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Online Astrology Class

Good Astrology Reading with Debra Silverman Astrology

Good Astrology Readings: is it time for you to get a reading…how do do you know who to go to?

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There is no proper certification for astrologers;  astrologers are self ordained and mostly self taught until now: there are schools and even certification programs that are just now getting started. In the past it was hard to know whether you are getting a credible reading that is worth your time and your money. Debra Silverman’s astrology school…

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Online Astrology Class with Debra Silverman Astrology

Online Astrology Training: GPS Directions To Your Purpose

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Debra Silverman Online Astrology School & Certification Online astrology training provides you with GPS guide to your purpose — and a weather report of the astrological weather that’s coming toward you and your world. Online astrology classes teach about: observing the movements of planets and how they influence you and your…

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