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A full moon in Capricorn — which will be welcomed during this long standing watery sky.

We have had a grand trine in water in the sky for weeks. I was with a good friend who is a Pisces who said to me: Why am I so emotional? Water, water everywhere.

I just heard the author of the book, “The Water Will Come” speak about the flooding that is coming to our world. He showed photos of Miami and Venice, then he spoke of Virginia and the army base there having a mere 20 years to go, and included many airports — starting with San Francisco, which is in a water zone. He said, in no uncertain terms: we are headed for floods. And went on further to say: there is nothing we can do to avoid the predicament.

Full moon in Capricorn is the part in all of us that has to know what to do. That requires action steps — not just theory or ideas. And yet he clearly, even as a scientist, painted a very grim picture of the times ahead.

That made me sad. But not as sad as the photos of children being ripped away from their parents. This full moon begs the question:

What is our world coming to? Are we in a destruction of all the moral fiber/values we believed this reality to uphold? Are we watching the end of our civilization as we knew it? Yes, we are.

I called my Capricorn friend who has Mercury in Sag—he is a total optimist and a never-ending success story. He said, “don’t get that liberal, poor me attitude.” He was certain a miracle will appear.

I stand in the middle of both worlds: ‘I feel’ (said the Cancer energy in me) how scary this is. And ‘I use’ all the optimism I can muster up to believe this will not leave our children a full-on mess. I do, however, stand in the middle of both angles (says my Libra rising).

All we can do during this full moon is face the truth: Cancers are stronger than the books would have you believe, and Capricorns can handle anything and everything. So if we are going down, we will see our raw humanity show up. We will see change and then reinvention of our reality. Nothing is not being watched by the angels, even if humanity doesn’t always pay attention to the signs.

Look up the book “The Water Will Come” — the signs are here. Think of where in your world you may be flooded and require such futuristic thoughts. Are you on dry land?

Do you know what to do when you are scared? Lean into this full moon and pray for your clarity and strength to be the change agent, the healer the one who can provide leadership.

Two cardinal signs, Cancer and Cap, asking us to stay awake and face the truth: we are vulnerable and we are powerful at the very same time.

Can you relate to these two energies?



  • Beautiful💫💫😇😇💫💫💕

  • It does feel like we are seeing the downfall of humanity on this planet. Everything from the environment, wildlife and people are being destroyed by the ones in charge. We need desperate help to turn it around before it is too late.

  • I Love Cancer (my Moon sign) and I love Capricorn (my Rising sign). Together water and earth make mud, which we can mold into anything we wish. I look forward to being creative both physically and spiritually with this good “Mud”, to use it to build what my Pisces Sun imagination dreams of, to ascend to a higher level of well-being for myself, for those around me and for this World and far beyond.

  • doc88@sbcglobal.net' Bob says:

    Excellent. Thank you for this information. Your clarity is illuminating ✌🏼

  • Yes!! I am really feeling this. My sun and moon and Mercury are capricorn. I feel “flooded” with inspiration today. I would love some insight into my chart as I feel this full moon has a deep meaning for me, I just can’t put my finger on what or why. Thank you kindly!!

  • empeza@yahoo.com' Darlene says:

    Debra, floods yes…no hope, no fear, just being centered in a crashing world. I hope you take a look at this: https://www.newmessage.org/the-message/volume-1/new-world/being-centered-in-a-crashing-world
    I received a reading from you on my 70th birthday and and been following you ever since.
    Blessings, Darlene

  • Justinereyes808@gmail.com' Justin’s says:

    Hi Debra – I feel the water energy but it is so much the positive highest road of Pisces now. I have a grand trine in water and Neptune on my sun at 17 degrees Pisces. I feel very optimistic with all the meditation and yoga. Quite uplifted actually. Normally, my Virgo ascendant takes over with Pluto on it and Sun, Aquarius Moon Nercury in 6th House. Sometimes emotions get squashed but tougher and allow for creative solutions. I believe first comes awareness and that can move us to metaphysical and physical action toward creative solutions including the vulnerable children and preparing for difficult times as best we can. Your level II and II Help tremendously and of course the reading to understand myself others and the world at large.

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