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This week’s double Capricorn sky is such a gift to us—if we can use this energy to our benefit. Capricorn can go either way: grumpy or happy.

Think Grinch: the guy who just says bah-humbug during Christmas—carrying the voice of: I hate this holiday. It’s the part in all of us that poo-poo’s anything kid-like, fantasy-like or just plain silly.

On the other hand: Martin Luther King (a Capricorn), or the tale of Jesus, which is celebrated under a similar Sun—both reek of Capricorn. A being who stands up, representing all of us as the teacher, expressing the truth to turn the other cheek. Be the example of what’s ‘right.’

Grinch versus the powerful true leader: the theme of this new moon.

We have a million reasons to be grumpy: the government, the weather, the refugees, 5G, loneliness…what can we do to change these problems? They seem impossible.

The good news is that during this next month, at one point, we will have seven planets in Earth radiating in the heavens. This only occurs once every 30 years or so. Once again, here comes the duality of Capricorn.

Either we are getting ready to shift the Earthly old structures as a true leader would—the ones that are too stiff and dated… OR we can complain and play victim—a too familiar voice of Capricorn. At worst, Caps complain about their work, our stupidity, your inefficiency… Sure we can complain—or we can be the change agent to turn it around.

I always think of my dad, a Capricorn. One, he hated all holidays that required him to follow the leader and buy gifts because he had to. Two, he was never interested in following rules which ultimately led him into trouble with the authorities because he made himself his own authority as he broke laws. Capricorns always seem to get caught.

He was a change agent and never allowed society to direct his ethics.

Capricorns make the rules—and/or they break them.

I can safely bet all of you reading this are independent thinkers. If you follow me and my work, then no doubt you too are individualistic. You find it hard to just agree.

So use this season with Pluto exactly conjunct Saturn as well as the eclipse of this new moon (a double Capricorn night) to draw a marker in time:

  • What you are willing to change?
  • What can you contribute? (oh, how Caps love to work)
  • How can you leave behind the victim/whiny mentality and be the leader who either 1) quietly leaves the scene of dissatisfaction, or 2) just decides to stay, do the work but with no more complaining–choosing to serve with love?
  • Are you willing to assume the leadership role or make the change to be okay with your life?
  • How about falling in love with your fate and giving it all you got?

This is a VERY auspicious time. SO much Earth to call our name. Let’s do our best to bring in the joy of this life.

Merry, happy, I am so grateful for those of you who read these newsletters and take to heart the theme of the sky…

Leadership…you stay and give you it your all…

Or leave, no more complaining…

Your choice. Double Caps cannot do a half-assed job. In or out.

Your call.



  •' Debra says:

    So very true of me a Capricorn. I will take your advice. Under this new moon the new me has risen! Lu luv your stuff Debra!
    Debra Paul

  •' Theresa says:

    Debra, thank you and everyone! ??❤️

  •' Diana says:

    Hi Debra… I think Capricorns are born with the natural ability to make the rules… so they know how and when to break them. When a Capricorn gets caught, that’s when they know they’re out of alignment. ;-D —- Happy holidays from a 65 year old Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, Virgo Rising

  •' Carol says:

    Lovely! Thank you for sharing this. New Moon/Eclipse Blessings to you Debra!

  •' Jessica Long says:

    Felt super drawn and connected to this news letter especially since my birthday is next week! Thankyou so much Debra for this information as I’m ready to make or do whatever it takes to be the best version I can be!

  •' Louise says:

    I love this, Debra! As an Aq Su in 4th H with Sat and Jup in Cap, too I find this post very helpful. Thanks!!!

  •' Jessica says:

    Thank you Debra. I love you and always appreciate these so much. I truly dive deep with these newsletters as they help give guidance and structure into what I can’t put into words. It’s always so surreal how aligned they are with everything specific it is that I am personally trying to work on within myself. Merry Christmas and Blessings xxxxooxxxoo

  •' Anna says:

    You probably get loads of comments. Your work is fantastic. I’m a yoga teacher living in Spain. Surfing through life. Sometimes crashing sometimes rising through it with a roar. I’d love to have a session with you or collaborate. Hey I’m just going ahead and saying it! I believe in action.

