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PODCAST – How To Learn Through Your Suffering with Rita Hraiz

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How to learn through your suffering is a concept brought to us all through our karma. Two things that seem to universally evoke feelings of uneasiness are our inner worlds and the future. What lies beneath the depths of our personalities and our behavioral patterns- the unknowns of our lineage…

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PODCAST – Return to Nature

By Aquarius, Astrology, Astrology and Prediction, astrologysigns, Podcast, Scorpio, Zodiac, Zodiacsigns 4 Comments

Return to nature to heal… that’s one of the major messages in this unencumbered and evolutionary conversation with Dr. Zach Bush. Zach Bush, MD is a renowned, multi-disciplinary physician of internal medicine, endocrinology, hospice care and internationally recognized educator on the microbiome as it relates to human health, soil health,…

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