. Love that I found this today of all days. So appropriate for what I’m feeling and experiencing this year, on the cusp of my second Saturn return. 😍

    • minters.friable_0k@icloud.com' Cathy says:

      Our charts sound similar! I too have a stellium in the 4th house and my 2nd of 3 Saturn returns will happen in September.

  • Karinappleton@yahoo.com' Karin Appleton says:

    I absolutely love this and I am delighted by the fact that I have finally been dialing in this very same thing, appreciating the validation! In my origin story I had a childhood riddled with trauma, then worked on healing my trauma for decades only to end up in the same kind of trauma pattern after entering my marital situation, but worse. I obviously missed some piece I needed to go back and work on. So I am in the healing process again and taking 100 percent responsibility for facing and healing all of it, for both my current and ancestral family members who are/were unable to do the work. I am beginning to see it as an honor and a privilege to be able to do this work when so many couldn’t, and feeling good about the purpose of experiencing and transmuting pain so our children and grandchildren will not continue to be heavily burdened by it. I keep saying my generation (I’m 50 and smack dab in the middle of my Chiron Return) came here to heal the lineage so our kiddos will not have to spend a large portion of their lives sorting through baggage, they can go ahead and get straight to the big work they came to do-helping show humanity a new way of being. Flipping the script is helping tremendously. I even have three different reframing story lines I am delighting in, maybe it can be a choose your own adventure style read 🙂 Thank you, Debra. Your work means the world.

  • Sarah@themoonshed.com.au' Sarah says:

    Thank you Debra, as a Capricorn Venus and north node Cancer I felt you wrote this for me 😉
    I have literally been thinking about my family karma and hoping for my relationship all week. Very on point.

  • Sheenaquinlan@gmail.com' Sheena says:

    I’m a Pisces in the 8th house, libra moon and Leo rising. Both my parents were Pisces and suffered greatly with mental health issues and my Dad took his life during my saturn return when he was 55. As luck would have it, we would both lose our careers on the same day. At that time I was living completely from the outside in as a “highly functioning” by society’s standards co-dependent. As a HSP I could no longer deny that I could feel my Dads presence everywhere, as well as other souls. Losing him proved to me we never die and by getting sober and tapping into my psychic gifts, I learned how to build a life from the inside out and now my loved ones “on the other side” are instrumental parts of my healing work as we are a whole collection of beings holding the space of unconditional love for magic to happen. I have found eternal peace and can’t believe I can say it but I am grateful for my loss, it led me to peace and acceptance and now I get to embody peace and just today I got a solstice tattoo “be here now.” My healing is for my whole fractal line and for all of mankind. We do all awaken to remember we are whole and perfect and we all get to live in the vibration of heaven on earth – here – now – all of us – as One. ❤️‍🔥🌹🌈✨🧬🥰

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