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If I tell you that January 2021 is an astrological nightmare, plus I give you instructions on how to stay out of the storm… will you continue to read this newsletter?

We’ve already seen early January’s outbreak at the Capitol as evidence of this month not being easy, and the scary part continues through to the end of January.

Let’s start with today, the new moon — a dark sky in Capricorn and let’s talk about all things Capricorn…

The person who enjoys walking uphill.

They work overtime without keeping track of time.

They’re the servant who polishes the silver — again — even though it’s not tarnished. For Capricorns, it is so important to maintain the highest standard of excellence at all times.

They’re the extremist who drinks too much, and can only find solace in abstaining: there is no in between — no gray area.

They’re the Olympic athlete who collects their gold medal and goes back the next day to practice. There’s no time to rest on her laurels; only hard, back-breaking work will do.

For those of us who don’t have this impulse, we ought to settle in under this dark sky and pray for their stick-to-itiveness. May we each find our commitment to work that hard, stay the course, and find success.

Okay, now to the really hard stuff…

The week of January 20-24, 2021, there is an astrological influence that I have been eyeing for the past year. It’s not easy. In astro-speak, we would say there are A LOT of squares in the heavens. A lot.

The American dollar will be challenged; it will no longer be as stable in the world as it has been in the past — mark my words.

This is contributed by Uranus and Mars being conjunct in Taurus (that alone is a lot and worth a whole newsletter), and Uranus is in a difficult relationship with Saturn and Jupiter (in Aquarius). There’s not a recipe for calm; there is some tension in the heavens — no one wants to fight with serious Saturn or big, fat Jupiter.

Taurus and Aquarius do not get along. Think Taurus the turtle, slowly walking by a speedy electric car, fueled by megabytes shaped by a hologram, moving at the speed of light. This combination of Taurus/Aquarius is like a computer asking Alexa to move the dinosaur. The old and the new are at odds.

It is crazy that not one part of our world has remained untouched within the past year. We have been stripped of — well… I don’t need to make a list — YOU KNOW — too many things to count.

So don’t be surprised when I say that in January 2021, we will hit Skid Row. COVID soars. Our sense of security for now (this too shall pass) is no more. We revert back to indoors. And Fear once again roars — unless we who study Astrology saw it coming, read these newsletters, and are not shocked.

This newsletter is your Get Out of Jail Free Card.

I hope that I am wrong.

Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Capricorn — enough of your hard truth.

I always go to the wisdom of the elders, the older ones. They have seen this all before. I seek wisdom, and I started seeking it from a young age.

As a kid, I had this reoccurring dream: I saw an old farmer (he reminded me of a Taurus) sitting on the porch, rocking slowly back and forth. He seemed to have gleaned himself some Capricorn wisdom, and he had the wrinkle lines to prove it. He knew that feast or famine was always coming and going. He would say:

“This too shall pass.”

He became my teacher, and I pretend he is my alter ego.

After all the years of studying Astrology, I have trust. It’s true: this too shall pass.

Be forewarned that this month will not be easy. The medicine of the times is Astrology. The calm comes from being informed.

Here is a suggestion: our Applied Astrology school doors open January 20th. In exchange for all this craziness, come study Astrology with us.

We are here to show you how to look up, to reclaim your faith, and to find out who you really are.

Don’t let the fear or negativity take you out.

This too shall pass.


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  • ews31415@gmail.com' Eddie says:

    Time to admit it: the Age of Aquarius has been a total disaster. The stars and signs, if they had any influence, has been no help.

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