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This new year sky is amazing.

First comes the new moon: Sun and Moon in Capricorn. But wait…there are three other planets there too—and an eclipse!

Ask yourself: 5 planets in Capricorn: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn…how would that influence you? It’s kinda simple:

  1. Either you will be headed for great success as you climb up the mountain with only one goal in mind—to the top! OR
  2. You might be a slow starter who had to learn how not to succeed by failing and learning the hard way. It’s not an easy path, but it happens to the best of us.

Failure is a friend of this sky’s configuration. No one likes it, but honestly, it is failure that shows us what we are really made of.

It’s easy when it’s all glory and shiny—think Olympics. How I love to watch the Gold/Silver/Bronze winners receive their medals. I always cry when that moment arises.

Now think of missing the mark—the person who studied and practiced for years, and didn’t make the grade.

Working so hard…and then there is this glitch. You are on the path to success, but first you have to stop off at the door called: NOT YET.

Your lessons were the real goal, but you had no idea you were supposed to be learning about something other than what you thought.

I started my career with great hopes—I so wanted to share astrology with everyone. There was a long era when I hit so many failures. Try as I might, I couldn’t get my school off the ground (no pun intended).

You can’t tell by looking now, but the truth is: each time I relied on someone else (usually a man to whom I believed understood business so much better than me), I failed.

It was embarrassing. The lesson happened multiple times over a period of many years, and with great expense at every level. My ego was hurt, theirs was judged, and it broke my heart that I had no idea how to do business as a partner…or so I thought.

Until success showed up at my house. It was all divine timing, said the astrologer. It was my second Saturn return and I had paid my dues.

I realized I work best with women. It’s not a slight to men, it’s an insight for me. I had to fail so many times—and my family had to watch—until I found my team.

What has happened in your life that has you thinking you failed? Was it a job that you left behind? A series of relationships that had you tagged as ‘unsuccessful’? Your financial statement currently? What if I told you this stupid spiritual age-old line: We are here learning. Capricorn is the best student.

We all have hard lessons. Failure is one of the most difficult. I once had a client who committed suicide and left a letter for his daughter that said: My prayer for you is to know failure. I had no means to deal with it and I pray that you will make it your friend. This letter and his sentiment stayed with me for years.

This very rich sky—a new moon and an eclipse—is asking you:

How can you rewrite your story about failure? How can failure be turned into the gift it was meant to be?

From your soul’s point of view, you can’t get it wrong. Your soul is desperate for experiences. It has no preference or concern for your comfort—all it wants is to grow at all costs. This is a very hard Capricorn truth. They will learn their lessons one way or another.

What is life trying to teach you? This dark moon is asking for a prayer. Here is the prayer I would offer:

May I know the lessons of life without the loud alarm clock—without the harsh lesson of shame or being wrong. Let me learn with kindness and willingness to be open and available to hear my next steps.

Let me know what needs forgiveness from you.

Sending love during this eclipse,

P.S. The eclipse is at 15 degrees Capricorn…go look and see if there is anything significant in your chart to influence a change or marker for you. If you need help contact one of our Certified Astrologers—they’d love to take a look for you.

P.P.S. Don’t forget—the school is about to open! Applied Astrology registration opens again in late January. What a great time to focus your energy on school during this Capricorn eclipse!!


  •' Annabel Vnoucek says:

    Capricorn MC at 23 degrees, Taurus Ascendant at 21 degrees. maybe a bit wide but I think close enough to have an effect. Just recently gone through 2nd Saturn return. Started a course a few days ago to change my life. Course is every day for a year! I feel totally committed to it. I should say that I have 4 planets in Sag inc Saturn conjuct Venus and Mercury and 3 in Scorpio inc Jupiter. Scorpio moon is conjunct neptune!

  •' Lisa Francis says:

    I am in my second Saturn return .. and my Saturn is at 14 degrees in Capricorn .. yikes .. thanks for a great blog .. very very helpful .. I have been looking at my chart today

  •' Patricia Harbour says:

    Hi Debra — I’m learning and have been for sometime how – but the hard way!! I am now coming through a new transition with leaving the old behind and beginning in the new! More later — Really enjoy all you have to teach and say!! Love, Patricia (poppy)

  •' Jenny says:

    To notice something as a change maker in my chart, would it be any planet at 15 degrees or personal planets in Capricorn?
    I LOVE your method of teaching astrology!

  •' Terri HYSON says:

    For past 2 years I have been working hard to reach my goals. I feel like a crab in Pail with other crabs trying to pull me back in. I am praying 2019 being a “3” year is a better year for me. Right now I’m still struggling I am a federal employee and not being paid. I have no means to purchase anything you offer I am so sorry. I am trying to be positive and hopeful.

  •' Lanie says:

    Hi Debra! What a nice insight on how this configuration will affect each of us. Ihave Capricorn on my 6th H no planet but it opposes my Sun and Mercury in the 12th.Its ruler Saturn is in my 9th H InTaurus conjunct the cusp of my 10th..It trines natal Pluto exact conjunct S Node in Virgo..Can you please give me a brief explanation how this will affect me personally? Thank you!

  •' Andrea says:

    Thank you Debra – these words of yours I needed to hear – and have taken note of them – I will read this over and over as it gives meaning to how my life has been for the last two years and how I hope 2019 is the year for you beginnings


  •' Lisa says:

    Good article

  •' Claudia Coffield says:

    This post really resonates with me. I’ve had a number of failures to deal with in the last 5 years or so, and I am just realizing there is a pattern here. I haven’t gotten serious about getting my birth chart located. Well, I am not sure what time I was born, but I know there is an original birth certificate upstairs someplace. Maybe tonight is the time for me to start going through boxes. At least I know what which corner of what room (It’s a start, right?). I need to figure out this lesson.