  •' Raina says:

    Thanks, Debra!

  •' Kyla Preston says:

    Fabulous information and insight Debra!! Love what you do and with such passion. May the blessing of Christmas and Hannukah be you throughout the year. We indeed need to be the CHANGE and BE here for the world. God bless~

  •' Katherine Morris says:

    Thank you Debra! I am a strong Capricorn with a Cancer moon and Scorpio rising. My birth day is January 1st! I have so many hardships and lessons in my life. In the latter part of 2019, my life has started to become easier and my soul lighter. I am looking forward to 2020!
    Merry Christmas and many blessinfs to you?❤

  •' Katherine Morris says:

    Oops .. sorry for mispelling a few words!!

  •' amy says:

    i Love THiS. Thank You Debra. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Peace in the coming New Year to my Soul Sister Tribe at DSA???

  •' Martina OHLINGER says:

    Thanks Debra for all the insight you guve to us. I truly find myself into learning more and more about astrology which I deeply believe rules everyone. I really want ro know myself much better and the people I love. Thanks so so much.

    Merry Christmas and rhe Very Best for tou Debra and tour great team

    Martina, Scorpio sun, Libra moon and Leo risibg ?????

  •' Martina OHLINGER says:

    Thanks Debra for all the insight you give to us. I truly find myself into learning more and more about astrology which I deeply believe rules everyone. I really want ro know myself much better and the people I love. Thanks so so much.

    Merry Christmas and the Very Best for you Debra and tour great team

    Martina, Scorpio sun, Libra moon and Leo risibg ?????

  •' Nancy says:

    I have followed your horoscopes for a long time. Love your humor and personality.
    Some day I will take a course. Meanwhile, I want to thank you Deborah for all your sharing.

  •' Michelle says:

    Wow! the whiny-victim and complaining about others stupidity sums up my Capricorn daughter’s worst traits. When a series of unfortunate things happen she’ll start crying and say, “I’m just having a really bad day.” I try to point out it’s up to her if it ruins her day or not. The funny thing is she’s almost always exuberant and happy. In fact my description for her has always been my chipper chipmunk. She has incredibly high energy (ADHD) but really struggles to stay focused.

    My dad is also a Capricorn and he takes grumpy to a new level!! But he has a huge heart and is a great leader.

    Thank you for this post – it’s really given me some insight to their personality.

  •' Arlan Lazere says:

    You are either on the bus, or off the bus -Ken Kesey

  •' Linda says:

    I’m in! I choose to be happy and do whatever it takes to make this happen. So grateful for you Debra!

  •' Kathryn says:

    Debra I loved the line How about falling in love with your fate & giving it all you got. I didn’t know I had that option. I’m in a weird place getting my physical life in order but it seems when ever I need an operation or I’m in the hospital my husband has to top it so all the attention is on him. Now he’s gone & gotten pneumonia & had to have his lung drained & may have lung cancer. I am freaking out internally as we await the outcome of pathology. I am scared for him & for myself trying to resist every negative horror I can imagine. When I read about falling in love with your fate I kind of opened my eyes & I could take a deep exhale. This is going to be one hell of a ride for a 67 year old child that has always been taken care of financially as I took care of everyone else. So thank you for your blog. I am not the Cap but my daughter is – I am the Cancer & I must stay out of the shell. Love you!

  •' Rhonda Marsala says:

    Very interesting my North Node is in Capricorn. I’m sure it’s effecting my chart. I’m making an appointment go a reading with you . For sure

  •' Katrina says:

    This is interesting. I don’t feel much earth in my chart, although I have Pluto and Uranus conjunct in Virgo, with Ceres. My midheaven is in Capricorn, so I would like to learn from that if it’s not too late. I suppose Algol is in Taurus, making harmonious angles to Chiron and the Sun.

  •' Peggy says:

    Happy New Year Debra ….Wishing you Love Light and Happiness

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