  •' Jan Burch says:

    Thank you, Debra.
    So we find Capricorn in our Natal Chart and see what the haps are there … as related to this month’s New Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, and a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, right?

    Sounds like quite the poker hand!
    Pluto – Let’s Destroy!
    Saturn – Let’s add some structure!
    New Moon – Let’s find something new to set intention around.
    Sun – Let’s make sure we are being realistic and grounded with the intention.
    Solar Eclipse – Yes, let’s do – and let’s make it even more of an intense focus on that grounded yet dreamy intention.

    Where’s Kenny Rogers when ya need him? Guess hold ’em always makes more sense astrologically – no point in foldin’ … it’s all growth.

  •' Tess Charbonneau says:

    Ho! Yes….Rewriting the story…exactly! The end of 2018 was a doozie…thought for sure this long marriage was over…again! We have been on such a roller coaster these last 7 years…Tom and I separated for a year after # 5 child flew the coop. We have been together since we were 21 years young.. We are 60 now…not retired…both laborers…tree arborist and garden maintenance. Live month to month…no savings. Me being a Scorp and he a Sag. Both have Scorp as north nodes. Neither of us can get our hands on a birth time. So we work with what we have. It’s been soooo intense. We are right now in such a good cozy place and have some big decisions to make as far as poss selling this cabin we built 30 years ago…cashing out and becoming nomadic so we can live 6mo. near 3 of our children with new babe and 6 mo. near here where 2 are with another little one…It’s this house….ahhhh….I am the nester and Tom needs to move….I know it’s getting closer to this time…Feeling we have to leap! Thank you for your wisdom I am happy you perserveared!!!

  •' LeilaWalsh says:

    My Venus is 19R in Virgo on the cusp of the 12th house. I assume my lesson is in relationships and learning finally that unless I am accpeted for who I am, there can be no partnership. Also that serve is noble, but my needs have to be included otherwise it’s a losing proposition. I have a Saturn and Moon in Gemini square to Venus. Lots of painful lessons. The Capricorn new moon will be on the cusp of my 4th house.

  •' Linda says:

    This Aries needs to be less trusting of men. Then again, I don’t want to be that person. I am learning discernment and that is a challenging lesson. Why can’t all people be as transparent as I am?

  •' Ruth says:

    Thank you so much for that! What you say is so true but sometimes I need a reminder about the need for my soul to experience and learn. You put these things in such a positive way that gives hope rather than disappointment.

  •' Kaye Frey says:

    Thanks Debra, this article on Capricorn really helped. My moon is in Capricorn & I’ve certainly have had my share of ‘failures’, mostly in relationships (Libra Sun). Poor choices in men caused embarrassment throughout my adult life. Often looking back when it ended saying to myself, “what was I thinking?!” Of course I began to feel flawed & that I just need to get ‘it’ together. I continued to make choices in relationships believing add because of this flaw, I needed someone in my life to help make choices for me. The world of hard knocks has definitely been the road my soul has chosen! And so it goes…

  •' Linda says:

    Debra, Happy New Year and thank you for all your insights. I had a free reading done last year by one of your student astrogers in training and she mentioned I had a difficult chart. I would be interested in getting a reading, however, I would ask that it be from someone who has completed your course and has some experience. As well, what would the cost be?
    Thank you.
    NB. I will and would love to take your course but now is not the time for me.

  • Thank you so much Debra. This message is so timely for me since my second husband and I have called it quits 3 months ago and I feel those old thought patterns about failure creeping in. I have arranged my life so that I am in a box and the only way out is to trust my inner being, it’s now or never…time to put my money where my mouth is, and I’m so excited to see what’s coming for me next!! I am choosing spectacular success and living/feeling it right now!! I don’t know what it looks like yet, but that’s okay, I am trusting that it is coming!!
    I am new to Astrology and I love how you explain it and I am drawn to studying it with you. I have read your book on the missing element and found it fascinating. I find that what I’ve learned so far about myself and my loved ones is that we are all living our natures, and knowing this eases how I see my world. It is so easy for me to say “stop complaining” and give it up for awhile (I’m a Virgo).
    Thank you for this school and your teaching and lifting us out of the cloud of confusion into the light of clarity, love and joy.

  •' Trudy Moffat says:

    Good morning Debra,

    Wow, love the article! I’m a Capricorn and was born under a full moon!! My birthday is coming this week. I have been going through lots of interesting things, not sure how to explain them. I just recently had a reading with Malika, which was awesome. After reading your article I’m going to go back and listen to my reading.
    Still feeling out of whack!

  •' Vinícius says:

    I will sure need a prayer
    thank you for your writing debra, it was very enlightening
    thank you for sharing your school background too
    I didnt even knew there was a second saturn return
    hugs and kisses

  •' Katrina says:

    Wow! 2nd Saturn return – then I still have time; but not much . . .

  •' Stacey says:

    This has really brought tears to my eyes. What an uplifting message – that none of us are worthy of the profound shame that accompanies making choices that we think were best at the time, or at the very least knowing but being unable to change the winds of karma and at worst just truly not knowing or understanding. This next half of my life has been celebrated by going back to school in order to take care of myself ON MY OWN – such an empowering feeling after hanging my head so low about myself for so long…. Wow, yes, it took some failures to get to this place and I am so very grateful to have learned how to harness and direct (to a degree – no pun intended!) the blue print the stars aligned for me on this go-round. Happy New Year BLESSINGS to Debra & Team!! XOXOXO

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